Getting Back on the Horse Ch. 03

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This is the final part of the story of Sam and Dawn, I only ever intended to write one story as an exercise to see if I could create something that other people wanted to read. Turns out there were some people that did and so here we are at the third and final chapter in this story.

Whether I search for a new story to write depends on whether you as readers want to read more from me…….


A thin strip of light forcing its way through the curtains disturbed me from my slumber, my groggy mind telling me that something was different.

It took a few seconds for the sleep fog to clear and for me to realise I wasn’t in my own bed. I was cosily cocooned under a heavy, fresh smelling duvet in a comfy kin-sized bed in Dawn’s bedroom. After we had fucked for the second time the previous night it seemed that neither of us had too much energy left for conversation, I had literally passed out and stayed that way until now.

Rolling over I saw that the other half of the bed was empty, Dawn obviously awoke before me and had left me sleeping. I was momentarily disappointed not to have been woken with her hand or mouth on my dick, but the thought cleared quickly as I realised, I really needed to pee.

I remembered leaving my clothes in a heap on the kitchen floor the previous evening in my hasty desire take advantage of Dawn as she lay restrained across the kitchen table, but they were now neatly folded on the seat of a chair in the corner of the bedroom, with my jacket hung across the chair back.

Grabbing the toothbrush from my jacket pocket, I padded across the landing to the bathroom to freshen myself up and empty my bladder, my cock thickening slightly as I replayed the events of the previous night in my mind. I dressed and wandered downstairs in search of Dawn, who I found standing at the hob frying a pan of bacon.

“Morning,” I said, walking up behind her and slipping my arms around the familiar satin robe she was again wearing. She playfully slapped my hands away and grinned at me.

“There’s fresh coffee in the pot over there, and there’ll be a bacon sandwich to go with it in a few moments. That’s all your getting this morning mister, my body is in no shape for anything else.”

“Oh dear, I hope I didn’t break anything?” I said, laughing as I took a seat at the table that had been badly misused last night.

“I’ll survive, last night was great fun but I’m not twenty years old anymore. A few more hours of sleep will help once I’ve fed you and pushed you out of my front door.”

I made a mock sad face at her, “Glad to hear it, I would hate to think the experience put you off any future get togethers!”

“On the contrary, I’m hoping there won’t be such a gap between this and your next visit as there was between the previous ones.”

“Let’s make sure there isn’t.” I replied as I accepted the proffered bacon sandwich from her and hurriedly took a large bite. A night of sex always gave me an appetite the following morning and today was no exception. We chatted about nothing in particular while we ate and downed our coffee.

I left following a lengthy kiss goodbye that almost got out of control, Dawn pulling herself away. “Get going you horny bugger, I need my rest.”

With that she gently pushed me out of the door and was gone.

Most of that week was busy for me and I had little time to think about Dawn or to make contact. Along with Billy I spent several days working from one of our other office, staying at a local hotel and having several boozy evenings with him and a couple of the local guys to pass the time away. Even when we were on our own I made no mention of my visit with Dawn, and as he didn’t bring it up either I assumed that Dawn also hadn’t mentioned it to him. I’m not sure why I didn’t tell him, he had actively encouraged me to “grab myself a bit more of Dawn” as he so eloquently put it. Maybe I wasn’t feeling like having provide the “blow by blow” account of my encounter that the pervy bugger would have insisted on.

Friday came around and I had my first opportunity to relax a little. I worked from home most of the day and cleared my remaining workload by late afternoon.

A few weeks ago I would still have been planning to mope around the house feeling sorry for myself for the entire weekend, especially since Billy had told me he was driving Karen to visit family for a couple of days so there would be no chance of one of their “forced interventions”.

My thoughts turned to Dawn wondering if she might be up for another visit, so I reached for my phone and opened the messaging app.

“Hey, how are things?” I typed.

I could see that Dawn was online and the app confirmed she was typing a response.

“Good, although I have been wondering where you were, haven’t seen you in the office all week.”

“I was in the Colchester office with Billy for a few days and worked from home today to wind down a bit.”

“Ah, sinop escort with Billy eh! I expect that means you gave him the x-rated account of our get-together last weekend?”

