Genderbent Heroes of Erios

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The Tree Folk of Mettlewood

Within the Valley of the Gods and Goddesses, east of the ocean waters of Leviathan, ringed in the majestic mountains of Iofus lay a tiny forest known as Mettlewood. Implanted on the valley floor like a discarded crown of tall pines, this growth of trees lay ominously on the horizon in the eyes of the chaste who lived in the kingdom of Ravenshold. Mettlewood was not at all what it appeared to the eye. It was far more than a simple bundle of trees and dark undergrowth. It was too small to be called a forest, but it was called a forest because what lay within was far larger than any forest on Erios. Mettlewood contained a magical doorway to another realm and coming near its tall pine trees revealed the true nature of the thing. This was a forest on Erios, yes, but on passing through to the other side, it showed its true form to be a different realm. It was a world of its own that hung amid foreign stars, warmed by its own sun.

To the saints, the chaste and austere citizens of Ravenshold, the tiny wood was an evil place, a queer anomaly. It was a grove cursed by a dragoness, a celestial being of terrifying power whose influence propagated acts of lewdness and eroticism in her citizens, a people the saints called the tree folk.

Cody Erato stood outside of her ancestral home on Heartsong Ranch watching as a young woman approached along the western road. Heartsong lay near the Eunuch Gate which guarded the entrance into Mettlewood forest. It was dangerously close to the enchanted forest thought many of the saints. Things close to the forest could be tainted by it. Still, the ranch was known for its excellent produce brought from the soil by the skilled farmer who worked the ranch alone. It helped that Bitreos Stoneshore, the greatest wizard of Erios, had given Cody’s farm his seal of approval, keeping the locals from rejecting the ranch and its owner.

“Good day to you Miss Tangwen Rhys,” said Cody. Cody Erato was a beautiful woman, her height above average. Muscled arms and legs hid beneath the blue dress she wore as she worked. Her dark brown hair was always pulled to one side in a knot so as to not obscure her handsome face.

Tangwen Rhys was a quiet, young woman, feminine in her face as well as in her frame. She walked a life which predicted a future as a mother. The young saint would be married soon now that she had come of age.

Cody eyed the young woman, and her mouth began to water.

“I have come as you asked,” said Tangwen. “I have the herbs you requested. Grown in my mother’s garden.”

“Please, come into the house,” said Cody, offering Tangwen her open hand. “I have the resin within. Perhaps we can sit and have a drink together to celebrate our transaction.”

Tangwen took the other woman’s hand after wiping the sweat from her palm on her own yellow dress.

Inside the house Cody poured two glasses of Twinkleweather wine, a special blend that was of Cody’s own secret recipe.

“It’s popular with the sailors down at the docks,” said Cody, lifting her glass to take a sip. “Relaxes the spirit I find.”

“It’s a lovely offer,” said Tangwen, “but I’m not one to drink. I’m looking to marry soon as you know. I must watch my reputation.”

This caused Cody to smile happily.

“Then my drink has acquired a reputation away from the docks too?”

The girl assured Cody this was not what she meant.

“Ah, my manners. You’re here for the resin,” said Cody. “The purchase is for personal use. I should have guessed. You’re after a man and are in need of a little bait. Still, it would be rude not to at least taste my brew. I’m very proud of it. Perhaps I could give you a small bottle to share with your prospective man? Could help seal the deal.”

“Get him drunk?” asked the girl.

Cody raised a hand to silence her guest.

“It’s not drunkenness that it causes, girl. It’s quite different than that. Please, try a bit. See for yourself. It’s very liberating of the heart. You can use it to see what his heart really thinks of you. I am drinking it, and you do not hear my speech slurring.”

Finally, Tangwen was convinced to take a sip. She liked it so much she was easily convinced to take another. After the sun was nearing the horizon line as the days end approached, the young woman had drained three glasses of the elixir and was asking for a fourth.

“I am a virgin,” said Tangwen. “Not many of the saints my age I know can say the same. The girls of Ravenshold are only virtuous on the surface. In private they are experienced. But I have stayed true to my faith in Iofus.”

“You are exceedingly beautiful in my eyes, Tangwen. I cannot imagine many boys have come to you asking.”

“Oh they ask,” she answered. “And please, call me Gwen. I ask those I find attractive to call me Gwen.”

Cody reached for Tangwen’s hand where it rest on the table. Gwen responded to her touch by pulling her chair around to the kastamonu escort same side as her host.

