Getting Back At My Wife

5 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri

Getting Back At My Wife2 years ago my wife cheated on me I forgave her but felt I needed more payback for what she did so I searched around some social network sites until I found a woman who was willing to be my mistress for awhile she is a bbw with a nice body I started meeting up with her at various hotels fucking karabük escort her many times we had very hot and kinky sex she wanted me to actually leave my wife for her but I couldnt bring myself to do that my fuck sessions with my mistress started to get naughtier she told me she wanted me to “knock karabük escort bayan her up so we can get that bitch of a wife I have out the way!” So like the pussy whipped man I was I went along with it during our sessions I would tell her “I’m gonna send that ass straight to the delivery room!” escort karabük right before I nutted deep in her she loved it and so did I. We had this position we called the breeding position where she would lay on her back and spread her thick legs wide and as far back as possible and I would just hold on to her legs and pound away until unleashing all of my sperm in her, Her pussy was so fat and tight I could never last to long in it between that and all the dirty things she would tell me yea I was nothing more than a ticking time bomb………To Be Continued!