Grace 9-The Estate (3 of 3)

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Grace 9-The Estate (3 of 3)The author kindly advises that this scenario contains descriptions of exhibitionism, anal sex, groupsex and graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.Grace 9-The Estate (3 of 3)(Uni student Grace Worthington fucks in a live porno Internet feed)It was Thursday morning. The University gardener left home early to begin his shift at the nearby Uni grounds. He walked through the gates around 6am, clocked on and began his work for the day. 30 minutes later he passed by underneath Grace Worthington’s window on his lawnmower. The sound disturbed Grace’s sleep and few minutes later her alarm clock went off. It promised to be a cool but sunny day in her part of the world. She left bed and walked down the hallway. The soreness around her anus and vagina, a result of her photo shoot on Sunday, was gone. She went through the bathroom, put on her jeans, sweater and trainers, organized her bag and was on her way to the Uni canteen for breakfast. Sometimes she wondered how she got herself into this situation. The porno photo shoot, the sex parties, the exhibitionism. Coming from a proper, conservative upbringing, she was by now a twenty- year-old intelligent math- and science student. In about two years time she would do her exams, get her degree and work as a researcher, developing new technologies. She admitted to herself that she had trouble managing her sexuality. She had guys staying the night regularly but that was not near enough to satisfy her. And then there was the issue of watching and being watched. Looking at herself in the shop windows, she regularly checked herself out and liked what she saw. Small firm butt, slim build, plenty of space between her legs, small hard tits, half long blond hair, nice tan. She didn’t mind showing off what she had. She just had to manage herself a bit better, be more disciplined so that all this wouldn’t turn into a big problem.She had promised herself to limit her eating for today and tomorrow and mainly drink a lot of water in preparation for her Friday night adventure. She felt a bit like an athlete, preparing for a big event. She had been into exercising mode this week and had gone for a spray tan as she regularly did. She did her hair and acquired a new modern cut. Her blond hair was still half long but with a few extra curls and sand colored strands. It looked elegant and modern. And best of all; she fitted it all around her study schedule.That afternoon she found herself sitting in the ornate university library with her friends, working on her science papers. A Uni staff member came to their table and handed her a courier-envelope that was left for her at the administrator’s office.Her friends at the other side of the table were curious. “That looks pretty important Grace. Is that from overseas or something,” they asked. She opened the envelope and looked inside. There was a magazine and a letter. She was shocked at what she saw but didn’t show her emotion to her friends.“Oh, some mail from overseas friends, letters and some documents. I’d better deal with it straight away.” She excused herself, took her bag and left the library, leaving her friends guessing. She went straight to her room and took out the contents of the envelope. The magazine was a Brazilian porno publication. The letter was an email printout from Irene that the publisher had enclosed.She wrote that she emailed her images overseas late on Sunday. The publisher made his choice on Monday, printed on Tuesday and mailed a copy straight away. “Hmmm, the marvels of modern publishing” Grace thought.She took the magazine out of its cellophane wrapper. It was in the Portuguese language. On the cover was a slim mulatto girl with her legs spread wide. Her black pubic hair was neatly trimmed around her wide-open slit, the pink meat inside clearly visible. Grace leafed through the publication and found it was mostly filled with mulatto men, women and groups having sex in various configurations with shots of wide open legs and flowing sperm, some of it dripping off hot mouths. She was close to the middle of the magazine when her shots appeared. She was shocked and excited seeing herself like this in a seedy porn mag. She counted eight pages. A major part of the book. There were several shots on every page and a few feature pages with copy in Portuguese. One full page showed her from behind, legs wide, her arse and her red open slit in full detailed view. Jake’s large dark cock pushed into her anus from above. She’d never seen herself from this angle. It was hot and horny hardcore. The double page spread in the middle was however the best. In that shot Grace was lying on her arched back, spreading her legs wide. Jakes cock was in the top left corner, shooting sperm all over her, white strands running down her stomach into her wide-open swollen slit. Her crotch and the red flesh of her open vagina were in the lower right corner of the 2-page spread. It turned her on seeing herself like this in a magazine, and knowing that