Futa Daughter’s Naughty Temptation 9: Daughter’s Naughty Futa Scheme

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Futa Daughter’s Naughty Temptation

Chapter Nine: Daughter’s Naughty Futa Scheme

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Sky Marlow

I panted, my cock buried in Mrs. Reyes’s pussy. The pantyhose I’d torn through ripped a little farther across her right butt-cheek, exposing more of the golden-brown flesh beneath. It looked so hot peeking through.

I grinned at that. She had a great ass. So perky and bubbly.

She was perfect for my plans, but I wanted to have more fun with her. I shuddered and pulled my girl-dick out of her. My nineteen-year-old body quivered. It had been so hot to fuck my married math teacher beneath my futa-mother’s nose.

Mom thought I wouldn’t go after married MILFs, but they were what I craved the most. Yes, the virgins my naughty mommy was procuring for me were fun to pop, but they were just girls. I needed women.

I had such a naughty idea percolating in my head. It was a wicked plan.

“Mmm, you have such a yummy pussy,” I moaned. “And now it’s full of all my naughty cum.”

“Yes, it is,” she moaned. “Miss Marlow, you naughty hermafrodita puta, you flooded me. My husband has never pumped so much into me.”

“I’m special,” I said. “And we have plenty of time, don’t we?”

“Si,” she groaned. “I need more.”

“You’re going to get more,” I purred and fell to my knees. I grabbed her rump, feeling the tear racing across her right butt-cheek, the left half still covered by that silky nylon.

Her thick, black bush beaded with my cum now. The aroma of her sweet pussy was swallowed up by my salty girl-jizz. My pussy clenched as I licked up the cum beading on her curls. I savored the taste of my own cum.

I was so glad that Spice had chosen me to get the futa-dick. So lucky that naughty demon thought I was the perfect girl to fuck all the MILFs I could. I was honored and thrilled. It was so much fun. My cock throbbed.

I sucked up the cum beading on her curls as I nuzzled into her forest. I pressed into her depths, licking and lapping up all the cum I could find. My lips kissed against her married twat. Her sweet flavor trickled through.

“Miss Marlow!” she gasped as I licked her snatch.

I shuddered in delight as my tongue slid through her folds. I gathered up the mix of sweet cream and salty cum. I loved the taste, the flavor melting over my tongue. It was so hot to feast on my sexy, Latina teacher.

“Mmm, Mrs. Reyes, your pussy is so yummy full of my cum,” I moaned.

“Your tongue feels so good stroking my flesh,” she gasped. “Mmm, yes!”

My tongue lapped at her. I licked with hunger as I gathered up the jizz that brimmed on her pussy lips. She made me shiver with delight. I licked and lapped at them. My tongue fluttered through her folds, scooping up more of my own futa-cum.

My clit-dick throbbed and my pussy grew hotter. Juices ran down my thighs as I knelt on the floor and filled her classroom with her naughty moans. The MILF teacher gasped as my tongue stroked from her clit to her taint.

Then I thrust into her.

“Miss Marlow!” she gasped, her butt-cheeks clenching beneath my fingers while my tongue scooped out more of my sweet-infused jizz.

I smacked my lips. “So good.”

I dove in again, scooping out more of my cum and reveling in the salty and sweet flavors flooding my mouth. I thrust my tongue into her married depths over and over. Her bush rubbed on my cheeks and nose as I devoured her.

My fingers dug into her plump butt-cheeks. Her pantyhose tore again, her right asscheek fully exposed. I thrust my tongue into her snatch, swirling around, searching for more of my futa-cum. I had to find every drop of my salty seed.

But the flavor was dwindling. That meant I had to use other methods—such naughty ones—to get out what I craved. I sealed my lips over her pussy entrance, right around that naughty hole I had plundered, and suckled.

“Miss Marlow!” she gasped. “¡Mierda! You naughty hermafrodita puta, what are you doing? Are you sucking out your cum?”

“Bingo!” I moaned into her cunt between suckles.

I nursed on her pussy, my salty cum spilling out over my tongue. I loved the flavor. I worked out more and more of it. I loved the taste. The flavor of her pussy. She tasted amazing mixed with my futa-cum. I loved this.

I suckled hard, my cheeks hollowing and…

No more cum.

She had run dry.

I shuddered and then licked from her clit, up through her folds, to her taint like I had a dozen times before. Only this time, I kept going. I lapped up through the tear in her pantyhose and into her butt-crack. I found her sour asshole.

I rimmed her sphincter. I danced my tongue around it while she squealed in shocked delight. Her butt-cheeks squeezed about my face as I caressed her sour hole. I savored the flavor of her sphincter, this earthy taste that had my futa-dick aching.

“Miss Marlow!” she gasped. “That is positively filthy.”

“I know,” I moaned and pressed my tongue against her asshole.

“What are you doi…?” Her words trailed off, my tongue wiggled past her anal ring. “That’s even filthier. You wicked hermafrodita.”

