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Subject: Generational Bro-cest 1 This story contains sexual situations between two bothers and other males. If you are under the age of 18 and are legally not allowed to read this story, or if material of this nature is offensive to you, then you should skip this story. The author claims the copyright to all parts of this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed except by the author. This is my fourth story for NIFTY. Other stories: Danny’s First Love. Last posted on June 27th 2019 in High School. I didn’t pee the bed. Oct. 27, 2020 in Incest. Jordan and Billy. Nov. 15 2020 in Incest I’m not a writer, but I thought I’d again try my hand at fiction. I’m a college graduate who majored in the hard science, did post-graduate work in medical research. English has always been my worst subject. So here goes. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. Please donate to Nifty! Generational Bro-cest By Anthony Scordato I grew up in a suburb of Lake Charles, Louisiana. My name is Christopher, but everyone calls me Chris. I have a brother, Brian, who is eighteen months older than me. We lived in a nice, but small house on two acre of land in what some people could call the boonies. We have an above ground swimming pool that we use a lot during the summer. My father, James, was the high school quarterback and my mother, Sarah, was a cheerleader. They were high school sweethearts. During the first semester of their senior year, right after their homecoming game, my father impregnated my mother. They had a Christmas wedding. At eighteen, my mother and father, were parents. My father’s father owned two car dealerships in Lake Charles. It was were my father’s two year older brother, Cory, started working full time when he graduated high school and eventually became the manager of one of them. Once my parents graduated high school, my grandfather hired my mother as a receptionist at one of the dealerships and my father in the service department with the hopes that eventually he’d become the manager of the other. Cory had married Ashley the same year my parents married. As a wedding gift my grandparents bought them each a house in the same neighborhood outside of Lake Charles. My dad hated working at the dealership. So, he quit his job after I was born and started working on the oil rigs off the Louisiana coast. He said that what gave him satisfaction was using his body and not his mouth to earn a living. The money was good and he liked the work schedule. He’d be out on the rig for two weeks and then he’d have two weeks off. My mother continued working at the car dealership. My Aunt Ashley was a stay at home mom. So, she baby sat my brother and me while my dad would be on the rig. But once my brother and I started attending pre-school, my mother dropped us off at school and picked us up afterwards. When my dad was home, he dropped us off and picked us up so that my mother could work a full day. My dad and his brother have always been good friends. Uncle Cory always worked weekends. That’s when the dealership was most busy. But he had Mondays and Tuesdays off. When my dad was at home, every Tuesday night we all had dinner at Uncle Cory and Aunt Ashley’s house. They had two girls, Lee Anne and Susie, who were about the same age as Brian and me. Then we all had dinner at our house on Saturday nights when my uncle got off from work. When my dad was working on the rig, we all ate in our own homes. I loved it when my dad would be home. He was great to hang around with and summers were the best. My dad loved two things � being naked and working out, which entailed lifting weights and doing pull ups, sit ups, and pushups. My parents slept in the nude and I’m not sure my brother and I ever owned a pair of PJs. We went from diapers to sleeping naked. When my mom was home, my dad, my brother and I would put on a pair of shorts, but when she was at work, it was `boys time’, which meant the three us were naked. We swam naked. We exercised with him in the nude. We watched as he lifted weights and we’d use cans of vegetables as weights to workout alongside him. We wrestled in the nude in the pool and in the house. My dad was more like an older brother than a dad. Uncle Cory always joined us on Tuesdays. He’d show up around lunchtime and he’d undress and join in and workout with us and wrestle. Then they’d send us to hang out with Aunt Ashley while she cooked dinner so they could have brother time together. Brian once asked my dad if when he grew up they all hung out in the nude. He laughed. “Are you kidding. You know your grandparents. I never even saw my father without a shirt on.” What I would say now about my dad, but did not understand then, is that he was hung. His cock was cut and hung at about four inches and his scrotum hung about the same. His balls were large. He was always in great shape. And he must have trimmed his pubic hair because his pubes were never long. My brother and I had large penises for prepubescent kids. When my brother became erect it was about five inches and mine was about the same. At the time it seems very normal. I don’t remember the first time I had an erection, or noticed that my brother had one, but it was