“I feel I can be honest as I get closer to you,” said Tangwen, taking her fresh glass of Twinkleweather wine. “I think this wine has opened something in my heart.”

“It frees the spirit,” said Cody. “Why have you not found a man yet, beautiful girl? Could it be your eyes do not long for a man?”

Tangwen drained her glass.

“I want to say yes, but I fear I am too weak to succumb even under the guidance of this drink. I need-“

Cody had placed a finger on her lips.

“I have just the thing. It is far more powerful.”

The farm girl left and returned with a jar which contained a paste. She dipped her finger in it and licked it clean.

“It is Sugarlight. I learned how to make it in my travels while my parents still lived and tended the farm. It opens the heart.”

She offered the open jar to Tangwen who slid her own finger into the contents. She then touched it to her tongue.

“Sweet,” she said.

“Take it all in,” said Cody. “It will set you free. Then your heart can decide what it thinks of me.”

Tangwen had her finger’s worth and then another.

“I think you are beautiful, Cody,” she said, pulling her chair even closer to her hostess. “I want more Sugarlight. My eyes are opened. I have wasted my heart on men.”

Now Cody took the paste and fed it to her with her finger.

“Take off your clothes, Gwen,” she said. “You are hot, and you do not mind getting naked in front of me.”

Gwen did as she was told, pulling at the collar of her dress, searching for the buttons which held it fast at the back.

“Tear the dress Gwen,” said Cody. “Rip it off. You do not need it anymore. You are here with me now.”

“No one knows I came,” said Tangwen. “I have no family. They will not look for me.”

“I know this,” said Cody, who stood and began carefully removing her own work clothes. “Now get your dress off and destroy it. Stay here with me and be my lover.”

Tangwen did as she was told, methodically ripping her favorite dress to shreds.

“Is this okay, Cody?” she asked as the dress became a pile of rags.

“We can use the rags. Put them on the table to make your nest. Then get in your nest. I wish to show you pleasure.”

Cody bound Tangwen’s legs with many leather straps, so that they were held tight in a squatting position. Then she wrapped straps around her torso, under her breasts and around their bases to squeeze them taught. Lastly, she bound her arms behind her back, carefully weaving her forearms to each other so that her shoulders were pulled back.

“Yes, Cody, tie me up the way you like,” was her response to every command to obey as she bound her.

“Look up at the ceiling, my little pet,” she said. “See what I have up there?”

“Those are pulleys,” she said. “Is that the right answer, my love?”

Strong cables were attached to the straps around Tangwen’s legs, one for each leg just above each knee. Two more cables were fastened to the harness of leather straps Cody had tied around the girl’s torso. Then the apparatus of cables were attached to steel weights in the rafters. These were released from the moorings down below, and the weights hoisted Tangwen up from her nest and out where Cody could move around her and under her with ease.

“Now you are my love slave, darling Gwen. Now I will prepare you for my lustful needs.”

“Yes,” said the girl.

“Tangwen’s posy must be shaved and prepared with paste.”

Cody used her fingers to press the heart freeing paste into Tangwen’s posy. More was squeezed inside her anus with a special spoon.

“Do what you must,” said Tangwen as these things were done to her.

Another paste was retrieved, and its contents spread over the hair on Tangwen’s body.

“This magical salve will remove the hair permanently, my plaything.”

“Whatever you desire of me,” she said. “Take whatever you want from me.”

Then Cody was behind her slave. Her hands reached around and rubbed her posy, they fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples. She kissed her neck and nibbled softly on her shoulders.

“I love you,” said Tangwen. “I love you.”

Something pressed against her posy, but this was not her master’s fingers. Her master’s fingers where on her breasts, fondling her posy from the front. This thing which pressed into her came from below. It was thick and rounded on top. It pressed into her wet posy like a great snake slithering inside.

“What is that?” she asked as it’s girth was not easily accommodated by her virgin flesh.

“My cock,” said Cody. “You do love it inside of you, don’t you?”

“Yes, my master,” said Tangwen who was falling deeper under the spell of the paste.

Later in the early hours of the morning, Tangwen was gagged with a ball strapped into her open mouth with leather. Loops of string had been tied around each of her large nipples, their ends tied to the straps of the ball gag. When Tangwen reared escort kastamonu back her head, the strings pulled her nipples, filling her with such intense pleasure.

