Going Goth Ch. 06

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Saturday was always a busy shopping day at the Bargain Barn and no one paid attention to four young women entering the store wearing shorts, colorful blouses and sandals; each carrying a large, satchel-like handbag on a shoulder strap. Once inside, they fanned out to separate areas of the store featuring items that attracted the most customers; electronics, women’s clothing, toys and games and the snack bar.

Once in place, they browsed around and waited for their cell phones to ring. When they did, each removed the purse from her shoulder, unzipped them and slid them behind display racks and in the snack bar left it under a table. Then they strolled outside and stood by Brittany’s car to watch the fun.

Several minutes later, the shouting and screaming began inside the store as swarms of ravenous cockroaches awakened from their cold induced sleep and poured from the abandoned purses seeking warmth, food and places to hide. Brittany, Keri, Veronica and Teri laughed until tears ran down their cheeks at the sight of panicked shoppers running from the store to escape the invasion of the brown scurrying and flying insects so associated with filth and disease.

“That’ll teach those fuckers not to fire you because you like girls,” Teri said happily as she and Brittany hugged and watched as the last of the frightened shoppers leaving the store followed by most of the employees.

“Dudes!” Veronica shouted, “I hear sirens, we better boogie before the cops get here.”

The four piled into Brittany’s huge Chevrolet Caprice and cruised out of the nearly empty parking lot, passing a stream of police cruisers, fire engines and EMS units, red, blue and strobe lights blinking, sirens wailing and air horns bellowing heading to the emergency at the Bargain Barn.

“They’ll have to tent and fumigate that place,” Veronica laughed. “That should put a dent in their sales for a few weeks.”

“Where’d you get those bugs, Ronnie?” Keri said as they snuggled in the cars huge back seat.

“A dude I know is a bug wrangler for the movies. He raises the damn things by the barrel load and keeps ’em on ice until they’re needed for some horror flick. Then he warms ’em up and let’s ’em run. He raises snakes, tarantulas, praying mantises, katydids and a bunch of other gross critters too. Ick!”

“I was not thrilled to be carrying a purse stuffed with filthy roaches,” Teri said, “But it was worth it to see that store empty out like that. That’ll teach those fuckers to mess with us.”

“Where ya wanna go, guys?” Brittany said, “The mall or the park or what?”

“Let’s go to a movie,” Veronica said, giving Keri’s breast a squeeze.

“Movies it is,” Brittany replied, “There’s a new action flick at the Multiplex.”

“Oooo,” Teri said, stroking Brittany’s bare thigh, “I love the movies.”


Susan and Leslie were lying in bed resting after their multi-orgasmic, mid-morning sex romp when Janice burst through the bedroom door shouting “Jesus Christ is that all you two do is fuck? Pick up the goddamn phone once in a while whydoncha’?”

“Why the language you use, Ms. Carpenter,” Susan replied. “What would the students think?”

“Aw, bite me,” Janice said, flopping on the mattress next to them. “Mike Hutchins has been calling your houses all morning. Then he called me at school. He got word that those Legion of Decency creeps are having a garden party this weekend at Matthew Priestley’s place in Oak Hills. He’s gonna try gettin’ in there and do some snooping. Maybe dig up some dirt to use against them.”

“I like that idea,” Leslie said. “I’m glad he’s on our side.”

“Too bad we can’t get into that party too,” Susan added. “Maybe we’ll do a little snooping around there ourselves.”

“They know what we look like, babe,” Leslie replied, “And Janice can’t risk showing up either. What are we gonna do?”

“I’ll think of something,” Susan said.

“Anyway,” Janice said, sitting up and adjusting her bra straps, “That’s the news. I gotta get back to the office.” Before she could move, Susan and Leslie pounced on her.

“I think someone deserves a ‘thank you’ for bringing us the news,” Susan purred, unbuttoning the woman’s blouse.

“Yes, I think a nice ‘thank you’ is in order,” Leslie replied, her hand going under Janice’s skirt and rubbing her silk covered pussy.

“You guys, c’mon, I really gotta go,” Janice said, not struggling a bit as they undressed her and began sucking her hard nipples. “Ahhh, yesss,” she moaned as Susan and Leslies fingers began frigging her moist cunt and hardening clit. They teased and excited the moaning woman for a while, and then Leslie slid between Janice’s silky thighs and began to lick her pussy.

Susan straddled Janice’s head and lowered her dripping cunt to the woman’s eager mouth. Janice grabbed Susan’s ass cheeks, pulled her onto her wiggling tongue and began slurping noisily on the pink flesh.

