Gay quickie as she leaves

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Gay quickie as she leavesMy friend came over because he was horny and I was caught off guard. I didn’t want to make it seem obvious that we were fucking so I went ahead and let him in. I introduced him to my gf as we talked a bit before she said she’d make us something to eat. She said she would need to go to the store for ingredients and that was our opening as my friend eyed me. She grabbed her things and headed for the door as she told us she’d be back and for us to not have too much fun without her. She drove away and as I headed back to the couch, my friend pulled me down to him, sitting me down as he climbed on top of me and he started grinding all over my crotch as my hands grabbed his ass through his jeans. He was kissing me all over and moaning like crazy already. “Is this why you came over?” I teased. “mmhmm.. ” he nodded kissing me some more. “I can’t do this right now… I can’t.. she’ll be back… I really can’t.” I said as he wasn’t taking no for an answer. “Just a quick one.. just fuck me….” He went ahead and sucked on my tongue and lips and then he jumped off as he peeled off his pants. Showing me that big ass that I loved fucking. I couldn’t say no as zonguldak escort I was rock hard for him. “Fine.. but not here…. ” I said as we grabbed his things and headed up to the bedroom. Once in there we took everything off as I got on the bed and he had my cock in his hands and in his mouth, sucking me and getting my cock ready. After getting my cock all wet he got on me as he pushed my cock in his ass. My hands ran all over his body, going up and down his back to his ass and all over his thighs. I sat up licking his chest and then sucking his nipples as I pulled and tugged on them with my lips. Making him moan as he finally got me in him, he started to work my cock, getting it deeper and deeper in him. Bouncing his ass up and down, nice and slow. He grabbed my face and pushed me back from sucking his nipples as he kissed me. “Fuck my ass… you want to fuck my ass?” he asked as I looked him right in the face and answered yes. I wrapped my arms around his waist and back as I started thrusting , keeping in mind we were short on time and didn’t have the luxury of taking our time. I started thrusting up into him as my cock slid in and out of his tight little escort zonguldak ass, my balls slapping his ass as he sat there looking at me and taking it. “Fuck me! fuck my ass! fuck my tight asshole!!” he said as he reached back and spread his ass cheeks for me. Both of us moaning as I pounded him. “oh yes.. yes yes…. im fucking that ass… im fucking that asshole…” I said looking up at him as he gave me a smile and then came down kissing me like crazy. Smothering eachother with kisses as we got hot and sweaty. Both hands holding onto his ass now as I gave him slaps repeatedly on his ass. “oh… fuck .. fuck yeah….. slap my ass and fuck me.. fuck me like that…” he said as I fucked his beautiful big ass. He took my hands and held me down as he twerked his ass all over my cock making me moan. “Cum for me? make that hard dick cum for my ass?” he asked as I moaned yes. “did you fuck her today? did you give her this gay dick today?” he asked. “no… no I didn’t….” I let out as he smiled. “Were you saving it for me? is this my gay dick? Waiting to fuck my gay ass?” he went on. “Yea…. that’s your dick… your gay dick fucking your ass…. oh im coming! zonguldak escort bayan fuck I can’t stop im coming!!” I started thrusting as I couldn’t contain myself. My cock throbbing uncontrollably as I came. Shooting cum inside of his ass as he moaned taking it all. “Oh yeah!!! cum in my ass! cum in my tight ass! Good boy!!” he said as I continuously came inside of him. Finally settling down as I laid there, breathing hard and he kissed me all over. He let go of my hands and slid off my cock as cum dripped down all over me. He smiled getting up as he went and grabbed a blanket from the table and wiped himself. I laid there feeling so good as I looked back at him. “You’re so crazy… I can’t believe you came here for this..” I said as he smiled back and got dressed. I too got up and wiped myself off as we headed back to the livingroom where he said his good buy and gave me another horny wet kiss and then I let him out the door. As he pulled away my gf pulled in and they were seen waving to eachother as she came back to the house. “Where’s he going?” she asked. “He said he couldn’t stay long, just wanted to stop by since he was in the area.” I told her. “Oh… okay… you should have him stay over sometimes, seems like you guys really get along.” She said as I nodded okay… “Yeah.. im sure he’d like that.” as I helped her unload some backs and put everything away, thinking what just might happen if he did stay over with us.