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Grande!It was a classic case of teenage stupidity. Ariana Grande and her friends had gone out shopping at the mall, and while there thought it would be amusing to see if they could get away with stealing some clothes. Naturally, the store detective had stopped them on the way out, and the next thing they knew they were in the back office being questioned by the authorities while waiting for the police to arrive.Fortunately for them, the officer in charge recognized who they were, and taking pity on them, gave them a stern warning before driving them home. I had been staying at the house for just a few short days, with intentions of seeing out the weekend before saying goodbye to the family and heading up the west coast to my home in Petaluma.It was sheer luck that Ariana’s folks were out visiting family across town when she arrived home with the officer.”What’s going on?” I said answering the door.”Are you a parent or guardian?” the female officer asked.”Yes. She’s my niece.” I replied. “Her folks will be home in a few hours.”The policewoman then went on to explain what had occurred and how Ariana would be made to pay a substantial fine.”Well, thank you for bringing it to my attention.” I said. “I’ll let her mother know.””Please do.” the officer stated. “Miss Grande and her friends got off very lightly in my opinion.””No, you’re right. Thank you again.”Without saying a word, Ariana pushed her way by me and marched up to her room as I waited for the officer to leave before I shut the front door and followed my troublesome niece upstairs, knocking on her bedroom door and waiting for her to answer. As expected she did not respond, but nevertheless, I helped myself inside.”Hey! Get out!” she exclaimed, as she swiftly dashed from her position at the window and attempted to put out her cigarette.It seemed on top of everything else, I had caught her smoking in her room.”Wow.” I laughed. “This just isn’t your day today, huh?””Leave me alone!” she exclaimed. “It’s got nothing to do with you, Uncle Mike.”Obviously I refused to leave, and as I shut the bedroom door behind me, I turned to see her spray air freshener around the room, trying to disguise the scent of cigarette smoke. I had to laugh at her futile attempts, but more importantly, I took the opportunity to notice her outfit, or lack thereof.It seemed Ariana had changed into something more comfortable, which now consisted of a tiny singlet t-shirt and lace boy shorts. With her makeup still on and her long fuchsia-red hair tied back into a ponytail, caused her to look considerable older than her actual age. Noting this, I was sure that in her current state her mom would definitely disapprove of her current attire, and moreover my presents in her bedroom considering how “naked” she was.It was then as I stood contemplating this that I inadvertently found myself glaring directly at her erect nipples. It was either very cold or she was extremely excited about something.”So… are you going to tell mom?” she bluntly asked me.”Tell her about what?” I quipped, “About the smoking or the shop lifting?”Ariana simply rolled her eyes as she wandered back to the window to help herself to another drag of her cigarette. It was evident to me that she couldn’t care less about what I thought, or what I might say to her mother. I guess she just assumed I was a push over and that she could flirt her way out of it. She was wrong… for the most part.”What has gotten into you lately, Ariana?” I said as she confidently blew out the cigarette smoke. “Are trying to provoke me?””No.” she giggled. “Not at all.””What is it then? Are you trying to become the next Lindsay Lohan?””Don’t be ridiculous, Uncle Mike. I’m just having a little fun. Didn’t you have some fun when you were my age?””Yes, but…””But what?” she interrupted. “I supposed it was OK for you and mom to make mistakes when you were young, but not alright for me?”She had a point. And when I thought back to how her mother, my sister, used to behavior at her age, Ariana was practically angelic compared to her.”Come on Uncle Mike, can’t you just keep this between us?” she said in a little girl voice. “Mom doesn’t have to know anything?”She was turning on all the innocence and charm she could muster, and for a moment I actually considered letting her off the hook. Dressed the way she was and looking as good as she did, it was so very difficult to say no to her, but at the very last moment I saw through her ruse. The