Getting Back to Versatile

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Getting Back to VersatileGetting Back to VersatileMy active sex life started in the mid 1970’s after I finished my time in the Navy and went to San Francisco to go to school. Those of you who have read my other writings on this site know the story of Al and Bill, the two older men who brought me out sexually. At that time I was early ‘20’s, in great physical shape from running and rowing on Lake Merced and had the body chemistry to keep up with two men who wanted to keep me drained. They loved giving me head and making me squirt and over time they started topping me. They reserved topping each other to each other but otherwise we were a trio of rabbits on high octane. They coached me sexually as did one of my co-workers at the drag revue where I worked weekends. Joe, or Miss Brandy on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights coached me on the finer arts of sucking and taking raging cocks. He/she had done his/her share of the men who frequented the alternative bars in San Francisco and had been doing so since the early 1960’s. In short, I had a great coaching staff and loads of opportunity to practice what I had learned. That whole situation lasted until I graduated and started grad school. I was still living in my apartment and Al and Bill were still using me as a sex toy but I was moving on mentally. I needed to find something a little more stable and with a future. My schedule was tight because I was going to school full time, working as a lab assistant and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights I worked as a female impersonator at a famous drag club down in North Beach. That did not leave a lot of time for romance and making the gay scene in the Castro. The clubs where I worked and my troupe had strict “no dating the a****ls” policies but the older businessmen and letchers who attended our shows would have loved to tag and bag one of us. Believe me, I got a lot of offers of “professional” dates during that time. But I could not take the chance. I needed the job more than the $200.00 of easy money offered. So with over two more years of school ahead of me I set aside any active scheme to trap Mister Right. Or so I thought.One of the lecturers in my grad program was a very attractive, late ‘40’s alpha type guy that I found both very attractive sexually and very intriguing as a teacher and casual friend. We had gotten to know each other pretty well because I was both a grad student and a lab assistant manager when his undergrads were in the labs. He complimented me numerous times on my taking extra time to work with students who were struggling in his classes and had a very open and friendly demeanor toward me. I never came on to him because I took note of the wedding band on his left hand. I figured he was off limits and I was not looking for quickies in the parking garage. One night after labs I noticed he was in his office so I swung by to say hello and ask him a question about an upcoming lab. He motioned for me to sit down and I slipped off my lab coat as I did. I noticed as he noted the perfectly smooth skin on my arms and my longer-than-a-guy-should-have-them nails. I took note of his attention to them but moved on to my question. He gave me his answer while leaning back in his office chair and I could not help but note his huge woodie forming a tent in his brown wool trousers. I blushed as he asked “does that clear up the confusion for you?” I stammered while my eyes were fixated on his cock and he chuckled and said “and now my friend I have a question for you.”I looked up as he was looking me straight in the eye. It was not a threatening or intimidating stare but one that gave me an air of his complete dominance over me. He then said “I notice you wax your arms.” I knew where this was leading but was at a loss to find the words to express my attraction. He solved that with a quick move of his left hand on to my right and his right hand to his zipper. As he unzipped his pants I watched the tent subside around his cock. Transfixed I watched a full 11 inches of the most beautiful manhood I had ever seen appear and beckon me hither.Irv’s had remained on mine as I slid off of my chair and on to my knees in front of him. As I went down on him I took note that he was rock hard and throbbing and it would not be long before our casual friendship was transformed by eight huge gushes of his semen hitting my tonsils. I swallowed his cock as I went down to the hilt taking his semen and then slid up and down with my lips and tongue firmly wrapped around his glans and shaft. I kept up this action until he spurted twice again and then I could feel his hands hold me in position. I continued to flick his glans with my tongue until he said “God baby I give!”I laughed and said “sorry” but he said “Sorry bull shit. Who taught you how to suck cock? You are amazing.” I got up off my knees and wiped my chin with a kleenex and explained my current living situation and sexual life. Irv said “let’s lock up and go get a drink.”We went to the parking structure and got in to his car. Down 19th Avenue we went until we got just