thousands of others were seeing her like this. She checked out the back cover; ‘circulation 25000’ it said. In 25000 South American homes, people looked at her naked flesh and swollen genitals in between her legs. It was exhibitionism on a grand scale.She put the mag and letter backing in the envelope and hid it in a drawer. She knew her parents were never allowed to see this. They would be aghast, finding their precious daughter stark naked, covered in sperm in a seedy porn publication like this.That afternoon Grace had trouble concentrating. She couldn’t focus on her science papers, thinking constantly about her hot photos in that porn magazine and what awaited her on Friday night. In the evening she was busy in the bathroom, grooming, carefully trimming her pubic hair around her vagina and removing it from between her buttocks around her anus.Late Friday afternoon Grace put on her jeans and a white shirt, packed her weekend bag and headed for the station. Around 7pm she rang the doorbell at The Estate. Irene, the photographer, met her at the door. “Oh Grace, its so good to see you again,” she said as she hugged her. Grace noticed the erotically charged atmosphere as soon as she came in. Lights were dimmed. All the curtains were closed, creating an intimate atmosphere. Rhythmic music was playing while people in evening dress mingled. Grace didn’t see any familiar faces amongst the elegantly dressed crowd. She heard foreign languages. Some apparently came from overseas. People were also mingling in Irene’s studio. “This will be a special night, Grace,” Irene said softly. “All that I film will be fed live to my website where subscribers can follow everything. It will also be shown on large plasma screens in the ballroom, bedrooms and several other places in the building. The subscribers have put in requests about what they wanted to see.” She came closer to Grace. Her hand slowly moved down Grace’s body, squeezing her crotch through her jeans. Grace could feel her breath as she whispered in her ear; “Lube yourself up girl. You‘ll be having fun all night.” Grace was aroused and didn’t know what to think or say.Irene’s fingers ran through her hair. “Why don’t you first change into something more elegant and mingle with our guests,” she suggested. Grace slowly went towards the fitting room. An elegant couple stood close to the entrance. Grace went past them into the room but didn’t close the door. She locked eyes with the pair as she slowly took off her t-shirt and unbuttoned her jeans. The woman, a slim brunette, came to Grace and softly kissed her on the lips. Grace felt her hand slide down her body between her legs. The hand tried to go inside her tiny white panties but she resisted. “No, no, not yet” Grace whispered. “Later, in front of the camera. You’ll see me, then join me. We’ll have fun together.” The woman nodded. She was hot for Grace but would wait.Grace put on Irene’s straight short black mini dress, a fake pearl armband and matching necklace and black shoes. She slowly moved in between the guests in the studio. Around ten people were there, some young, some middle-aged, all dressed in evening attire. The white bench and the studio lights were there. She found Irene with her camera at the back of the room watching her. Grace made small talk, drank champagne. After about fifteen minutes she made eye contact with Irene who nodded. Grace knew her time had come. The moment she’d looked forward to and dreaded at the same time. She blushed and felt itching between her legs.She slowly moved in between the people, sipping champagne, when she spotted an older couple. She paused in front of them and made eye contact. “Could you hold my glass please,” she whispered. She turned around looking at them over her shoulder. With one hand she slowly lowered the dress zipper on her back. The couple stared at her in shock. canlı bahis “Why don’t you help me,” she said seductively. The older woman had quickly collected herself and smiled. “Definitely my pleasure dear,” she replied while very slowly pulling the zipper down. Her hands moved up Grace’s back and gently pushed the dress off her shoulders. It fell to the floor, revealing Grace’s hard tanned body and tiny white underwear. “I can help you even more,” the woman whispered as Grace felt her hand slowly moving down her back. Her bra strap released but the hand kept on going down, disappearing briefly inside her panties in between her small hard buttocks. Grace half-closed her eyes and slightly moved her arse, feeling how the hand grabbed into her crotch. She caught the bra and held it against her breasts. She looked around. She had become the focus of attention and loved every bit of it.She got her champagne glass back and continued to move towards the white bench, dropping her tiny white bra, exposing her firm small breasts. The dimmed lights, the beat of the music, the voyeurs watching her; she couldn’t help but touching herself, squeezing her hard breasts, rubbing inside her panties as she kicked off her shoes and mounted the white bench in a slow, cat-like manner. She positioned herself