“Actually, I didn’t. He didn’t ask and I wasn’t in a hurry to offer up the details.”

Dawn seemed a little surprised, “Oh, OK. I just though with you two being best mates and all…. I didn’t mean to offend you”

“You didn’t and it’s a fair assumption. We share most things, but I wasn’t ready for Billy levels of probing! I was wondering if you were free tonight?”

“No such luck I’m sorry, just having a soak in the tub now before I get ready for a night out with the girls. Sorry!”

I was a little disappointed. “No worries, maybe next weekend?”

“Blimey, you give up easily don’t you. I’m only out tonight and there is a whole weekend ahead! I tell you what, tomorrow is supposed to be warm and sunny, how do you fancy going up to the reservoir for a picnic lunch, or don’t you fancy the look of me in daylight?

Her message ended with a winking emoji to show me she was teasing me.

The question caught me off guard, I hadn’t considered the idea of doing anything with Dawn other than fucking her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that callous and shallow, but I had only connected with Dawn as a result of my mate Billy’s lust driven scheming. She was the first woman I had been to bed with since my wife had walked out on me almost a year earlier and even now that was still a raw nerve.

I flirted with the idea of making an excuse but found myself typing a different response.

“OK, sure, would be different to my normal Saturday”

“What, does your normal Saturday look like?”

“Me, sat around in my pyjamas all day eating take-away and watching sport on TV.”

“Well not tomorrow buster, pick me up around mid-day and bring wine — screw cap, not cork! I’ll take care of everything else!”

Saturday morning came and I was up early. I had realised I didn’t have any decent red wine in the house the previous evening but as I was already a couple of cans into a four-pack of lager it was too late to do anything about it. So as soon as I finished breakfast I headed out to the local supermarket and picked up a couple of bottles of pinot noir. I knew Dawn liked red, and it wouldn’t be a problem if it got a little warm in the summer sun. I left my shower and shave as late in the morning as possible, it was a warm day already, and donned a pair of casual chino shorts and a cool white shirt.

A little before noon I pulled up outside Dawn’s house and it would be fair to say I was somewhat nervous. This felt like a date and it had been a very long time since I had dated anyone, more than twenty-five years in fact. It might seem ridiculous, but I had been more comfortable getting naked in front of Dawn and fucking her than I felt now. It was also possible I was wrong, and she was just in the mood for some male company on a sunny Saturday afternoon, with a glass of wine and a couple of sandwiches thrown in. I decided to play it by ear and knocked on the front door.

The door opened and I was greeted by Dawn’s seemingly ever-present smile. She was wearing a loose-fitting summer dress that buttoned up the front and reached down to her knees. Strappy flat sandals covered her bare feet to complete the simple but attractive outfit.

“Good, you’re on time, I like punctuality.”

“Well good morning to you too!”

She laughed and leaned forward to give me a quick kiss on the lips.

“Grab that bag and let’s get going, the day is a wasting.”

She squeezed past me on the doorstep and playfully swatted my arse as I bent to pick up the large bag that felt as though it contained food for twenty people.

By the time I reached the car and opened the boot to deposit the bag, Dawn was already in the passenger seat and fastening her seat belt. I climbed into the driver’s side and we headed off.

We chatted continuously during the thirty-minute drive, not about anything of importance but the conversation came easily like two old friends having a catch up and it seemed to take no time at all for us to reach the reservoir carpark. It was around half full, quieter than I expected it might be for a Saturday afternoon. Hopefully it meant we could find somewhere to have our picnic that wouldn’t be interrupted by kids running riot or lashing footballs through the middle of our food.

I retrieved the food and the wine from the rear of the car, and we set out along the footpath that led from the carpark to the water’s edge. We approached the “official” picnic area — a group of around 10 picnic benches and tables and although there were a few empty ones Dawn kept on walking.

“I let’s find somewhere more peaceful, there’s a blanket in the bag so we can sit on the grass where there aren’t so many people around.”

“OK, sure, it’s not as though this bag weighs half a ton or anything.” I sinop escort bayan laughed.

