getting some in the movie theater

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getting some in the movie theaterIt was a nice chilly Saturday morning in New Jersey and me and my girlfriend at the time had planned to go on a date. We went to the movie theater in her neighborhood. As we approached the ticket booth I bought tickets for the both of us and it came out to $10. “Damn what a steal.” I thought to myself. As we walked in I said to her “Babe I’m going to go to the bathroom.” She answered and said “Ok babe I’m going to get some popcorn.” I went into the bathroom and did what I had to do and as I washed my hands I thought to myself. “Damn my girlfriend is so beautiful.” I smiled at myself in the mirror and proceed out of the bathroom. I met her at the candy-stand and we went to go find our movie. As we walked in the theater I began to realize why the tickets were only $5. The room was small and looked like it could only seat 50 people max and the seat where a little run down. But all that didn’t matter to me because I was with her. As we took our seats waiting for the previews to start I convinced her to sit on my lap. As she sat on my lap we began to kiss…oh so passionately halkalı escort I could her warm love for me on her lips as she kissed me and our tongues began to fondle each other. We stayed like this for awhile before she got up to take her jacket off and I do the same. Then she sat back down on my lap. Staring at me slowly stroking the side of my face as she told me how much she loved me as I did the same. We went back to kissing passionately until I took my left hand and slowly crept it up her shirt and grabbed her large breasts. Our lips never departed our tongues got into a rhythm that felt so natural. As I held her close to me with my right hand I managed to pull out her left breast with my left hand. I then began to play with her nipple. Pinching it …pulling it…and rubbing it in between my fingers. As I continued this I disconnected my lips from her and began to lick on her breast and nipples. She sat there with her head in my ear. I could hear her soft moans as she loved what I was doing and wish taksim escort I would never stop. I then removed her other breast so I could lick and suck on it. I could tell she loved it by the way she moaned so sweetly in my ear and grabbed the back of curly hair. I then began to unbutton her jeans and pull down the zipper while I continued to lick each of her sweet chocolate nipples. I slowly but surely lead my right hand down her panties and began to slowly rub her labia and clit. She then got a firmer grip on the back of my head and moaned some more. Then I slowly put one finger in her tight wet pussy and she gasped for air. I could tell this was the first time she’s ever had a finger inside her. I began to fuck her wet pussy with my one finger then I put my second finger in and she moaned louder. As I fucked her pussy with my fingers a little bit harder I whispered in her ear “Do you like that…do you like when I play with your sweet spot babe?” she moaned and quickly answered “oh…yea…ohh yeah!” before I knew it I could feel her getting wetter and I şişli escort knew she was about to climax so I took my left hand and pulled out my rock hard dick and began to stroke it. Then I told her “Stroke it.” And she did and she did it well. Then she told me to take my fingers out. Confused at why she would say this I did as she asked. She stood up and fixed her pants. Then she sat next to me as I continued to stroke my dick with my hand that had her sweet juices all over that we both had just licked off. She then got down on her knees and began to take the tip of my dick into her mouth. And I didn’t know what felt better was it her mouth sucking me deep and slowly or was it the thought of the people across the aisle possibly leaning over and catching all of these factors made me reach an orgasm very quickly before I knew it I was ready to shoot hot load all over the place. But before I could say anything she got up and stopped sucking me… a little disappointed I couldn’t cum in her mouth we went back to kissing oh so passionately as I stroked my dick faster and faster then she took her hand and stroked me faster until I shot my hot load all over the seats in front of us. As I put my deflating member away she came back and sat on my lap and kissed me again and I said “I love you babe.” And she said “I love you too.” Then we sat there in my arms as we enjoyed the rest of our date that later took another turn for the freaky…