“Oh God, baby, I love your tongue,” Susan moaned, tugging on her hard nipples and tossing her hair about. “You eat sooo good.”

Leslie feasted casino siteleri on Janice’s gooey pussy, licking, sucking and nibbling on the tender flesh, her tongue scooping mouthfuls of salty precum from deep inside the pink walls. Janice’s hips bucked as she thrust herself against Leslie’s mouth, wanting to cum and cum.

The room was filled with the sounds of slurps, moans and muffled squeals as Susan and Janice felt their orgasms blossoming within them until they came explosively; Susan drenching her lover’s face with cum as Janice forcibly ejaculated into Leslie’s greedy mouth. They were each eaten to a second orgasm and collapsed in a sweaty sticky heap.

When they had recovered, Susan retrieved two dildos from a bureau drawer. Leslie knelt on the bed with her ass in the air as the women fucked her in both holes and rubbed her clit until she screamed “Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, I’m gonna cummm…” and she did.

Janice never did get back to her office.


“I wish you could get one of these uniform shirts that’ll fit over my boobs,” Connie Peterson grumbled, fluffing her short red hair, “So we’re using the ‘I’m from the power and light company’ shtick to get in the place, then what?”

“Simple,” Mike Hutchins replied. “You talk to Priestley’s houseboy about saving electricity and while he’s looking at your sweater puppies and fantasizing, I’ll plant some mini-cam’s around and we’ll see what goes on at the party. With any luck, we’ll catch some of those stuffy prudes in flagrante delicto. Let ’em wriggle out of that.”

“You do know what we’re doing is illegal don’t you?” Connie replied with a grin.

“It never has stopped us before, has it?” Mike replied. “The van’s loaded, let’s go.”

“Ahh, screw it,” Connie said, trying and failing again to button the shirt, “I’ll wear a t-shirt underneath and let it hang open; give the lech a really good look.”

“That’s my girl,” Mike replied.


When Brittany and the others entered the theater, it was half full of patrons, most of them sitting toward the front. The girls headed for the back row of seats and waited for the movie to start, giggling among themselves and nibbling on candy bars. They loved action movies because the loud soundtrack drowned out any noises they might make as they fucked each other. Making love in the darkened theater with people around was so sexy and exciting, plus there was the element of danger that they might be caught.

Ten minutes into the movie, Brittany and Keri had squirmed out of their shorts and hooked their legs over the arm rests so their lovers could eat them out. Teri was on her knees between Brittany’s thighs licking the pink flesh and happily swallowing the warm juices flowing into her mouth. Brittany’s fingers were tangled in Teri’s curly hair and a guttural moan escaped her lips as her lover sucked on her clit.

Keri wriggled with pleasure as Veronica’s tongue writhed in her wet pussy and a slim finger entered her puckered asshole pumping slowly in and out. Her lover’s oral skills were amazing and she always made Keri cum so hard she saw stars. Veronica licked and sucked Keri’s sopping cunt growling with pleasure as she devoured her lover’s pussy banquet.

“Unnngggg …” Brittany grunted as Teri’s fingers and tongue brought her to orgasm and she erupted into her lover’s mouth. Teri gulped, swallowed and continued to eat until Brittany has another orgasm. She reluctantly lifted her cum covered face from between her lover’s thighs and joined her on the seats where they cuddled until Brittany recovered.

Explosions and gunshots on the screen drowned out Keri’s squeal of joy as Veronica got her off and she ejaculated into her lover’s hot mouth and came again as her lover finger fucked her to a second orgasm. “Did you like that, baby?” Veronica purred, hugging the breathless Keri who could only nod in assent.

Removing their shorts, Teri and Veronica leaned back in their seats and spread their legs for Brittany and Keri as it was their turn to be eaten out and fingered into orgasm. Already aroused by sucking their lover’s cunts, it was no time at all until they were whimpering and moaning in the throes of ecstasy and cumming again and again onto their lover’s faces.

Exhausted, the bare assed foursome snuggled together licking cum from each other’s lips and cheeks while watching what remained of the movie. They dressed hurriedly during the closing credits and made their way on wobbly legs out of the theater and drove home.

“What was that movie about exactly?” Veronica said and they all laughed.


“We’re from the power company,” Mike said brusquely to the slightly bewildered man standing in the doorway of the Priestly mansion. “There’s been a report of a break in a line here and we need to repair it before it starts a fire.”

“Mr. Priestley’s not home and Mrs. Priestly is out at her club meeting,” the caretaker began, “Can you come back when they’re here? I don’t …”

“Did you understand what I said,” Mike barked, pushing past canlı casino him with Connie on his heels, “This place could burn down any minute. I need to fix this line break right now.” He stalked down the entry hall muttering, carrying a large tool kit.

