Fun with Photos Ch. 14

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Todd and Meagan had a big day planned. It had been years in the making, with a steady evolution of pushed boundaries and dropped inhibitions.

And now they were waiting for Willy to come over. It was Saturday, and Todd had pointed out that week at work that the two men had to organize their tools and equipment, and prepare for the next job that was starting soon.

Todd and Willy had been working construction since before they graduated high school. Having started out as laborers a few hours after school every day, and full days on Saturdays.

By now, 12 years later, they were both skilled workers with the collection of tools needed to accomplish their work.

When Todd and Meagan had married, with Willy as best man, and her best friend Beth as maid of honor, of course, they had found a suitable house to buy that they could raise a family in.

They got a great deal, as the house needed a lot of updates and general maintenance. Which Todd and Willy had taken care of in short order.

But as soon as the primary work was done, enough to make the house livable and safe, the two men had built a shed behind the house for all their tools and equipment.

It was actually more than a shed, it occupied a space which encompassed the area of the original shed, which had been a typical backyard metal shed most people keep the lawnmower in.

The building Todd and Willy built was closer to a small barn, because as they explained to Meagan, they had a few more things to store than just a lawnmower.

So they had developed a yearly ritual where they would spend a Saturday going through the shed, organizing, sorting, maintaining, all the things in their growing arsenal.

There would always be some beers drunk, and Meagan would cook up lunch. Willy was still a bachelor, a male slut Meagan called him, so he would never pass on a home cooked meal, even if it was just burgers on the grill.

Meagan’s mother was coming to pick up their son. She had asked her to babysit so they could get the shed work done without distractions.

Jr loved his Unca Widdy, and the feeling was definitely mutual. And Jr would want to play with Willy all day if he could. And Willy just couldn’t say no to him.

So Meagan arranged for her mother to pick up the boy so they could work. She had left out the carnality they had planned for later in the day.

When Willy arrived, Jr pounced on him like he always did. Willy quickly set down the case of beer he’d brought, and caught the boy at a full run from the front porch and flung him in the air like he always did.

Meagan felt her heart flutter seeing her son tossed like a beach ball, like it always did. But this time she knew it wasn’t just motherly concern that caused her palpitations, it was also the site of the large muscular man, who was giving her son such joy. She knew that before the day was over, he would be giving her plenty of joy too.

Willy caught the boy in his strong hands and spun him to the ground. But dropped to his knees in the front lawn and at the last second he held back and laid the cackling child gently in the grass, growling like an angry bear the whole time.

Meagan shook her head watching them and told Willy, “You break my son big guy, and I will kick your ass!”

“Oh c’mon Meg, you know little boys are indestructible!” Willy replied with a smile. He left the tot slip from his grip and Jr jumped up and leapt on Willy, grabbing him around the neck.

Willy yelled out with fake fear and toppled over, pulling Jr down on top of him. Both of them yelling as if in a life and death struggle, causing Meagan to giggle at them.

Meagan moved to pull the two apart, “C’mon Jr, Gramma is going to be here soon.” But of course the boy didn’t care about that, he wanted to fight with Unca Widdy!

Finally Willy asked him, “Why is Gramma coming buddy? Are you leaving?” He asked with such concern that he actually got the child’s attention.

Jr got a very serious look on his face and answered “Zoo!” Willy matched his serious look and shouted, “The Zoo? No way? You’re going to the zoo?!”

“Yeah!” Answered the boy, having forgotten already how much fun Willy was. “Zoo!”

“Can I come to the zoo too?” Willy asked. “I want to see the animals!”

“No, just Jr.” Meagan answered, “No Widdy allowed. They have enough animals already!” She laughed.

Jr laughed with her, whether he got the joke or not was anyone’s guess, but it allowed Meagan to pull her son away from the fight and lead him into the house.

When she bent over to pick her son up, her tits, now a D cup since becoming a mother, hung low, right in Willy’s line of sight. They jiggled nicely as she struggled with the rambunctious child, and Willy gazed at them hungrily, as she knew he would.

She had purposely stayed in her large Mickey Mouse tee shirt, without a bra. It was long enough to cover her ass, but still showed off her legs. And Todd loved to see her tits bouncing loose under the big, thin shirt. bursa escort She figured Willy would like it too.