“You belong to me now, Gwen,” said Cody.

The Wizard of Erios

The massive stone walls of Ravenshold met the tree ring of Mettlewood like a spear from the west, ready to stab it through should the forest unleash once again its hordes of cockerelle warriors as it did over a thousand years before during the Pride War. The defenders of Erios were sent through the gate of Mettlewood to drive the cockerelles back. Many were lost, turned into soldiers of Mezmer by the magic of her realm. The dragon Goldrevere sent his envoy, a powerful wizard, who negotiated an end to the fighting. The armies of Erios returned home. The wizard was deemed a hero despite the fact that the compromise he established left the forest gate open between realms allowing passage both ways. And so all the cities of Erios sent tribute to Ravenshold to build the great stone walls to defend their world from any future invasion.

A man in a blue robe trimmed in violet and dotted with white glyphs came down the western road toward Heartsong ranch, a long walking staff in his hand. When he arrived at his destination, he pulled back his hood so that it hung back further upon the crown of gray hair on his head. His free hand combed through his long, gray beard in thought as he looked thoughtfully at the door before him. He was known to all the people of Erios as Bitreos the Wise. To all the people, because he was a very powerful wizard who had traveled to all the great cities of the world as he was very old.

The wizard knocked firmly at the door to the Heartsong farmhouse. When no one answered the door, he tried the latch and found the door was locked.

“Really, Cody? You believe a door will keep me from entering?” he asked aloud. “I’ve opened much larger doors with far more powerful spells than the charm you’ve hung on this one. Don’t force me to destroy your magical toy.”

Again there was no answer.

“Very well,” he said, leaning the staff in his hand forward until the figure of a silver crow mounted at the top touched the wooden portal.

There was a loud cracking noise on the other side, and the door swung inward on its hinges revealing a cloud of smoke on the other side. The wizard swatted the vapors away, the remnants of the magic contained in the charm hung on the inside of the door to keep out intruders. He walked fearlessly through into the interior where he found a spectacle that not many in Ravenshold would have expected to see.

Tangwen Rhys now hung like an animal on all fours, her head forward. The ball gag was no longer in her mouth and had been pulled up onto her face. Cody Erato, looking something like a woman and a purple fox with her ears and fluffy tail, stood in front of her slave, her long cock sunk deep into Tangwen’s throat. And another Cody Erato, identical in every fashion, stood at the rear of the young woman in bondage, penetrating the girl’s ass.

“I need a second wizard,” said both Cody Eratos at the same time. “I am almost finished.”

The wizard crossed his arms and sighed.

“Please, Cody, be quick about it. I have much to tell you.”

The two Codys came simultaneously into the girl. Then the two versions withdrew and joined together into a single Cody Erato.

Minutes later the wizard and the beast woman were preparing to sit down at the table to tea and cakes, leaving the girl hanging where she was. Still, Tangwen was begging for attention.

“Shush now girl,” said Cody, coming over and putting the ball gag back in her mouth. “Your master has business with the wizard. Hopefully, he’s not here to send me back to Mettlewood for being so naughty.”

Tangwen grew quiet and relaxed.

Cody sat with the wizard and poured their tea.

“You are here for a visit, I hope,” she said, “and not to throw me out of my house.”

The wizard eyed the girl hanging from the ceiling in a sex harness.

“It appears your slave is an orphan. No family. Her prospects of marriage are slim. She likes girls. I’m not certain what she thinks of werefoxes though. Did she know before or after you fed her the Sugarlight?”

“After, of course. I can’t expect the saints to be open-minded. They need encouragement to try new and exciting things.”

“You took her virginity. What does she think of sex with a creature of Mettlewood and losing her innocence to such a beast?”

Cody reached over and pulled the ball gag from the girl’s mouth.

“Do you like my cock, girl? Tell me the truth. Or do you prefer the men of Erios.”

“I want your cock inside of me, Cody. I want to feel your fury body fucking my holes so hard. I want to taste more of your cumm.”

Cody put the gag back in her mouth.

“See? She likes it. Turns out she’s a repressed pervert. I do know how to pick them, don’t I?”

The wizard shook his head.

“I will repair the charm on your door kastamonu escort bayan before I leave.”

“Ah, good,” said Cody. “So please leave. I haven’t tasted posy like this in a year as per our agreement not to abuse my stay here. I do want to get back to it.”

“I have a favor to ask of you first, Cody Erato.”

