Hammered Wife Used

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Hammered Wife UsedMy wife and I have passionate sex but we are always looking for new ways to heighten the experience. I have thought long and hard about watching her getting fucked by another guy; hell one night while watching that classic flick Indecent Proposal I hinted how hot that would be. Although she thought I was joking, she comically replied only if she was drunk or if there was some real money on the table.The following weekend we met some friends at the local bar to celebrate their engagement, and after a few hours of multiple shots and heavy drinking we decided to head home. On our walk we stopped at a 24-hour arcade, to extend the night just a little longer to play Daytona 500 head to head. Seeing my wife sitting there in her black, form-fitting dress showing off the cleavage of her 34B breasts made me so horny that I turned around. My wife asked what I was doing but I only replied that I was getting some coins to play her only I said it in a kinky manner. The seductive smile and look in her eyes told me that she was as horny as I.After a few bad games we decided to check out the free movie next door at the local independent film theater. As we entered the theater we noticed that the movie was in already in progress, and on the screen was a beautiful young women in the throws of a gang bang that she truly was enjoying. We made our way to a row of seats away from a few men sitting by themselves (no doubt masturbating to the young girl on the screen). We sat down and my wife commented that she was hammered and maybe we should leave as she was very groggy. Looking at her breasts and those thighs, I convinced her to stay by slowly kissing her neck, to which I think she passed marsbahis güvenilirmi out.At this point a stranger sat down beside my sleeping wife and slowly unzipped his pants revealing a huge, thick cock. I am not gay but I was even impressed at its size just laying there atop his large balls. I went to nudge my wife to get her to wake up but when I bumped her, her arm fell on his lap and he slowly moved her hand over to his cock which instantly began swelling with blood. My wife u*********sly took this strange cock in her hand and began stroking the long shaft bringing this mans cock to a rock hard state. I was so turned on for the life of me I don’t know why; but I took my hand and slowly slid it up my wife’s thigh pulling her dress up to the point which exposed her dark purple satin g-string panties, the side straps, and the lower portion of her stomach just above her belly button.The man looked at the front panel of her sexy little panties and took his hand and placed it at the mid point of my wife’s thigh. I quickly snapped out of the weird trance I was in and began to panic. So trying not to create a potential dangerous problem I told the man that he could touch her everywhere except inside her panties. The stranger nodded so I helped him pull the top of my wife’s dress down exposing her beautiful tits. He instantly started licking her nipples causing them to rapidly become perky. I joined in on the action by licking and biting the other nipple. My wife who was still in an intoxicated sleep began to moan and groan with pleasure, while continuing to stroke the strangers cock. As I groped my wife’s breasts I watched this man slide his hand up the inside of marsbahis yeni giriş my wife’s thigh and rubbed his fingers along the side of my wife’s dark purple satin panties. Fully knowing my wife’s pussy was on the other side of those panties he was touching just about made me cum right there. He slid his fingers over her panty covered clit and down over her panty covered slit faster and faster causing my wife to loudly moan and grind her pussy against his fingers. I saw the stranger move his fingers to the side of my wife’s panties tracing a line along the edge of her panties. At that point I was so hard I pulled out my dick and began to stroke it. I heard my wife moan even louder so I looked over and noticed that this guy had taken his fingers slightly underneath the edge of wife’s panties and slid it over exposing half of my wife’s nicely trimmed pussy. I sat there in awe as I watched him slip two of his fingers along her slit and into her pussy! I couldn’t believe what just happened, this fucking guy had his fingers in my wife’s pussy; but I was so horny at what I saw that I decided to let him have his way with her. He took his fingers out of her pussy momentarily so he could move closer and slid her panties down her legs until they were off. I knew he wanted to fuck her as much as I did so I took one of her thighs and slowly spread her leg exposing her dripping wet, tight little hole. By the size of his cock, I knew my wife was in for the fuck of her life. Too bad she was sleeping. He spread her other leg and got up to get in front of her as my wife laid there, legs spread wide, pussy open revealing her tits and rock hard nipples. The sight was incredible!! marsbahis giriş He took her legs in each hand and slowly moved his cock closer to her crotch. It all happened in slow motion as he wrapped her legs around him and he slowly slid his huge cock against her slit, slowly inserting his cock head into her pussy. After he worked a few inches into her pussy, he slid his cock to the hilt into her, I knew it was too late now, my wife was in the process of getting fucked by a complete stranger who by now was fucking her so hard that his balls were clearly slapping against her tight little ass. As he fucked my wife, her moaning became so loud that another stranger came over, picked up her panties, and wrapped them around his dick. He then grabbed her tits, and started jerking off. I couldn’t contain myself anymore and came all over myself as the first guy drove his cock deep into my wife unleashing his seed deep inside my wife’s unprotected pussy. This caused my wife to grab the second man’s arm (the one jerking off with her panties), in a death grip which she does as she comes, which ignited his orgasm causing him to saturate her panties with his seed. As my wife came with this huge cock in her, the first guy tried to drive his dick deeper into her pussy which only heightened her orgasm.The stranger then kissed her breast, and then leaned over to me and said; she was the hottest fuck of the century! He pulled his huge cock dripping with his cum from her, zipped up his pants, lightly tapped her pussy and left. As he was leaving he said she might be my wife but she just fucked his cock and took all his cum deep within her. She’s probably now pregnant. I looked at my wife lying there with cum dripping out her swollen pussy for a few moments as the other stranger shoved my wife’s cum soaked satin g-sting panties into her mouth to taste and walked away. I sat there in total ecstasy looking at my wife totally used, and wondered what was going to happen when she wakes up.