Guest House Ch. 02: Dinner Party

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Thanks for taking the time and reading my stories. This is the second story in the Guest House series. This is one of the shorter pieces in the series and is more of a bridge between the other stories. Feel free to leave a comment, positive or negative, and vote. I hope you enjoy.


Dylan paid the cabbie and headed down the driveway toward the AAA truck. A gruff man, probably in his fifties, stood next to his Honda, clipboard in his hands and was talking to Cindy. She wore tight fitting blue running shorts and a matching sports bra that showed plenty of mid-drift that accentuated her ample breasts.

“So what’s the damage?” Dylan asked as he approached. He was afraid that he needed two new tires and he had spent all his money on getting his new place.

“Nothing,” the man said. “I filled the tires up and there doesn’t seem to be any leaks. Looks like someone let the air out of your tires.”

“Really?” Dylan said and relief washed over him. “That’s great. I really appreciate you coming out here.”

“It’s my job,” he said and handed over the paperwork for Dylan to sign.

He filled it out and handed it back. The AAA driver gave Cindy a curt nod, got in his truck, and slowly backed out of the driveway.

“This is really a good neighborhood but there’s still some unruly boys around here,” Cindy said.

“Don’t worry about it. At least it didn’t cost me anything,” he said.

“Oh, before you leave,” she said. “I want to invite you over for dinner since you declined last night.”

“No problem. I haven’t stopped by Taco Bell yet.”

“I also wanted to extend the invitation to use the weight room and pool whenever you want. The weight room is in the pool house. Do you do yoga?”

“I’ve never tried it. I’m not that flexible.”

“Well some of my friends get together on Monday mornings but other than that, the weight room goes unused.”

“Thank you so much,” Dylan said. “I had to cancel my gym membership. The weight room will come in handy. You’ve been so hospitable to me.”

“Nonsense,” she said and turned around. “See you tonight.”

He watched her perfect ass as she headed through the gate that separated the driveway from the pool area. His hormones were on overdrive after his time at the pool party. He still had work he needed to do and a check to cash, but before doing all that he needed a cold shower.

It was dusk by the time he arrived back from his errands with two bags of groceries. He noticed Ashley’s white Volkswagen in the driveway. As he headed up the stairs to the guest house, he could see the girls frolicking around the pool. He tried to hurry up but they saw him.

“Dylan,” Samantha yelled. “Come on down for a swim.”

“No thanks,” he said. “I have a lot to do.”

“Please,” whined Ashley, who floated on a raft in the pool.

Just thinking about what happened earlier today with these delectable young women had his blood flowing and he hurried into his apartment. He made sure to lock the door, but he hadn’t even finished putting the groceries away before he saw Samantha knocking on his door.

“I’m busy,” he said and she pressed her breasts against the window of the door. He could see her nipples through the wet bikini fabric. “Come on Samantha. Your mom is home.”

“I’ll behave,” she said and gave him another of her wicked smiles.

“You said that last time. Besides I really need to get some photos printed out.”

“How long will it take?”

“A few hours,” he lied. Disappointed, she turned and headed back down the stairs without a reply. Dylan looked down at his erect cock. “You’re going to get me in trouble.”

He worked as hard as he could with the sound of the young girls playing around the pool as background noise. He finished up the last of the photos and slid them into their portfolio. As he went to his closet to pick out a shirt to wear for dinner, someone knocked on his door again. It was dark now so he flipped the outside light on and saw Tracy.

“Hi,” she said as he opened the door and she entered. She wore the same polka dotted bikini that clung tightly to her enormous breasts. A damp towel wrapped around her waist. “Are you coming down for dinner soon?”

“I’m just getting ready,” he said. “Are they waiting for me?”

“Not yet. The girls are getting dressed up right now. I’m about to leave.”

“Oh. Should I wear a tie?” he asked and smiled. He pulled his shirt over his head and when he did, he felt Tracy’s hand on his zipper. “What are you doing?”

She pushed him back and he fell onto the bed. Like a pro, she snaked her hand into his pants, through the hole of his boxer shorts, and slid his dick free. Before he could extract his hands from his shirt, she had taken his semi-erect cock into her mouth. She slurped it for several seconds while eyeing him escort ataşehir with those piercing green eyes. She put his whole cock into her mouth and worked it back in forth until it grew to full size. Using two hands she pumped up and down in rapid succession and ran her tongue up the shaft. She opened her mouth wide and tried to get a third of it down her throat before gagging.