“I was afraid you would say that,” said the werefox. “Calling in my debt to you, are we? Need me to catch a mouse for you?”

“All of your debts to me, I’m afraid, and then some.”

Cody’s eyebrows furrowed together, her lips puckered in disgust. Then she relaxed and smiled.

“Wait, are you saying I’m going to get paid and lose all of my debts to the great wizard of Erios? What’s my reward?”

“A dozen Tangwens. All virgins. All quite repressed and eager to find themselves in the bed of an enchanted creature like yourself.”

“You asked them?”

“I can find them,” he replied. “That’s not a problem for me, and you know it.”

“I might burst on such a diet of posy. You’ll have to give them to me one at a time. Once a month for a year?”

“I’ll grant you one a month for the rest of your days if you’re successful.”

Cody leaned back in her seat, clasping her hands behind her head. Her purple fur retreated into her skin, turning her back into human woman. Her penis retracted as well, leaving the equipment that would allow her to pass as a natural woman were she ever exposed.

“What is it you want me to do? I imagine it’s both dangerous and difficult.”

“It’s about our dragon Mezmer,” he answered. “She’s incredibly ancient as you know.”

“Older than dirt actually from what I’m told. And that’s not an exaggeration. She’s immortal, and older than creation.”

The wizard nodded.

“Yes, but even dragons are born. And Mezmer’s time on her throne is coming to an end.”

“You don’t think I’m going to depose her, I hope. That sounds like something your friend Goldrevere would be up to doing.”

“She would expect that,” said Bitreos. “She would see it coming a million miles away too. No, it’s going to take something stronger than a dragon to force her into retirement or into the grave whichever becomes necessary.”

“So, what do you want me to do?”

“I need you to distract her. I’ve got a boy in mind. He’ll need your help.”

“A dragon slayer?”

“Not exactly. No, I have someone else in mind for that. Someone destined to become very powerful. At least I hope things work out that way.”

“And if I say no?” she asked.

“Are you really going to turn down a dozen girls delivered to your door a year for the rest of your life?”

Cody’s fur regrew. Her penis emerging from her posy to replace it entirely. A fluffy, long tail of purple and white came bursting out behind her.

“Of course not,” she said, smiling to show the sharp canine teeth in her mouth. “You know how much I like my posies.”

The Young Sorceress

To the saints of Ravenshold, Mettlewood was a worrisome temptation that needed shutting forever. But there were those too who desired to learn the secrets its magical pine trees guarded within. One such person was Heragrim Batonraze, a young sorceress who learned of magic from her adoptive mother, Cameron Lightwind the Grey Witch. However, it was said that it was in the lands of Mettlewood where she acquired real power.

A dark mist moved through the Cloister of the Stainless, slipping between the cracks in doors, going wherever it pleased, wherever it’s dark lusts desired. It stopped and hovered over the sleeping body of Sister Alexia the Good.

“Ah, Sister Alexia, your heart is so pure, your bosoms untouched by love or lust. And such a creamy white skin like mine, and hair as dark as a crow’s plume. You wear robes of black. You dedicate your life to your cause. In all of these things we are very much alike. We could be sisters. But first, I must adopt you.”

The mist took form. A figure appeared revealing the face of pale-skinned young woman. Her lips a small red spot smiling below a plume of locks black as a raven’s feathers. She waved a hand over the sleeping saint, tiny crystals falling from the air below her fingers, accumulating on the sleeper’s chest and face like fresh fallen snow.

“I have a present for you, my lovely girl,” she said, removing a vial from the leather purse strapped around her waist. She held the vial up to her lips and kissed it as if it were a thing to lust after itself. “My potion will set you free to love, Alexia. It will set you free to touch and be touched. And when it has worked its final spell on you, I will let you penetrate me. It is how you will show me your undying devotion.”

Heragrim removed the seal from the tiny bottle and held it over the lips of her victim. She used a finger to open the girl’s mouth.

“I must enjoy your loss, Alexia,” she said, lowering the tip of the spout to the sleeper’s mouth. “I will savor your corruption.”

A few drips from the vial fell into the open mouth. The sister’s body became tense as if the potion had poisoned her instantly from head to toe.

“Oh, yes, fight it, girl,” said the sorceress. “Let me rip your silly ideas of chastity from you. Feel your heart tear and bleed as I replace your thin morality with the power of desire. That is what my potion is called after all, Desire.”