Getting Even Never Felt So Good

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“April’s Fools!” my sister, Lorraine, shouted, and she laughed as she yanked on my swimming trunks and pulled them down to my ankles.

The people at the pool party looked in my direction to see what my twenty-one-year-old sister was up to and everyone saw my penis and laughed.

“It’s so little!” Yvonne shrieked as she pointed at my shrunken penis.

I blushed profusely. Water dripped down my body and my face turned a dark shade of red as I and two dozen people stared at my scrunched-up ball sack and thin, two-inch-long dick. Needless to say, I was mortified and stood there in shock giving everyone time to point, laugh, and get a good look.

When I could speak, I mumbled, “The water is really cold.”


My name is Marcus and I’m eighteen and the above was a description of the worst, most embarrassing day of my life. Little did I know that it would turn out to be the best day of my life. Funny, how when you think all is lost, your fortune can change.

While I have your attention, let me give you a few details. I’m a normal teenage boy, finishing my senior year of high school. I live in a quiet neighborhood in a small town in Alabama with my parents and an older sister who attends a local college and is the bane of my existence.

My sister’s given name is Lorraine. She’s named after my mother’s deceased grandmother. My sister hates the name and goes by Lori. I call her Loki because, like the Norse god, she’s devious, mischievous, clever, cruel, and always, looking out for herself. She will take advantage of anyone to make herself look good, and if she wants something, she will do anything including stabbing her best friend in the back to get it.

I don’t understand why she is the way she is or why she’s so competitive with me, a boy three years her junior, but she is. Of course, my parents are oblivious to this. When I was little, they didn’t see her tripping or punching me. They thought I was a clumsy crybaby.

As we got older, her attacks changed from physical to mental. She’d embarrass and tease me and do things that would put her in a good light. In my parent’s eyes, she is the golden child who can do no wrong and I’m the clumsy, complaining, jealous sibling.

The day my sister pulled my bathing suit down was a Saturday and it was April 1st. The television weatherman had predicted it to be a nice, sunny, seventy-degree day. I was uneasy because my sister is a notorious prankster. April Fool’s Day is her favorite day of the year, and I was her favorite victim. I had checked my room thoroughly before going to bed and I made sure to lock the door. I took the added precaution of sliding the dresser over to block the door to prevent her from entering my room while I was asleep.

When I was ten years old, she put corn flakes in my bed. The next year, she put a fake dead bird hanging on a string in my closet that scared the bejesus out of me when I opened the door. Another year, I found a live, pet-store mouse in my underwear drawer. Last year, she’d placed pie tins filled with whipped cream on the floor by my bed which I stepped on when I got up.

I was on guard and exited my bed cautiously and managed to use the bathroom and get dressed without any incidents.

I went to the kitchen to have breakfast and continued to be vigilant. I was startled and jumped when my sister breezed in and said, “Good morning.” She fixed herself a cup of coffee. I eyed her warily. She was wearing a coral-colored cotton tank top and shorts sleeping set. The cotton shorts had gathered in her butt crack and her braless breasts bounced as she moved. Hard nipples dented the soft material.

She smiled, joined me at the table, looked me in the eye, and said, “I’m having a pool party this afternoon.”

“Loki, you can’t. Mom and Dad are out of town and they explicitly forbade any parties.”

She shook her head in a disappointing manner, smirked, and said, “They will never know. It’ll only be twenty or so people. You’re invited.”

I’d opened my mouth to repeat our parent’s prohibition, but her last words caught me off guard. “You never let me hang out with you or your friends.”

“Now that you’re eighteen, you can join us. Yvonne’s coming. Wouldn’t you like to see her in a bikini?” As she said that, she cupped her breasts and pushed them up and together. The move caused her to have eye-popping cleavage and for her breasts to burst out of her top which is how her big-breasted friend looked every day in whatever top she wore.

“Really?” I asked. “This isn’t some April Fool’s Day prank, is it.”

She released her boobs, and said, “No. April Fools’ Day pranks are for kids.” She sipped her coffee, stood, and said, “I want to have a party in direct defiance of the parental units and to buy your silence I am willing to allow you to attend. Do we have a deal?”

I looked into her eyes trying to determine if I could trust her. My line of vision drifted down to her chest. I saw her erect nipples and the soft sloop of her breasts pushing on the top. I thought van escort about her red-headed friend, Yvonne, and the chance of seeing her big tits in a revealing bikini top and said, “Yes.”

“Good. Can you clean the pool chairs and get the leaves out of the pool? I’m heading out to buy snacks and beer. Our revelers will start arriving around two o’clock.”