little bitch was actually trying to flirt her way out of it.Just then, Ariana turned to put her cigarettes away in her desk drawer, and as she bent over she intentionally flaunted her tight round butt at me, making my eyes grow wide and my cock twitch in my pants as I detected the visible camel toe.”Jesus Christ.” I thought, as I noted just how incredibly tight her panties were. The almost seemed painted on!I could practically make out every groove of her teenage vagina.Damn she had a hot little box on her, not to mention a tight athletic body, and she sure knew how to use it. Ariana might have been incredibly naïve, but she was sure intuitive. She full well knew the affect she was having on me, and instead of being shrewd or embarrassed about it, she seemed to encourage my leering.Pausing for a moment, a lewd thought suddenly crossed my mind as I began to wonder if she in fact was still a virgin. Watching her saunter around the room half undressed, I suspected she was not and the next series of images that filled my mind involved thoughts of her engaged in various sex act, and positions.I started to wonder how she had been taken her very first time, and how many times since then had she had sex. I even began to wondered if she enjoyed giving and/or receiving oral, and if she had been adventures enough to try something as daring as anal. Judging by her recent behavior, something told me that nothing was off limits for her.This notion in particular really excited me. It was during this time that I shook my head and felt ashamed of myself, which in turn only strengthened my resolve. I hated her for making me think this way, and I intended to pay her back in spades.”Are you k**ding?” I snickered. “Keep this between us?”I added. “Of course I’m going to tell your mother everything! What kind of brother would I be if I didn’t tell her what her wayward daughter was up to?””But Uncle Mike!” she whined.”Sweetheart, there is no excuse for what you did today.” I told her. “It’s pretty damn serious. I mean you’re a goddamn television star now. You have no excuse.”Ariana pouted, as my eyes immediately drifted to her chest once again and to my surprise her nipples seemed to strain even harder than before. I couldn’t believe the size of them. They were the size hiltonbet giriş of pencil erasers, and dark in nature. She had to know how obscenely erect they were.”You’re just lucky that cop was a fan of the show.” I reminded her. “Otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation, and you’d be sitting in a holding cell right now.”I knew that that part was probably untrue, but I wanted to scare her a little, keep her off balance.”No, you did a very bad thing.” I went on. “And I’m sure your mother is going to punish you severely for it.”I let the words sink in, and watched as her eyes began to well up in tears as she realized that she would be receiving no mercy from me. I waited, watching her get more and more anxious, before I spoke again.”Unless of course…” I trailed off, as if I was contemplating something.A spark of hope blossomed in my nieces dark eyes.”Unless what? Unless what Uncle Mike? Tell me?” she pleaded.I suppressed the smile that wanted to give away my serious face.”Well… I suppose I could punish you here, right now, myself?”Ariana looked confused.”I know what I would do with you if I were your father, and if you’re willing to take your punishment, then maybe your mother doesn’t have to know.””You’re going to punish me?” she giggled.Once again she apparently assumed that I was a push over.”How are you going to punish me, Uncle Mike?” she added seductively.”Well, in my opinion I think you need to be spanked.” I stated, looking straight into her eyes to let her know how deadly serious I was.Ariana was expressionless.”I know your mother would probably take away your car, or ground you for a few days, but I’m of the opinion that a few smacks across your butt would go a lot further toward making you think twice about the consequences.”I could tell from the grin on her face that she still thought I was just k**ding. But her smile eventually faded away as she realized I was not joking.”But it’s your choice, young lady.” I continued. “You can either take your punishment from me, here and now, or we can wait for your mom to arrive home and I tell her everything.”I let her ponder for a moment as I took a seat on the edge of her messy bed.”So, what’s it going to be?”She lowered her gaze in shame and after several moments of silence finally