fun with sister

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fun with sisterhi was at my sisters house on friday she ask if i would stay over so she had someone to talk to as her son had gone to friends i said yes i will stay over we were sat watching tv it got to about 20:30 she said she was of for bath i said ok if you dont mind once you have finished i would like a bath she said yes thats ok she was gone for about a hour halkalı escort she came down stairs and sat on sofa next to me she was wear a satin dressing gown she sat there then out of blue she said i need you to do something for me i said what u want doing she did not answer she just took hold of my hand and placed it on her pussy and said that she wanted me istanbul escort to shave her so i said go get shave foam and razors so she went and fetched them when she came back i had a towel on sofa and a bowl of warm water i said get naked then and spread ur legs then so she did she told me what she wanted so i began to shave her useing left hand then with the beylikdüzü escort right one i started playing with her clit i said i guess u like that she just sat there with a big grin on her face i finished shaveing her she got my head and pushed it towards her pussy and go on eat me my pussy wants you two so i did we ended up in her bedroom we had sex for 90 mins she even let me fuck her bum so i did i even came inside her we went to sleep i woke at 6 the next morning to find her sucking me of we ended up fucking again then i got her to whip me and to fist fuck me i cant wait until next time