upright in the middle with her back to the audience and slowly moved on the rhythm of the music while moving her hard little buttocks, squeezing her breasts and rubbing inside her panties. They were held together with little string knots on her hips. She slowly undid one side while turning around. The voyeurs saw how she undid the other knot and slowly squatted as the fabric fell away, exposing the blond pubic hair surrounding her protruding pussy-lips. She moved to the beat of the music, stark naked, squatting and masturbating in front of everyone in the studio…and on the plasma screens in the whole building. Grace saw Irene with her camera filming her. She was now also live on the website, showing what she had between her legs, fingering herself in front of thousands.The couple she met at the fitting room door had watched it all from a distance. They took off their shoes and moved onto the bench fully clothed. Grace felt the woman’s hand touching her crotch from behind. She planted her legs further apart, squatted and arched her back, pushing up her arse. The brunette pushed Grace’s buttocks apart and buried her face in her crotch. Bystanders saw how the brunette’s lips and tongue were visible from the front in between Grace’s legs, pushing deep into her vagina. Her husband had taken off his jacket and pants and was groping Grace from the front. His hands ran up and down the full length of her torso, going from fingering her slit to grabbing her small tits. Grace rested one hand on the man’s shoulder to maintain balance while she was squatting. “Oh God, I’m in the middle of a porno film in front of thousands.” The thought ran through her mind and just made her moan and bend her body even more.In Sao Paulo, on the sixth floor of an apartment building, a young couple was fucking in their bedroom while watching the live website feed from Europe on their plasma screen. They saw how two dressed bystanders groped a naked blond girl in front of an audience. It was clear the girl loved it. She smiled, moaned, and contorted her body to accommodate those hands and fingers. She went eventually on all fours, spreading her legs, showing the audience her wide-open arse. The camera zoomed in on her crotch, showing her anal opening and her open slit surrounded by blond pubes. The man’s cock appeared from the top of the screen and slowly pushed into her anus. A murmur went through the crowd. Grace abruptly looked up and behind her when she felt the man’s hot cock pushing its way into her body. “Oh no, slowly, please slowly. Oh God its so fucking tight,” she whispered, pushing one hand against the man’s chest. The man took her arm. “I’ll fuck your hot arse slowly baby.” She looked up and stared at the voyeurs on her side of the bench. Her wet face was close-up on the screens around the building as the crowd saw the pain on her face, her eyes half closed with her mouth wide open. “Fuck me, fuck me,” she mouthed as pain and pleasure followed each other up.The Brazilian couple was in awe how all this meat disappeared inside her arse. “Oh, isn’t that blonde a hot chick, she’s such a horny pornstar. I wish I could get in between her legs,” the young woman said, while her man was taking her from behind.The couples’ plasma screen showed the brunette standing on the opposite side of the bench, slowly lifting her dress and sliding her panties off to reveal a neatly trimmed crotch with dark pubes. She moved onto the bench and pushed the blond girl’s face deep into her hot pussy. They saw a close-up of the blonde, frantically delving into the brunette’s pink hole. Grace heard the woman egging her man on; “Oh, isn’t she a hot fuck Joe… oh, her tongue is driving me crazy. Fuck her arse Joe, fuck her hard.”Grace stopped for a moment and looked straight at the camera. The Brazilian couple saw her face close-up, wet and aroused, her eyes glazed, moaning loudly as she ate the brunette while getting arse-fucked at the same time. They heard the beat of the music, mixed with the moaning and panting of the horny blonde pornstar.Grace looked up as she felt how the man was about to come. She braced herself as he roughly assaulted her throbbing anus, his panting becoming more incessant. She suddenly felt him grabbing her hips and tightly latching on. He screamed, his face contorted when his hot liquid spurted into her cavity walls. In the building people saw on screens a shot from behind the man. His wet cock slowly popped out of Grace’s anus, hanging vertically down between her arse cheeks, still shooting sperm down her crotch. The white goo slowly ran down, coating her short pubic hair on both sides of her gaping pink slit.The brunette moved away from her face. A bystander groped the woman and managed to get in between her legs while Grace moved off the white bench. She hadn’t come yet. Her naked body craved a release but she probably wouldn’t find it here. She tried to steady herself on her feet. A few of the voyeurs helped her but took advantage of her naked, confused state. Their hands were groping her, their fingers searching for holes between her legs.She