Girls Do It Best

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Girls Do It BestThe floor creaked as I snuck up on Risa, my roommate as she mopped the floors of our Victorian era house.”Lexi, don’t step on the floors I just got done mopping them.” She scorned. For some reason, this sent a wave of pleasure through my body.But I suppose it would to anybody, considering how erotically gorgeous Risa was.She stood at only 5’3 but that didn’t matter. Her lusciously tan skin and taunt breasts made up for what her hight didn’t supply. Her lips stayed at a permanent pout and her eyes screamed “fuck my brains out”Maybe they would get what they wanted. “Hi, gorgeous. I missed you so much.” I taunted in the sexiest voice I could muster. A breath-taking ultrabet yeni giriş sigh escaped her sexy pout and she continued to mop the living room. I walked over to her and took the mop away, placing it against the wall.”Lexi, what are you doing?” She asked me as I gently tugged at her apron, pulling it free from her body. She wore only a tank top and some thin shorts.Her eyes dug into me as I shoved her onto the freshly mopped floor and lowered her pants. She finally got the message and took her top off then unbuttoned mine slowly. I kissed her breasts gently, nibbling them occasionally where they toppled out of her bra as she moaned and squirmed ultrabet giriş under me. My hand crept into her underwear and started teasing her clit as she bucked and groaned under my weight. My mouth leaving traces of saliva as I kissed down her body slowly, finally reaching her cunt. She spread her legs and bit her lip as I kissed her thighs and licked her cunt lips and entered a finger slowly. Her smell fluttered up to my nose as I dived my tongue into her pussy as my fingers vigorously rubbed her clit. Her body shook violently and she let out a mind shattering screech and then hopped on top of me, kissing me furiously. Her small hands tugged at my ultrabet güvenilirmi bra as I shook of my shorts and she immediately got up and walked away. I lay there, confused as she walked back and knelt down between my spread legs and pulled a large dildo out from behind her back. Before I could protest, she slid rammed it into my cunt and I yelped in surprise. My body met her hand stedilly and I moaned with each time.”I-I’m going to cum!” I shouted at the top of my lungs and she increased her speed to a point where I couldn’t keep up. My body erupted into a liquid heat and I let out a strangled cry of pleasure as I squirted all over the floor and Risa. She let out a pleased groan and licked my cunt clean.”And next time I tell you not to step on the floor after I’ve mopped,” she whispered as she kissed me passionately, “Listen to me.” she finished as she bit my nipple and stood up, leaving me lying on the floor in a naked heap.