Gushing Fountains of Man Cream

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Todd was driving along aimlessly one Saturday afternoon on the outskirts of his small town. He was trying to decide whether he should head into the city, three hours away, or whether he should just go home and haul out his hog and jerk it dry.

He had a hunger that just wouldn’t quit. At twenty five he was constantly horny but had long ago reached the conclusion that he was the only gay guy in town. All the other dudes he saw and knew were either rough rednecks or macho sports studs – either way too dangerous to try to approach – or hideously unattractive in Todd’s eyes. And yet, when he was feeling this horny, he would have had sex with just about anyone if he could get it. Sometimes, when he had the horn real bad, like today, he would even drive all the way into the city to get laid and then curse the long drive back home again.

He was just about to head off to the highway when he noticed this ruggedly handsome guy, about ten years his senior, pass by. Todd was still drooling over the handsome hunk when he noticed him turn off the rod and onto a dirt track. Where the hell did that road go to, Todd wondered. He droved past the turning but couldn’t see very much down there and his curiosity was aroused. Why had he never noticed it before? The horny young stud reached down and gave his cock a quick squeeze as he drove by. He turned the car around a mile down the road and decided to swing by the turning again. As he approached it he noticed a hunky stud in a truck turn down the road.

Todd was a prisoner of his curiosity; he had to know where that road led to and what those guys were doing there. Despite his apprehension he turned off down the track and saw about five or six cars parked up under trees and bushes about five hundred yards away. He eased his car under a tree and got out with his heart pounding so hard in his ribcage he felt quite giddy and light-headed, and his palms felt sweaty. What if the guys were doing drugs, or something worse; what if they turned on him and beat him up? buca escort Todd’s head told him to get in his car and drive away but his cock told him to investigate. Nervously he started walking through the long grass and thick bush looking for what he wasn’t quite sure.

And then suddenly he struck gold! He could see a little clearing through the trees and crept up on it. And there, in the clearing were seven guys all with their jeans and shorts around their ankles and with hands around their big, hard cocks. In the centre of this little grouping was a big, husky guy that Todd knew vaguely by sight and he was greedily servicing each cock in turn. The man’s eyes were closed in concentration as he hungrily devoured each horny cock and teased the owner’s furry nuts with his fingers. Todd’s amazement at this scene was so intense that he groaned out loud without even realizing that he was doing it until it was too late. A couple of the men looked over and smiled at him and motioned for him to join them.

Todd was apprehensive as he stepped forward but if he saw what the other men saw he need not have been. At twenty five he was the youngest guy there and with his good looks and blonde hair and that fat heavy cock tenting his shorts he was a very welcome member of their little club. The guy that Todd had first seen turning down the road came up to him and pressed his palm against Todd’s straining cock. The young man could not believe that at last he was about to have sex in his own hometown, and what was more he was going to do it in front of a bunch of strangers, each one of whom he found incredibly attractive and whom he would have gladly sucked, kissed or got poked by.

A sticky wet patch appeared on the flimsy cotton of his shorts as his precum oozed out of his over-heated cock. A large, masculine hand that had a conspicuous pale white band across one finger rubbed up and down his shaft and traced the outline of Todd’s big balls. Another hand grabbed a hold of his tight bubble alsancak escort butt while someone else started to yank Todd’s T-shirt off. Soon he was completely naked and the eight other men were drinking in his beauty Todd was on the cusp of pink cheeked twinkishness and full blown masculine manhood, with his pretty face and perfectly styled blonde hair in the twink camp and his hairy crotch and massive man meat in the latter.

Warm hands stroked up and down his chest and tweaked his nipples; they stroked down his back and fondled his sexy ass. Someone kissed his neck while someone else kissed his thigh before those hungry lips strayed onto his heavily veined cock. A pair of hands was cupped around his sensitive big balls while a hand was slipped between his tight cheeks, the fingers gently brushing against his warm pucker-hole. Todd’s groans were drowned out by the mouth that fastened itself to his and the tongue that snaked into his mouth. He could feel his firm cheeks being pulled apart and then his knees buckled a moustache tickled him and a horny tongue began to probe his little slut-hole. A warm mouth gently worked on the sensitive crown of his large cock and all the hands stroking, teasing, prodding and probing heightened the already massive pleasure he was already experiencing.

The men were like a pack of wolves as they fed their lust on the beautiful, firm and well hung body of the new guy. Each guy jostled for power and position, pulling their compatriots off Todd’s cock or out of his ass or mouth if they had been there too long. Each took their turn kissing, rimming and sucking the sexy young stud. Todd was real close to cumming and he didn’t want that so he had to fight the pack off him. He turned now to the handsome, blue eyed stud that had first caught his attention an hour ago.

‘Fuck me please.’ He begged.

There was a gasp as the chosen one stepped up to Todd’s pert and peachy ass. He entered him with one swift stab that caused the young bornova escort stud to let out a blood curdling scream. The others men closed around the fuckers, gently stroking Todd’s back and belly and whispering words of encouragement. Todd’s ass was still on fire but he was determined to ride the tiger. And then, little by little, it didn’t hurt quite so much. Someone had got down on his knees in the dirt underneath Todd and was nursing on his cock once more. It slowly re-inflated and the cock in Todd’s ass started to feel a little less uncomfortable. The men stroked him, and kissed his face and told him how handsome he was and how sexy he looked impaled on that hard cock.

Todd’s rugged fucker pulled out of his ass and slapped his bubble butt with a loud thwack before plunging back in again. This time Todd’s spit slicked ass received him like a pro. Pleasure started to surge through Todd’s body as he groaned out loud. The more he moaned and groaned and sighed the more the other men encouraged both he and his fucker. All of them wanted a piece of that ass but there were just too many of them for that to be practical. They would have to fuck him by proxy by encouraging his fucker. The look on the young stud’s face as he received the dicking of his life was so out-of-this-world sexy that some of the men were finding it hard to control themselves.

There was a loud groan and a stocky, dark haired stud blasted off a massive load of cream against Todd’s thigh. Todd reached back and gathered it up with his hand and sniffed the warm cream before greedily licking it off his fingers. The sight of the cum-hungry pup sent the rest of the men into overdrive. One by one they pumped out their thick cream all over Todd’s face, shoulders and back. Todd’s ass spasmed around the invading rod as his own pleasure receptors went wild. He shuddered and let out an animal growl as he dropped his load down the throat he was buried in. Seconds later his fucker cussed as his cock exploded deep in the hot stud’s ass and he gushed a fountain of man cream.

Todd was one satisfied customer when he got back into his car and drove his well used ass back home to have a long soak in the tub, but not before promising to hook up with his new-found buddies the following weekend.

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