short of Sloat and turned West. We stopped and parked near a corner bar and got yalova escort out. As we walked in I noted that this was a neighborhood place, the kind frequented by the trades guys who lived in that part of the Sunset. Not exactly what I was used to but it was quiet and nice. We took a booth in back and got a pitcher of beer and began to talk. Irv explained to me that he was separated from his wife pending a divorce. He lived in the city in the Sunset in a house shared with another MD who happened to be gay. They were room mates and not lovers but living with Mike for the past year convinced him that he was gay but in a different way than Mike and me. He told me he was essentially a hyper-sexual and could only be satisfied by a submissive homosexual who had the physical stamina to keep up with his drive and sexual and physical energy. He told me he had never tried with Mike because Mike probably would not put up with the physical punishment of bottoming for him and he did not want to trash a god friendship over bad sex. He proceeded to ask me about my sex life, experience, what images I saw when I jacked off, my family and life goals. It was basically an interview to become his concubine. But as we talked I drew closer to him. I realized that he was a really smart, decent and caring man. He did not focus on the “me, myself and I” issues that captivated so many men I had met. He was simply inviting me to try out to be a partner in his life. Sex life first and then we would see where it went. I agreed. We finished our beers and headed out. As we were entering his car Irv said ‘come home with me tonight.” I agreed but asked if his room mate, Mike would mind. He said no and said “I think you two will get along well.” We drove down the block, made one more turn and then Irv pulled in to his garage. As we got out of the car he ushered me up the double flight of stairs to the top floor of the house. Nice place. Well done. Big bedroom. Queen sized platform bed. Eyelets of steel in the heavy oak beams of the frame. Satin comforter with an oriental needlepoint pattern of a dragon. Beautiful red, gold, jade colors. Irv snapped me out of my dream by commanding “strip.” I did so, dropping my pants, panties, shoes and socks and then pulled off my T-shirt. He stood there watching me in just his white boxers, tent forming and pointing directly at me. He also took note of my waxed legs, no body hair, shaved crotch and he approached me and raised my right hand and noted my waxed and shaved arm pit. “Very sexy, very sexy” he murmured as his hands came around my back and he pulled me in to him. He towered over me and leaned down and said “let’s take a shower then we will get to know each other better.”While I stood under the running water he came around behind me and put one hand over my junk as the other began exploring my hind side. One, two and then three fingers opened my love canal and slipped inside of me. He then got soap on his other hand and with a soapy hand went deeper in to me. I was full of soap and he turned me around and began soaping my front and I started soaping his. As I got down to his crotch I could feel his balls were already in launch position, throbbing cock stabbing me and dripping pre-cum. He then picked up the bidet hose and bent me over, filled me with water and I then went dripping wet to the commode. I sat and immediately jetted the hot soapy water out. Back in to the shower for a final rinse and then in to a towel. We dried off and I straightened my hair. I noted a big tub of Vaseline on the counter and took a large dab and worked it up my rear side. Then again. I had never taken a cock the size of Irv’s and I wanted to make sure I could take what was coming without a lot of pain. The Vaseline would help. Irv had drawn back the comforter exposing fine white sheets. He motioned for me to lay down next to him and he put me in a spooning position. I could feel his cock against my fanny slowly rubbing up and down and spreading pre-cum on my crack. He then spoke in to my ear and said “I don’t want to fuck this up. If you can’t take my size tonight just stay with me. We will work on it. I just don’t want to hurt you and I don’t want to lose you. When we first met year before last I knew I wanted you from that very moment. I have been scheming to get in to your panties ever since. I want to take it very easy with you and not scare you away. OK?” I mumbled something incoherent and rolled on to my stomach giving myself to him face down, ass up. Brandy had always told me that if I ever had to take a really big one that was the best position for both entry as well as relaxing and expanding to take a big tool. This would be the true test of that theory! Once in that position Irv rolled on top of me, hiked my hips up a bit exposing my rosebud and I felt him approaching entry. First his glans, just a little more than normal stretch, and then he gave me an inch of shaft. He asked if I was OK and I said yes as I squirmed down on his cock to get more of him in me. He gave me another couple of short thrusts and I said “Fine” and he pressed more in. I could feel yozgat escort myself stretching under the