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Subject: Ganymede Middle School – Chapter 8 (Gay Male/Incest/Adult-Youth/Young Friends) Thanks for the positive response to the first few chapters. This is my first time writing a story for Nifty and it’s been very fun. Please remember to donate to Nifty to help keep this amazing fty/donate.html Ganymede Middle School – Chapter 8 Lunch was almost half over by the time Tyler and I got to the cafeteria. Ramon was talking to two older boys, who were leaving as we got to the table. One of the boys gave Ramon’s shoulder a light squeeze. “What took you guys so long?” Ramon asked. “Showering after gym class took longer than expected,” Tyler replied knowingly. “Tyler and Shaun Maloney jacked each other off while the rest of us watched. Pretty much everybody came,” I confessed. “Wow! You and Shaun Maloney together is a hot image, Ty. I bet he’s got a nice cock,” Ramon said excitedly. “It’s a lot like mine, but he’s much hairier. He’s even got hair under his armpits. He’s going to be the first boy in our class to start shaving.” Ramon told us that the older boys he was talking to told him about a bathroom on the third floor where boys go to have some fun. Sometimes teachers go there too. “Do you want to come with me?” Ramon asked. “I’m going to check it out before next period.” Tyler and I both said no. We were hungry after all of the excitement in the gym shower. In the afternoon I had science class with Mr. Summers. I’d been waiting to see Mr. Summers again since Friday. I thought constantly about his hand fondling my ass. He was standing near the door greeting each boy with a warm hug as we walked into the classroom. He was wearing tight black skinny jeans and a grey, fitted polo shirt that emphasized his broad shoulders and small waist. His arms filled out the short sleeves nicely. “Good to see you, Tim,” he said, pressing his lean, muscular body against mine. “How was your weekend?” “Very fun. I had a sleepover with some friends,” I replied. I let my hands drift from his lower back to the top of his firm butt. “A sleepover! I bet that was fun.” He gave my arms a squeeze. “You’re a good hugger,” Mr. Summers said, breaking the hug. I blushed. Class was fairly routine with the exception of Mr. Summers himself. He had the full attention of every boy in that room. As he lectured, Mr. Summers would come out from behind his desk and lean back against it. In his jeans, I could see his muscular thighs pushing his sizable bulge forward. And when he turned to go to the chalk board, more than a few boys rubbed their crotches looking at his ass. At one point, he dropped a piece of chalk, but rather than bend over, he did a slow squat, showing off his muscular ass as he lowered himself to the floor and then rose again. When class was over, each of us left carrying our schoolbooks in front of our wet, hard boycocks. After science I had math, English, and Spanish. Unfortunately for me, my Spanish class was at the other end of the school from the locker room. I had to race to get changed for cross country. As I got to the locker room door, an older boy with red hair was entering as well. Inside, he turned left to go to his locker and I turned right to go to mine. I quickly stripped naked and pulled on my nylon running shorts. I finished tying my running shoes escort bayan and was about to pull on my tank top when the older boy reappeared. “You won’t need that,” he said, smiling. “We run shirtless. It’s more fun that way. Hi, I’m Scotty,” he said extending his hand. Scotty was a tall, skinny ginger boy with milky white skin and green eyes. He had a small mop of bright orange curls on top of his head. His torso was as lean as a board with only the slightest hint of different muscles. His nipples were small and erect. They were dimes of pink on his pale chest. He wore nothing but red and black running shorts that were cut high at the sides. His freckled legs were covered in light, ginger fur. We shook hands. “I’m Tim,” I said, standing up. We left the locker room and headed for the school parking lot. “Welcome to the team. It’s always exciting having a new boy join us.” He put his hand on my shoulder as he guided me towards the team meeting at the edge of the parking lot. I instinctively moved closer to him. Six boys, all about one or two years older than me, prepared for our run by stretching their legs. Young, almost naked