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HANNAH AND HER 2 DADSannah stood there listening to her mother tell her that Will wasn’t her father that her real dad was a man she met 20 years ago, but her parents took her away him because he was a black man. She turn away to look outside. She was angry, but yet she was glad that Will wasn’t her father. She been having these feelings and thoughts about him. And lately They have been 4 or 5 times a day, from her sucking his cock to him fucking her. They’ve gotten bad that she wanted to climb into his bed at night. “Hannah are you listening to me?” her mother ask. Hannah looked up. “Why are you telling me this now?” Hannah ask.”He’s threaten to tell you himself. That and he say that my parents had made him sign a price of paper giving all rights to you up. He says he had proof they had beat him to get him to sign the papers. He wants to meet you.” her mother said. “I don’t know, I need time.” she said. Hannah went about her business. Three weeks later her mother tells her that she has to go out of town for a week for the charities event in Boston. Give her the number to reach her and tells her that Will is coming home tonight. Hannah watched her leaving in the limo.[the phone rings] “Hello, Hi Will… yes she did…I don’t how I feel…Are you on your way home? I need to talk to you…okay I’ll send the house keeper and cook on Vacation… yes… see you soon.” she says hanging up the phone. “Mabel, Mary!!” Hannah calls out. “Yes Miss.” they said. “Daddy called to say that he wants to two take time off work and go home to visit your family, I have to pack he’s taking me to the mountains for a week. You can leave as soon as the accountant gets here. Witch…” [ the door bells rings]”That must be him now.” Hannah said. “Oh Miss Hannah, We been wanting to see the grand k**s, but your mother wouldn’t let us. Thank him for us please.” Mary said. ” I will, and I’m going to miss you guys.” Hannah tells them. Hugging and kissing them she helps them into the cab, and waves them off. Walking back into an empty house she enjoyed the quiet. She ran upstairs to change out of her outfit. Going thru her closet, not finding anything she wanted, went into her mothers closet, there she found a sheer black grown way in the back. Pulling it out she fell in love with it, walking over to the mirror she slip it on. “Wow, you can see everything.” she said to her self. She went back to the closet to find high heels to match. Slipping them on she walk down stairs, and into his Den. William open the door, hoping to find Hannah waiting for him. Closing the door quietly, he went into his Den and stop dead. She was laying on the Bear fur rug, in a very revealing outfit. He felt his cock stir, when she lifted her leg the grown slide down and pooled around her hips. He could see her pussy, his cock was raging bahis siteleri hard now. She hadn’t seen him yet, he took a step back out and lean on the wall trying to get his body and breathing under control. He went back to the living room and called out. “Hannah I’m home, where are you darling?” he called out, walking back into the room.”Oh there you are, my, my you look wonderful in that, dose your mother know you have that on?” he ask.Feeling wicked she walk up to, and around him. “I don’t care. I look better in it than she would.” she said. “Mmmmm, yes I think you do, and I’m sure you can do a lot of things better than she can or could.” he said breathless. Hannah stood in front of him, with her hands on his shoulders, slipping his jacket off, then she unbuttons his shirt, pulling the shirt out of his pants. Her hands, flat rubbing his chest, her nails scr****g his nipples, moving down to unbuckling his belt, dropping it to the floor. She slips her fingers in to unsnap and unzip his pants. Moving her hands to his hips she pushes his pants down. Kneeling in front of him she pulls his cock out into view. “OH MAY YOU’RE SOOOO HUGE.” she said huskily. Hannah knew he was big, but not this big. “He must be at least 9 inches long, but he was really fat, as fat as a cucumber.” she thought. She moves her mouth closer to his cockhead. William watch her move closer, the anticipation of wanting to feel her mouth on him was almost to much. He reach out to hold her face, bring her closer. She lick his cockhead. “MMMMMMM” he moan. She ran her tongue around him. He griped her face, holding her he move his cock in a little more. “Oh Baby this feels so good, being in your mouth. Take me all, take every inch of my cock, Oh god, I’ll give you anything, Just take me home Baby!!” he cried out. She took hi into her mouth, deep down her throat. She suck him long and hard, brought him close to cumming twice. She pull him out, looking up at him. “William I want you as my lover, and I don’t want to share you with mother.” she told him. “I’ll be your lover, your mother has her own lover she visiting now.” he told her. She took him back down her throat and he exploded deep in her throat, she swallow every drop. [the door bells rings] Hannah said she get it. “Hello May I help you.” she said to a BIG black man standing there. He looked at her, wondering who this sexy