“Do you know how much electricity a home like this consumes?” Connie said to the confused caretaker who was already mesmerized by her gently swaying breasts.

‘Heh! No bra gets ’em every time’, she thought, continuing her memorized spiel about energy conservation.

Mike wasted no time planting the mini-cam’s in several rooms, especially the bedrooms. From the terrace, he could see a white tent in back that a caterer would use. He planted his last two cams in flowerpots with views of the high walled lawn, gathered his tools and he and Connie made good their escape, assuring the bewildered custodian the line had been fixed and there was no danger of fire.

“You drive, babe,” Mike said as they approached their van, “I’m going in back and check the feeds on those cams. Circle the block a few times so we don’t get out of range.”

On their fourth trip around the block, Mike announced all cams were operating perfectly, so he powered them down and sat in the rider’s seat.

“Guess what I saw on Number Five?” he said with a chuckle.

“I give. What?” Connie said.

“You made quite an impression on that dude back there; he’s sitting on the steps of the terrace flogging his joystick.”

“Ew, gross, I thought that guy’s eyes would pop out looking at my tits,” Connie said, laughing. “What is it with men and boobs anyway?”

“Damn if I know,” Mike said. “I sure like yours though.”

“Men!” Connie said in mock annoyance.


“Man, look at those cars,” Janice said, “Each one must cost about five years’ salary.”

She, Leslie and Susan were parked down the street from the mansion in her Volkswagen Passat watching the guests arriving for the garden party, still figuring out what to do next.

“Oooh, I have an idea,” Susan said. “See those trees over there next to the back wall. I bet I can shinny up one of ’em and see what’s going on. The house next door’s far enough away so they won’t spot us.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Leslie said, “We’ll be stealthy like Ninjas.”

They waited until the parade of cars was over and assuming the party had started, made their way to the base of a tall oak tree.

“Gimme a boost,” Susan said. “I think I can reach that branch there.”

They did, she could, and she disappeared among the leaves.

“Better her than me,” Janice said with a shudder, “I’m scared of heights.”

“My mom used to like riding the Ferris wheel when the carnival came to town,” Leslie said, “And she always took me with her. I freaked out at first, and then I kinda liked it. I haven’t been on one in years, though.”

They chatted for a while, and then Leslie’s phone twittered. “It’s Susan. What’s up, babe?”

“You guys are not gonna fucking believe what’s going on over there,” was the reply.”

“What, what, tell me!”

“Hee, hee this is great. I’m takin’ pictures. I’ll be down when my battery runs out. Later.”

“What’s goin’ on?” Janice said.

“The little bitch wouldn’t tell me,” Leslie said, exasperated. “It’s gotta be something big though. She sure sounded excited.”


“So far, nuthin’,” Mike said, looking at the bank of video screens in the rear of the van, “Just a bunch of stuffed shirts and their wives standing around drinking and talking.”

“Damn, I’d hoped we’d see something juicy to use,” Connie replied. “Want a soft drink, it’s hot in here.”

“Whup, hold it, everybody’s looking around, now they’re talking and laughing; now they’re going outside, out on the terrace and … Holy shit!”

“What, what, lemme see, oh my God will you look at that, I’ve never seen so many flabby bodies in my life.”

“They’re all stripping off on the terrace and running out on the lawn. I guess they’re a bunch of secret nudists.”

“Hey where’d those dogs come from? They’re big mothers, whatcha callem, Great Danes?”

“Now they’re all dancin’ around like they fell in a red ant nest, what the hell…?”

“Look at that, some of those women are offerin’ themselves to those dogs … whoa … do it, pooch! Oh, man … that bunch over there’s starting a group grope … whoa, a daisy chain over there. Holy crap … lookit that … those chicks are being fucked in both holes by those other chicks with strap-ons … it’s a Goddamn orgy!”

“Oh, man, jackpot,” Mike said excitedly, “I’m recording all this to disc. We’re gonna blow those fuckers out of the water with this stuff.”

“Damn, watchin this is getting’ me hot,” Connie said rubbing her breasts.

“Later for that, babe, I’m not losin’ a minute of this.”

“You’re no fun,” Connie huffed, “I’ll just sit up front and get myself off.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Mike said, staring at the screens.


