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Chapter 41 The next morning, Will greeted everyone with cinnamon rolls and hot cocoa. Charlie and Joey were cuddled up on the couch, under a blanket, watching cartoons. Trevor thanked Will and sat next to Billy at the kitchen table. Billy gave his father a warning look, having been embarrassed enough for a lifetime. Will just smiled and asked if anyone wanted marshmallows for their cocoa. The older boys left around eleven. Will liked how polite and respectful Trevor was. Not that Justin wasn’t, but with Trevor, it just seemed natural. Justin came off as forced, almost as if he were in the military. Will just hoped that Billy handled the situation properly. Will went into the living room and sat in his chair. Charlie leaned against the arm of the couch with Joey between Charlie’s legs and head on his friend’s chest. Neither boy seemed bothered showing their mutual affection in front of the older man, as Charlie absentmindedly stroked Joey’s hair. Will felt bad for what he was about to say, but glad the boys had each other. “Joey,” Will said softly, until Joey turned his gaze to Will. “I’m afraid I have some distressing news about your father.” “What happened?” Joey said. “You father was in a car accident last night,” Will said and waited for the news to sink in. “Is he okay?” “I’m not entirely sure. I do know he went into surgery early this morning. If you want, I can take you to see him later today or tomorrow. Whichever works for you.” Joey thought about it and looked up into Charlie’s deep, brown eyes for reassurance. Charlie kissed Joey’s forehead and said, “I’ll go with you if you want.” “Okay,” Joey said, laying his head on Charlie’s chest once more. To Will, he said, “Can we go later, maybe after dinner?” “I’ll call and ask, but I don’t think that will be a problem,” Will said, getting out his phone. “Wait,” Joey said, with a small note of panic. “If Dad’s in the hospital, does that mean I have to go home alone?” “No, no,” Will replied, “You’ll be staying here till Monday, and then you’ll be staying with Charlie till your father is better.” “Really?” Charlie asked excitedly. “Joey’s moving in with us?” “It’s only temporary,” Will corrected. “We’re not going through another adoption proceeding if that’s what you’re thinking.” “But his dad hits him,” Charlie pleaded. “I don’t think Mr. Bell will be hitting anyone or anything any time soon.” Will excused himself and called the hospital to arrange the visit, and then he called Rick to tell him about Joey’s new living arrangements. “Son of a bitch,” Rick exclaimed, hanging up on Will. “What?” Ry asked as he sat next to his father on the couch. They had been watching a basketball game. Rick explained Joey’s situation and that Will volunteered their place for Joey to stay. “It’s not permanent, though, is it?” “No, but he still should’ve asked first.” “I guess, but it’s not like Joey can stay with Will, and Charlie is coming home on Monday.” “Why do you always have to be the reasonable one?” “I told you; I take after my other dad.” Ry smirked. Rick responded by getting his eldest child in a headlock and giving him a noogie. Later that night, Ry found himself in an awkward position. It was Amanda’s birthday, and her parents let her have a No-Adults-Allowed party. The Tangetti’s bought a lot of alcohol and paid for şişli travesti a DJ. Amanda invited half the school, and demanded that Ry attend. Ry didn’t want to go. He hated crowds, and he didn’t care for most of the people in attendance. He was also uncomfortable with alcohol being present. The last thing Ry wanted to do was get drunk. Thankfully, Billy agreed to go along, though reluctantly, as he wanted to spend more alone time with Trevor. “Babe!” Amanda yelled as she saw Ry walk into the living room. The place was packed with kids. The smell of pot and cigarettes hung in the air; it made him nauseous. What’s more, Amanda had a large cup of something that smelled like sweet rubbing alcohol. “I’m so glad you’re here!” Amanda hugged and kissed Ry till he was able to escape her grasp. “Cool party,” Trevor said. Ry had a hard time telling if Trevor was being sincere or not. “Thanks,” Amanda said. To Ry, she said, “Babe, you need to meet my friend Tyler. You’ll love him!” She grabbed Ry by the wrist and started to drag him away, nearly causing him to fall off balance. “Help,” Ry begged, but Billy just smiled and waved. Billy looked to Trevor and asked, “Wanna get a drink?” “Sure,” Trevor said, taking Billy by the hand. Amanda pulled Ry through a crowd gathered in the family room. Ry offered many apologies as he stepped on several toes and banded his crutch against many shins. “Ta-da!” Amanda said coming to a stop in front of a boy dressed too nicely for a high school party. He wore a navy blue turtleneck under a brown, tweed jacket and matching corduroy slacks. To go with his attire, he had deck shoes and black rimmed glasses. Ry thought the look came off as pompous. Ry looked at his girlfriend questioningly, hoping to convey his awkward confusion at the situation. Amanda sighed heavily and said, “This is Tyler.” Her tone clearly indicated that Ry had to have known who Tyler was, but he honestly had no clue. Frustrated, Amanda snapped. “I literally talk about him all the time. He’s my GBFF.” “Don’t worry about it,” Tyler said, reaching out a hand to Ry. “I’m Tyler.” “Yeah, I think I got that