When she got the child loose from the fray, she led him to the door. Willy followed along, watching Meagan’s ass sway under her tee shirt, and her firm, bare legs, the whole way. When she turned the corner in the doorway, she glanced over her shoulder and caught him.

Willy played it off like nothing had happened, but Meagan, having been already aroused, was encouraged by the look of lust on his face. She giggled and gave him an appreciative look.

Willy smiled back and gave her a look that said “What can I say?” Meg had caught him checking her out many times over the years.

Inside they found Todd tying his boots. “You ready to get some work done today?” He asked, “Or are you too beat up from fighting children?”

Willy tousled the boy’s hair and answered, “I think I can work, he didn’t beat me up too bad.”

Todd lifted his son in the air and kissed him, telling him to be good for Gramma and have fun.

He passed him to Willy who also kissed him goodbye, along with a bear hug, before passing him back to his mother.

Meagan took the boy, being sure to brush a tit against his hand. Then went to finish packing his bag for the day, and night, as her mother had volunteered to keep the boy for the whole night so Meagan and Todd could have a date night.

Meagan had smiled, thinking that her mom would probably not approve of the date they had planned.

She promised the guys that she would be out to help after Jr left, and she changed into work clothes. With Willy looking the other way, she flashed Todd a naughty smile and a wink.

The men took their case of beer and trouped out the back door towards the shed, as Meagan finished packing Jr’s bag for her mother.

As Willy was stocking the fridge in the shed, he was wondering what Meagan would be wearing when she came out. It promised to be a warm day, and he knew she would want to be comfortable, wearing very little.

While Willy was stocking up the fridge, Todd was going around to open all the windows and turn on the fans they had installed in the ceiling in lieu of air conditioning. He knew what Meagan would be wearing, he had helped her pick it out.

The men decided that Willy would work on some power tools that needed the cords replaced. They had built a workbench at the front of the shed for these types of tasks, and it was coincidentally right next to the fridge and a window.

Todd was going to sort through the shelves they had built, in order to take stock of the saw blades, drill bits and such, making a list of what needed replacing.

Meagan meanwhile was greeting her mother and trying hard to be patient with her need for chitchat. She was anxious to get out to the shed and start enticing the guys.

The guys in the shed each cracked open a beer and got to work on their tasks. Willy was glad he could work on the workbench. He had a nice breeze from a window, and the open front door. He also would have a great view of Meg when she came out of the house.

Todd was in between some shelves towards the back of the shed. He had steered Willy toward the workbench because he knew what a view there would be from the window and door. And he had a view of Willy through the shelves.

Meagan’s mom and Jr finally left on their adventure, and Meagan ran off to her bedroom to change. Once there, she stripped off her old tee shirt and panties, and stood in front of the full length mirror, fully nude, looking critically at her body.

She had a few extra pounds around her waist, compliments of Jr. But her tits had gone up a cup size. She had been a C before, and now she was a D. She was told her waist and tits just made her a serious MILF.

She was told that by her husband, and by the fans she had acquired online, on the amateur porn site that her and Todd were members of.

Her ass and toned legs, she thought as she twisted her waist, were still pretty nice. At least Todd and quite a few of her online fans thought so. And Willy sure seemed to enjoy watching it out front earlier.

She had to admit that it was a little bit bigger than it was before she had Jr, but it was still rather firm.

At the thought of Willy and all the horny guys who checked out her posts, her hands went unheeded to her pussy. She knew she was already damp there. And she would be all day, until she got some satisfaction.

She worked two fingers just inside her lips as a finger on the other hand strummed over her still hidden clit. She heard herself whimper as she looked over her shoulder in the mirror and saw the open bedroom door.

She knew Todd, or even Willy, could come up the stairs right then and see her. Catch her. She knew she would hear someone coming, and she could hurry to close the door. But she knew she wouldn’t.

The thought made her sink her fingers up inside herself further, as she imagined her husband, and his best friend standing bursa escort bayan in the doorway, staring with lust at her ass and legs.

They would see her face and the front of her body in the mirror. They would see her playing with herself. Would they just watch? Would they come in and get a better view?