I was.

As I swirled my tongue around in her bowels, my right hand slid across her exposed butt-cheek and past my face. I pressed my digits into her bush and found her cunt. I stroked up and down her slit until I found that naughty opening.

I plunged two of my digits into her flesh.

She gasped, her pussy squeezing around my digits. I loved how she gripped me. It was incredible to enjoy. She squeezed tight about me. I grinned, my fingers pumping in and out of her cunt while my tongue fucked in and out of her asshole.

“That’s good,” she moaned. “Oh, you wicked hermafrodita! You’re going to make me cum.”

That was the plan.

I fingered the married MILF’s twat and devoured her asshole. My tongue wiggled about in her earthy sheath. I thrust my digits faster and faster into her pussy. I stirred her up, my futa-dick aching to fuck her again.

But I was having so muc

fun teasing her asshole and her twat. This was incredible. My futa-dick twitched and throbbed. Pussy cream ran down my thighs. I heated up her cunt. I brought her closer and closer to cumming.

It was an incredible delight to do. My pussy clenched as she moaned. Her butt-cheeks squeezed about my face while her pussy grew hotter and hotter around my fingers. She moaned louder and louder.

“Miss Marlow!” she gasped. “Oh, Miss Marlow! That’s… that’s… Yes!”

Her butt-cheeks squeezed about my face. She held me tight while her pleasure burst from her lips. I loved the sounds she made. The wicked noises were so sexy. They resonated through the air. She shuddered.


Her pussy convulsed around my digits. Her flesh sucked at me. I pumped them in and out while her asshole writhed around my tongue. I savored that sour flesh spasming about my naughty, probing tongue.

“You wicked hermafrodita!” she moaned.

“So wicked,” I purred, lifting my face. I thrust my fingers into her pussy, her cream running down my wrist. “I’m going to fuck you hard one more time.”

“Good! Good!” She shuddered on the table.

I ripped my fingers out of her cunt and moaned, “Roll over onto your back.”

As she did, I sucked her sweet cream off my digits. I savored the taste. My futa-dick throbbed. She rolled onto her back, her big boobs quivering. She thrust her legs up and planted them on my shoulders. I gasped as she pulled me towards her.

I slid my digits out of my mouth and purred, “What a wicked teacher you are. I’ve never had someone throw their legs over my shoulder.”

She winked at me. “Now fuck my pussy with that big hermafrodita-cock.”

“Futa-cock,” I moaned.

She shrugged.

I pressed my cock right against her asshole. She gasped as I grinned at her. My small breasts quivered as I pushed on her sphincter. I savored that naughty hole widening to swallow my cock. Just stretching open to devour me and make me cum.

“Miss Marlow!” she moaned as her anal ring slowly parted for my thick futa-dick.

“Mmm, yes, Mrs. Reyes, enjoy!” I purred as I sodomized the MILF teacher.

My cock slid into her bowels. Her anal ring caressed over my spongy crown then sealed about the shaft. I shuddered, my pussy clenching as I ventured deeper and deeper into her asshole. I groaned, my pussy clenching. I reveled in the delight. My body shuddered as I ventured deeper and deeper into her anal depths.

She felt so invigorating. Such a treat for me to violate. I smiled as I went farther and farther into her flesh. Her hot sheath engulfed me. She felt so delicious squeezing about my cock. I shuddered, savoring that wonderful delight.

“Madre de Dios,” groaned the Latina beauty when I bottomed out in her.

I winked at her.

“You are so big. So thick. You’re all the way in my ass, hermafrodita.”

“Yes, I am.” I shuddered. “Oh, Mrs. Reyes, this is a treat.”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned then gasped as I drew back.

I pulled my cock back, savoring the velvety squeeze of her bowels. She massaged my crown. Sent such delight racing through my body. It was a joy to experience. My hands slid up and down her stomach to her boobs. Her pantyhose-clad calves rubbed on my shoulders as I gripped her lush tits as I slammed back into her asshole.

The desk groaned as she shuddered. My hands kneaded her breasts as I fucked away at her asshole. I pounded into her again and again. I slammed my dick to the hilt in her anal sheath with relish. I savored every thrust. Every last plunge into her depths. It was such a hot experience. Her flesh squeezed about me.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned, her asshole gripping me. “Oh, you’re such a naughty hermafrodita, Miss Marlow. You’re stirring up my ass.”

“And I’m going to make you cum hard on my futa-dick!” I panted, my pussy cream running down my thighs.

A thick and delicious flood that worked down my thighs and made me shiver. I savored every moment of it. I buried into her again and again. I fucked her hard and fast. I slammed to the hilt in her, savoring her squeezing şişli bayan escort about my dick.

“Yes, yes, yes, hermafrodita,” she moaned. “That is good. That is delicious. You fuck me hard. You make me shiver and shudder.”