not uncommon for us to pull wood when we’d horse around with my dad. He never mentioned it, although he was very aware of it. What I do remember is when I was about ten years old and my brother was eleven, almost twelve, my dad remarked istanbul travesti when Brian had pulled wood, that his body would soon start becoming like my dad’s. That summer day, my dad, brother and I were in the pool. We had just spent the morning cleaning up the house and then working out. It was a hot humid day so we headed for the pool to cool off. My brother and I climbed all over my father, which he always seemed to enjoy. As he’d swim back and forth, my brother and I would take turns wrapping our arms around his neck and legs around his torso. Then it would turn into wrestling with him and then him tossing us into the air. Brian would stand on his shoulders, do a flip and land in the water. I’d sit on his shoulders, my legs wrapped around his neck. He’d then toss me into the air. Inevitably, I’d get wood and so would my brother. “Come here,” my dad said to Brian as we sat on the lawn chairs after getting out of the pool. Brian stood beside my dad. My dad put his hand on Brian’s erection and moved it aside as he stared at Brian’s body. “You’re getting hair,” my dad said. “Yeah, a little.” “Are you jerking off?” “Yeah.” “What’s that?” I said. “You know when we rub it and it feels good,” Brian said. Brian had first discovered the pleasure of running his fingers over his erection when he was about eight and I was six. We’d sit on our beds, legs spread wide and pleasure ourselves. “Yeah, I do that too,” I said. My dad said to Brian, “Do you get cum?” “What’s that?” “A white sticky liquid. It shoots out after you’ve rubbed your cock.” “No,” Brian said. “Do you get anything? Maybe a clear sticky liquid.” “No. It just feels really good.” I watched as my dad pushed Brian’s cock out of the way and touched his scrotum. “You’re balls are larger than they were. You should be able to come.” “How do you make cum?” I said. “Well, you’re too young.” He reached over, moved my erection aside and touched my scrotum. “Yeah, your balls haven’t changed size yet.” “When you jerk off,” he asked Brian, “do you have a really intense feeling at the end? You know, like you’re whole body tenses and shakes.” “No. It just feels really good to rub it.” “Show me how you rub it,” my dad said. Brian began to run his fingers around his cock head and down the shaft. I did the same. Then Brian stopped. “You’re not doing it right or long enough. I’m going to show you how to do it this one time and you can’t tell anyone.” He looked at me. “Promise.” “Yeah,” I said. “Yeah,” Brian said. “No one. This is a onetime thing, so watch. Chris you stand on this side of me,” he said pointing to his left. “Brian, you stand here,” he said pointing to his right. He stretched his legs out a bit and leaned back in his chair and started pulling on his cock. I watched as his four inch flaccid cock elongated and thickened. My cock was rock hard and pointing toward the sky. Brian’s cock was pointing upward also. “Wow,” Brian said. “It’s getting really big.” “How big is it,” I said. My dad holding his erect cock with his right hand, slapped it against his left hand. “Well, it’s not done getting hard, but it will get to nine inches.” “I want one like that,” I said. My dad laughed. “Well, looking at what you have now, I’d say you two probably will be pretty close to that,” he said as he stroked his cock. “Okay, see what I’m doing,” he said to Brian. Brain nodded. “Do the same thing.” Brian started masturbating like my dad was. I did the same. My dad kept stroking his cock. My entire body was on fire. This was the most fantastic thing I had ever experienced in my ten years of life. “It’s big around, too,” I said. “Thick,” my dad said. “Can I touch it?” He glanced at me for a moment and then said, “Okay. But this is a onetime thing.” He held his cock at the base. I ran my fingers over his cockhead and then down the shaft. “Wrap your fingers around it,” he said. I did. “Wow. It’s so hard.” “Can I,” Brian said. I watched as Brian wrapped his fingers around my dad’s cock. I stroked my cock and Brian stoked his as we watched my dad jerking off. “Okay, you guys. Now watch. I’m getting close. So, soon this white gooey stuff is going to shoot out.” I watched as he started stroking faster. His legs began to tense and his hips began to press upward. He moaned. Then a shot of thick white gooey liquid shot out of his cock, across his chest and onto his chin. The rest landed on his chest and stomach and on his hand. “Wow,” I said. “That’s cool.” He laughed. “It feels great and it will become your favorite hobby.” “Can I touch it,” I said. “Sure.” Brian and I ran our fingers through his cum. Then he showed us a large glob hanging off his fingers. He moved his hand to his mouth and licked his fingers clean. Then he picked up a glob from his chin and put that on his tongue. “What does is taste like,” Brian said. “A little salty. Try it.” Brian got some on his fingers and then licked them clean. “Yeah, a little salty.” My dad looked at me. I ran my fingers through his cum and then licked my fingers. “Yeah, but I like it,” I said. “Okay, like I said, we don’t tell anyone about