whispered her answer.”Spanking…””Excuse me?” I stated loudly. “What did you say?””Spanking.” she repeated meekly. “You can spank me, Uncle Mike.”I felt my cock twitch in my pants at the mere notion.”OK, come here.” I instructed in my best authoritative tone. “I want you to lie on your stomach across my lap.”Ariana shrugged her shoulder before she put down her cigarette and slowly wandered over and moved into position, lying directly across my lap with her butt in position. It was only now that I admired how intricately pretty her red lace boy-shorts were. They were almost see-thru. Beneath her belly I was sure she could feel my raging erection. A shiver of anticipation crept over me as I realized that she had relinquished all control over to me.Was I really going to take advantage of her in this way? I mused.I was conflicted and confused, but also incredibly aroused beyond belief. Placing my hand on the small of her back, I reveled in the feel of her soft tender skin and the roundness of her butt. My eyes glazed over with lust, as I moved my hand gingerly down the length of her body and rested it on the back of her thigh, feeling her warm flesh.She was hot to the touch. I was amazed by her naivety, and expected her to stop and resist me at any time, but she never did. Instead she simply played along and seemed eager to please. Slowly I slid my hand upward and I let the palm of my hand rest on the cheek of her right buttocks for several moments, my breathing shallow, reveling in the sight and feel of my niece’s supple skin.”OK, so I’m going to give you twenty swats.” I explained. “And I want you to count each of them out to me.”Just then, a devious thought crossed my mind and I immediately added, “Also, I want you to thank me for each one. Do you understand?””Thank you?” she protested.”Accept, or the deal is off.” I threatened.”OK, OK.” she replied, rolling her eyes.”We have a deal?” I ensured.”Yes, Uncle Mike.” she reluctantly agreed, her voice barely audible, “Whatever you say.””Now if you fail to count one, there’ll be two more to replace it, so count loud. I want to hear you.”She groaned her consent, acutely aware of my hand on her butt.”Yes, Uncle Mike.”With that I lifted my hand, held it in the air for a long second, savoring the way she tensed up in anticipation and began her punishment.*SMACK!*”Ahhh! Ow!” she gasped in shock, squirming on my lap.My hand had landed on her left cheek, and even though it was through her panties it still stung.”Ow what, Ariana?””One.” she announced.”And?””T—Thank you, Uncle Mike.” she stammered.”Good girl. That’s the first and last time I’ll remind you.”*SMACK!*”T—Two,” she stuttered. “Thank you, Uncle Mike!”*SMACK!*And so it went.I let my hand fall in measured blows across her luscious teen ass, and with each time I let my hand linger for an extra moment to caress her behind. I don’t mind admitting that I was rock hard during this period and I knew she could feel my throbbing erection straining at her belly.On the sixth swat I let my fingers slip between her legs ever so briefly, my forefinger lightly grazing against her panty-clad crotch. Ariana shivered, and whispered her thank you this time, before I felt her u*********sly part her knees just a little, permitting me further access to her teenage sex.*SMACK!*The seventh swat landed, and again my hand caressed her firm teenage ass, my fingers gliding between her legs before massaging her reddened cheeks. When I caressed her pussy this time a bolt of electricity seemed to spasm through her entire body, and she felt the unmistakable signs of her pussy beginning to flood.”S—Seven!” she murmured, “Thank you, Uncle Mike.”Just like her, I was breathing heavily now.”You’ve been a very bad girl, haven’t you Ariana?”*SMACK!*”Ow! Yes. I’ve been bad, Uncle Mike.” she panted. “I’ve been very, very bad.”My fingers now rested between her legs, urging her thighs to spread a little further apart which they did. My knuckles applied slight pressure to her pussy as I felt the unmistakable sensation of moisture. Reluctantly, I raised my hand from her clam and readied to smack her again, and grinned slyly to myself as I noticed her hips shifting slightly. She was actually getting off on it!”Yes indeed.” I groaned. “You’ve been very naughty, haven’t you?””Yes. I’ve been naughty, Uncle Mike!” she panted, her hips now grinding in a circular motion.Her breathing was coming in sharp gasps while her body seemed hiltonbet yeni giriş to have a mind of its own.”You forgot to count, Ariana. You’ll get two more at the end.”