squatted and pushed her arse up, felt fingers pushing into her red anus and vagina, and threw hear head back. She so wanted to give in. Then she made eye contact with Irene who gestured her to leave the studio. Grace fended off the hands and fingers and went to the studio door. She hesitated. She was stark naked and felt vulnerable. She’d only been in this state in the studio. Now she was expected to walk naked down the corridors of the building between all the people out there. She hesitated and looked behind her. Irene, who was collecting her clothes and shoes, saw her hesitation and sternly pointed to the door.Grace took a deep breath, opened the door and stepped naked outside into the long, dimly lit corridor. She looked around. A few people were standing nearby. They turned their heads and checked out her naked body. Grace blushed as she saw them focusing their eyes on her crotch. She avoided their gaze, and started slowly moving down the hallway. Some sperm ran out of her anus down her legs while she slowly walked towards the end of the long corridor. She past by two men in tuxedo’s who grabbed her arm and blatantly grabbed her crotch. She tried to fend them off but succumbed to the many fingers that found their way in between her blond pubes, pushing in between her red pussy lips. She leaned with her shoulders against the wall pushing her midriff forward and upward. “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she moaned as she balanced her wide spread legs on her tows. She almost left the ground when the men forcefully finger-fucked her. Irene was behind her filming it all but urged her to move on. She knew how easily distracted she was.Grace fended of the men and move down the corridor, now more comfortable with her nakedness. She felt the lush carpet under her bare feet. She felt free without her clothes, and became emboldened. While walking she squeezed her hard breasts with one hand while fingering her clit with the other. She went past several other guests, some male, some female. They were like voyeurs; they ogled her, looked between her legs. She accommodated them by exposing herself. She would slowly turn around to give them time to look or squatted slightly while placing one leg on a chair as she was leaning against the wall for a detailed view of her open vagina. “God, this is fuckin’ sexy, such a turn-on. I’m exposing my private parts to total strangers. They’re checking out my crotch and I’m absolutely loving it,” she thought.She finally came to the T-section at the bahis siteleri end. When she came closer she noticed a black man in a tuxedo sitting on a red couch. From where he sat he could see down two corridors at the same time. She stood stark naked against a wall fingering her slit, watching him. She knew instinctively this was a situation Irene set up. She was going to fuck another stranger. The man winked her over and pointed at his zipper.Irene filmed from a distance as Grace slowly kneeled in front of him with her knees spread wide, pushing her arse up. Her fingers carefully opened his pants and pulled out his black cock. She placed her lips around his knob and started to move her head up and down the shaft, sucking the warm rubbery meat of his dickhead. After a few minutes she stopped and looked down the corridors. Several people were watching, some at a distance, some only meters away. She placed herself in front of the man with her back towards him and squatted with one leg on the couch. She leaned backwards, resting on her arms behind her. She spread her legs as wide as possible before sinking her slit over the black knob. Voyeurs saw how the man’s long black meat slowly pushed itself into Grace’s red slit, disappearing inside her body. Her blond pubic hair made for great contrast. Grace pushed her chest up and threw her head backwards. She felt the hot pole deep inside, rubbing against her inner walls. She wanted it badly and started to ride it furiously.She opened her eyes and looked at the crowd that had gathered to watch. They were quietly sipping champagne while enjoying Grace’s live show. She saw herself live close-up on one of the plasma screens. “Oh, yeah, watch me, look at my hot flesh, look at me fuck,’ she whispered.A girl from apparent North African decent separated from the crowd. She was a tall slim twenty year old with short black curly hair, immaculately dressed in a black skirt and brown button blouse. Grace watched as she moved in front of her. She put her champagne glass and bottle on the floor and started to unbutton her blouse. She slowly slipped off the garment and opened the zip of her skirt on her hip. It also dropped on the floor revealing her black bra and g-string.Grace was still riding the man’s long black cock and was close to coming. She saw the woman pick up her champagne flute and suddenly realized what was coming. She threw her head back and pushed up her chest. To the delight of the voyeurs the woman poured the champagne over Grace’s chest emptying half the bottle. It bubbled and cascaded down the front of Grace’s body into her pubic hair and down the man’s long cock.