“Yep!” I panted, thrusting away at her. “And you love every second of it, don’t you?”

“I do!” she moaned. “I love it. This is incredible, hermafrodita. I love it. I love what you have done to me.”

I grinned, savoring the delight of fucking into her. I fucked her with passion. I slammed to the hilt in her over and over again. My dick throbbed and ached. The pleasure swelled in me. It was such a wonderful delight to enjoy.

I thrust. I fucked. I pumped away at her bowels. Her velvety sheath squeezed about me. Her feet twitched by my head. I released her tits and hugged her nylon-clad legs to my chest. I rubbed my little titties into them as I fucked into her hard. I buried my cock to the hilt in her over and over again. I reveled in this delight. My nipples throbbed against the silky fabric.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she gasped. “You’re so delicious, Miss Marlow.”

“Are you going to cum on my big futa-dick?” I moaned, slamming into her bowels. Then I groaned before she could answer, “Of course you are. My dick rules.”

“It does!”

My nipples throbbed against her legs. Her pantyhose stimulated them and my breasts in such delicious ways. The pleasure shot down to my cunt. This naughty heat rippled through me. I groaned, my mind melting beneath the onslaught of this pleasure. It was wonderful. Incredible to enjoy.

I thrust into her with such vigor. I buried into her again and again. My dick throbbed in the grip of her bowels Her flesh massaged me. The wonderful heat slammed down my shaft. I groaned, throwing back my head. My cunt clenched, the juices spilling down my thighs. I flicked my tongue over my lips as my ovaries tightened. My cum brimmed in them, ready to explode out and fire into her bowels.

“Oh, my god,” I moaned as I thrust into her asshole. “I’m going to fire so much cum in your bowels.”

“Me, too!” she gasped. “Oh, just a few more strokes of that maravillosa hermafrodita-cock and I will.”

I grinned and fucked her hard. I slammed my cock into the depths of her asshole over and over. the pressure swelled in my quivering ovaries. The ache grew at the tip of my cock. Her legs tightened about my neck. Her back arched, tits heaving.

Then her pussy gushed juices that splashed my stomach. Her asshole writhed around my dick. I gasped as I drew back, savoring that anal massage. I groaned, hugging her twitching legs tight to my tits. I buried into her.


“Yes!” I howled.

“¡Hermafrodita!” she squealed, her bowels sucking at my spurting cock.

The pleasure blazed out of my cunt and burned from my spurting dick. Ecstasy and rapture flashed through my body and reached my mind. It was an amazing bliss to enjoy. A wonderful ecstasy. I gasped and moaned, savoring this beautiful moment.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” I gasped, her asshole milking my dick.

I loved every moment of my cock unloading into her asshole. I pumped her bowels full of my futa-spunk, the scent of her sweet pussy filling my nose. I groaned through the bliss. I savored the pleasure as I fired the last blast of my jizz into her bowels.

She whimpered as she squirmed. I released her legs and they fell off my shoulders. I panted, my body buzzing from the rapture while my mind worked with the naughty plan that I had concocted. This wicked way to beat my mother.

Oh, it would be glorious.

I would rule this school. She wouldn’t rule me here.


Madeline Marlow

“There’s an empty classroom on the second floor,” I texted Natalie as the lunch hour neared closer and closer. “Room 218. Meet Sky and head there. That’s where we’ll be having our fun.”

“Will do, Mrs. Marlow,” Natalie texted back. She was such a good slut. I was glad to have her. “Want me to invite Georgia?”

“Sure,” I texted back. “She’ll make it fun.”

Natalie sent back a winky emoji. I sent similar messages to Georgia and Sky. I smiled and rocked back and forth in my computer chair. I glanced at the clock. Ten minutes to go. I shuddered, wanting to just get to it. My clit throbbed, aching to burst into a futa-dick.

A big mommy-cock to love my daughter.

She would have so much fun taking Aoi’s virginity. The girl had such a tight and succulent asshole, too. I couldn’t wait. I had so many ideas on how this would play out. I hummed to myself, my excitement mounting with every moment.

I glanced at the clock. Only two minutes had passed. Really?

I drew in a deep breath as I stared at my computer. I had to finish typing up this letter for the dean of students. I forced myself to write it, struggling to concentrate on the words. It was something I had typed a thousand times, but…

I wanted to watch Sky deflower Aoi. I wanted to see that delight in my daughter’s eyes as she enjoyed herself. I bit my lower lip, my cunt on fire. I squirmed back and forth, so ready for all the wicked fun to come.

I glanced at the clock.

Four minutes to go.

I bit my lip and finished typing the letter. I hit save, attached it to an email to the dean of students, and sent it off for approval. That ate up two more minutes. Close enough. I stood up and pushed in my computer chair. I clocked out.

“You look eager for lunch,” said Mr. Gardner, one of the guidance counselors, as he headed for the door.

“I have some succulent sushi awaiting me,” I said. “Going out with my daughter.”