now,” Ry replied, quickly shaking the boy’s hand. Tyler smirked and said to Amanda, “Pas très brillant, n’est-ce pas?” They both chuckled. Annoyed, Ry said, “Je peux parler français, connard. En fait, je suis le premier de ma classe.” Tyler stiffened and avoided Ry’s glare. “Anyway,” He said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.” “Yes, you did,” Ry said. “Otherwise, you would’ve said in English. You’re just too much of a coward to say it to my face.” To Amanda, Ry said, “Happy birthday,” and with that, Ry walked away, ignoring Amanda’s pleas to return. Unable to find Billy and Trevor, Ry found a corner in Mr. Tangetti’s study. What the fuck do I see in her? Ry thought bitterly. Her family are a bunch of assholes, she’s constantly trying to get down my pants, she always has to have her way, her friends suck, and then the yearbook bullshit! There was a sudden crashing sound from somewhere in the house, and then everyone got quiet. Ry, like several others, made their way to the source of the commotion. “What the fuck?” He said, as he pushed his way into the kitchen. A small clearing held a snarling Justin, who was being pinned to the floor by Trevor. Trevor was on top of Justin, and was pinning Justin’s right arm behind Justin’s back. Unlike the enraged Justin, Trevor maintained his usual cool demeanor. “GET OFF OF ME!” Justin shouted. “Not until you calm down and apologize,” Trevor stated. “ME?! APOLOGIZE?!” Justin tried throwing Trevor off of him, but Trevor bent Justin’s arm a little more, causing the jock to cry out in pain. “FINE, FINE! I’M SORRY!” “I’m going to get off of you now,” Trevor said. “If you get froggy again, you’re going right back down, understand?” “Yes,” Justin confirmed through gritted teeth. True to their words, both teens stood up. Ry was certain that Justin was going to go blindside Trevor, but it didn’t happen. “What’s going on?” Demanded a visibly drunk Amanda. “It’s nothing,” Trevor said. “I wouldn’t call stealing my boyfriend nothing.” Justin spat. The crowd predictably “Ooh’d” and “Ahh’d”; Ry just rolled his eyes. “He didn’t steal anyone,” Billy said for the first time. He was on the sidelines beylikdüzü travesti across the room from Ry. “I’m not property, let alone yours. You haven’t talked to me in weeks, so I’ve moved on. Maybe you should do the same.” “You’ve moved on? Funny, since this is the first I’m hearing about it.” “Again,” Billy said, taking Trevor by the hand, “You haven’t talked to me in weeks, so how else would you know.” With that, Billy and Trevor started to make their way through the crowd. “So that’s it, eh?” Justin called out. “Typical Billy Barton. Always cheating on his boyfriends and when caught, you have to pass the buck. I mean, you did the same shit to Ry, so why should I expect anything different?” A cold chill ran down Ry’s spine, as every head in the room turned towards him. If he wasn’t furious, he would’ve ran from the house. “Shut the fuck up, Justin,” Ry snapped. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” “Ry,” Amanda called out, “what the fuck IS he talking about?” “Don’t I?” Justin said, turning on towards the next victim of his rage. “Oh that’s right! You’re too ashamed.” “Shut up, Justin,” Ry growled. “You didn’t want the school to know you used to fuck your brother.” “I’m warning you,” Ry said, his body shaking with anxiety and hatred. To Amanda, Justin said, “Didn’t he tell you that he and Billy used to be a thing in middle school?” Amanda laughed and said, “That wasn’t Billy, moron. Ry’s ex was a boy named Kyle Wells.” “I know,” Justin said patronizingly. “Billy changed his name from Kyle when Ry was adopted.” Shocked, Amanda said to Ry, “Is that true?” Ry didn’t answer. His face was red and tears started to form. He bared his teeth and gripped his crutch so tight it hurt. Without thinking, Ry made his way to Justin, who stood his ground smirking. Ry swiftly jabbed his left first and connected with Justin’s throat. Justin dropped to his knees, gasping for air. Before Justin could make another move, Ry let his right leg give out, and he brought his left elbow down on Justin’s head, using his full weight. Justin face-planted and didn’t move. A trickle of blood ran out from under Justin’s face. He made to punch Justin, but his fist was halted by Trevor’s much stronger grasp. “That’s enough,” Trevor said, calmly. To everyone else, Trevor said, “The party’s over, everyone.” “You can’t do that!” Amanda demanded, stumbling her way towards her boyfriend. “It’s my house and my party.” “And I’m sure the cops will be called once Justin wakes up,” Trevor said. “How well do you think this will go down then?” Unable to even find a drunken argument, Amanda relented to Trevor’s logic and rushed people out of the house. As she did this, Trevor and Billy helped Ry to his feet. Billy and Ry made their way to the living room, while Trevor checked on Justin, who was out cold. “Well,” Tyler said, taking a seat in Mr. Tangetti’s armchair, “that was interesting.” “Shut up,” Billy said. To Ry he said, “Are you alright?” “Are you seriously asking me that?” Ry snapped. “No, I’m not alright. Now everyone knows I dated my brother!” Billy rolled his eyes and said, “You’re adopted. We were dating long before you were adopted. We’re not blood related at all.” “None of that fucking matters, Billy! When will you get it through your fucking head?! We’re brothers! Nobody will care that