Gary, Janet and Ross Too

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Gary, Janet and Ross TooThe phone rings so Kay answers it. It was Janet. They chatted for a while and Kay looked a little disappointed but then smiled and said, “Yes that would be great, See you then.””What’s up?””Oh, that party is next weekend not this, but Janet has invited us over to theirs for our own little party on Friday instead.””Great.” I smiled.”I can’t wait” Kay said sitting on my lap.Well that led to an evening of fucking as usual.Anyway, Friday comes around and Kay is well up for going over to Janet and Gary’s for some fun.She looked stunning as she stood in a tight black dress, low cut sowing off her big tits. It was hard not to fuck her there and then, but I resisted the temptation.Kay put on a long black coat which I thought was really sexy knowing what was underneath and off we went.We arrived just after 7 and were greeted by Kay in a slinky blue dress which really hugged her slim figure.”Come in.” She kissed us both and hugged us tight as she let us in.Gary was getting some drinks as we walked in.Kay slipped off her coat revealing her tight dress showing her curves off nicely.”Don’t you look gorgeous?” Gary said hugging Kay and kissing her. Feeling her arse as he did.He would have felt she was commando again as he run his hands over her lovely curvy arse.”We have a surprise for you but it’s up to you if you want it. We have invited our friend Ross over. He understands you are new, and he is waiting for a phone call to say yes or no.” No pressure. Janet said.”What’s he like?” Asked Kay”He’s lush” here’s a photo of him.She handed Kay a polaroid.”Oh, he does look nice”. she said handing it to me. It was a pic of a good-looking guy a bit older than us, blonde and fit looking.”Is that a yes then?” Janet asked.Kay looked at me but was already nodding so I just said, “sure why not?”Janet picked up the phone and called him. It was answered quickly. “Hi Ross, Yes come on over Kay and Mike can’t wait to meet you. Ok see you soon. bye.””So, what have you two been up to since last time?” Gary asked.”Oh, the usual.” Kay grinned. “Lots of sex””I hope you have not worn yourselves out” Said Janet.”I doubt that.” Gary said and we had to laugh at that.Janet took Kay’s hand and whisked her off to the kitchen.”Those pair are plotting again then. Gary said. “Yea seems so.””So how was last time for you? No regrets? I know it was a load of fun but sometimes guilt can set in.””None at all. I loved watching you fuck Kay; it was a real turn on to be honest. and Kay loved it too that was obvious.” I replied.”That’s good. And you are back for more which is even better. Janet enjoyed fucking you too. And obviously I enjoyed fucking Kay she is a lot of fun.””So how did you get into this then Gary?””Before I met Janet, I was fucking this older woman I met through a friend. I didn’t know her, and her hubby were swingers I just thought she wanted a fuck. But turns out they were into it and we’d do her together. When I got buca escort together with Janet, I told her about it just in case she found out. she told me she had had threesomes in the past and would do it again too. So that’s it really. We hooked up with that couple and the rest is history.””Wow. Nice.”There was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it” Kay shouted from the kitchen.””Come on in babe. Kay come meet Ross.””Oh hello” I heard Kay purr.”I think she likes him already” Garry grinned.”Seems so.”Janet and Kay came into the room with Ross. He was about 6′ tall average build and I guess good looking.”Take a seat and I’ll get you a drink” Janet said to him.”Mike this is Ross, Ross, Mike. I see you have already met Kay.” “Nice to meet you Mike. Yes, indeed I have.”He sat opposite us and Kay sat between Gary and me.Janet came back with a drink for Ross. She handed it to him then leaned in and kissed him deeply. Her short dress riding up, so we had a great view of her arse and smooth cunt.”Looks like the party has started” Said Gary as he slid his hand up Kays dress to her smooth cunt.Kay had her hand on my cock, rubbing it through my jeans. I joined Gary in teasing her cunt. Our fingers running up and down her wet slit, dipping inside her. making her jump and moan as we did.Janet was bent over at the waist undoing Ross’s trousers and freeing his cock. Her arse looked amazing and Kay couldn’t take her eyes of it.She got up saying ” I need that arse. She got behind Janet and started licking up and down her arsecrack to her lovely cunt. “You taste amazing” She said between lapping at her slit and arse.We could see Janet’s head bobbing up and down in Ross’s lap and by the look on his face he was loving the attention.Gary stood up and started stripping off which seemed like a good idea, so I did the same. Our cocks standing proud as we watched the scene unfold in front of us.By now Kay had her fingers inside Janet as she licked her, and Janet was loving it judging by the sounds she was making even with a cock in her mouth.Gary knelt behind Kay and started to finger her dripping wet cunt. “Man, she is soaking” he said as he plunged his fingers in and out of her, first two then three making her moan in delight.I sat back down not feeling in the least left out. I was loving seeing Kay enjoy herself.Gary got behind Kay and sunk his big hard cock inside her. ” Oh yes fuck me there, fuck me deep Gary” Her hot breath on Janet’s cunt made her moan even louder on Ross’s cock.”I need one inside me now” Said Janet standing up and slipping her dress off. She straddled Ross’s cock which I could see was at least as long as Gary’s but nowhere near as thick. Still an impressive cock though. Seeing is slide inside Janet was fantastic. Once she had it all the way in, she started to fuck him slowly. Up and down, up until just the tip was inside her then all the way down on it.Kay had a front row seat and a great view of his cock going escort buca in and out of