Gay Euro Trip, Part One

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Gay Euro Trip, Part OneWhen I finished college some years back, I spent some time traveling Europe. I had a great time seeing the sites and sucking the cocks. The following is a steamy account of my adventure. Part 1I awoke on a rainy Paris night with my hard dick ramming into the cheap hotel mattress. I had just arrived from the states earlier that morning and other than buying some gay french porn and jacking off, I had slept the entire day. I thought about getting out the magazines again, but decided I would look for some real cock instead. I quickly dress in tight black jeans and a black t shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my young tone body, shaggy brown hair, and a eager smile that said I was looking to get fucked; I also noticed that the bulge from my hard dick was visible through my pants. I didn’t care. I looked up the closest gay bar in my gay europe handbook and ran out the door.I walked as fast as I could to the bar, but by the time I got there, it was closed. I went to open the door when a 40 something French man with a goatee told me they were closed. My French isn’t great, but we started to talk. He offered me a cigarette and I took one. Something relaxbet güvenilirmi about wrapping my lips around the hot smoking cig made me get hard all over again. It also didn’t help that the French man I was talking with was a total hunk.He was tall, butch, and from the look of it had a monster in his pants. I tried to play it cool, but he looked down towards my erection and started to smile this dirty little smile. He light up another cigarette and asked me for a drink at his place. He seemed safe enough and since I was so fucking horny, I accepted.A bottle of wine later we were on his couch in his posh Paris apartment. I breathed heavy as he kissed me with passion and lots and lots of tongue. After a couple minutes of furious making out, I started to run my hand from his knee to his cock. What a felt was a huge dick that was harder than diamond. I massaged exterior and started to unbuckle his green cord pants. I pulled away from his kiss to get down on the ground and slowing tugging his pants off. When I pulled down his underwear, his giant dick popped up and jiggled back and forth.I gasped and he smile, spread his legs open and relaxbet yeni giriş rested his arms on the sofa. I grabbed his dick and looked him in the eye as I started to stroke. His moaned and his dick started to ooz pre-cum. I smiled at him as I licked the pre-cum of the head of his cock. I then went down and started to lick his shaft from the bottom up. The sweaty smell of his cock drove me wild as I sucked his balls and stroked him hard. He threw back his head in pleasure. I opened my mouth wide and inserted his epic cock as far as I could into the back of my throat.I went down so far a gagged and had to come up for air. I coughed and he pulled me close and started to slap his dick on my face. “Deeper” he told me. I went back to work and started having the most fun I had ever had. Giving head makes me so hard, and I just wanted to please him. I moaned and suck with joy as he would give interactions in a deep dominating voice. I did exactly what he said. He re-positioned me laying on the couch with my ass in the air so he could finger my tight hole. He took some of my slobber from my sloppy horny blow job and started to work his fingers relaxbet giriş in one at a time. When he couldn’t take it any longer, he stood up, spread my legs and slowly pushed his huge cock into my wet asshole.I moaned with delight and he went deeper and deeper; then faster and faster. I started to jerk my cock. He pounded my ass with my legs in the air and spoke some crazy French. “I am going to cum!” I told him. He put his dick all the way in and pressed against my prostate hard and I started to cum. I must have shot 5 long gooey strings on jizz all the way to my chest. He pulled out his dick and rubbed against the cum on my chest. He collected a big load on his dick and shoved it back into my mouth, feeding me my own cum.I sucked him even harder now. My mouth was wrapped around his big bulb while my hand stroked him as fast as I could. He moaned loudly and released a mouthful of cum into my throat. I swallowed as much as I could but he came so much I choked and jizz ran out of my mouth onto my chin. Nevertheless, I kept on stroking him and he lifted his cock to cover my entire face in his hot spunk. When I had recovered from choking, I started to suck him again and tried to swallow every last drop. When he was done, my entire body was drenched in sticky fun.We showered and then he said I had to go because his partner was coming home from a business trip the next day. I went back to my hotel fulfilled and already looking forward to my next adventure.