*SMACK!*”I’m sorry!” she gasped. “Eight! Thank you, Uncle Mike.”Ariana could feel her panties sticking to her now, molding against her moist pussy lips, outlining them. The stinging in her butt was sharp and hot, but instead of dreading the next swat, she found herself anticipating it, waiting anxiously for it.”Please.” she let out, to which I happily obliged.*SMACK!*”Oh!”My wayward niece then glanced over her shoulder and flashed me an extraordinary seductive glare.”Tell me, again.” I demanded, this time letting my hand blatantly stroke and cup her now sodden wet crotch, forcing her legs wider, and finding her clit with the tip of my middle finger.I could feel her clitoris, her love-button hard and engorged beneath my digit.”Tell me what a naughty girl you’ve been!””Ahhh! Nine!” she let out. “Thank you, Uncle Mike! I’ve been naughty. I’ve been a very bad girl. Oh I’ve been so bad!””I know you have, sweetheart. You’ve been such a little tease, haven’t you?”*SMACK!*”Ten! Yes. Thank you, Uncle Mike! Yes, I’ve been a bad girl. I’ve been a tease. I’m sorry, Uncle Mike! I like it… I like being a tease.”The crotch of her boy-short panties were now soaked through, as was my hand. Any pretense that this was about her shoplifting crime was long gone. She felt the last shreds of her resistance slip away as I now openly fondled her ass and caressed her **** between strikes. Massaging her inner thighs, I allowed my fingers to slip inside the leggings of her lacy panties and moaned inwardly as I discovered first hand just how wet she in fact was.Her **** was on fire, as every touch of my hand sent a wave of pleasure coursing through her young body.*SMACK!*”You’re a dirty girl, Ariana. I think you like being punished. I think you enjoy having your tight little ass smacked, don’t you?””Eleven! Thank you, Uncle Mike!” she whimpered. “I am. I am a dirty girl, Uncle Mike. I need to be punished!”*SMACK!*Her entire body was alive with tension, every nerve aflame. Her pussy ached and her nipples strained to be free. When my hand found her clit after the twelfth stroke, she simply exploded.”Ghaaa!” she screamed aloud, writhing wildly in my lap as her orgasm ripped through her.Her pussy flooded with juices, and her already soaking panties became wetter still. The insides of her thighs began to shine with her moisture as I kept my hand there, cupping her young ****, pressing against it until her orgasm subsided.”Ariana?” I cautioned. “What number was that?””Twe… Twelve?” she stated breathlessly, her face flushed red. “Thank you, Uncle Mike. Thank you so much.”Thirteen, f******n, and fifteen were called out, and in between every swat I would coax her to talk even dirtier than before, each time rewarding her with a generous stroke of her dripping pussy. “You’re such a little slut, you know that?” I hissed while rubbing her sweet twat with my fingers, “Such a sexy little slut.””Oh yes, Uncle Mike.” she cooed, her body grinding and undulating over me, urging me on.”You’re my dirty little slut, isn’t that right?””Yes.” she replied, her voice quivering. “I’m your dirty little slut, Uncle Mike! I like it!””Are you going to cum for me again, huh?””Yes. God yes!” she moaned. “I’m gonna cum again, Uncle Mike. I’m gonna cum for you!””Good girl. Only good little whores come again and again.” I groaned. “Are you a ****ing little whore?””Yes.”Between the spanks and the talk, and the sheer exquisiteness of surrendering herself completely over to me, Ariana did cum again, gasping and crying out loud as pleasure wracked her young body. After the fifteenth swat, and her second orgasm, I paused to catch my/our breath.”Seven more to go, Ariana,” I reminded her. “Five of the original twenty, and two more for forgetting to count. These seven will be done on your bare butt.”Ariana sighed as I hooked my fingers under the elastic of her panties and slowly pulled them down to her knees. To my delight they clung to her pussy, and it took an extra effort from her to peel them down her thighs.”Wait,” I suddenly said. “Don’t take them completely off. Leave them around your knees.”I glanced down to admire the scene before me, the extraordinary vision of her bare naked butt and slightly reddened cheeks. Her hips were still wiggling slightly, grinding again me. Her drenched panties were now bunched up around her knees, as the strong musky scent of her dripping sex filled the bedroom.Lost in the moment, I had to fight my carnal urges to just throw her on her bed and **** the ever-loving **** out of her.