“Well, have fun,” he said, opening the door for me.

I nodded and then turned left away from the entrance. I reached the stairs. Students burst out into the hallways and poured down them as I headed up against the flow. They filled up both sides as they were all eager to get to their lunch.

I battled it, my clit on fire. Without any panties on, my pussy was dripping juices down my thighs. I had soaked through my bush. I trembled as I reached the second floor. I pushed past more students, heading to room 218.

Aoi was standing before it, squirming. I smiled at the girl. She was so delicious. She lit up at the sight of me, beaming from ear to ear. I pulled the key out of my purse. It fit all the doors in this wing of the second floor. I thrust it in and opened it for her.

No one gave us a second glance as she slid in.

I couldn’t help but grope her ass through her schoolgirl skirt. She gasped and whirled around, her cheeks flushing darkly. I loved the innocence about her. She made my pussy clench with an eagerness to see her cherry popped.

“Mrs. Marlow,” she squeaked. “You’re so naughty.”

“I know,” I cooed, my clit throbbing. “Let’s get you naked for my daughter.”

Aoi blushed. “I can’t believe this is really happening, but I’m glad. This will be so much fun.”

“It will be life-changing,” I promised her as I led her to the teacher’s desk. I pressed against her and kissed her with hunger. My tongue thrust into her mouth. I danced around with her as my hands untucked her blouse.

She had to be perfect for Sky. My futa-daughter deserved the very best.


Sky Marlow

“Room 218,” I sent to Mrs. Reyes. “Wait for the signal.”

“Yes, Miss Marlow,” the naughty Latina teacher sent back.

“Looking at anything hot?” Natalie asked.

I yelped at my friend appearing and pressed my phone to my chest. My heart burst with activity. “Natalie! You bitch, you startled me.”

“Sorry,” Natalie said. Then she leaned in. “It must be hot if you’re holding it to your chest.”

“It’s the opposite,” I said. “Just the text message from Mom.”

“Well, that is hot,” Natalie said. “Mmm, how was Mr. Claes’s class?”

“So boring,” I lied, resisting the urge to tell my bestest friend all about my naughty fun.

“Well, this won’t be,” purred Natalie. She took my arm. “Your mother has found the perfect virgin. You were so right to point her out.”

“Yep,” I said.

Rounding the corner appeared Georgia. The reverend’s daughter blushed at the sight of us. She quivered with excitement. I couldn’t help but tease her by pulling her to me and kissing her on the lips right here before everyone.

Girls gasped and guys wolf-whistled as I thrust my tongue into Georgia’s lips. I slid my hand down around her waist and grabbed her ass. She kissed me back even as she whimpered. I could feel the embarrassment melting off of her.

“Sky,” she moaned when she broke the kiss. “We’re at college.”

“You’re just so cute,” I told her. “Mmm, so you’re coming along to play?”

She blushed even more scarlet. “I am. Your mother is just so… so…”

Annoying! I wasn’t sure if that was my thought or Spice’s. She sounded just like my own mind.

“Sexy,” I supplied. It was the truth. My futa-mom was sexy, but she was also so damned annoying. She had corrupted both Natalie and Georgia with her angel-gifted cock.

But I had my plan.

“So, shall we?” I said, hooking her arm, a pretty girl on both sides of me.

“Fuck, yes,” said Natalie as we headed to the nearest stairs. “This is going to be so much fun. Ooh, we’re going to have a blast.”

“Yes, we are,” I said, eager for it to begin.

We reached the second floor. It was a ghost town. Everyone had flooded downstairs to eat and escape their classes. I hummed as the three of us counted rooms and came to 218. I certainly had never been in this one before.

I pushed it open and groaned at what I saw.

Mom and Aoi were naked and sitting on a desk. Well, Mom was sitting on a desk. Aoi was sitting on her, Mom’s futa-cock buried deep in the Japanese virgin’s asshole. The girl squirmed, her small breasts quivering. She was a cute girl naked. Her face twisted in delight. She whimpered while my futa-mom stroked the girl’s thighs, hands sliding towards that black bush hiding that virgin twat.

“Mmm, there’s my sexy futa-daughter,” purred Mom. “How’s school been.”

“Boring,” I lied and peeled off my top, exposing my own small breasts. My blonde hair swayed. şişli escort

“Well, I’m sure this will liven things up, won’t it?” Mom said. Her fingers slid up and up Aoi’s thighs and reached the girl’s bush this time.

Aoi groaned at my mother’s caress. My futa-mom’s fingers slid through the girl’s black bush and clearly rubbed at her virgin folds. My clit throbbed as I worked off my jean skirt. I shoved them down my legs and stepped out of them, naked.

“Mmm, why don’t me and you have some fun?” Natalie cooed.

“Sure,” Georgia said. “You don’t mind, right, Sky?”