pressure of his cock and also felt like I was running out of room at the end of my love canal. My anus was expanded to its maximum stretch but was not painful. Meanwhile my rectum was completely full of his tool. And he was going deeper. I felt completely stretched out, over powered, and helpless. He pressed on and expanded me even more always checking my reaction. Still good. At that point Irv was almost full in me so he began fucking me. In and out first with short strokes and then longer and longer. I was taking him full length and taking is girth and not complaining so he kept increasing his stroke and thrust. Soon he was nearly pulling his glans out of me and then fully thrusting to full depth. He felt me get rock hard as he did so and took that as a sure sign that I was OK. Again and again he thrust and I noticed that with each thrust first his glans and then almost 5 inches of his shaft would press on my prostate. At first I thought I had to pee but I soon realized that if he kept this up I was going to orgasm. And he kept it up. He was getting harder and more intense with each thrust and I knew he would soon cum. Me too. Four more thrusts and he had one hand on my shoulder and one on my hip holding me firmly while he drove in to me to achieve his pleasure. Again and again and harder and harder and deeper and deeper and gripping me so I could not escape his lust and then he held himself fully in to me and exploded deep inside of my bowels. Instinctively I clamped down on his cock and held him in place. The pulsing of his orgasm and the feeling of his slick semen flooding me triggered my release. When I orgasmed I clamped down on him even tighter and my Kegel reflex began milking his cock. He groaned with pleasure and clamped his hands harder in to my flesh as I vacuumed the cum out of him with my pussy/ass. He collapsed on me and I held him in place milking the last energy out of him.We laid there for what seemed an eternity and he rolled off of me. I rolled back over in to a spooning position inside of his body arc and realized I had shot all over his sheets. I gasped “oh shit” and got up, dashed in to the bathroom and returned with a wet hand towel. I wiped up my semen the best I could as he watched. He laughed and said “and you can keep house as well!” I responded by telling him I could cook but refuse to do windows. With that we went back to bed, turned off the lamp and both drifted off to a deep sleep. Irv awoke me the next morning by pushing me over on to my stomach, spreading my legs a bit and then spreading my cheeks. He gently put his index finger up my fanny to its full length, withdrew and inspected it. I was just coming awake as he was doing this and he said “stay there” and he went in to the bathroom. He emerged with a speculum and told me to say face down and ass up. He put the lubricated speculum in me, expanded me and then shined a small flashlight up me examining my anus and rectal walls. He then asked me if I had any pain to which I responded no but I thought I might have to wear a diaper for the next few days. We both laughed but he instructed me to watch for any sign of blood in my stool and any fever. If I had either I was to immediately see him. We then wrapped in towels and went to the kitchen. The coffee was already on and there was that morning’s Chronicle spread on the kitchen table. Irv called out “Mike, we have company” to which Mike replied “I figured as much. Either that or you had a wrestling match going on in there!”Mike came out and we sat and had coffee and chatted. He was a genuinely nice guy, very smart, and he and Irv were comfortable talking about intimate things. Although they had never been sexual Mike knew that Irv was packing a serious weapon and also had very intense sexual drive and energy. Mike said “so, you took on King Kong last night and lived to tell the tale. I detect Irv wants to keep you around. I hope so. I can’t take much more of his midnight jack off circuses.” Irv and I both broke out laughing. And Mike went on to tell Irv that he had met a nice guy who worked in the lab at UCSF and they were dating. The conversation continued to flow until Irv said ‘well, I have to be off to job number one and drop my date at his bordello. See ya tonight roomie.” With that we went back to the shower for a quick douche off and dressed then bolted down the stairs to the garage. In the car Irv reminded me to watch my output and watch for any sign of fever. That would be the first indication of a rectal tear and that needed to be addressed by my new personal physician. He dropped me on 19th and said “I will call you tonight” to which I responded “It’s Thursday, I work until 2.” He asked “Are you going to to be OK?” I responded “Sure, I always dance in 5 inch heels with a telephone pole up my fanny!” We laughed and he told me to call from work and he would pick me up. He did. We did again. After four days I finally made it back to my apartment. Al and Ray had left a note on my door to call them as soon as I got escort bayan home. I did and the queried me as to my whereabouts for the past few days and I told them I would be right up. Al opened the door with a look of lust on his