Grocery store

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Grocery storeI was shopping for groceries when I noticed a man coming down the aisle.I looked at him and he looked me straight in my eyes,we smiled at each other saying Hi.He had these penetrating green eyes that got my attention.We passed and I wondered how to strike up a conversation.I wandered around the store keeping an eye on him and checking him out.He looked older than me but looked like he had a pretty good body. His arms were muscular like he lifts weights.Finally I saw him in an aisle looking confused about something off the shelf.As I approached him he turned and said hi again then asked me “do you know anything about baking?” “Yes I do.I am a great baker.” We talked until finally he asked me to have coffee with him to talk more.I said ” sure I would like that.” I met him at a coffee shop.As we talked about baking he said “you know it would be easier if you just came home with me,” and laughed.It must have been my look that made him say “would you really?” I said “of course I would.” He said “I only live 2 minutes away.” I said “let’s go.” I followed him to his apartment.Once inside he asked me if I wanted some wine,I did,I needed it to relax,I was so nervous.After awhile of talking we got up went to the kitchen to show him something.I was standing by the refrigerator when he pushed me against it and started tempobet yeni giriş to kiss me.He pressed him body against me kissing me softly but with know doubt he was going to take me.Our tongues joined together playing back and forth.His hands were clutching my ass cheeks.He kissed around my face to my ear.How did he know that is my weakness? I melted as he kissed and nibbled my ear lobe.I could feel his pants lumping up pressing against my stomach.He kissed down my neck and I could feel my private area getting moist.As he kissed he started to unbutton my blouse pushing it off my shoulder.I was melting like an ice cube on a hot summer day.He kissed down to my chest reaching around to undo my bra.He lifted my bra and started kissing ,sucking and nibbling my nipples.I touched his growing cock through his pants.It felt pretty big and I wanted it out.I released his belt,button and zipper sliding my hand in his pants feeling his large manhood through his underpants.I was eager to feel it in the flesh so I reached down his pants running my hand down the length of his shaft.Oh my god I wanted it so bad.I pulled his head out of my tits kissing his mouth then squatting down to take his hard tool in my mouth.I ran my lips over his head touching the tip with my tongue. “AHHHHHHHHH” he said.Then I engulfed the tempobet giriş head in my mouth sliding down the length slowly.An even louder “AHHHHHHHHH.” I sucked his cock eagerly until he pulled my head away pulling me up. “Let’s go to the bedroom” he said.I just nodded.We headed for the bedroom removing the rest of our clothes. We stopped at the side of the bed him taking me in his strong arms.He has a magnificent body.We kissed then he pushed me forcefully down on the bed kneeling on the floor spreading my legs wide,kissing my pussy mound softly.I was tingling all over as he worked his tongue between my pussy lips to my clit down to my wet opening.Then he spread my lips burying his mouth into my wet hole extending his tongue into my soft wet hole pushing as deep as he could.He flicked his tongue inside my slick pussy.I jumped as his tongue flicking inside me triggered every nerve making my body twitch with every flick of his tongue.Oh my god I was on the verge of screaming out and had to hold my hands over my mouth screaming into them thrusting my hips up to push him deeper inside me.I exploded inside and couldn’t contain my juices from squirting in his mouth.I was embarrassed but could not stop.My whole body shook as I lowered my hips.” I am so sorry ” I said “I couldn’t stop it.” That was the first time tempobet güvenilirmi I ever squirted and didn’t know that it was possible.He said ” what are you sorry about that was great.Didn’t you enjoy it.” “I did but……….. I never did that before.Is that normal?” He said “well I have only heard that some women can.”He proceeded to stand then lower himself over me touching my pussy with his rock hard cock.He pushed his weight down on me his cock separating my lips.After kissing me awhile he lifted himself and began to slide his cock up and down my pussy.Then after riding my pussy awhile he took his cock and just concentrated on rubbing my clit.The sensations were shooting though my body.He was bringing me to another orgasm and as my muscles tightened preparing for it I could see in his face he was going to cum too.He tensed up and began spueing his hot cum all over my clit .I orgasmed feeling his hot cum running down my pussy. He emptied his cum on to my pussy then rubbed it into my pussy with his cock.He continued rubbing then pushed his still hard cock inside me and started fucking me hard.I spread my legs out and up.He fucked me and fucked me.I could feel my orgasm building again and soon I exploded my whole body shaking in spasms of ecstasy.He continued to drive his cock deep inside me until I felt him unleash another way of his cum.He slowed and I could feel his cum squeezing out around his cock.Another huge load.He laid on top of me in complete exhaustion as was I.When I left I had to sit in my car for about 30 minutes just to calm down.My whole body was still tingling.