Fulfilling a fetish fantasy in the throes of a dyi

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Fulfilling a fetish fantasy in the throes of a dyiWe were on holiday in the Malaga area of Spain, with her parents, staying at their villa which was situated in the hills there.We’d had a nice day to be honest; a bit of a walk, some dinner, a couple of drinks etc. We then headed down to the sea, where we ventured out a few metres from the beach. Floating around in the warm water, I couldn’t help myself, and started to grope Joanne’s pussy through her two-tone blue Speedo-style swimsuit. Suspended in the water, she was pushing herself onto my hand whilst I was forcing my fingers into her pussy, searching out her clit from the outside of the costume.We clearly got a bit carried away, as when I next looked around, we had drifted quite a way out and were being pulled away from the beach by the current. Things got a bit scary to be honest, because I could see how quickly we were moving. However, I remembered that if caught in such a current, the best thing to do was to swim with it, working your way out of it. Thankfully we did but we were now at least two miles away from our beach, and had to walk back up to the coat road and back to where Joanne’s parents were located.Liking a drink as we both did, and generally being glad that we’d not been swept away, we had a few more drinks in a few of the many bars while walking back to our original beach.We got back to the beach to discover that her parents had gone, presuming we were off doing our own thing. So, a few more drinks on the way back to the villa and we were both rather merry. Getting back to the villa we found Joanne’s parents in the living area having a drink (it was early evening by now), however, Joanne canlı bahis said she was tired and wanted to lie down for a bit. Always wanting to carry on the party, I was more interested in having a drink with her parents, but on seeing the look in her eyes, went for a lie down with her. Am I glad I did…With the door ajar, and a mere eight foot or so between us and her parents in the living area, we began to get down to some serious petting and it wasn’t long before I was lightly drawing my finger tips across her nipples, enticing them to poke their way through her swimsuit.So there I was tracing circles around Joanne’s erect nipples through her costume and while I was playing with her tits, she was lying next to me, drawing one of her sharp nails down the length of the back of my cock from tip to base…something that drives me wild.I love nothing more than performing oral sex on women….I really get off on knowing that I’m making them feel really good. So, I decided to move on to this, however, Joanne stopped me. Now, Joanne had NEVER sucked me off in the entire two years we’d been together, however, she pushed me on to my back, and, straddling my face, she lowered that swimsuit-clad pussy of hers onto my face, proceeding to start licking, pulling and scratching my cock.this was out of character for her, and it was at this point that I knew she more than likely felt the same way I did, and that our time together was limited…I pulled my tongue rather forcefully across the salty, damp gusset of her swimsuit, searching out her pussy.Combined with the pleasure and pain sensation of her sucking and scratching my cock, and the buzz I was getting out of bahis siteleri having her pussy on my face I was pretty much in heaven.Still, perhaps it was down to her age (She was 19, I was 22 at the time), but she could never let herself go during oral sex..she always said she felt like she wanted to wet herself, and would eventually stop me.As extpected, this she did, preferring instead to slide her swimsuit to one side, and mounting me on top. Getting into a great rhythm, we contined cautiously; not wanting to attract any unwanted attention from her parents.Riding me, I was able to continue groping her tits, which I eventually freed from the confines of the swimsuit, letting them sit there free…exposed. It was at this point that I decided that it was all or nothing seeing as I suspected we’d be splitting up soon after our return.So, while she was riding me, I moved one of my hands round, and pressing it into the swimsuit, and started making gentle, yet forceful circular movements on her arse hole…another area she’d never dared, nor let me venture into.This time however, she didn’t stop me, so I went for it, and slipped my finger into her tight arsehole.I felt her hole tighten around my finger, and I started to push it in and out.This seemed to do the trick as she pulled us over so that she was on her back again, and, adjusting her swimsuit so as to allow ease of access, guided my rock-hard cock inside….I knew what needed to be done here, as it was the same old routine we’d become accustomed to.She spread her legs, pulling the swimsuit aside so that it was across one of her ass cheeks. I then got hold of her legs by the calfs and pushed them güvenilir bahis as far back as I could, giving me superbly deep access to her pussy…Usually, it was at this point that she’d start to get a bit vocal, and anticipating this, I eased off only to be yet further surprised when she took my hand and forcefully placed it across her mouth.With my weight pressing down on her, I hammered away…thankfully the bed was anchored to the wall and was not making any real noise, well, none that could be heared above the sound of the television coming from outside in the living area occupied by her parents.Sadly, I was not to last much longer, and, sensing the moment, I pulled out…With my foreskin pulled back taught, my jizz spewed forth forming a trail of jizz stretching from Joanne’s stomach up to her right shoulder.In a final act of ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ attitude, I lifted myself up and surveyed my handywork (now partially starting to soak into her swimsuit). Maintaining eye contact with her, I took her hand and pulled it up her swimsuit, collecting the majority of my still warm jizz on her finger…I’d come this far…I had to push my luck.I guided her finger to her partly open lips…they opened, and took the offered jizz, as well as another two offerings.Retiring to under the duvet, we caught a couple of hour’s sleep, after which we changed and wandered out into the living area.We were greeted by Joanne’s parents – her father offering me a beer, which I naturally accepted with his comment ‘It’s such a lovely evening out there…all you young people do is sleep!’Oh…if only they knew how much of a horny little slut their youngest daughter had been right under their noses within the past few hours!!!Sadly, things did, as I’d anticipated they would, deteriorate on our return home and we split two months later.Still…memories clearly last much longer, don’t they?