She ignored my protestations and we walked for another ten minutes until we found a flat grassy area near the water and out of the way of other people. I retrieved the blanket and set about laying it flat whilst Dawn unpacked some of the containers of food, along with plates and cutlery. Finally, I took the top off one of the wine bottles and poured us each a glass, thankful that Dawn had rightly assumed I would forget them and had also packed plastic glasses.

We stretched out and relaxed, looking out over the calm water of the reservoir and the windsurfers across on the other side and nibbled on the delicious items that Dawn had prepared. It occurred to me as we ate that I knew almost nothing about the woman that had recently taken my cock into each of her holes.

I smiled at her “So apart from your deviant sexual behaviour, what else should I know about you?”

Dawn giggled and sipped on her wine, “My so called “deviant” behaviour has only recently manifested itself strangely enough, I can’t think what the catalyst for that might have been!”

She took another sip of her wine and continued, “I’m not sure what else you want to know. You know where I work obviously, before that I worked in similar roles in other large organisations and moved around based on their location.”

“I wasn’t asking for your C.V.”

“Ah, you want to know about the personal stuff! OK, well I was married for 12 years, until I came home one day to find him fucking his younger secretary in our bed. I bounced him and his slut out into the street and found myself a solicitor the next day. I haven’t seen him since. I’ve had a couple of short-term relationships, none that were going anywhere, and have enjoyed being single for the last couple of years. As for my deviant behaviour, I always had a very vanilla kind of sex life and was content with that until I got chatting to Billy on a staff night out. Given what happened to me I’ve never been interested in married men, but several gin and tonics lowered my resistance and we became fuckbuddies for want of a better phrase. We both know there’s nothing in it but we have some easy-going sex with no hang-ups or possessive behaviour. And that’s where you came in, I do believe!”

“Oh, and I have a twenty-five-year-old daughter that lives in the house next door to me”

I choked on my wine, not because of the revelation that she had a daughter but because she lived in the house next door to Dawn.

“My god, what must she have been hearing through the walls recently!”

More giggles followed, “Well she knows I have a gentleman caller”

“Ha, gentleman caller, this isn’t Gone with the Wind! And it hasn’t just been one gentleman caller”

“To be honest I’ve told her about Billy, she’s pretty open minded and we talk very openly so she knows the score between us.” Dawn paused for more wine and continued, “She doesn’t know however, that just a couple of weeks ago I had a cock in both ends and then in my pussy and arse at the same time!”

“You not had chance to fill her in, or are you not ready for that level of disclosure?”

“I’m not sure I want her thinking her mum is a slut!”

I realised that she was being serious.

“Is that what you think of yourself after that night?”

“No, not at all. It was a very enjoyable and harmless bit of fun between consenting adults. I’m just not sure if she will see it the same way.”

“To be honest, if you are close enough that she moves in next door to you I doubt her opinion of you will be affected by something like that. She might even be impressed!”

“Or surprised that her middle-aged mum can attract two men at the same time.”

“Now that I doubt. She obviously knows that her mum is a sexy, attractive lady, middle-aged or not.”

Dawn dropped her chin to her chest and fluttered her eyelids in a show of false modesty, “Aw shucks, thanks mister.”

“I assume she doesn’t know about my recent appearance either?”

“Not yet, I wasn’t planning to mention you until I knew if you were going to be around more or if this was just a short-term thing. Billy told me about your background and how hard you took it when your wife walked out, so I wasn’t sure if you would back off pretty quickly.”

“That’s fair, although if I’ve realised anything over the last few weeks it’s that there’s been enough moping around and feeling sorry for myself. My ex has created a new life for herself and I guess I need to get on and do the same thing for myself.”

“Exactly, when you’re not looking like the miserable bugger we’ve all seen in work for the last year you’re not a bad catch you know. Fit looking for your age, friendly and funny, and not at all bad in the sack!”

It was my turn to drop my head and flutter my eye lashes, “Aw shucks.”

Dawn leaned across and punched me in the arm. escort sinop “Idiot!” she laughed.

“Look, here it is. I like you and I asked you out today because I thought I might like to spend time with you when you aren’t bollock naked. What I took a gamble on was whether you felt the same way.”