this. It’s a father son thing.” “Did your father show you?” He laughed. “No way. But my brother showed kadıköy travesti me. We didn’t shared a room like the two of you, but we’d hang out at night and masturbate. We use to jerk off two or three times a day,” he said and chuckled. He looked at Brian. “Okay, now you do what I did and let’s see if you get cum.” My dad and I watched as Brian masturbated. “How’s it feeling?” my dad asked. “Awesome.” Minutes later, Brian said, “Oh wow, it feels really good.” And then cum shot about two inches from his cock and landed in a pool on my father’s leg. Brian stood there smiling and breathing hard. “Fuck, that was intense. How come it didn’t go far?” “You’re first time.” My dad ran his fingers through the cum. “Look how thick it is.” And then he licked his fingers clean. “Taste your cum,” he said to Brian. Brian lifted a glob up and placed it on his tongue. “Kinda the same as yours.” “Can I taste it?” I grabbed a glob and placed it on my tongue. “Yeah, the same.” “Okay,” my dad said. “Your turn.” “Can I get cum, too.” “No. But you’ll have the same feeling, just no cum.” I sat and stroked my cock. I noticed that Brian and my dad still had erections. I stroked my cock until the most intense feeling came over me. My legs shook. My body tensed and I tingled all over. “Oh wow, that’s awesome,” I said. “Let’s wash off in the pool,” my dad said. We swam around. Again, I hung on my dad with my erection pressed against his back. After that day, two things happened. I became focused on my father’s cock, more than I had been before. And, Brian and I masturbated every day and sometimes two or three times a day. We had taken to jerking off in the presence of my father � after swimming in the pool, or after exercising. He said, “I have no problem with you jerking off in front of me. But you shouldn’t in front of anyone else. It’s kind of a private thing the two of you can do in your bedroom with each other.” “Like you and Uncle Cory jerked off with each other?” Brian asked. “Yes, all the time.” “Did you jerk off in front of anyone else?” “Well, in high school, some of us guys did a couple of times. And I have in front of your mom, of course.” Both Brian and I laughed. “But it’s is kind of a private thing. And be sure never to mention it to your grandparents. They’d both drop dead on the spot.” “Can we tell Uncle Cory? I said. My dad looked at me and said, “That’s up to Brian. Do you want him to know?” “Yeah, sure. Can I show him or is it private with him too.” Brian and I had pulled wood many times when Uncle Cory joined us. Like with my dad, neither Brian nor I ever felt strange about it. Neither of them had ever said anything about it and it just seemed natural. “I’ll talk to Uncle Cory and I’ll let you know.” He did talk to Uncle Cory. The next Tuesday afternoon he showed up at our house. We were in the garage, naked and working out. He undressed and he and my dad hit the weights. I had seen Uncle Cory’s cock many times, but that week I became even more aware of it. It was much like my dad’s and he also had trimmed pubes. They lifted weights for over and hour while Brian and I watched and worked out with our cans of tomatoes. After spending time in the pool and cooling off, Uncle Cory said, “So, Brian, I hear you’re becoming a pro at jerking off.” Brian looked at my dad who nodded. “Yeah, it’s the best feeling.” “I know. I love jerking off.” I said, “I do it, too. But he gets cum and I don’t.” “You will,” he said. My dad said, “If you want to show Uncle Cory what you do, that would be okay.” Brian smiled. “Do you want to see?” “I’d love to.” We climbed out of the pool. Brain and I were hard. My dad, Uncle Cory and I sat in a chair and Brian stood in front of us. He began stroking his cock. “Nice cock,” Uncle Cory said. “You’re cock is as big as your dad’s cock was when he was your age. You’re going to have one hell of a weapon there.” My dad laughed. “Yeah, it’s getting bigger. I really hope it’s like my dad’s cock.” They both laughed. Brian kept stroking. I then noticed that both my dad and uncle had erections and that my uncles was about the same as my dad’s. Brian said, “I really can’t do it standing up. My legs shake too much.” My dad said, “Come over here.” My dad scooted back in his lounge chair and spread his legs. He pulled Brian to him. Brian sat between my father’s legs and leaned into my dad’s chest sandwiching my father’s cock between them. And, again, Brian started stroking his cock. “It goes farther now when I come,” Brian said. “Cool,” my dad said. “Let it rip,” Uncle Cory said. I got up and stood beside Uncle Cory. He pulled me toward him. I stepped between his legs and then sat on his leg. His cock pressed against my hip. Brian began to moan and tense up. Then several gobs or cum, shot out of his cock and landed on his chest and stomach. He smiled and said, “That was awesome.” “Good job,” Uncle Cory said. “You are one hot young man. I hope you’ll let me see it when you’re all grown up.” “Sure. I promise.” My dad ran his fingers through Brian’s cum and licked them. Brian licked his fingers clean. Uncle Cory grabbed a glob and put it on his tongue. Uncle Cory said, “Tastes like salted caramel ice cream.” We all bakırköy travesti laughed. I sat