“Oh, we’re not exclusive,” I said. “You can have sex with anyone you want. Natalie, make her scream.”

“We’ll do,” Natalie moaned.

I smiled and advanced, my futa-cock sprouting. Aoi’s slanted eyes flashed down. She adjusted her glasses and whimpered. Mom groaned. I bet she loved that tight ass squeezing about her cock and giving her such a naughty massage.

My futa-cock grew bigger and bigger. By the time I reached Aoi, I was at my full girth. She licked her lips, her eyes staring down at my girl-cock. Her hands rubbed up and down her thighs. She whimpered.

“I know, it’s hot,” I said. “Why don’t you touch it?”

Aoi shot both her hands down with greedy hunger. She grabbed my cock and stroked it. She pumped my dick up and down my shaft. I groaned at this wonderful sensation. Pleasure rushed through my body.

It was so incredible. I smiled, my futa-cock throbbing and aching. I would have so much fun fucking her pussy. I would pound her hard. It would be so incredible to do. Just the best. When Aoi guided me down to her pussy, I smiled.

“That’s it,” Mom cooed, her hands sliding up to cup Aoi’s small tits. “Guide her right to that pussy and make her cum hard.”

“Yes, Mrs. Marlow,” Aoi said, her voice so submissive and cute.

I groaned at the feel of her pressing my cock against her silky bush. Those curls slid over my folds moments before I brushed her wet folds. A shiver ran through me. It shot pleasure down to my cunt. I loved every moment of it. My smile grew as she rubbed me up and down that naughty slit. I felt her hymen.

I thrust.

Aoi gasped, releasing my cock. Mom groaned; the girl’s asshole must have clamped down hard on my mom’s futa-dick. Aoi’s hymen stretched for one glorious moment. The girl’s face twisted. She whimpered.

Her cherry popped.

My cock buried into untouched pussy. The opposite of Mrs. Reyes’s wonderful snatch. My back arched as I sank deeper and deeper into Aoi’s flesh. I savored this wonderful bliss. It was so amazing. I bit my lip and groaned out my passion.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, my god, that’s so good. That’s amazing. Oh, fuck, I love it.”

“You’re in me!” Aoi moaned. “You and your mother are both in me.”

“Yes, we are,” Mom moaned and leaned back on her elbows now. “Mmm, Sky, I can feel you in her pussy.”

“I can feel you, too, Mom,” I groaned. I cupped Aoi’s face and nudged her glasses with my fingertips. “Isn’t she just the best mother in the world.”

“Uh-huh,” moaned Aoi. Her pussy clenched down on my futa-cock.

“Just so amazing and awesome. She’s wonderful for getting you for me.”

“Oh, Sky,” cooed my mother, sounding so happy in that touched way mothers got. “Thank you.”

“Well, it’s true, Mom, you’re the best.”

Laying it on thick, aren’t you? Spice asked. That was definitely her. I was certain of it.

Just playing along, I said. I mean, she was a great mom. How many mothers would get virgins for their daughter to fuck?

She doesn’t let you go for MILFs, though. Don’t forget what we truly crave, Sky.


I drew back my hips, my futa-dick sliding out of Aoi’s deflowered cunt. I kissed her as I did, savoring the silky massage. I could feel my mother’s girl-dick through the flesh. I was incredible to enjoy. It made me so wet. So excited. I smiled as I slammed forward. I buried back to the hilt in her pussy as she moaned.

Her tongue slipped into my mouth. Her arms went around me, her thighs holding my hips. I pumped away at her. Mom moaned out her own pleasure, clearly enjoying the feel of my cock rubbing on hers through Aoi’s flesh.

It was exciting.

“That’s so good,” moaned Mom. “Oh, Sky, yes, yes, fuck her. Enjoy her. I’m so glad you love her as much as I do. She’s just so cute.”

Aoi was definitely that.

I kissed her hard as I fucked her pussy. I drove my cock into her depths over and over again. I savored every thrust. Every last plunge. It was exciting to do this to the girl. So much fun to ream her out. She groaned, her body trembling. Her pussy clenched around my cock as I pumped away at her.

I savored the pressure building at the tip of my cock. The silky delight of her pussy swelled it, bringing me closer and closer to that wonderful moment when I would just pump all my jizz into her cunt. I would flood her with every ounce of spunk I had.

“That’s it, honey,” my futa-mom moaned as I fucked into Aoi’s pussy. “Ooh, I can feel your cock thrusting into her twat. You’re fucking her so hard. She loves it. She’s squeezing her bowels down around my cock.”

I broke the kiss to moan, “Are you, Aoi?”

“Yes,” she squealed, hugging me so tight. “Your cock is plunging so hard and fast into my pussy. And your mother’s dick feels so good in my asshole.”

I licked her ear. “I bet it does.”

I nibbled on her earlobe. I licked at her as I thrust into her pussy. I fucked into her cunt with hard strokes. I loved the way her twat gripped my cock. My mother’s cock massaged mine through Aoi’s flesh. It was so hot fucking this girl while Mom’s futa-dick was buried in her asshole.