face and I said guys, we need to talk.We sat down, they handed me a glass of wine and I told them the story of the past four days and nights. It started with “Guys, I met a man” and I told them the tale you just read. I closed by telling them that I could no longer do the group sex thing with them because I wanted to make this thing work with Irv. Both gushed their joy and support. Much to my surprise they were glad I had met someone and offered to let me stay as long as I wanted and not to worry about the apartment and if I decided to move in with Irv or what ever don’t worry about anything. I promised I would find them a new source of cream of some young boy who would also take it up the ass from two retired merchant marines. The also wanted to meet this bum and check him out. I was glad they took the news well and thought Irv might get a kick out of these two roughnecks. Three weeks later I moved in with Irv. That was March of 1979. We lived together until I lost him to brain cancer in January of 2005. That is a long time in gay years. I guess this is turning in to a very round about way of telling you how I am trying to get back to versatile. That was the theme, after all. After 3300 words I can now explain to you why that has been a struggle for me. Let’s face it, bottoms are a dime a dozen. In the dating scene now days you have to be versatile or a top to have the odds in your favor. For me, I lived with a total alpha, total top raging bull and for all of those years save the last few months Irv was alive I was his bottom queen and I was darned happy with that. I never once tried to flip because he satisfied me so completely while satisfying his needs. I have been so hooked on anal orgasms that over the years it has become very difficult for me to cum any other way. After Irv died my old friend Teri came to live with me. Two old drag queens keeping each other company. Teri would get frisky with me and tried to keep me busy with blow jobs but I had a hard time performing in the top role. So we played with toys and called it good. I started on a quest to get myself over my addiction to anal orgasms and tried the pills and the other stuff but nothing seemed to work. It seemed more mental than anything but physically I had a hard time getting hard and cumming without something huge up my rear end. Out of the blue one morning I got an e-mail from a drag queen on the East Coast who had been using my anal sex prep and maintenance program. Irv and I had developed that at the outset of our relationship and I diligently stayed on it. And it works. This gal told me how well it was working for her and for her new relationship. But she also mentioned that she and her man, an older, late ‘60’s versatile bi man, were working on her being able to flip for oral and anal and top him. She had gone through the same “cures” as me but found via her urologist a means of working on the issue. He had recommended to her an Estim machine with a prostate stimulating butt plug and the scrotal loops. Thank God for gay urologists!!!We shared notes and links and experiences and have worked on this. This is how it works. I wire up the machine, put one loop around my crank and scrotum and put the prostate plug up my fanny with water based lube. I then put on a pair of panties and maybe turn on a porno and lay on my back. I turn the machine on to a strobe setting about mid strength and then begin to jack myself off with some lotion. The first few times I had to be careful about the settings because the higher settings can really get you going. But I have found the right mix and now it is a matter of letting the machine and my hand do the work and focusing either on porn or a mental porn image of me getting sucked off by another queen. After four or five times I found myself getting rock hard, painfully and bigger than I ever could imagine and then, with some careful work, I can orgasm and pump what little juice I have hard. My friend told me that it is simply physical therapy with some mental exercise thrown in. So now, along with my hikes and eliptical machine and other exercise stuff I hit the bedroom 30 minutes early each evening and plug and work myself out. I am amazed how hard I can get and how hard I can cum. When I get fucked by a bigger man I do cum hard but that is more of an internal convulsion than a spewing of sperm. This is different. I shoot hard. My gurlfriend Michelle found this out two weeks ago when she came over to spend some time. We were hanging out in the bedroom and she noticed I had a woodie. She went down on me and I immediately got rock hard. She made me cum in less than five minutes. After we were done I told her about my therapy machine and asked her if I could wait an hour, plug in and see if she could get me off again. We did and yes I did. Amazing.So now it is becoming a matter of keeping myself in my particular roles. For a couple of the guys I see they are total mildly bi tops and will not want to see me with raging wood. But my gurl friends and other bottom and versatile friends this is a new and most welcome development. In time I might even be able to list myself with the versatile big dogs. In panties! Be well.