Getting straightened out Part 1

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Getting straightened out Part 1OK…so I had sex for the first time when I was in high school. Was with a boy who lived down the street and while it wasn’t great it was very energetic 🙂 So much so that we made a bit more noise than we should have and his little brother caught us by the pool and told his parents…which of course ended up with my parents. You have to understand, my parents are the upstanding pillars of the community types and they pretty much freaked. SO…what to do with this lovely daughter of theirs that apparently had discovered the joys of sex? (the truth is that it wasn’t that great…just loud LOL). They decided that to spare me (and themselves) the shame of being in the neighborhood and to let things simmer down I should go stay with my aunt and uncle in Texas. Both are in the army and run a strict household…so off I went. Well…this is where it gets interesting. Turns out that my uncle has a thing for sexy, hot blondes…which I was 🙂 It also turns out that I have a thing for big cocks on a confident man…which he had and was. Little more than a week passed and my aunt, who was an instructor of some kind, went to another base to do some instructing for a couple of weeks. This left me all alone with my uncle. Well, they didn’t live all that close to anyone and had a pool so one day I figured it would be safe if I sunbathed nude since he was at work and no one was anywhere around. I am on my stomach, enjoying the sun on my back with my eyes closed when it gets a little darker…I thought one of those rare Texas clouds had drifted into my day so I turned over to look. It wasn’t a cloud, but a very obviously aroused uncle. I was scared and shocked…and quite a bit embarrassed. Remember, I had only had sex once and it wasn’t that awesome…plus I was only 17 and still unsure of how things worked exactly.He could apparently tell I was completely canlı bahis lost so he mentioned I might want to come in out of the sun since the Texas sun isn’t as forgiving as the Virginia one. He turned around and walked in the house. Unsure what to do I wrapped my towel around me and went in too…ready to apologize. But when I got there he handed me a glass of coke and asked me if that was the sort of stuff that had gotten me shipped off to Texas. He was smiling…which helped…so I told him what had happened and that it wasn’t that great. He didn’t react like I thought he would…he just looked at me and told me that a girl’s first time should be earth shattering and young boys were wasted on sexy young women like me…and that an older man could show me just how amazing it could be. Then…he just left the room and went back to work. I was all confused…and a little turned on I admit. He wasn’t exactly young or all that great looking but he had an easy manner about him…full of confidence. A couple of days later we were watching a movie after sunset…I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, lying in the floor, and he was on the sofa. I had been thinking about what he had said for two days and I rolled over to get up and go get a drink when I realized he wasn’t looking at the tv but at me…and he had a pillow on his lap. I couldn’t help but notice that one of his hands was under the pillow. Swallowing my nervousness I asked him if he wanted anything to drink and went into the kitchen. When I came back the pillow was still there but his hands were “where I could see them” 🙂 I figured it was now or never and asked him why he had stopped…which shocked him I think, at least for a moment. He looked at me in a way I can’t forget and said that he didn’t like doing that, it was never as good as the real thing.Well, that got us started and he asked if I wanted bahis siteleri him to show me what all the fuss was about…and I said yes…couldn’t help myself really. So he took me upstairs and told me to take a long hot shower to relax. When I came out he was waiting for me, guided me to the bed and had me lie down. For 30 minutes he just massaged me all over…I was so relaxed by the end of it I think I was half asleep. At least until he pulled the towel away and starting kissing my back. I am not sure if you guys will understand this but there are some things, unique to each woman I suppose, that make us gush. Mine is a kiss on my back…and I got instantly wet…even started moving my hips against the bed. He rolled me over and kissed all over my body, when he got to my nipples I honestly think I started wimpering. I suppose that is some sort of signal cause he stood up and stripped…rather quickly as I recall 🙂 That is when I saw his cock. Let’s just say things are bigger in Texas 🙂 That night we had slow and extremely satisfying sex for over 3 hours. He started by eating me out…not something many men since have done and those that have didn’t do it half as well…sigh. Nevertheless, he made me cum with his tongue and I so wanted to do the same that I practically begged him to let me suck it. I had never done it before so I started out shyly but he soon gave me some pointers and I spent at least 20 minutes licking and sucking his gorgeous cock and balls. He eventually pulled me off and told me it was time for the real treat, he guided me onto by back and slow fucked me. I remember his hairy chest and looking down and seeing this huge dick sliding in and out of me. I reached down and played with his balls, then I wrapped my legs around him and begged him to make me cum again. I don’t remember if I did but I do remember that apparently things are güvenilir bahis noisier in Texas too cause we pretty much shook the whole house. By the time he came my pussy was very sore, in a good way, I had drenched the sheets, and he had shouted every curse word he knew. He pulled out and told me to get ready as he moved up the bed and guided my mouth onto his cock again. He shot a huge load and I tried my best to swallow it all…and thus began my career of never letting a drop go to waste :)We had sex nearly 5 times a week until my aunt came home…then we had it at lunch times about 3 times a week for the entire summer. There was even one time that he had some friends over and I played waitress for them as they played poker and drank beer. There were four of them and as the night went on they started getting flirty…which is when I realized that I LOVE a man’s attention. Anyway, around 10:00 my uncle came into the kitchen with me and asked if I liked his friends. There were two of them I liked and I said so…I didn’t think anything of it but around 11:00 when the game broke up two left…and two stayed. That night the three of them fucked me all night. I had my first anal experience but generally it was one on one at a time with a few times of me taking two of them at a time. They all came…a lot…and so did I. I slept all the next day and was woken up in the afternoon by my uncle licking my still sore but very happy pussy.As the summer ended we said our good byes and I went home to parents who were convinced that their daughter had learned her lesson. And I did…I learned a lot 🙂 We still see each other about every 3-4 years at family reunions and such. I am 38 now and he is 61…but last year at the family Christmas party he and I went out for more soda and stuff for the punch. We ended up in the back of my minivan (had to move the k**’s carseats) where he fucked me with that gorgeous cock of his. I can’t get pregnant these days so he was perfectly happy cumming deep inside me. When we got back I kissed my hubby and enjoyed my family as his cum dripped out of my aching pussy.