My pussy clenched, juices running down my thighs. The pressure swelled at the tip of my girl-dick. I would have such a mighty orgasm. Just a big burst of pleasure. It was incredible. I shuddered, gasping, moaning, reveling in this delight.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I panted, slamming into her cunt with passion. “That’s so good. Oh, that’s amazing. You’re going to make me cum.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’ll make you cum!” Aoi moaned. “Because… because…”

Her pussy squeezed down hard on me.

“You’re going to cum on my daughter’s futa-dick?” my mother asked. “Huh, Aoi?”

“Yes!” the girl squealed.

Her pussy went wild around my cock. I gasped as I thrust into her spasming pussy. Mom groaned, her own mommy-shaft being massaged by the girl’s asshole. A big smile spread on my lips as I enjoyed every second of Aoi’s cunt sucking at my clit-dick.

I drew back my hips, the pleasure surging through me. It was incredible to enjoy. A wonderful delight that squeezed about my cock. I whimpered, my futa-dick throbbing and aching. I thrust forward into Aoi hard.

“Oh, yes, yes!” Mom gasped. “Ooh, take my cum in your asshole!”

“I am, Mrs. Marlow!” Aoi squealed, her pussy spasming with wild delight around my futa-dick.

Her twat sucked at my futa-dick. It felt incredible. I groaned, the pressure rising and rising in my cunt. I groaned, my face twisting with delight. I shuddered, my breasts jiggling. Then I erupted into her pussy. I flooded Aoi’s deflowered cunt.

“Fuck, yes!” I howled, unloading over and over into Aoi’s pussy.

“Oh, that’s good,” the girl moaned, her pussy rippling around me. “That is very good. You’re both flooding me. Mrs. Marlow! Sky!”

“Oh, Aoi, honey!” Mom groaned.

I shuddered as the pleasure fired out of my spurting cock and rippled out of my cunt. The heat rushed through me. Stars twinkled before my eyes. I trembled, my cock spurting over and over again. I loved the feeling. It was so wonderful.

Such a delight to experience this bliss.

Aoi held me tight while her pussy rippled and writhed around my girl-dick. She gasped and moaned, her face contorting with such naughty delight. She was such a sexy girl to enjoy. My dick throbbed with each spurt of cum.

Each blast of jizz flooded into her twat. I groaned as I hit the wild peak of my pleasure.

Behind me, Georgia squealed in her own orgasmic delight, savoring the bliss of cumming on Natalie’s mouth. I panted, staring down into Aoi’s cute eyes. They had such a gleam behind her glasses. She blinked hers.

“Oh, Sky,” she whimpered.

I smiled and slid out of her pussy, eager to have more fun before my plan went into full effect. I would get to rule this school. It would be amazing. My cock popped out of her cunt and my cum leaked out, matting her bush.

“Ooh, I have to lick you up, Aoi,” moaned my futa-mother.

I grinned. “Such a whorish mother.”


Madeline Marlow

Aoi slid off of my cock with a groan. I shuddered as her asshole massaged my futa-dick one last time. Then I plopped out. My dirty dick smacked against my stomach. I just had to lick her pussy clean. She brimmed with my daughter’s pussy cream. It would be such an amazing delight.

The girl sank down on the desk beside me. She knew what I wanted to do to her. I licked my lips, so hungry to devour her. To feast on her. It would be incredible. I slid off the desk, Sky panting a few feet away. Her gleaming cock twitched.

“Mmm, you can slide that into one of Mommy’s holes,” I cooed, brushing the crown of her cock with the back of my knuckle.

A graze that made her dick jump and my daughter moan.

I smiled and ducked my head down. Aoi’s black bush dripped with Sky’s futa-cum. That was such a delicious treat to see. I just pressed my face right into those curls, cum smearing over my cheekbones. Then I kissed right on Aoi’s twat.

I licked the cum that leaked out of her. My tongue flicked up and down her folds. I caressed her, savoring the mix of tart pussy and salty cum. My daughter’s cum. That made this so wicked. I shuddered as I thrust my tongue into Aoi’s snatch to scoop it out.

No hymen in the way this time.

“Mrs. Marlow,” she groaned, her hand grabbing my blonde hair.

“Mmm, such a wicked and slutty Mommy,” Sky said, moving behind me. The wet tip of her cock pressed between my butt-cheeks,. “I know what hole you want me to fuck. You want me to ream out this dirty mecidiyeköy escort and naughty hole.”

“I do,” I moaned, trembling as she slid her cock down to my asshole. It was such a treat to feel her nuzzling against my back door. “Fuck Mommy’s ass!”

“Gladly!” Sky said and thrust.

I shuddered as my anal ring widened to take her wonderful cock. I thrust my tongue into Aoi’s yummy pussy to lick out more of my daughter’s futa-cum as her naughty clit-dick popped into my bowels.