we’re not blood related!” “Well, I think it’s hot,” Tyler said, dismissively. “Seriously, Tyler…,” Ry warned. “What? I’m just saying that your brother or ex or whatever is right. It’s not like you’re actually related. So people will gossip. Big deal! High school isn’t the world, Ry. You might get looks or see people whispering, but give it some time, and nobody will give a fuck.” “Who are you, again?” Billy asked, as if seeing Tyler for the first time. Just as Tyler was about to introduce himself, Amanda stormed into the room. “Thanks for a wonderful birthday, assholes.” “Amanda, I’m sorry,” Billy said. “I didn’t know Justin was going to be here.” “Why wouldn’t he? I invited both of you, remember?” She turned her fiery gaze towards Ry, “And you! I don’t even know where to start unpacking all of this.” Amanda waved her open palm, dramatically indicating the “Billy-Ry Situation.” “There’s nothing to ‘unpack’,” Ry said, shifting a little istanbul travesti further from Billy. “He and I are long over.” “Clearly,” Billy confirmed. “I’m with Trevor now, and you two are a thing.” “Did you two fuck?” Amanda blurted. The brothers were taken aback, while Tyler leaned in a little closer. “I don’t see how any of that is your business,” Billy said, taking exception to the topic for the first time. “It is my business, as he’s my boyfriend! I think I have a right to know if you two were fucking.” “I’m done here,” Billy said, getting to his feet. To Amanda, he pointedly said, “The previous altercations aside, my love life, past and present, is none of your business. Obviously, your boyfriend, my brother, didn’t want anyone to know, including you. I respected him and his wishes, which I can’t say the same for you, little miss yearbook thief.” “I wouldn’t’ve had the book stolen if your brother had been honest with me from the beginning.” “Well, it says more about your character that he couldn’t tell that than it does about him not saying anything, so think about that one, Princess, before you go off on him.” “What’s that supposed to mean?” Amanda demanded. “It means,” Billy said, bobbing his head in a way that would make RuPaul proud, “that if you were trustworthy enough, Ry would’ve told you, but he clearly doesn’t feel that way…or at least, you haven’t made him feel that he could trust you.” Turning on Ry, Amanda asked, “Is that true? You don’t trust me?” Ry could’ve killed Billy in that moment, but his brother was right. “No, I don’t.” “Why not?!” Amanda demanded, stomping her foot, tears started to fall from her eyes. Ry inhaled deeply and said, “You never listen to me. I asked you to drop this whole thing with Billy months and months ago, but you wouldn’t. I’ve told you I don’t know how many times that I can’t get hard anymore, yet you keep trying to have sex with me. You’re so self-obsessed that I feel more like a pet you parade around instead of your partner. How can I trust someone who doesn’t respect me enough to respect my boundaries? How can I respect someone who treats me like something to be shown off instead of as an equal?” “How can you say that?” Amanda said. “Tyler,” Ry said, looking at the engrossed teen across from him. “Why are you really here?” “Aside from it being my BFF’s birthday?” He replied, “I was promised a threesome.” Amanda shot him a withering look, which was promptly ignored with a passive wave. “That cat’s out of the bag, girl, and she’s got claws.” To Amanda, Ry said, “See? I literally can’t have sex, and I’m not interested in having sex; however, you brought someone I don’t know here to get me in bed. Did you think my problem was that you have a vagina?” “Maybe,” Amanda said. “I thought that we could see if having another guy there might help.” “This is exactly what I’m talking about, Amanda!” Ry moved his hair so everyone could see the scar that ran along his skull. “I have nerve damage. I can’t get hard ever again.” He knew he was lying, but he didn’t see how mentioning that Charlie got him hard would help his case. “I’m never going to have sex again. I don’t know how else to explain it. Apparently, it doesn’t matter how many times I tell you, because you’re just going to ignore everything I have to say.” “I think Justin is going to be okay,” Trevor said from the entrance to the kitchen. Everyone jumped at his words. “Sorry,” he said, walking fully into the room. “He’s just knocked out, but he’ll come around soon enough. I don’t think anything’s broken, except maybe his heart.” Billy felt a little punch to the gut from guilt, but it ended quickly. He was still hurting from the way Justin reacted when Billy said he loved him. Despite Justin’s assertions later, Billy knew deep down that Justin didn’t really love him. He stood, looked at Trevor then to Ry and said, “Ready to go?” “You’re leaving?” Amanda asked, shocked. “You can’t leave. We’re still talking.” “No,” Ry said, accepting Billy’s help getting to his feet, “I think we’re done here.” Hesitantly, Ry reached around his neck and unclasped the silver chain around his neck. “Here. This belongs to you,” and he gave her back his necklace. Amanda took it and clutched it to her chest, as the three boys made their way out the front door. “I’m sorry,” Billy told Ry as they got to Billy’s car. “It was bound to happen sooner or later,” Ry said, opening the back driver’s side door. Billy pulled Ry into his arms and held his brother as Ry began to sob. ***Coming Soon, Chapter 42***