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“No,” but she meant yes. It could be heard in her voice, it could be felt in the way her body moved. They slammed into walls, her nails scraping against the paint.

“Yes, oh god, yes,” she breathed and he brought her to the floor. He watched her, he spread her arms above her head, he pushed her leg aside, and she let him.

She arched her back, he held her down and she screamed as he thrust deep inside her. She began collecting bruises along her thighs, her wrists, the places where he made marks. Her knees ached with his solidity, her fingers in his hair, his body forced to be stable as she moved her hips back and forth in a new position. He wrapped his arms around her body, one hand reaching up to grip the back of her neck and the other gripping her butt cheek.

“Tell me you love my dick,” he said against her forehead and she whimpered it into his ear, for it was the truth; it was swollen when he pushed her on her hands and knees, and the wooden floor cooled her skin, it was still hard when she eased it into her mouth, it twitched when she looked up at him. It filled her mouth and she gagged, spit and tried again to keep her throat calm.

He escort bostancı hit her body till she was red, till there were tears in her eyes from the intensity, and she loved it.

“Fuckk…,” he moaned and he began to slowly match her mouth’s rhythm, watching her full lips make his dick disappear. He pushed her head closer to his stomach and she shook, but kept still. There was saliva dripping from his dick and her mouth, and yet she continued.

He could feel her excitement, he inhaled sharply and turned her around. Her butt was beautiful, but was missing a few hand prints, missing a few welts from his belt. He bit it, again and again and again, all over, sending shakes through every one of her muscles.

He kissed her legs open and he slid underneath her.

“No,” she quickly said and tried to roll off, but he kept her positioned, holding her lower body tightly. Her moans were shy, her body was pink with embarrassment, her hands trying to push his off.

“Stop it,” he said angrily. He massaged her breast and pulled her nipple lightly, dragging out a high toned quick cry from her mouth. Her sounds made ümraniye escort him more aroused, the effect she had on him he would never fully explain; it was his secret, and it was his pleasure in knowing.

“Please, please,” she whimpered against the floor and he slipped a finger inside her

“Please!” She gasped as she felt another using its tip to gently massage her asshole. He smiled as he pushed it in, to pair the one in her wet pussy, he smiled as he felt both tighten and he continued to pleasure her with the quick movements of his tongue.

She could barely keep her body up when she climaxed, and when he finally let go of her, she rolled on her side with heavy breaths. He dragged her on top of a side table, positioned right in front of a full length mirror, and he bent her over, his hand covering the middle of her back, the other he used to hold up her leg as he met her perfectly. He spit on the mirror and told her to lick it off. Before she obeyed him, she met his eyes.

“Good girl,” he said and he pulled her hair back in a simple ponytail so he could watch her face, so he could watch her breasts dance in the air with his force. kartal escort bayan Her hand reached to massage his balls and he bit his lip with surprise. Harder and harder, he pushed deep inside her, he made her faces tantalizing and he loved every emotion that radiated from her body. He kissed all over her shoulder blades, and shoulders and neck. She pressed against his chest and his hand was set firmly against the wall right next to the mirror.

She kissed every part of his skin that she could get to, she crept her hand underneath his and they linked fingers tightly.

“Baby…,” her body began to glow and he could feel her heart beat growing fast, he could tell he was driving her crazy.

“Please, baby, cum for me,” she begged as she watched him. She would have to wait. He closed his eyes with the intimacy he felt and the pure physical pleasure.

“Your dick’s so big, I cant take it anymore!” she whimpered with tears flowing down her face, mixing with small beads of sweat. He was violent with his orgasm, clamping onto her neck and holding her hips in position to keep his pace. He kept going, he liked the feeling of cumming in her, and he knew she was going to climax again.

She screamed his name, “oh…., fuck, fuck!”

He kept hold of her, kept thrusting, and wouldn’t stop until she was red all over, until she was vulnerable and all he could see was love and paradise in her eyes.