I reached for the red wine and used the time it took to refill our glasses to consider my reply to this woman that I hardly knew but who was clearly interested in me and had risked humiliation by opening up about her feelings without knowing how I was likely to respond.

“You can guess that based on the way I reacted to my ex leaving me that I haven’t been keen to put myself back in harm’s way as it were. If I’m being honest, when Billy brought me to yours that first night, I didn’t even come along then totally willingly. That’s no reflection on you, just the funk I had gotten myself into. I was surprised when you asked me to come here, but after we finished speaking last night, I found that I was looking forward to being with you even if I wasn’t getting into your knickers!”

I laughed at my own joke, partly to make sure Dawn knew I was being a wise guy.

“It’s early days so I guess neither of us are looking for declarations of undying love but yes, I think I would like to spend more time with you.”

I expected a nod of agreement, or a smile. Instead I got another punch in the arm as she laughed, “Don’t go overboard with the sentiment, and who said you’re not getting into my knickers today, for that matter who even suggested I was wearing any?”

Taking a quick look around to make sure there was still no-one nearby I leaned across and dropped my hand onto to Dawn’s knee, sliding it up her thigh and under her dress until I reached the spot where cotton or silk should have been. Instead my fingers found her warm moist slit. I stroked my fingers lightly across her smooth mound, eliciting a gasp of breath and then withdrew my hand.

“Oh, so you’re teasing again eh?”

“No, just making sure you don’t want to get rid of me too quickly later. “

“Sod later, let’s pack this up and go for a stroll in the woods.”

We packed the picnic up muck quicker than we’d set it out and started out continuing along the path we had followed to get to the picnic spot. The reservoir and surrounding countryside were beautiful and the path we followed lead us on a winding route into the woodlands. As we entered, we passed a family walking the other way. we nodded and mumbled hello’s in that typically reserved British way and walked for another ten minutes or so until we came to a low, brick built square about hip height with a concrete cap just on the edge of the path that look like a capped well or sink-hole, or maybe the closed off entrance to a pot-hole.

I swung the bag onto the top and turned to rest against the wall. Catching Dawn by the waist I pulled her into me and kissed her. Our tongues mashed together and my stiff dick making its presence felt to both of us.

Dawn drew her head back and broke the kiss, “Mmm, you’re standing at attention already, I like that you’re eager!”

“Not difficult with the right inspiration.” I responded.

“I want it inside me, I want you to fuck me right here, and right now!” she reached for the zip on my shorts and lowered it, her hand snaking into the gap and down the top of my briefs. Grasping my cock, she began to tug gently.

I was horny as hell and not about to argue, although the last time I had indulged in alfresco sex I had been a teenager. I quickly unfastened the bottom three buttons on the front of her dress and cupped her pussy, it was already wet and my middle finger slipped between her folds easily, drawing a gasp and a little wiggle as I moved it slowly in and out of her.

“We’re a bit exposed on this footpath.”

“I don’t care, put your legs together and I’ll stand either side of them, my dress will drop to the sides and just look like we’re holding each other tightly and necking!”

Dawn leaned in, straddled my legs and hooked my cock out of my shorts. Rising onto her toes for a few seconds she guided it into the entrance of her pussy and dropped back onto her feet. I rocked my hips gently; in our standing position it was all I had to do to move inside her. Our mouths locked together and we both moaned through our kisses.

I stopped suddenly and broke the kiss, I had heard voices in the distance and momentarily panicked.

“There’s someone coming down the path!”

Dawn glanced over her shoulder and we both saw the couple that had emerged through the woods, on the path and heading towards us.

“It’s fine, just stay still and keep your arms around me. There’s nothing on display.”

I did as I was told, holding onto Dawn and grinning at her like a naughty schoolboy as the couple approached. They looked to be in their early thirties and as they came closer, they looked in our direction. The guy taking in the sight of two older people behaving like teenagers and making out in the woods looked down his nose at us and turned his head to avoid our gaze. His partner on the other hand, a pretty blonde, smiled as they passed by and at the last moment gave us a massive wink before turning her head and walking on. Busted!