“Oh fuckin’ hell, Oooh fuck,” she moaned loudly. “That’s fuckin’ brilliant!” She upped the tempo and finally got the release she so craved for. She lifted her body off the man’s cock. The crowd heard her pant and moan, saw her face contort, her body cramp up as she blasted hot liquid out of her slit, moisture dripping down the man’s long pole.Grace was still shaking when she got off the man to be immediately ambushed by the woman. She moved on the couch, her legs wide, squatting over Grace. Her g-string was close to Grace’s face when she slowly unlocked a clip on her hip, pealing away the fabric. She had short black hair around her black pussy lips. Her hand guided the back of Grace’s head as she pushed her face into her slit. Grace’s lips locked onto her opening, her tongue going deep inside her pink meat, her pubes pushing into Grace’s face.She loved the way Grace ate her and moaned loudly while taking off her bra revealing her small flat but firm tits. “Oh yeah, eat me baby. Eat me. Your such a hot fuck.”She got off Grace, kissed her long and deep on the mouth and went on the sofa on her back with her legs wide. Grace went on top of her, burying her head in her crotch. The woman pushed Grace’s buttocks aside to open her slit a bit more and buried her nose and lips inside her opening. Grace felt her warm breath, her nose and wet tongue flicking inside her body. She closed her eyes, squealed and loved every second of it.Suddenly she felt something cold pushing against her anal ring. She looked up behind her and what she saw shocked her. She saw the woman take the half-full, sleek, long-necked champagne flute from the floor and tried to push it into her anus.“Oh no, no, no please, please don’t put in there,” she begged.She tried to move her arse but the woman held on tight. The voyeurs loved it and encouraged the woman, as she pushed the flute’s opening against Grace’s anal ring. Grace knew she couldn’t prevent it from happening so she decided to accommodate it to lessen the impact. She threw her head up high as she arched her back and spread her legs wider. With one hand she pulled aside her buttocks, creating more space for the bottle. The woman pushed the head of the flute through her anal ring and gradually worked the bottle deeper inside Grace’s anal canal.“Slow, slow, oh God, do it very slowly, careful, careful,” she panted. Grace’s breathing got faster and she moaned loudly as she felt the bottle’s head pushing into her anal canal further and further. Then the tipping point came. The voyeurs saw how the bottle tilted over and half a bottle of champagne rushed inside her abdomen. “Oooh shiiit!, Fuckin’ hell,” Grace screamed as she felt the full effects of the running liquid, and the woman started to pump the long neck bottle in and out of her stretched arse. Champagne got pushed out of Grace’s anus into the mouth of the woman. Some of it sprayed over the woman’s face and into her hair. It drenched the sofa and the carpet. Irene got a close-up of the action that was instantly fed onto the tv-screens throughout the building.After minutes of hard pumping the woman slowly pulled out the flute. She immediately put her mouth on Grace’s anus to catch the champagne. The rush really started when Grace up righted herself, pulling aside one of her butt cheeks to accommodate her. She didn’t catch everything. Some of it flowed down her face and body onto the sofa. When both of them moved into a bedroom to shower, champagne was still trickling from the depths of Grace’s anal canal out of her anus down along her legs.Irene was very happy with the footage so far. This was another viewer request down, only a few to go. The voyeurs dispersed as she went into the bedroom and handed the girls their clothes and shoes. The girls meanwhile got to know each other. Grace found out that her name was Zarah. She was French-Moroccan and spoke a little bit of English. She liked her half-long black curly hair. It looked pretty cool. It was around midnight.The girls got dressed, went down the corridor, and eventually arrived at the ballroom. The space was dimly lit and the curtains were closed. There were three round beds, around 2.5meter in diameter. Semi-transparent red fabric hung from the ceiling surrounding the beds. Voyeuristic single men, women and couples were standing around or sitting on couches, watching and sipping champagne. Grace moved in between the beds and could see and hear bodies moving behind the fabric. One podium was slightly higher. In between the fabric she saw a woman on all fours, with her legs spread wide, being furiously taken from behind. Men lined up to ravage her red holes one after the other. A girl, standing beside her, regularly lubed her up. She had an excellent view of the other round beds and clearly relished the erotic experience. Her eyes half-closed, her body moved in rhythm with the cocks banging inside of her. The beat of sensual music mixed with the sounds and smells of wild sex.Grace watched Zarah from afar. The dark skinned girl was clearly aroused by what she saw on one of the beds. Grace had a look