*SMACK!*My hand came down on her naked buttocks and unlike before stung her sharply, so much so that it made her body jerk in a mixture of pleasure and pain.”OW!” she let out instinctively. “Sixteen! Thank you, Uncle Mike!”Her ass was sore and tender, and without the protection of her panties was magnified, yet a rush of pure lust surged through her. Finally, I soothed her with long tender caresses of her pussy, gliding my fingers up and down her naked slit, finding her clit, and brushing the tips of my fingers through her sparse, dark pubic hair.”Hmm, such a pretty little pussy…” I whispered as I dipped the very tip of my middle and forefinger between her slippery lips, delving them inside and revealing her inner pink.*SMACK! SMACK!! SMACK!!!*My hand fell three more times in quick succession, taking her breath away and causing her to arch her back sharply.”Ugh! Please!” she let out. “Thank you, Uncle Mike.”She writhed and moaned uncontrollably on my lap, her pussy seeping onto an ever-widening wet spot she had created on my pants.”You’re such a sexy little whore, Ariana.” I sneered. “You know that, huh?”The sexy young harlot was heading straight toward yet another orgasm, and such was her pleasure that she could barely gasp out the required count and thank you afterwards.”T—Tw—Twenty! T—Th—Thank you, Uncle Mike!” she whimpered, knowing that the end of her spanking was near, yet somehow dreading the thought of its completion.Something about this, being held across my lap, being punished, being fondled and being made to speak such lewd filthy words made it feel so right. Just then, my left hand entwined in her long red ponytail, gripping it tightly and cocking her head back abruptly while my right hand found her sopping wet **** once again. Without warning, I eagerly plunged two of my fingers effortlessly into her constricted depths.”Ugh… ****!” she cussed aloud, surprising me by her course language.Her entire body trembled violently as I quickly found her hymen and massaged it with two hiltonbet güvenilirmi fingers. Her mouth opened in a perfect “O” which I observed through the mirror, but no sound came out. Incredibly aroused, I leaned down close to her ear and whispered sweet nothings into her as I moved my slick digits in and out of her sopping ****, leisurely ****ing her with my hand.”You like that? Is that what you want, huh? You’re my little whore now, aren’t you Ariana?”She could barely breath much less speak.”Yes! I’m your… whore, Uncle Mike.””Say it. Say it again. I want to hear you say it.””I’m your whore! I’m a whore, Uncle Mike.” she moaned lustfully. “A dirty ****ing whore!””Yeah? Does this little whore like getting her pussy fingered?””Yes. She does. I like it… I love your fingers inside me, Uncle Mike. So deep Uncle Mike… you’re so deep!””We’re almost done with your punishment, sweetheart.” I informed her. “Only two more spanks to go. I want to hear you ask me for them. No, I want to hear you beg me for them!””Spank me, Uncle Mike! Oh god, please… SPANK ME!! I’m such a bad girl. I’m such a dirty little whore!”Her voice was a gasping whimper. I pulled at her hair hard, forcing her head back as her words came out in a rush.”Ugh ****! Punish me, Uncle Mike! I’m a bad girl! Yes! Oh god! Oh god! Please spank my ass!”*SMACK!*”UGH! Twenty-one! Thank you! Oh God, thank you Uncle Mike! I’m your whore! I’m your filthy little ****ing whore!””Yes Ariana! Yes you are!” I blared back at her, overcome with lust.Without thinking, I drove my fingers back into her tight wet **** and then withdrew them, stuffing them into my mouth, savoring her essence. My eyes closed as I relished the first fresh taste of her teenage clam. She writhed wildly over my lap, almost humping me now, urging me on. She was bucking wildly back and forth, grinding against my cock, and driving me insane.I knew she was on the verge of climaxing, and I knew I too would not last much longer. Without hesitation I returned my glistening fingers to her hole, moistening them with her gleaming juices before running them from her **** to her tiny butthole, and back again. She nearly lost her mind and cried aloud as I swirled my digits around that puckered rosebud, getting it nice and wet and slick with her own arousal.”Nngh… Uncle Mike?” she gasped in shock surprise. “My ass… that feels so good.””You’re going to cum, aren’t you Ariana? My sexy little whore is going to cum for me, isn’t she?””Yes! Yes!” she answered through gritted