I groaned as Sky sank her cock into my asshole. My hands clutched at Aoi’s legs. I threw them over my shoulder as I licked the jizz out of her cunt. She gasped, her thighs clutching to my head, her heels rubbing into my back. She held me tight as I licked the cum out of her snatch.

It was such a treat to enjoy with Sky sodomizing me.

“Oh, my god, Mom!” Sky moaned as she bottomed out in my bowels. Her futa-cock throbbed in my anal sheath. What a wonderful delight that was.

Then a new delight joined the mix. Out of the corners of my eyes, I glimpsed Georgia and Natalie running up. The two girls ducked down. A moment later, two hot tongues lapped at the sides of my dirty cock.

“Oh, Natalie, you’re right, that does taste good,” moaned Georgia.

I had really corrupted that girl.

Yes, you did, whispered in my mind with such disapproval.

I ignored the futa-angel—Grace was such a prude—as the two girls licked at my shaft. They lapped Aoi’s ass off my dick while my daughter drew back her cock. She slid her cock out of my bowels, making me tremble and whimper. Such delight rippled through my body. I moaned out my delight as she slammed back into me. She buried to the hilt in me with her hard strokes.

I thrust my tongue deep into Aoi’s cunt. I swirled around in her. She moaned, her body shuddering. I loved the taste of her naughty pussy. That tangy flavor spread over my lips. It was such a yummy treat. I loved every moment of licking and lapping at Aoi’s pussy.

I gathered all that yummy cum I could out of her twat.

“Fuck, Georgia!” groaned Sky. “Look at you go. Just licking at my mother’s cock. You’re turning into a real whore.”

“I guess so,” she moaned. “I mean, I didn’t think I could be like this, but…”

“But you’re a dirty girl who’s eager to have such a wicked and naughty time.”

“Yes!” she gasped out.

“Mmm, she is,” Natalie purred. “Twist your head around, and you can suck at the tip of her cock.”

“Ooh, yes,” Georgia gasped.

Hot lips slid over the crown of my dirty dick and suckled. The pressure shot straight to my pussy and my asshole. My daughter’s cock slammed into my tightening bowels. I groaned at it, my body shuddering at the heat that rippled through my body. I groaned, loving every second of having my dick sucked and my asshole fucked.

My face scrunched up with bliss. The heat rushed through my body. I groaned, my face scrunching up. This felt so good. This was amazing. Just the sort of wicked treat I needed to experience. I shuddered, my asshole clenching down on my daughter’s clit-dick while Georgia sucked with sloppy hunger on my cock.

My tongue swirled around in Aoi. She moaned, those little titties of hers jiggling. She stared down at me, her face twisting with rapture. She was such an adorable girl. So sexy. She turned me on. Made my dick throb.

Georgia sucked hard on my dick while Sky fucked my asshole. She pounded me hard, my big boobs swaying. Then a naughty mouth latched onto my left nipple. Natalie suckled on my tit. She sent such wicked pleasure streaming through my body. I quivered there, reveling in delight. I was loving every second of this. It was incredible to enjoy.

I licked out more of my daughter’s cum from Aoi’s deflowered pussy, the pleasure surging through me. Sky’s dick reaming my asshole, Georgia’s mouth suckling at my futa-cock, and Natalie nursing on my nipple fired pleasure that mixed in my pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, my bowels clenching down on my daughter’s thrusting cock. “Oh, Sky, this is incredible.”

“I know!” she moaned, thrusting hard and fast into my asshole. “I love fucking your ass, Mom! God, it’s great.”

“Ooh, Mrs. Marlow!” Aoi moaned. “I love this. I’m so glad that you lied to Mr. Claes and snuck me out of class to ‘search’ me.”

“Mmm, it was Natalie who suggested you,” I purred.

“That was Sky,” groaned Natalie between suckles of my nipple. She nursed hard on me.

I gasped, loving that naughty feeling.

“I guess it was!” Sky moaned. “You were just so cute. Had to have Mom seduce you.”

“Such a loving mother!” moaned Aoi. “To do that for her daughter. You are so lucky, Sky, to have such a mother.”

My daughter’s stroke faltered. “Uh, yeah, I guess I am lucky.” Her hands tightened on my hips. “You’re amazing, Mom.”

“Sky,” I gushed in delight, my heart pounding with such joy. I squeezed my bowels down on her clit-dick. “Mmm, you don’t have to stop fucking my asshole.”


She picked back up, her hips thrusting forward. It was incredible to feel. I loved it. I reveled in the delight that swept through my body. I groaned, the bliss swimming through my body was intense. Incredible. I shuddered, loving the way she buried her dick into my bowels.

My asshole melted heat down to my cunt, meeting the suckling delight zapping up my cock from Georgia’s naughty mouth. The girl swirled her tongue around my cock. She teased me. I shuddered at the delight of this moment.