Or would they just come in and take her? She imagined them joining her, one on each side of her, each sliding their hands gently over her body. Feeling up her ass, tits, legs, back and shoulders.

She moved one hand from her clit, up her body to pinch a nipple, as the four hands on her body became gradually more aggressive, going from caressing to groping.

She could almost feel the breath of a man on each shoulder, when her phone tweeted. Her initial thought was to ignore it, but it was the notification she had assigned to her mom, and her mom had Jr.

So with a frustration reminiscent of when she was younger, trying to masturbate when her mother would yell through her door for her to come do the dishes, or some other chore, she picked up the phone.

The text said that her mom had forgotten her purse, and was on her way back to get it. Meagan cussed under her breath and threw on her clothes to meet her mom in the driveway.

She found the purse, right where it had been dropped by the door, when Jr excitedly ran to meet Gramma. Meagan slipped into her flip flops just as her mother pulled in.

After seeing her mom and her son off again, she went back into the house and kicked her flip flops back off and pulled on a pair of socks and her hiking boots. She knew she would not be allowed to work with the guys in her flip flops, and frankly, the boots were cute with her cut off jeans.

It was just what the guys were wearing too, but Meagan’s jeans were cut off shorter. Way shorter. In fact she was showing all of her legs, and when she bent over, she was showing the bottom of her ass too. And there was only a thin strip of denim covering her crotch. Enough to produce a serious cameltoe.

She made her way through the house to the back door, and out to the shed. She knew that she had been horny before, but now she was in an extremely high state of arousal.

She knew she had been very close to cumming whenever she was interrupted. She realized she would be even more flirtatious and naughty since she didn’t get to finish her fantasy.

So, in retrospect, it was probably better that her mom interrupted her, she thought as she made her way to the shed. Glancing down she saw her nipples poking out through the thinnest bra and tank top she owned. The bra was also old. Which meant that it was too small for her, causing her cleavage to bulge at the top.

Willy saw her coming, and he noticed her tits too. From his vantage point of the window he looked up as soon as he heard the screen door. Her protruding nipples were visible from across the yard. “Wow girl!” He thought, “What were you doing in there?” He wondered.

She walked into the shed and went straight to the fridge for a beer, bending over to reach in, and to give Willy a good look at her ass, peaking out of her short shorts. Which he made the most of.

Meagan and Willy had always teased and flirted with each other, and true to form, Willy told her, “Honey, you shouldn’t point that at someone unless you’re planning to use it.”

She turned and as she opened her beer she replied with her naughtiest smile, “Maybe I am planning to use it.”

She took a swig of her beer and ran her eyes over her friend. Willy was a big, brawny man, and she felt small next to him. He wasn’t as defined as her husband, but he was also not fat.

He had a days growth of sandy blonde stubble to match his shock of clean but unruly hair on his head. His seemingly unkempt look perfectly matched his rugged features.

She had turned her head to take the swig off the long neck bottle, and she noticed Willy looking at her lips wrapped around it.

Meagan’s best friend Beth had been fucking him for years, and Meagan knew all about his sexual prowess, and his cock.

Thinking about it while she looked at him gave her a twinkle in her eyes and a vibe that he couldn’t miss.

Willy was used to Meagan being flirty, but the look she gave him was almost like she was hungry for him. He felt an instant arousal, and knew instinctively it was going to be a great day. He just didn’t know how great.

Realizing that Willy hadn’t had a comeback for her quip, Meagan gave him a smile and walked away to find Todd in the back of the shed. It wasn’t often anyone could leave Willy speechless, and Meagan knew she’d flustered the big guy.

She was sure to switch her ass as she walked down the aisle of shelves, knowing he was looking. She could almost feel his gaze, and it turned her on immensely.

When she found Todd, he showed her a photo he had taken from between the shelves of Willy looking intently at her ass as she bent to retrieve her beer from the fridge, and another as she escort bursa walked away.

That excited both of them. But not as much as their next trick. Todd gave Meagan all their drywall knives and pans to take outside and clean.

Meagan knew that involved a garden hose and being in plain sight of the window where Willy was working. She gave her husband a wet, passionate kiss, and they were soon necking and groping each other.