I changed into my swimming trunks and cleaned the pool and chairs.

I saw my sister’s car pull into our driveway, Lori got out, and yelled, “Can you give me a hand with the beer?”

“Sure.” I met her at the car. There was a half keg of beer in the trunk and many bags on ice.

“How’d you get that into the trunk?” I asked. “It must weigh seventy to eighty pounds.” My sister is fit and trim, but she is 5′ 5″ tall and only weighed around a hundred and twenty-five pounds. Deadlifting heavy objects isn’t one of her talents.

She shook her braless breasts, giggled, and said, “I used these.” I watched her boobs bounce and jiggle under her camisole top. Her dark, hard nipples were visible through the white material.

“You’re shameless.”

“Just using what the good Lord gave me,” she said and chuckled. She grabbed, squeezed my right bicep, and said, “Football and weightlifting have given you big muscles. You can handle the keg and ice, can’t you?”

I grabbed the keg, lifted it out of the trunk, and asked, “Should I put it by the pool?”

“Yes. I’ll get the tub.”

I carried the items to the pool. My sister brought a large plastic tub which we filled with ice. She proved adept at tapping the keg and filled two cups.

“Cheers,” Lori said.

“Cheers, sister.”

We drank. She burped loudly and said, “That’s good beer.”

“Loki, mother would be so proud of your refined behavior,” I said and smiled.


People started arriving after two o’clock. By three p.m. the party was in full swing. Music blared, people talked, laughed, and danced as the beer flowed freely. Most of the people were her college friends who I didn’t know.

“Hello, Gumdrop. Hey, Big P! Hi, Kyle!” Lori shouted as two young women and a strapping young man walked toward the pool. I knew them because they had attended high school with my sister, not that we ever had a conversation.

Gwen, Penelope, and Kyle smiled uneasily as they approached the pool. Lori greeted them with a hug, kissed the females on the cheek, and kissed the good-looking young man on the mouth. She lingered, smooching him longer than was appropriate. The guy blushed, his girlfriend fumed, and Lori laughed, seeing their reactions.

“Kyle,” Lori said. “You’re looking good. So big and strong.” She hugged him tightly and pressed her breasts against his chest.

“That’s enough,” Penelope said. “He’s my boyfriend.”

“For now,” Lori said as she gave her friend a hard look. Her face softened, she chuckled, and said, “I’m kidding.”

Yvonne was one of the last people to arrive. She had on a green bikini with a sculpted top. The underwire in the bra had its work cut out supporting her large breasts. Covering her bum, was a high-waisted, full brief.

I ogled her from afar, mesmerized by her beauty and womanly attributes. As I enjoyed my view of the hot redhead’s hot body, a physical reaction occurred. I felt my penis stirring and getting hard.

To avoid the public embarrassment of others discovering that I had a hard-on, I jumped into the pool. “Fuck!” I shouted in my brain. The cold water was a shock to my system, and I instantly lost my erection. I gasped loudly as I sucked in the air when my head got above water. I climbed out of the pool. My body was covered with goosebumps, and I was shivering.

I grabbed a towel. While I was focused on drying off, my sister snuck up behind me and yelled, “April Fools'”. She pulled down my swimming trunks and exposed my shrunken penis to everyone. I was so embarrassed that I thought I would die. My sister had a different take. She thought what she’d done was hilarious.

I blushed, pulled up my bathing suit, and headed toward the house. Gwen called out, “Marcus! Wait.”

I turned and saw Gwen, Penelope, and Kyle headed my way. I waited on the grass halfway between the house and the pool. When they were close, I said, “What do you want? A second look?” I was embarrassed and angry.

“No,” Penelope said. “You didn’t deserve that.”

“Your sister is a terrible person,” Gwen said. “She shouldn’t have done that to you. Do you want to get even?”

I looked at them and said, “Do you expect me to trust you? You’ve been her friend for years.”

“We were classmates,” Penelope said. “We weren’t friends.”

Gwen said, “We’ve been in your position. She has teased and abused us too. She has made out with my dates, and she stole one of my boyfriends only to toss him aside two weeks later.”

I gave them a questioning look and said sarcastically, “Right. If she’s treated you badly, why are you here today?”

“It’s a small town, ” Penelope said, van escort bayan “there aren’t a lot of options. I’m sure you’ve noticed that your sister is gorgeous. All the boys like her and when she attends or throws a party, all the boys attend.”

“She takes her pick, ” Gwen said, ” and the rest of us make do with the leftovers.”