It was fantastic.

I thrust my tongue deep into Aoi’s pussy, scooping out more and more of my daughter’s cum. This incredible delight swept over me. My entire body swam with all the pleasure that they were giving me. Natalie nipped my nipple. Sky hammered my bowels. Georgia’s tongue caressed the slit of my cock. She probed it and then suckled.

“Mrs. Marlow!” Aoi moaned.

My mind was swirling with such naughty pleasure. It swept through my body. I groaned, my cunt on fire. I would have such a huge orgasm. All this bliss swelled and swelled in me. It was incredible to enjoy.

Sky’s futa-dick buried over and over into my bowels. Natalie nibbled on my nipple with her lips. I shuddered, my futa-dick throbbing in Georgia’s mouth. Pussy cream trickled down my shaft heading right for her lips.

She swirled her tongue over my cock. The pleasure was intense. She had to taste my precum and pussy cream. She moaned, the naughty girl clearly loving both. I moaned into Aoi’s pussy, my tongue sweeping around in her silky sheath.

I couldn’t find any more of Sky’s cum.

Mmm, which left me just Aoi’s yummy juices.

“Fuck, Mom!” Sky moaned as my tongue fluttered up and down Aoi’s pussy. Her silky curls rubbed on my face. “This is hot. I’m going to cum in your asshole.”

“I am going to cum on your face, Mrs. Marlow!” Aoi whimpered. “This is too good. Your tongue feels amazing.”

“She’s amazing,” Natalie groaned and nipped my nipple again.

A sharp jolt of pleasure fired down to my pussy and clit-dick. My bowels clenched down on my daughter’s futa-cock. The incestuous bliss swelled in my ovaries. I hurtled closer and closer to cumming again.

I groaned, so eager for that burst of rapture.

Sky hammered my asshole without mercy. The pleasure flowed right to my ovaries. They drank in the heat. My mommy-cum approached a boil. I shuddered, Georgia sucking with such pressure. She wanted my jizz flooding her mouth.

“Georgia,” I groaned into Aoi’s pussy.

I was so close to erupting. It was all building and building in me. I slid my lips up to Aoi’s clit. I nursed on her, the tart flavor of her cunt coated my mouth. It was such a delicious treat. I loved the taste. I sucked on her clit. I nursed on her with hunger.

“Mrs. Marlow,” she squealed.

Her tart pussy juices gushed out into my mouth. I groaned as I drank them down. My asshole clamped down on Sky’s cock plundering my bowels. The friction swelled. She slammed into my anal sheath.

Georgia sucked hard on my clit-dick.

I squealed with ecstasy into Aoi’s pussy. My orgasm exploded through me. Hot mommy-cum jetted into Georgia’s mouth. I flooded her with spurt after spurt of my spunk. At the same time, my asshole spasmed around Sky’s thrusting futa-cock.

“Fuck, Mom!” she moaned, feeling my flesh writhe around her.

“Cum in me,” I moaned between licks of Aoi’s furred muff. The Japanese girl moaned as her juices spilled down my chin.

Waves of ecstasy washed out of my cunt and jolts of rapture fired from my spurting girl-dick. I groaned, my daughter’s dick burying again and again into my bowels. Natalie kept suckling at my nipple. She nursed at me with such hunger, adding more delight to the pleasure consuming my body.

I groaned, my face scrunching up at how amazing this pleasure felt. It melted across my mind. Georgia nursed hard and Sky moaned as she buried her girl-dick to the hilt in my asshole. Her fingers tightened on my hips.

“Mom!” she gasped.

Her hot futa-cum flooded my bowels. She pumped my asshole full of her jizz. Spurt after spurt of her bliss washed through her. It was incredible. I whimpered, my mind melting from all the bliss that swept through me.

“Oh, Lord, yes!” I moaned into Aoi’s pussy. “That’s incredible.”

“Yes, it is, Mom!” Sky purred. “Oh, that’s just so hot. I love it! Ooh, yes, yes, this is the best thing ever!”

I nodded my agreement, Georgia sucking on my cock as I came down from the intensity of my orgasm. My daughter’s futa-dick fired a few more times into my bowels as I panted. Aoi whimpered, sounding so cute.

Natalie’s mouth popped off my nipple. “That was fucking intense. I want to get fucked—”

“What is going on in here?” a woman demanded. “If any of you are fornica…” Her words trailed off

I froze. My head shot up to see Lupita Reyes standing in the door staring at us. She looked shocked. My cock softened in Georgia’s mouth as the fear slammed into me. She caught us red-handed. I quivered there, my mind spiraling.

“No, no, no,” I whimpered.

“It’ll be okay, Mom,” Sky said and ripped her futa-dick out of my asshole. “We have to seduce her. It’s the only way to keep you from getting fired.”

But we couldn’t do that. Lupita Reyes was married. It would be wrong.


To be continued…