“This is the most beautiful cock I have ever seen,” she said, mesmerized by it.

Dylan laid back, hands still stuck halfway into his shirt, as this gorgeous eighteen year old pumped her hands up and down his shaft and flicked her tongue over his mushroom tip. She reached down and cupped his balls, massaging them. They stiffened up and he felt the tingling sensation of an impending explosion. He sat up and hurriedly took his shirt the rest of the way off. Tracy looked up at him and all he wanted to do is engulf her young tight pussy right then. He stared at her breasts that begged to be released out of her tight fitting bikini.

“I want it in me,” she demanded and stood up. Her towel dropped to the ground and revealed her slim waist, pierced naval, and matching bikini bottom.

She climbed up onto the bed and straddled him, mashing her cleavage into his face. Dylan gripped her ass and spread her cheeks as he kissed her neck. She flipped her hair to the side to give him room to work and hugged his neck. He bit her earlobe and she moaned while gyrating on his exposed cock. He then guided her chin so that their lips matched up and he kissed her. Deep and passionate at first but she began darting her tongue around his and he had to remind himself that she was new to this. He cupped the bottom sides of her breasts with both his hands and gently squeezed them. She moaned and leaned back which gave him space to take each breast out of the bikini. The nipples jutted out and he rolled them delicately with his fingers. Her gyrating increased and a bit of his pre-cum and her own juices lubricated each other.

He sucked on one nipple, gently bit down, and stretched it. He did the same to the other. Her hands came down to hold his cock and pumped it a bit too hard for his liking so he flipped her onto the bed and he was now between her legs. She still held onto his cock and he again attacked her perfect breasts, massaging and sucking them. She squirmed underneath him and he used his knees to spread her legs. With one hand, she slid her bikini bottoms to the side and with the other placed his cock at her entrance. Just as he was about to engulf her, he heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

“Shit,” he said. He stood up and put on his pants. “Get in the bathroom.”

Tracy reluctantly rolled off the bed and scurried into the bathroom. There was a knock on the door and Dylan opened it. Cindy stood there in an simple spaghetti strapped red dress that stopped at mid-thigh. It clung to her and his eyes gravitated to her ample cleavage. She in return eyed his naked chest, before meeting his eyes.

“Dinner’s ready,” she said. “Just come on down whenever.”

“Thank you,” he replied. “I was just getting ready.”

He watched her turn to go and stared at her ass all the way down the stairs. He shut the door and put his shirt on. Tracy came out of the bathroom and all he could think about was how young she was compared to the woman that just walked downstairs. He handed back her bikini top.

“I need to go down to eat,” he said and began putting on his socks and shoes.

She tied her bikini top back on and adjusted her top. She then walked up to him, squeezed his still hard cock through his pants and planted a kiss on his lips.

“Enjoy your dinner,” she said and grinned.

She then slipped out the door and down the stairs. He finished getting dressed and grabbed the bottle of wine that he had bought at the grocery store. As he closed the door and walked down the stairs, he saw Tracy get into her car and drive off. He shook his head as he opened the gate, entered the pool area, and tapped on the sliding glass door before opening it.

“Hello,” he said as he stepped inside.

“In the kitchen,” Cindy said and he followed the voice into the spacious kitchen. “Hey there.”

“Hi,” he said and put the wine on the island in the center of the kitchen next to a bowl of salad.

“Oh thank you,” she said and reached up into the cabinet to pull down a stack of plates. Her dress rode up her thighs and ended a few inches from her bubble butt. “I love wine.”

“No problem,” he said and leaned against the island. “Do you need any help?”

“No,” she said and grabbed a handful of forks from a drawer. “Go ahead and have a seat.”

A round table with a white table cloth draped over it sat at the far end of the kitchen. She started setting the plates and leaned over to place a couple on the other side of the table. Her dress once again slid up even further kadıköy escort bayan and stopped right at her ass. Calm down, he told himself. He sat on the far end of the table, his back to the wall and scooted his chair in so that his erection hid under the tablecloth. Laughter came from another room and Samantha and Ashley bounded in. They had their hair and make-up done and also wore tight dresses. They all looked like they were heading out for the evening.

