Guided Masturbation – Fantasy Woman

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There are many web pages that offer masturbation encouragement videos to men. The script here lets you and your partner make your own audio. . . . . the visual part is up to you. Your partner can read it slower, faster, and make ad libs as the spirit of the moment moves them. Have fun with this and happy stroking.

The first step in any production is to set the scene. Find a place where the temperature and furniture is comfortable and you won’t be interrupted. If you want, some background music and a scented candle or two will set a pleasant ambiance. Personally, I like the lights down low; just the candles should be enough illumination. Have a light for your partner to read by. Have plenty of your favorite lube ready. Finally, some preparation for cleanup is wise, my favorite is a warm washcloth brought my partner.

Now for the good stuff; get naked and sit or lie in your comfortable place. Have your partner do the same and begin reading:

Close your eyes.

Take a few deep breaths and let your body relax and empty your brain of the day’s concerns and activities. That feels good doesn’t it?

Take a few more deep breaths and relax.

Think back, a long time ago, to the first woman who got you excited. Maybe it was a centerfold in a magazine, a scene in a movie theater, or an XXX rated video. Picture her in your mind. She is standing next to you. She is wearing just what you want her to wear. A tight fitting V neck sweater, a wet T-shirt, or maybe nothing at all.

Stare at her.

It is all right. bahis firmaları Stare some more. Look at her legs, her body, her face. Study your favorite parts, legs, crotch, breasts.

Now she is turning around. Stare at her back, her butt, her legs.

She keeps turning and faces you again.

She smiles. She is there with you.

She comes over to you and begins to touch you. Your hands become her hands. As you move your hands over your body, they are her hands; soft, feminine, delicate.

She starts by placing her hands on your face; lightly tracing along your hairline,

under your chin,

across your cheeks,

over your eyebrows.

Now, put a little bit of lube on one finger and rub it on your lips,

Feel her kissing you?

That feels very nice, she kisses you some more.

She leans back and looks at you, and smiles.

Her hands start to move over your chest. Without ever going below your waist, first one hand lightly touches your chest and moves around and over, high and low, side to side. Then the other hand joins slightly firmer and moves around and over, high and low, side to side.

While moving over your chest those hands occasionally move up and down each arm.

Around and over, high and low, side to side.

Now, on each cycle across your chest her hands move lower and lower, but stay on your chest and abdomen.

Slowly, the hands stray below the waist and occasionally slide along each thigh. Along the top of the thigh and sometimes along kaçak iddaa the outside. Around and over, high and low, side to side, but no touching of your cock.

Now, as your hands move down your thighs, slide them inside each thigh. Sometimes return back up on the same path as moving down, and sometimes, cross over and go to the other side, but no touching of your cock.

Pause for a moment and look at her, she is at your feet. Open your legs for her to kneel between them.

Get your lube and cover both hands and rub them together so they are very moist, warm, and slippery.

Very slowly, slowly

Bring your hands together on your cock and hold it, very lightly and firmly. Hold your cock.

Move one hand away, and move the other slowly, very slowly, up and down your cock.

Release your cock but keep touching it with one finger.

Trace that one finger around and over, high and low, side to side.

Join with one finger from the other hand and with both trace around and over, high and low, side to side.

Remove one hand and continue tracing with one finger.

One at a time, join each finger from that hand finally gripping your cock with the entire hand.

Move that hand away slowly, very slowly, up and down your cock.

One by one, release one finger at a time starting with your pinky until only your thumb and forefinger remain forming a loop. Move it slowly, very slowly, up and down your cock.

One at a time, rejoin each finger from that hand while continuing to kaçak bahis stroke until gripping your cock with the entire hand.

Move it slowly, very slowly, up and down your cock.

Move it a little faster, up and down your cock, but not too fast yet. Enjoy the sensation of your hand, your cock, and slippery lubrication. Up and down your cock.

Just a little faster. Just fast enough so that you are no longer teasing, and it still feels good, but not too good.

If you want, cup your balls with your other hand and begin to knead them.

Continue stroking and kneading and enjoy the pleasure of the sensations.

Stroke a little faster and hold that rate.

Stroke a little faster and hold that rate.

Continue stroking a little faster each time and enjoy the pleasure before increasing the speed again.

Faster and faster until you are ready to cum.

Let that cum release.

Stroke until the cuming has completed then hold your cock and balls and let the after effects wash over you.

Enjoy the feelings as your body relaxes from the intense cum.

Let your body continue to relax.

You take your attention away from your cock and you look up at her and she is smiling once again. Her face is aglow. You are happy. She is happy.

Your body continues to relax.

Your cock grows soft. You open your eyes and your partner is there. Your partner has a warm wet towel to wipe away your cum and another to dry you off.

Your body continues to relax.

Your partner joins you and cuddles with you.

You become aware of the scene you set at the beginning. You hear the music, notice the scents, and see the candles.

You close your eyes again. You are happy. Your partner is happy.