herself. Behind the fabric a woman and two men were deeply entangled, their naked bodies moving into each other. “Why don’t you go in between them, Zarah? I know you want it badly. I want to watch your hot naked body in there.” Grace’s whispering in her ear forced her to act. She watched from a distance as Zahra stood in front of the bed, slowly unbuttoning her top. The three looked up and watched Zahra strip. She stared at them as her skirt fell to the ground. As she unclipped the back of her bra, a hand reached out from the bed, feeling her in between her legs. She opened the side of her g-string and slid in between the people behind the fabric. While on her back she opened her legs wide. Mouths, tongues, hands and fingers roamed her dark body, over her chest, down her flat stomach into her black pubic hair, delving into her wet pink opening. The other girl sucked her nipples while fingering her pink clit. One of the men moved in between her wide-open legs, pushing his hard cock deep inside her black slit. She let out a squeal, looked past him with horny eyes and noticed two other men in tuxedos. They were watching her hot contorting body güvenilir bahis while slowly sliding off their trousers. She knew they were coming for her but was already too aroused to care.A horny Grace watched how the men joined in and six bodies entangled themselves like wild moving worms behind the red fabric. Zahra’s dark skin stood out between the others as the men pushed their cocks inside the two girls, one after the other. Grace heard how she panted and moaned as hands squeezed and fingered her sensitive parts. She watched with intent when she saw the men spasm and grunt as they came, their strands of white sperm contrasting with Zahra’s dark skin.Some men left and new ones joined. Grace left Zahra as she exposed herself to onlookers and wildly mated with her new partners. She wandered to the other side of the ballroom, Irene with her camera following in her wake.On the other bed a similar scene was unfolding. Grace sipped from her champagne glass while watching three women and two men on top of each other behind the semi-transparent fabric. Irene saw through her lens how Grace ventured closer to the bed. Hands reached out for her, caressing her legs, trying to reach higher. She accommodated and kneeled on the edge of the bed with her knees spread wide. As she sipped from her champagne glass, hands reached under her black mini dress. She closed her eyes and moaned as fingers rubbed her crotch through her wet panties. One of the women tried to kiss her on the mouth but Grace backed away. “Not yet, not yet. Maybe later,” she whispered, laying her finger on the woman’s lips, caressing her messed up hair.She got up from the bed and turned around. Two older couples were sitting on a large couch enjoying their champagne, watching Grace’s little foray on the bed. She slowly moved in front of them and handed her empty glass to one of the ladies. She sat on the edge of the couch between the couples and pointed to the zipper on her back. One of the ladies smiled and nodded. Grace felt how she reached out and slowly pulled the zipper down. She got up and slipped the dress off her shoulders, then turned around and exposed herself to the couples in her tiny white underwear. She looked at them while she took off her bra, showing off her small hard breasts. She then kicked off her shoes. They clearly loved the look of this almost naked hot blond chick.Barefoot she came closer. In front of one of the ladies she planted one leg on the couch, spreading her legs while slightly squatting. “Please help yourself,” she whispered softly. The woman slowly undid the tiny panty-clip on Grace’s hip, and pulled the white fabric aside, giving her a close-up view of the blond pubic hair around her wet opening. Grace planted her foot deep into the couch, her crotch being right above the woman’s face. She ran her fingers down Grace’s stomach, hooking them into her slit. “Oh God, yeah, it’s all yours. Go deep into me, this is all soo fuckin’ horny.” Grace’s brain ran riot as she moved her hips, her wetness flooding those probing fingers.Irene filmed her as the woman’s lips closed over her slit, her tongue sliding in between her pussy lips. The second couple now also got involved. The female was behind the couch. Her hand held the back of Grace’s head as she planted her open mouth on Grace’s. Her tongue went deep inside, their salivas where mixing. “Oh my, what a gorgeous chick. She’s such a hot piece of meat. I could eat her all night.” Her hands roamed the front of her body, squeezing her tits, her fingers running down in between her legs. Her man was behind Grace. While the girls were eating her tanned meat from the front and below, she felt something hot and hard pushing against her anus. With one hand she pushed open one of her buttocks. She threw her head back and gasped with half-closed eyes as she felt the man’s hot cock pushing through her anal ring. “Oh, yeah, fuck my arse, oh God, fuck my horny arse.” She was panting and moaning as she felt his dickhead pushing further inside