teeth.”Then cum right now! Cum for me you ****ing little ****!” I demanded, and with that I impatiently drove my forefinger deep into her virgin butthole.This abrupt action was too much for her to handle, and she almost leapt out of my lap all together. Ariana shrieked out in ecstasy, and if not for my hold on her she would have surely collapsed to the floor. Jerking and thrashing about wildly, she screamed out in rapture as her orgasm washed through her. Fed up, I finally pushed my moaning niece off my lap, forcing her to her knees before me as I got up and stood over her.”You ****ing little whore!” I growled as I proceeded to unbuckle my belt.The entire time, Ariana simply looked up at me expectantly, her face flushed red and her brow perspiring.”Don’t think we’re done just yet.” I snickered. “Now you’re going to please me the way only a good little slut truly can.”As I spoke, I unzipped my jeans and permitted my raging manhood to tumble free just inches away from her beautiful face. She looked absolutely shocked and bewildered by the size and appearance of my large naked cock flesh. Judging from her stunned reaction, I imagined it was the biggest cock she had ever seen.”Open your mouth, baby.” I insisted as I placed my fingers under her chin. “C’mon, open your little whore mouth.”To my delight Ariana happily obliged as I grasped my cock in one hand and her long red ponytail in the other, at long last I buried my seven-inch sword into her warm, wet, teenage mouth.”Mm… yeah that’s it.” I moaned. “Wrap those soft young lips around my pole, sweetheart. Suck it nice and slow.”I gritted my teeth to the warm sensation of her hot mouth and feel of her velvety soft lips.”Jesus Christ.” I remarked to myself. “You were born to such cock baby, you know that?”Ariana simply nodded meekly, her exotic dark eyes glaring up at me, her pretty mouth stuffed full with her uncle’s manhood. I now grasped her head in both hands and began to grind my hips against her pretty face, wiggling them back and forth before I picked up the pace and proceeded to **** her beautiful mouth. Despite my intentions, the vision before me was simply too much for me to handle.The sight of my stunning niece kneeling before me, her eyes wide and her glossy wet lips sliding up and down the length of my pole was all too much. To her credit, Ariana did not miss a beat, and without being instructed sucked me keenly, holding the bell-head of my cock between her luscious lips while her long wet tongue swirled around the tip fastidiously.Gripping the back of her head, I then pivoted her gorgeous face from one side to the other so as my cock would press against the inside of her cheek and create a delectable bulge.”You feel that, honey?” I purred. “You feel that cock filling your hot little mouth?”She simply blinked up at me.”So good… you look so pretty with a hard cock in your mouth.” I added. “You’ve done this before haven’t you? I bet you have too, you little ****!”Ariana did not answer me, but I could tell from the look in her eyes that I was right. The mere notion caused my heart to flutter and my legs to buckle, as she suddenly felt my cock swell up even more than before. Suddenly, it jerked and twitched and I roared aloud as I exploded inside her mouth. Hot salty semen blasted out onto her long extended tongue and into the back of her throat, almost gagging and choking her for a moment.It splashed against the roof of her mouth, and she had no choice but to franticly swallow, just as another load shot out the end of my spewing cock and seeped down her young narrow throat. To her chagrin, this load was only replaced by another syrupy gout, and then another.The poor dear could only glare up at me dumbfounded, her eyes wide and welling up in tears as load after hot sticky load filled her young throat and belly.My entire body stiffened and shook wildly as I ejaculated into my niece’s mouth. My legs almost buckled as my semen dribbled out of the corners of her lips. Ultimately, Ariana caught it with her fingers, and like the good little cocksucker that she was, she keenly sucked it back into her mouth.”Mm yeah, that’s a good girl.” I praised her.I finally released her head and watched as she eagerly licked at her fingers, smacking her wet lips together as she scooped up the remaining traces of semen and swallowed. I stroked her long hair and smiled down at her.”I think we’re done her, sweetheart. I think you’ve learnt your lesson for today?”Ariana grinned, “Yes Uncle Mike. Thank you, again.