Janice had suggested they make out to pass the time until Susan came down, kaçak casino so they lay in the grass, kissing and hugging until they pulled their jeans to their knees and began finger fucking each other. After they had each experienced two very pleasing orgasms, Susan came swinging out of the tree, landing on her feet with a thud. The girls pulled up their jeans and ran to see what she’d been looking at for so long. Pictures began flashing on the phone’s screen and Leslie and Janice’s jaws dropped.

“Oh my God look at what they’re doing,” Janice said, amazed at the spectacle unfolding before her very eyes, “Both holes, damn!”

“Jeez, I bet his ass is gonna hurt in the morning,” Leslie exclaimed, “And look at those dogs go. Those old broads are grinning like pigs eating a dead cow.”

“I’d still be up there if the battery hadn’t run down.” Susan said. “I must have taken a ton of pictures. Those fucking hypocrites are gonna shit when this breaks. Don’t like Lesbians, huh? This’ll fix you.”

“Hee hee, let’s start a blog on the net,” Janice said happily. “This stuff will go viral in no time.”

“Oooo, good idea,” Susan replied. “Let’s get out of here before someone sees us. I wanna download these pictures on flash drives so we’ll have plenty to pass around.”

“Once this hits the fan they’re gonna be out for blood,” Leslie said. “There are some important people in those pictures. We better start watching out for each other and the kids.”


“Damn, fun’s over,” Mike said, “I guess they’re worn out. Let’s get outta here.” He climbed into the driver’s seat, started the van and drove away grinning at Connie who was slumped in the rider’s seat enjoying the afterglow of her orgasms; her shorts and panties around her ankles and her fingers still in her frothy pussy.

“Ahhhh, I needed that,” she said with a sigh, “Where we goin’ now?”

“Over to Susan’s place. They’re gonna wanta see what’s been goin’ on over here.”

Connie’s heart lurched; she’d be in a house full of hot lesbians. Mike could be such a jerk sometimes; maybe one of them would fuck her.


Everyone arrived at Susan’s house within minutes of each other and while Mike began setting up his video recorder to play on Susan’s immense flat screen TV, the women and the girls were already shrieking with laughter at the pictures on Susan’s phone, punctuated by the occasional “Look at that! Omigawd, that’s huge! I bet that hurts! Holy crap, a dog! Ewwww, gross!”

Connie had seen it all live, so she glanced around casually to check out each woman there. From what Mike had told her, they were all lesbians and they were all pretty. She always thought of Lesbians as fat chicks who dressed and acted like men and rode motorcycles.

Janice noticed Connie casually checking each of the women out and smiled. That woman was definitely hot. She’d love to get those boobs of hers in her mouth. Maybe if she went to the kitchen, she’d follow her. It was worth a try.

When Connie saw Janice get up and go into the kitchen, she saw her chance. When she went in, Janice was reaching for something on a high shelf which stretched the denim tightly over her round buttocks and pushed her breasts out against the thin fabric of her T-shirt. Connie felt warm all over and stood staring at the sight.

Janice was feeling warm as well. She had guessed right; Connie had followed her into the kitchen and now she was showing herself off to her as best she could.

“Oh, hi Connie,” she said brightly, “Can I get you something to drink? I don’t know why these cups are put up so high.” She relaxed and turned to face the woman whose face was flushed and was licking her lips. Oh yeah, she’d been watching all right.

“Umm … ahh … yeah, a cold drink might be nice,” Connie stammered. Damn, the woman was hot. She’d always wondered about girls, but the opportunity never presented itself. Mike was a good lover, but still …

“I’m sure there’s some soda in the fridge,” Janice said, swinging her ass more than usual as she went to get the drink, feeling Connie’s eyes burning into her backside.

When she returned with the beverage, Connie said “May I ask you something?”


“What’s it like, being with a woman I mean?

“Sweetie, it’s fantastic. It’s nothing like being with a man. It’s soft and tender and sweet and you know what excites your partner because it excites you.” Janice lowered her eyelids and purred “I can show you if you’re interested.”

Connie nodded, her heart was pounding and she felt a wave of desire sweep over her. Janice took her hand and led her upstairs to Susan’s bed. They slowly undressed each other between kisses and hugs and climbed onto the cool sheets. Janice rolled Connie on her back and they kissed and rubbed their bodies together. She began sucking and licking Connie’s full breasts, her puffy nipples like soft marshmallows in Janice’s mouth. Connie’s moans of delight were music in her ears.

Connie spread her legs when Janice’s hand stroked her pussy. She began to cream when a finger entered her and began moving back and forth, around and around. God, it felt so good when Janice sucked her nipples and nibbled them. Janice teased Connie until she was beside herself with need, and then said huskily “Now I’m going to eat you.”