“I thought you girls would never get done,” Cindy said.

Samantha rolled her eyes and sat to Dylan’s right while Ashley sat to his left. Cindy finished placing everything on the table and then uncorked the wine. She filled two glasses and handed one to him. Their fingers touched briefly and their eyes met. She then went into the fridge.

“Behave,” Dylan whispered to Samantha. She gave him a wink and squeezed his thigh.

Cindy sat down opposite them and began serving the pasta and salad.

“Did you know Tara is coming home for a week?” Cindy asked Samantha.

“Really. Is she bringing her fiance?”

“Richard? Yes,” Cindy said and sipped on her wine. “She has a break from school and has a project she needs to work on.” She then turned to Dylan. “How is the apartment working out?”

“It’s great. Plenty of space for me. I can’t thank you enough,” he said and took a bite of pasta.

“How’s the photography?”

“Wedding season is almost here and I have a few modeling agencies that use me. The hours are wacky though. Sometimes I work mornings, sometimes nights, and sometimes both.”

“Samantha wanted to be a model. We even took here to one of those modeling agencies.”

“Mom,” Samantha said.


Dylan smiled. It was nice to be surrounded by family even if it wasn’t his. He couldn’t remember the last time he had eaten a family dinner. He felt Samantha’s foot wiggle up his calf and he tried to ignore it. Ashley’s knee brushed against his and remained there. He gulped down some wine and Cindy stood up and refilled his glass. As she bent over to pour the glass, he could see the outline of her lacy black bra.

“Thank you,” he said.

“No problem,” she said and sat back down. “Do you have family around here?”

“Not anymore. My mother passed away a couple of years ago and my father passed away from lung cancer when I was two.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It’s okay. She was very sick and I’m glad she is finally at peace,” he said and felt Samantha’s hand creep onto his lap. He took another sip of wine and then moved her hand off of his groin, but she seized his fingers, brought it between her legs and rubbed it against her crotch. All the while he stared at her gorgeous mother. Her long blond hair came down in curls and she brought the wine glass to her bright red lips. She looked at him with crystal blue eyes.

“Carl told me that you moved from Charlestone,” she said.

“I needed a place closer to were I do most of my work,” he said. Samantha had one hand eating off a fork and the other clutched to his index finger, rubbing it up and down her panties. He nearly jumped when Ashley’s fingers worked their way across his lap.

“Is everything all right?” Cindy asked.

“Yes,” he said as his Ashley unzipped his pants. “This is one great meal.”

His index finger slowly inserted itself into Samantha, as Ashley deftly weaved her fingers into his pants and rubbed his enlarged cock. All he could do was stare at Cindy or more to the fact, her cleavage. She gave him a warm smile and sipped her wine.

“Thank you,” she said. “I don’t cook as much lately with Carl doing a lot of seminars, Tara away at college, and Samantha in her senior year at high school.”

“I am not much of a cook myself,” he said. “I do appreciate this though.”

He jerked his hand away from Samantha’s womanhood and back to the table. He grabbed a napkin with it and dabbed his mouth. He could smell her sweet juices. Damn it, he thought as Ashley freed his cock. It sprang out and hit the bottom of the table. He spread his napkin onto his lap and used the opportunity to remove Ashley’s hand. Cindy had finished her meal and stood up. She came closer to him and he scooted forward and draped the tablecloth over his erection just as she reached over to grab his empty plate, giving him another opportunity to stare at her glorious breasts. His cock twitched. She turned around to take the dishes to the sink and he jammed his cock back in his pants.

“I need to get another bottle of wine from the cellar,” she said. “I’ll be right back.”

As soon as she was gone, Dylan whispered, “You two need to behave. You’re going to get me kicked out of my new place.”

Samantha leaned over, pressing her young breasts into his shoulder and whispered in his ear, “Your big friend doesn’t seem to mind.”

Ashley giggled and tried escort bostancı to reach for his cock again, but he swatted her hand away. Samantha leaned back and he watched her rub herself. He finished up his glass of wine in one gulp. They heard Cindy’s heals clicking and the three straightened up. She entered, popped the cork and refilled both their glasses. She handed his back to him.