“I get it that you are skeptical about us,” Penelope said. “Take us to your room and we’ll prove that you can trust us.”

I went into the house and to my bedroom. They followed. Gwen closed the door and said, “Your sister is a two-faced bitch who enjoys humiliating people and lording over them. You saw how she kissed and rubbed up against Kyle right in front of Penelope. That’s completely inappropriate. He’s Penelope’s boyfriend.”

“Lori embarrassed Kyle,” Penelope said, “and she dissed me by her actions. Just as she disrespected Gwen and me with her greeting. She didn’t call me ‘Big P’ because I’m a fan of “The Sopranos’ or because I’m tall.” She pushed her bikini bottom down and showed me pale flesh that should have been covered with pubic hair.

“Babe, don’t,” Kyle said.

“I have to show him, so he’ll understand what a monster his sister is and help us get even,” Penelope said. She pushed her bathing suit down to her knees, I saw her shaved vagina, and she said, “My labia majora are big and thick and resemble the oversized hamburger buns Burger King uses on its Whoppers.”

She frowned and continued. “The outer lips of my vagina are bigger than most women. Your sister noticed this when we shared a shower after gym class, she pointed it out to everyone and has teased me about it ever since. ‘Big P’ is not a term of endearment or a cool nickname. It stands for ‘Big Pussy’.”

I stared at her pussy. I was stunned that she was showing it to me. It was big, and the cleft was deep and prominent. Her hairless vagina looked soft and luscious. Naturally, I got an erection.

I said, “That sounds like something she would do.”

Penelope pulled up her bikini bottom.

Gwen reached behind her back, undid her bikini top, and let it fall forward. I saw her breasts. Her areolas were covered by silicone disks. She pried them off exposing her nipples. As I stared at them, she pulled and pinched them, and I saw them grow into unusually fat, long, erect nipples.

“Wow! You have beautiful breasts!” I gushed.

Gwen laughed and said, “That proves you’ve never seen your sister’s. Her boobs are beautiful. Full, round, symmetrical. In a word – perfect. They sit high on her chest and her fifty-cent piece-sized nipples point straight ahead.”

She glanced at her boobs, sighed, and said, “Where do I start with what’s wrong with mine? They’re not that big, yet they sag. The right one is a half-cup smaller than the left, and it’s like my nipples have lazy eye. They point in different directions.”

She gave me a chagrined smile and said, “However the biggest issue is I have big, thick nipples that are always erect and because of their size, they make bumps that are visible through my bra and tops. Your sister thinks it’s hilarious to tease me about them. She calls me ‘Gumdrop’ because my nipples are the same size and shape as the sugary convection. Would a friend constantly remind you of the part of your body that you’re most self-conscious about?” She put her top on.

No,” I answered. “My sister teases me constantly and has for years. She’s not a nice person.’

“She isn’t,” Penelope agreed. “The four of us have been abused by her. It’s time we fought back.”

“I’d love to get even, but how?” I asked.

“We could beat her up,” Gwen suggested.

“I’d love to lay into her,” Penelope said. She smiled. I imagined her envisioning pummeling Lori in her mind.

“It’d be great if in addition to punishing her,” Kyle said, “that we humiliate her. You know, like spank her bare ass in front of people.”

I said, “I’d like to outwit her and embarrass the hell out of her.”

We paused and thought.

“I have an idea,” Gwen said. “It’s pretty out there.”

“Let’s hear it,” Penelope said.

“We know that Lori is going to make a move on Kyle to prove that she can steal any guy from anyone.”

“I’ll turn her down,” Kyle said. “I love you, Penelope.”

Penelope nodded and said, “I know you do.” They kissed.

“But she’ll try,” Gwen said, “and we can use her evil nature against her. What if Kyle pretended to play along and went with her to someplace dark and we snuck Kyle out and Marcus took his place?”

“Yes,” Penelope said excitedly. “She’s always going on about what a great cock sucker she is. You know she is going to give him head. Wouldn’t it be a riot if her college friends saw her sucking on Marcus’s dick? She’d never live that down.”

“That would be awesome. Total humiliation,” Gwen said. “Marcus, it’s mean and cruel and incest. Would you go along with that or is it too much?”

“I love it! It’s perfect. I want to see the look on her face when she realizes that it’s escort van my dick in her mouth, and when she realizes that her friends can see us.”

We discussed how we could pull this off and formulated a plan.

“This could work,” Gwen said. “Marcus, you and Kyle are roughly the same size and it’ll be dark so if you don’t talk, I think we can get away with the switch.”