bodies bent and contorted their growing limbs. An adult stood watching the boys with his back to us. As we approached, I could see a few tattoos on the man’s shoulders. He was wearing tight shorts made of a stretch material that lifted and hugged his firm buttocks. His hairy muscular legs led my eye towards his ass crack. His shoulders and torso tapered to his lean waist. The man turned towards Scotty and me. It was Mr. Summers! It turns out, he was the cross country coach. I gasped from my excitement He smiled broadly under his bushy mustache. “Scotty! You found our newest team member.” Scotty and Mr. Summers embraced, their naked torsos and crotches touching firmly. The man and the boy ran their hands along each others back and rested on their butts. Scotty’s pale skin seemed even paler next to Mr. Summers’ darker and hairier body. “Boys, this is Tim. He’s going to be running with us this season.” Mr. Summers stood in front of me. We looked each other up and down. I stood tall so he could see all of me – my bare torso, my hairless legs, and my young penis stretching out the front of my running shorts. And I could see him. His tapered torso gave way to a firm and muscular stomach. His chest and abdomen muscles were visible and defined. At the sides of his abdomen, he had muscular grooves that directed my eyes towards his crotch. He had a small amount of dark hair around each nipple and in the center of his chest. His belly button was ringed by hair that led my eyes to his crotch and his shorts. The front of his shorts were as revealing as the back. His cock was clearly folded under his balls. A smooth shaft separated the two round bulges of his balls. Mr. Summers gave us the spiel about practice. On Mondays, we’d all go for a run and record our times. On Thursdays, we’d do drills and exercises. He would also organize weekend runs when we weren’t competing. “For today, the rest of you boys go full out. I’m going to hang back with Tim at a slower pace. Record your times when you get back to the locker room. And I’ll see all of you on Thursday.” And with that, the rest of the boys took off running. Mr. Summers and I followed kocaeli escort bayan behind them. The slower pace was fine for me; I was a little out of practice. Mostly I was just so excited to spend time with Mr. Summers. We ran along a path through the woods and talked as we went. He asked me about school, my friends, and, finally, Dad. “My Dad and I are pretty close,” I told him. “And lately we’ve been getting a lot closer. I’m a lucky boy.” “That’s great, Tim. I’m really happy to hear that,” Mr. Summers said kindly. “I remember when I was your age, I really started to bond with my father and older brother. It was the start of a special relationship with them that continues until today.” “That sounds like me and my Dad,” I told him. “Don’t tell anyone this, but when I was your eleven like you, my dad showed me how to masturbate. After that my brother and I were constantly playing with ourselves and each other. My dad joined us and encouraged us to explore all aspects of our development from an early age. It sounds like your dad is doing the same.” I couldn’t believe it. Mr. Summers’ experiences with his dad and brother were like mine with Dad. “And, of course, the students and teachers here at the school will all be excited to help you learn everything there is to know about your changing body.” “Do you think you could help me learn, Mr. Summers?” I asked hopefully. He stopped running and faced me. “Tim,” he said seriously, “nothing would make me happier.” I moved closer to him. Instead of hugging me, he took my right hand in his and pressed it against the bulge in his shorts. Covering my hand with his, he began using my hand to stroke his semi-erect penis though his shorts. He leaned his face down and kissed me on the neck. His mustache tickled but I kept stroking his cock through his shorts. “Have you ever sucked a man’s penis before, Tim?” “Yes.” “Good. Would you like to suck on my penis, Tim?” “Yes.” “Very good. Kneel down in front of me.” I did as instructed. “Now, pull my shorts all the way down.” His cock bounced a bit and came to rest a few inches from my mouth. His balls were bare and hung low between his thick thighs. His pubic hair was trimmed short. His cock was about 7 inches, uncut and thick. I could see the ridge of the head of his cock under his foreskin. I was about to put