“Thank you,” he said.

“Let’s go out on the deck,” she said. “It really is a lovely night.”

“Yes,” Samantha said. “Let’s go swimming.”

Samantha and Ashley ran out of the room. Dylan, whose cock was still at full attention, waited for Cindy to turn around to stand up before repositioning himself. It pressed uncomfortably into his midsection as he walked down into the den and out the sliding glass door. Cindy sat down on one of the pool chairs and sipped on her wine. He admired her long legs as he sat next to her. The girls hurried out in their skimpy bikinis and stopped in front of both of them.

“Aren’t you two going in?” Samantha asked.

“I don’t think so,” Cindy said. “Dylan can if he wants.”

“I’m not dressed to go swimming, besides I’m enjoying some wine right now.”

Samantha gave him the puppy-dog eyes but relented when Dylan didn’t respond. The girls then frolicked in the shallow end, but ended up leaning against the side of the pool and facing them.

“Come on?” Samantha begged her mom. “Its summertime and you barely use the pool.”

Cindy stood, smoothed out her dress, but shook her head.

“Maybe next time,” she said and went inside.

“And you?” Ashley asked.

“I don’t think so,” he said and sipped on his wine. Getting into that pool with the girls would only lead to trouble.

Samantha stuck her tongue out and splashed him.

“Samantha!” Cindy said, sitting back in her chair but her daughter had already slipped back under the water. She poured herself another glass.

They talked and watched the girls jump off the diving board and float around until they came out and wrapped towels around themselves. Cindy stood up, wobbled a bit, and grabbed the empty wine bottle and the two glasses.

“I think I’ll call it a night,” she said.

“Thanks for the dinner,” Dylan said and watched her go. Samantha plopped down in the chair next to him and Ashley stood in front, drying out her hair. “I think I’ll call it a night also.”

He stood up.

“Leaving so soon?” Ashley asked as she wiped her legs with the towel.

“Yeah. I think so.”

He walked away, leaving the two bikini clad eighteen year old girls behind. He entered his apartment, leaned against the door and exhaled. He fought the urge not to jerk off right then. Kicking off his shoes, he unbuttoned his dress shirt and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. The images of that dinner still burned into his head, so he went to his computer, plugged in his camera and began sorting through photos. He could see Samantha’s bedroom light turn on and he stared at the two girls as they entered her room. She moved over to Ashley and removed her bikini top. Her small breasts with perky nipples poked out and Samantha pinched them. Ashley fell onto the bed and lifted her legs as Samantha removed her bottoms. She tossed them over her shoulder, reached under the bed and pulled out the pink vibrator that he had seen her use the other day.

Ashley wiggled with intense pleasure and cupped her breasts in her hands as Samantha used one hand to rub the vibrator up and down Ashley’s womanhood and used her index finger on her other hand to gently rub her clit. Soon Ashley began thrusting her hips forward and arched her back in a fantastic orgasm. Dylan began running his hand up and down his shaft through his pants. It begged to be unrestrained and he fought to concentrate on his computer, but the young girls were too alluring. Ashley straddled Samantha on the bed and wielded the vibrator, running it over one breast and then the other. They then embraced in a long kiss. Dylan unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, twisting his palm over its large purple head. Ashley untied the back of Samantha’s top and pulled it off. With her gorgeous tits now exposed, he nearly released himself and had to remove his hands. Ashley cupped them, kissed her nipples and then slid off her lap to grab Samantha’s bikini bottoms. She raised her hips so that Ashley could slide them off. Both completely naked, Ashley placed the vibrator on Samantha’s pussy and began to slowly move it back and forth.

Dylan spit into his palm and began thrusting back and forth, timing it with Ashley’s movements. With his eminent release, he frantically searched for something to put his cum on. He found a piece of paper and ejaculated on it as he watched Samantha orgasm on her bed. Exhausted, he leaned back in his chair. Finally he stood up, threw the wasted research paper on national parks he had printed out in the trash and went into the bathroom to clean up. When he had washed his cock, hands, and had changed into new boxers, he noticed Samantha’s lights were off. Tired by the sexual energy of the day, he collapsed in his bed and lustfully fell asleep.