When they came up for air, Meagan grabbed his tee shirt and pulled it off over his head. Todd thought for a second that she was going to fuck him right there and then.

But she just gave him a naughty smile and tossed the shirt over her shoulder and walked away, strutting her ass down the aisle with the drywall tools in a bucket.

When she got to the front of the shed, she said to Willy, “Todd’s working up a sweat back there already.” She set aside the bucket of tools and folded Todd’s shirt and laid it over a chair by the door. “When are you guys going to put AC in here?”

“Probably never, we don’t spend that much time in here.” Willy replied. “But losing the shirt is a good idea.” He put down the circular saw that he was replacing the cord on, and pulled his old Harley Davidson t-shirt off too.

Meagan looked at his broad, hairy chest and made no attempt to hide it. “Well, there are some perks to not having air conditioning.” She told him, laughing inwardly at how easy it was to get his shirt off.

“Glad you like it,” Willy answered, “now it’s your turn.” He was always flirting with Meagan, and she always gave it right back to him.

She pulled her eyes up to his and said softly, “Okay. ” She grabbed the bottom of her own shirt and started to pull it up her body. When it was at the bottom of her tits, she had to laugh at the surprised, and delighted look on Willy’s face.

She pulled her shirt back down and told him, “Oh no, you guys would never get anything else done if I took my shirt off too.”

Willy knew she had been teasing him, and he had fallen for it. He laughed along with her. He couldn’t stop his eyes from looking at her tits, but tried to focus on her face.

“I do envy you guys for being able to go around without a shirt. I think I will at least get rid of this old bra though,” She told him as she reached around behind her back and undid the clasp. “It doesn’t offer any support anymore anyway.”

Meagan watched Willy’s eyes as he watched her slip the straps of the bra off her shoulders and pulled it off through the armhole of her tank top. He looked pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

“That’s much better, don’t you think?” She asked him and hefted her tits roughly in the thin tank top. His eyebrows raised as he answered, “Oh yeah, much better!”

“You would still rather I took the top off too though, wouldn’t you?” Meagan asked as she bent over to pick up the bucket full of trowels and knives that she had to clean. She took her time, allowing her tits to swing nearly unencumbered for Willy’s viewing pleasure.

“Hell yeah!” He exclaimed. “What man wouldn’t?”

“Well, gay guys wouldn’t. But then again, maybe gay girls would?” She answered with raised eyebrows.

“Wow! Now there’s a thought that will distract me all fucking day, thanks!” Willy said laughing.

“Yeah? You like the idea of a woman liking my tits?” Meagan pulled her shoulders back, pushing her tits out at her friend. “Would you like to see her playing with them? Sucking them?”

Meagan was now thinking about her friend Beth, and the very high probability that if today went the way she planned, Willy seeing that would be next on the agenda.

She wondered if Willy even knew that her best friend, whom he’d been fucking casually for several years, went both ways?

The thought of fucking them both thrilled her. She was already horny, but now she was ready to drop the game and just drag Willy and Todd inside, call Beth over, and have at it!

She realized that Willy had been talking to her. “Quit fucking with me! You love fucking Todd too much to switch sides!” She caught at the end. She caught him looking at her crotch, she knew her pussy lips were visible.

“Your right, I couldn’t switch.” She mumbled, then she brightened, “But if I at least checked out the other side, we could get pictures for you! Todd said you want to see more pictures of me!”

“Yeah you cou… Wait, what?!” Willy had started to agree with her, then realized what she said about Todd. He tried to talk his way around it. “What do you mean, ‘Todd said I want to see more’? I didn’t see anything!”

Meagan just had to laugh at him. “It’s cool Willy! I don’t mind that you saw those photos. I’m just glad I can still excite a stud like you!” She gave him a playful elbow to the gut.

Willy was dumbfounded. He had no idea that Todd had told Meagan about his seeing the sexy text she had sent to her husband.

“I, I didn’t mean to see those pics Meg. I just figured that if you were texting Todd at work, it might be important! Like an emergency, or something!”

Meagan was now twirling her hair, swinging her hips, just giving off some serious, flirty vibes. Her face was gleaming with a devilish smile. She knew she had Willy flustered.