her, moving up her anal canal. The man dropped back on the couch with his cock still into Grace, taking her with him. She leaned back, and spread her legs wide while she rode his cock with her anus. Irene filmed her blond pubic hair and zoomed into her open slit. The woman, who had been underneath her, ran her hands over Grace’s stomach and tits, squeezing and rubbing while sucking her nipples. Her fingers slid down into the pubic hair between Grace’s pussy lips, opening up her slit for the camera.The second man sitting on the couch had so far enjoyed the view, but couldn’t stand it any longer. He placed himself between her wide spread legs and pushed his hard cock up her slit. Uni student Grace Worthington gasped and moaned loudly as she was double penetrated for the first time.Her stretched openings were fully filled with rubbing meat. The man’s pounding cock was tormenting her clit, while her anal ring was hot and throbbing. She threw her head back and moaned and panted. “Oh shit, fuckin’ horny, so horny,” she murmured as she felt hot cocks pushing inside her and groping hands all over her body. The woman behind the couch kissed and sucked Grace’s mouth and neck. Four people ravaged Grace’s body at the same time. The men started to grunt louder and cramped up. The one at the front pulled his cock out and shot his sperm high up Grace’s stomach. It ran down back into her pubic hair as one of the women smeared it all over her torso. The man behind her moaned and grunted as she felt his hot liquid shooting up her anal canal. Grace was wobbly on her feet when she got up. She was covered in sperm and looked like a mess. The women saw white liquid dripping out of her anus as she slowly stumbled. One of the women got to her aid and took her hand. “I know exactly the place for a hot girl like you,” she whispered. She led Grace up the highest round bed and left her there. Grace stood up and squatted, fingering her slit while watching the wild orgy in front of her. “Oh yeah, watch me, look at my horny slit, look at me.” Her brain went into overdrive as she exposed herself up there.She noticed a black, naked stranger waiting behind her, rubbing his hard cock, watching her. She slowly went down on all fours, spreading her legs wide and pushing her arse up like a dog in heat. She looked over her shoulder while crawling backwards. “Fuck me, please fuck me,” she begged the man offering her red open holes. He hesitated and looked at her. “Any hole anywhere, just stab it in hard,” she whispered to him while pulling away her buttocks with one hand. The man kneeled and grabbed her hips. She felt the hard meat pushing into her. She really didn’t care where it went anymore; she needed it soo badly it became all a blur. She heard the man’s panting, moaning, grunting and felt his hot liquid splashing all over her back, running down her arse crack. Over the next hour a multitude of cocks pounded her holes in between her smal hard butt cheeks, her tanned body shook and contorted with every onslaught, her hair, her back and her buttocks dripping with sperm. Onlookers watched her up there with her eyes half-closed and her mouth open, panting, moaning, screaming, begging for more as white and black men shoved their cocks into her raw throbbing holes.Covered in sweat and hot sperm, she was public meat, to be used by everybody in the room till early in the morning. She was fucking for all to see live on the website and TV-screens, showing off her sperm covered body as Irene kept on filming her exploits.A few days later, while at Uni, images of that night at The Estate still roamed through her mind. After the party she had trouble walking for a few days and stayed in her room, pretending to have the flu. It took a few days for her slit and anus to recover. She frantically masturbated at night when the images came back in her sleep and squeezed her legs during the day at the mere thought of it. While in the library she received an envelope from Irene. In it was a letter with a site address and access code. She went to her room, took out her laptop, and logged on to the net.There she saw reruns of herself, Uni student Grace Worthington, with her legs spread wide in hardcore porn, fucking dozens of people that night at The Estate. She saw confronting close-ups of her red open cum-stained vagina and wide shots of her in piles of contorting sweaty bodies. It was a huge turn-on for her. She opened her jeans and fingered herself while watching her laptop screen. She watched footage of groups of men taking her in every possible way and position. Her face appeared in a close-up. Her hair was a mess, her face contorted, red, sweaty, moaning, screaming. She looked at the visitor counter on the home page. 40000 people, and counting, had seen her stark naked in depraved action so far.The site and the magazine (part 8) were her darkest secrets. Her parents and fellow students were never allowed to find out. It would destroy her. She closed her laptop and went back to the library. Her science papers needed to be finished by tomorrow. If only she would manage to concentrate…