between Uncle Cory’s legs and masturbated until I had a climax. Then we all stood and walked back to the pool. My dad and uncle were still hard and for the first time I saw my father’s erect cock while he was standing. It looked huge as it swung as he walked. We climbed back into the pool. I grabbed onto my father and Cory grabbed onto my uncle and we swam and played. Soon my dad said, “Okay, you guys. Rinse off, get dressed and head to Aunt Ashely’s and help her out. Cory and I want alone time.” As we rode our bikes to Aunt Ashley’s, Brian said, “You know what they’re doing?” “Hanging out,” I said. “Smoking weed. They don’t want us to know, but I always smell it on them when they come over for dinner.” “How do you know what it smells like?.” “I’ve smoked it.” “No you haven’t.” “Yes, I have. With Greg and Billy at Ron’s house. His older brother gets it.” “Really. What does it taste like?” “You don’t taste it. You smoke it and you feel all high and happy.” “You’d better not let dad know.” “You’d better not tell him,” Brian said. “I’d never tell stuff to get you in trouble.” “Yeah, I know. When we get home tonight, let’s jerk off again.” “For sure,” I said smiling. My dad and Uncle Cory showed up about three hours later. As they walked past me, I did notice an odor that smelled good. I guessed that’s what weed smelled like. My mom arrived from work and we all sat down and had BBQ for dinner. The four of them have been friends since middle school and they always liked to hang out together. Aunt Ashley and my mom are cousins. When we got to our bedrooms, Brian and I quickly undressed. We sat on his bed, side by side. I watched as Brian stroked his erection. I started stroking mine. We watched each other as we masturbated. I said, “Can I touch yours?” “Yeah, sure,” he said taking his hand from his cock. I reached over and ran my fingers over his cock and then touched his balls. “I hope mine get big soon.” “They will. Wrap your fingers around my cock.” I did. “You can jerk me.” I did. “How does it feel?” “Really good.” He reached over and played with my cock. My dad opened our door. “You guys getting busy?” he said. He saw that I was masturbating Brian. “Yes,” Brian said. “This weekend we’re all going to your grandparent’s house for dinner.” He sat on Brian’s bed beside me. “You have to promise me that you won’t say anything about this.” “We promise,” I said. “Me, too.” “I know. But you have to realize that they are very weird about sex.” “And smoking weed,” I said. My father looked at me. “Yes, about that, too. If they found out that I taught you to jerk off by letting you watch me and then Uncle Cory watched you and then we tasted the cum, they’d call the police and have you taken away from us. I don’t want you to ever think there is anything wrong with jerking off, jerking off with each other or jerking each other off. Sex is a wonderful thing.” “I promise,” Brian said. “I love you both very much and I don’t want you to think sex is bad.” “We don’t,” Brian said. “Three rules. One is that you never do anything you don’t want to do – never. “You mean like making our bed?” I asked. My dad smiled. “Well, you have to make your bed regardless of whether you want to or not. I’m talking about things regarding sex. Two, you never, ever make someone else do something they don’t want to do � never. The other rule is that if one of you askes the other to do something, you have to do it too.” “Like what?” Brian said. “Well, you’ll figure that out. If you don’t want to do something, then don’t ask your brother to do it. I noticed that Chris was jerking you off. That’s fine, but then you have to be willing to jerk him off.” “I will,” Brian said. “If you ask Chris to taste your cum, then when he is old enough to come, you’d better be ready to taste his.” “I will,” Brian said. “Okay, see you in the morning and don’t stay up late.” He got up. “Dad,” I said. “I’m glad you’re my dad. You’re the best dad in the world.” He smiled, leaned over and kiss my head and then kissed Brian. “I love you boys.” Brian and I sat side by side and masturbated. I had a climax before he had an orgasm. I sat there and watched. I again began stroking his cock. We touched and stroked each other. “Can I keep doing it until you come?” I said. He leaned back and said, “Yeah, sure.” I moved and sat beside him as he lay down. I stroked his cock and watched as his balls move. My cock was rock hard. I think I liked stroking his cock as much as I enjoyed stroking mine. It was the first of many times that I jerked my brother off. As I stroked his, he played with mine. “I’m going to come,” he moaned. I stroked faster and then watched as cum shot into the air and landed on my leg, his stomach and chest. “That was cool,” I said. “Yeah, it was. You can do that to me when you want and I promise that when you can come like me, I’ll do it for you.” “I’ll jerk you anytime you want,” I said as I licked the cum off my hand. He sat up and licked my leg clean. Then I licked his stomach clean. I started to get up to go to my bed. He said, “Remember when we were kids and you’d sleep with me.” “Yeah.” “Sleep with me tonight.” I did. That was the first step on a very long journey that Brian and I have been on. (I hope you are enjoying my story. Anthony)