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GYM MEMBERHe was tall, yes tall and muscular, Bald head and walked like he was on ice. He wasn’t my type but there was just something about the way he looked at me that made me instantly wet. I was 5’9 and a little on the thicker side. Think black kinky curls and 42 Double D’s and a little extra package at the back. It was a rainy friday night and i just got off the treadmill, showered and began walking upstairs towards my condo door when he called my name. I wasn’t the type to go to the condominium gym late at night but since it was in my eyes safe, it became a habit as i knew that he would always be there and i could watch the sweat dripping from his face and how he lowered to pick the 80 lbs weight up. He never once struggled. “Tiara” he yelled, “Ohh heeyy” i answered with the most puzzling face “Whats up”? He smiled with his purly white teeth glistening in my face “i was just wondering if we could have coffee in the morning at like 9” i replied “sure a little coffee wont kill”. kaçak iddaa I went into my condo beaming as i replayed him smiling and asking me to get coffee. It was 8 in the morning and i was rushing i was literally knocking over everything in my room and in the living room to find my shoes. I wore a blue V neck to show the curving of my b**st and i wore the thinnest bra i could find so my nipples could show. I ran down stairs and fixed my hair as i parked my behind on a stool in the condo duplexs kitched and there he was smiling from corner to corner looking at me. He ordered ice tea and i ordered a medium sized coffee no milk but 3 splendas. I mumbled “I thought we were going to get coffee” he yelled “HEEYY I HEARD THAT” i smiled. For the next 2 hours we were there talking laughing and talking about the gym. Then in the midst of no where “I WANT TO FUCK YOU”. I looked at him in pure disappointment trying to hide my excitement. He said “I’m sorry if this might sound overly bets10 blunt but i can’t stand seeing another second of you in that shirt, we both know what we’re doing tiara and i see the way you look at me at the gym drooling”. I laughed and for the first time in my life i knew that today was the day for my one night stand. We went up the elevator and he held my hands. He lift me up and around his shoulder i was heading towards his 3 bedroom 2 bathroom living dining and kitchen section. He threw me on the bed and like an a****l i started tearing my clothes off. He grabbed my breast and began sucking on it. He pushed me up on the head board and told me to tell him how i like it I yelled “ROUGH DADDY ROUGH” he said say it louder i yelled again “ROUGH DADDY ROUgh”. He stopped and he looked at me in pure delight he took the remainder of my clothes of and his and told me to lay on my back. I was never the girl who went crazy over huge dicks but his dick was at least bets10 güvenilir mi 9.5 with a 2.8 width. He said “When it hurts tell me or tap out” I grinned “Yes”. He rubbed his big muscular dick against my clit i felt an instant rush of pleasure striking everywhere. He sucked on my nipples viciously as he stared in my eyes. He said “Breath in and as soon as i’m about to push it in breath out” i did as i was told and i felt a little less pain than i expected. He stroked me gently lightly as though he was caressing a baby. He kissed my neck and fondled my breast. He stroke and stroked until the fun began. He told me get on top and as i got on top i rode him slowly then faster. I rotated my hip to his rhythm and watched him yearn with pleasure he pleaded and begged me to stop but i continued faster and faster i sucked on his nipples and he grabbed my hair and threw me over and ontop of me he was stroking his big black cock in me. He moaned and groaned and and in less than 10 seconds was between my legs flickering my clit as i trembled for dear life. He again rubbed his dick on my clit and something warm and sticky began running on my leg while he fingered me restlessly i shattered and there came squirting everywhere.