Janet as Gary was plunging his cock in and out of her. ” Fuck yes that’s good… mm yes harder, fuck me harder.””Mike grab the lube and join in. Gary said.I picked up the lube and handed it to him. He squirted some in his hand then grabbed my cock. getting it all slippery. ” You like that?” he said. “Yea I do””Good” he said stroking my cock. He handed me the lube and said ” Janet loves DP so fuck her arse for her”Janet looked over her shoulder and nodded. ” come on mike fuck my arse for me”I got behind her, dribbling lube over her arsehole. Fingering it inside her, probing, then I pushed my cock inside. It felt tighter this time, it must have been the cock in her cunt making it so.”Mm yea mike fuck my arse” Janet said as she fucked mine and Ross’s cocks.Ross and I got into a rhythm fucking Janet together and she was really into it. Fucking us back getting our cocks deep in her.Gary and Kay had changed positions. Gary sat next to Ross with Kay, who by now was naked too was bouncing on his cock so we could all enjoy watching each other fucking.”oh, fuck fuck fuck fuck I’m cumming I’m fucking cumming” Janet was shouting, her body almost vibrating. Her arsehole grabbing my cock, pulsing which sent me over and i shot my load deep in her, this also made Ross cum too. It was amazing feeling Janet shake and tremble with delight as we shot into her over and over.Kay was bouncing on Gary’s cock for all she was worth, her tits bouncing in time. “Shoot up me Gary, fill my cunt now” Gary grabbed her hips pulling her deep as he thrust up into her cervix shooting his spunk with a moan. She ground her hips on his cock. I knew she was milking it with her cunt like she does with mine. Making sure he was empty.My cock slipped out of Janet’s arsehole followed by a dribble of spunk.“Fuck that was good” She said breathlessly. She got off Ross’s cock and took me to the bathroom. Washing my cock and her arsehole just to be on the safe side. “Does Kay like it up the bum too”?“Yes, she does but I’m not sure she will take Gary’s cock up there.”“She can take this up there” She said gripping my semi hard cock. “and its nice and thick, I’m sure she could, but that’s why we invited Ross over, he’s not too thick but it gets to all the right places. Let’s go se what they are up to shall we” She said leading me by my cock.When we got back, we were treated to the sight of Kay on her knees sucking Ross’s cock while Gary was licking his balls. “Does that turn you on Mike?” Kay asked with a cheeky smile as my cock hardened in her hand. “Would you like Gary to suck your cock?” My dick twitched at the thought. “well that’s a yes then”I sat next to Ross and right away Gary took my cock in his mouth, sucking me deeply, it felt good I must say. He sucked harder than a woman would but damn it felt nice. Janet joined in sucking me, they took it in turns to deepthroat buca escort bayan me. Kay looked over and grinned. “Mm that turns me the fuck on” she said as she then swallowed Ross’s tool.Kay then mounted Ross’s hard cock. Taking the full length inside her. “Mm ooh that the spot” She said as she began riding him.“Mm you feel so hot and wet Kay”Again, she looked amazing bouncing on a big cock. And I was enjoying having my cock sucked by two mouths. It didn’t matter one was Gary’s.Kay looked at me. I want to see you suck Gary’s big cock. Suck it for me. Honestly, I didn’t need asking twice. So, we switched positions and I got between Gary’s thighs looking at his long thick cock. I took it in my hand and took the head in my mouth, tasting Kay and spunk on it which was a lovely combination.Janet took the lube and was working two then three fingers inside Kays arse. Kay was arching her back giving her access as Ross’s prick slid in and out of her.“I think she is ready babe” She said to Gary.I let go of his cock and he took up position behind Kay. Pressing his knob to her arsehole. Her eyes went wide as she looked at me, but I just smiled. “Relax and enjoy it”The head of Gary’s cock pushed inside her hole and she let out a gasp but she didn’t pull away she just waited until he worked it in a little more and then out, and in and out pushing more inside each time. Kay was biting her lip but moaning at the same time with pleasure rather than pain. When Gary was almost all the way inside Kay pushed back against his cock letting him know she was ready to be fucked. He held her hips and slowly started to fuck her. “Oh god yes that’s nice.” She moaned. Ross was slowly fucking her in time with Gary, they had obviously practiced this before.“I told you she could take it didn’t I?” Grinned Janet as she went down on my now rock hard cock. Sucking me into her throat.“Fuck me Janet” She smiled and mounted my cock. Her cunt felt lovely and wet as it engulfed my cock.She slammed her cunt onto my cock as I pulled and bit her nipples. “Oh, yea fuck yea”As she rode me, she pulled on my nipples too which I loved. Fuck me Mike get that cock up me hard.Gary slapped Janet’s arse hard as she was fucking me “Ohh yeaaa” she squealed.I Watched in awe as Kay was taking those big cocks inside her. And she was loving it.“Fuck I’m so full it feels great” she panted as Ross and Gary fucked her deeply. I could see her start to tremble and knew she was going to cum which made my cock twitch. Janet sensed this and started to grind on my cock, squeezing me with her cunt “Ah fuck I’m cumming” I exclaimed as I let loose my spunk deep in her again. This set her off to another shaking orgasm.Kay threw her head back, arching her back and Gary went even deeper making Kay squeal in pleasure. “Fuck I’m cumming” she shouted as her body trembled and shook. Gary buried his prick deep and shot inside her bowels. As Ross let loose his spunk in her cunt.After Kay finished shaking in orgasm she said “That was fucking amazing” We untangled ourselves and collapsed together feeling contented.That wasn’t the end of the evening but it’s getting a bit long… so look out for part two.