“Are they the same size?” Penelope asked. “If their penises aren’t close in size or one has a unique characteristic, Lori will know something is up.”

“Yes,” Gwen said. “Guys, we need to inspect your cocks.”

“Wipe ’em out!” Penelope said and laughed. “My inner slut has always wanted to say that.”

Kyle and I made no move to get our dicks out. Gwen said, “Shy? I showed you my boobs and Penelope dropped her drawers.”

“Kyle, you’ve nothing to be ashamed about. You’ve got a great cock.” His girlfriend knelt and untied the drawstring of his bathing suit.

Gwen knelt in front of me and did the same. I didn’t stop her. She pulled my swimming trunks down and my dick appeared. It has bloated, but not hard. “Nice,” Gwen said. She smiled and looked me in the eyes. Then she focused on my cock, grabbed it, and gently stroked it.

Penelope was doing the same to Kyle. Our penises got hard. They were roughly the same size and shape. He might have been a touch longer. I thought my cock was thicker.

Gwen continued to stroke my dick and said, “We can turn the tables and embarrass your sister, Marcus. Are you in?” She leaned forward and took the tip of my erection into her mouth.

“Oh!” I groaned and looked into her limpid blue eyes. They were smiling at me as was her upturned lips.

“Yes. count me in.”

I was turned on, horny, and aroused. My hips pushed forward on their own accord. I slid three inches of my dick into Gwen’s mouth. She opened wide and caressed it with her tongue and sucked. I saw a playful twinkle in her eyes, pulled out, and shoved it back in her warm mouth.

“Save your cum,” Penelope said as her hand pushed against my stomach. I pulled my cock out of Gwen’s wonderful mouth. Penelope said, “Marcus, I’d love to see your cum sprayed all over your sister’s face, and if Gwen doesn’t give you a celebratory blowjob when we pull this off, I will.”

We returned to the party. People were dancing, drinking, and making out. Everyone appeared to be having a great time on this beautiful, warm, spring day. Not many people were swimming. In April in Alabama the days can get into the mid-seventies, but at night the temperature is in the low fifties, so the pool water was cold.

I snuck away from the party to do some prep work for our prank. When I returned, I hung out with Gwen. She’s pretty and nice. We talked. I liked her and enjoyed looking at her and into her light blue eyes. She insisted we dance. She was good. I’m not a dancer and was self-conscious of my awkwardness. She was kind and offered suggestions that improved my performance.

Penelope and Kyle mingled with the other guests so the four of us didn’t look like we were collaborators plotting against my sister.

Lori made her move on Kyle while he was alone and getting a beer. Penelope was on the other side of the pool talking to friends. Gwen nudged me, pointed, and said, “I think this is it.”

“Okay. I’m off,” I said as I left her side.

Kyle told us later what my sister said and did.


“Hey, handsome,” Lori said. “Having fun?”

“Yes. It’s a great party,” Kyle said.

She leaned into him and rubbed her body against Kyle as she smiled and looked into his eyes. Her hand grazed the front of his suit and touched his penis. He jumped in response to her grope.

“I’ve always thought that you were handsome,” she said breathily. Her body was between Kyle and the party and hid her actions. She returned her hand to his crotch, grasped his dick, and squeezed.

“Ahh. Thanks. Ahh. You shouldn’t be doing that.”

She squeezed his dick and said, “Are you sure you don’t want me to touch you? Your mouth protests, but your body says otherwise. Mmmm. Your dick is getting hard. It’s so big. I want to taste it.”

She leaned into him, stroked his erection, pushed her titties against his chest, and looked deep into his eyes.

Kyle didn’t have to pretend too much to appear uneasy and aroused. “Not here,” he said.

“Come to my bedroom.”

“No. Everyone will see us and know what we’re doing,” Kyle said. “I’ll meet you in the shed.”

Lori giggled. “In the tool shed? Okay.”

Kyle slipped away and casually went to the shed in the backyard. It was a metal structure where the lawn mower and garden tools were stored. He quietly opened the sliding doors and stepped into the dark space. He left the doors apart so Lori could join him.

A few minutes later, Lori stuck her head in and said, “It’s dark in here.” She entered.

Kyle said, “Yes. It’s a good place for a secret rendezvous.” He pulled the doors closed, turned, and embraced Lori. They kissed and groped one another. He got her top off, squeezed, and sucked on her perfect breasts.

“Oh,” she gasped.

Lori grasped his head and pulled it to her breasts. She moaned and groaned. She giggled and said, “You like my breasts? They’re bigger than Penelope’s.”