his cock in my mouth when he spoke again. “Put your hand on my cock and pull my foreskin towards you. Now, try using just your tongue and slip it under my foreskin. See if you can move your tongue around the head of my cock, Tim.” I pressed my lips to the head of Mr. Summers’ penis and slowly pulled the excess skin towards my mouth. I pushed my tongue through my lips and through the opening of his foreskin onto the head of his dick. It was awkward at first, but after a few seconds I was able to move my tongue around the head of his cock beneath his excess cock skin. “Mmm, that feels good, Tim. Now, pull my foreskin back and bring the head of my cock into your mouth,” The smooth helmet head of his penis entered my young mouth. I held it there and felt it pulse against my tongue. “You’re a natural, Tim. Your father is a lucky man. Now move your head and hand back and forth in unison. Try to create a seal between your hand and kocaeli escort your mouth. And let your spit act as a lubricant on my dick.” I was clumsy at first because my hand and mouth were so small compared to his big cock, but pretty soon, I was bobbing up and down on Mr. Summer’s cock. “Use your other hand to gently stroke my balls. That’s it. That feels good, Tim.” And it felt good for me too. I could sense the pleasure I was giving to Mr. Summers. In that instant, I wanted nothing more than to make him shoot. I looked up past his muscular abdomen to see him pinching both of his his nipples with his fingers. His eyes were closed and he was moaning. He opened his eyes and we made eye contact. We bonded and connected over the pleasure we were sharing. “Oh, Tim,” he sighed intensely. “You’re getting me close. Take your cock out and stroke it so we can shoot together.” I moved the leg hole of my running shorts aside and released my small boycock. With my right hand, I stroked my cock, while I used my left hand to pleasure Mr. Summers. “That’s it. You have a beautiful cock, Tim. Stroke for me. Help me cum, Tim.” I moaned, my mouth still moving back and forth on his cock. The spongy head was getting firmer. And his precum was mixing with my saliva, slicking up the head and shaft of his penis. My young cock was leaking boy juice, ready to shoot. “Tim, I’m going to cum. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” As I did, thick ropes of pearly cum shot out from the head of Mr. Summers’ dick. His cum coated my tongue and lips and cheeks. And some of it fell on my hairless chest. Mr. Summers shot one, two, three pulses of semen, each landing on me. “Unnggh,” he cried. I shot right after. I leaned back so he could see as I pulled the foreskin back on my cock and shot a stream of sperm into the air. “Aaaaah,” I yelled as I shot. “Tim, that was amazing. Did you enjoy that as much as i did?” he asked, helping me to my feet. “Probably more.” I hugged him, elated by the pleasure we just shared. In the process, however, I rubbed some of his load from my face onto his chest. “Hang on,” he said, picking up his shorts. “Let me get some of that off of you.” He proceeded to use his shorts to wipe most of his cum off my face. I couldn’t stop smiling. He reached down and touched my cock and balls, nestling them back inside my shorts. “Next time, I’m sucking your cock. Deal?” “Next time?” I almost fainted. “Yes, please, Mr. Summers.” “We’ve got a lot of exploring to do, Tim.” I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening on a cloud. By the time Dad got home, I was already in bed. He came into my room and sat on the edge of the bed. I sat up and kissed him. There was nothing like the feeling of my Dad’s tongue in my mouth. “Hey, Tim. How was the first day of school?” “So great, Dad. I love it there.” “I’m glad. I want to hear all about it. Listen, Tim, I realize I’ve been busy with work these last few days, but I want to make it up to you. Wednesday night I’ll be home early. I want us to have dinner and spend some quality father-son time together. Would that be ok?” “Oh, Dad. That would be great. I understand that you’re busy with work, but I’ve missed you too.” “It’s a date, then,” he said, grinning from ear to ear. “Oh, and before I forget, your grandfather will pick you up after cross country practice on Thursday and take you to your physical with Dr. Fielding. Ok?” “That’s great, Dad. Thanks for making the appointment.” “Of course. Now, get some sleep. Tomorrow’s another school day.”