thing was. “I’m here to see a Mrs. William Gate.” he said. Hannah asks him to come in. Closing the door. “I’m sorry my mother isn’t home right now, but you can leave a message and I’ll see that she gets it. Not sure what to say to her, he looks at her. Hannah was getting excited, having him looking at her. she wondered if he’d be interested in joining her and Will. “Could you excuse me for a minute, just have a seat I’ll be right back.” she canlı bahis told him. She went into the Den. “Will you know I think of you as my dad, and you also know that my real dad is black, but I’m white looking. Will I think he’s here and I’d like him to join us tonight.” she said.”What have you plan tonight Honey?” he ask. “Mom’s gone for a week I’d like to have you and him in bed with me for the week shes gone.” she told him. “Okay baby I’ll go and see if he’s interested.” he said. They walk out together. “I understand your Hannah’s father, come into my Den so we can get to know each other. Hannah went up stairs to wait. They talk for a while. “I’m not here to take her away from you, but I need to know her and if she is happy.” he said. “Charles I’ve known I wasn’t her daddy, but she didn’t find till three weeks ago. My wife dose her thing and I’ve let her, just before you rang the bell Hannah ask me to be her lover, and she suck my cock better than her mother ever did. So what ever your relationship turns out to be, Hannah and I will stay lovers. Now I no you’ve seen her, and she’s wondering if you’d be interested in having sex with her as well as getting to know her?” William ask. William watched as Charles eyes almost pop out of his head. “She wants me to fuck her?” Charles questions. “Oh I think she wants to see if its true what everyone says about a black man’s cock is bigger than a white man.” William said. “But that not always true.” Charles said. “Do you have a small one?” William ask. “No I have an unusual big one, but she won’t be able to take me.” Charles said. William pulls out his hard cock. “Bigger or smaller than mine? And would you like to be with her?” William asked. “I’m little bigger than you, and yes I would love to be inside her, I have not fuck a woman in years.” Charles told him. “Well come with me.” William said. They stood in the doorway looking at Hannah laying naked on Williams bed. “I was wondering if you guys would ever get up here. She spread her legs open and told them to join her. She watch Charles undress. William lay half on and half off her and Charles did the same. Each took a tit and licked her nipples, sucking them into their mouths. She felt their hands move down her tummy to her pussy. Both hands and fingers were playing with her pussy, taking turns pushing their fingers into her pussy. “Fuck me daddy, fuck my ass daddy.” she told William. William push his cock into her ass, lifting her leg he push in deeper. “Oh god fill my ass up, yes fuck me.” she groan, Charles put his cock up against her pussy lips,pushing in. When his had his cockhead in, he stop getting use to the feel of his daughter wet, hot, tight pussy on him. Charles took her leg pulling her toward him and pushing deep into her pussy. “Oh Daddy Fuck my pussy, Fill me with güvenilir bahis your big cock. AAAAAAAAAHHH, Yes Fuck me Daddy.” she cried out. She was going crazy with two cocks pounding inside her, bring her to a point of no return. When her orgasm hit her, she kept cumming.Charles and William left Hannah sleeping and went down stairs. “Well what do you think of our daughter now?” Will ask. ” I think she’s one hot sexy lady who can suck me off so good that no one other woman can, but mostly I like getting my cock inside her.” Charles said. “How would you feel about living here with us?” Will ask. “What about your wife? I don’t want her, she did me wrong, I wont nothing to do with her.” Charles ask. William and Charles made plans to move Charles into the cottage at the back of the house, and they needed to ask Hannah if she wanted to move there. Hannah woke up to find herself alone in bed, sitting up she look around not seeing anyone. She got up, put on her robe and went downstairs. “Was wondering where my fav boys went to.” she said. Walking over to them she straddle Williams lap. Taking his mouth in hers, she kisses him, their tongues dancing. She pulls back and looks over to Charles, leaning towards him she kisses him to. William takes her nipple in his mouth, sucking it till it’s hard, then moves to the next one making it hard too. Hannah reaches down and pushes his cock in her pussy, squeezing her muscles to hold him. William leans back and enjoys feeling her wrap around him. “Stop baby we need to talk for a minute before we continue.” Williams said. He pulls out and turn her back to him and sits her in front of him. “Now Baby How would you feel about living with Charles in the cottage behind the house? I can come out there every night, and we all can be together.” Williams questions. ” I’d like that very much, but what will we tell mother.” she ask. ” We’ll think of something when the time comes.” William said. “Now that is settle lets fuck our daughter, Charles sit on the coffee table in front of her. Now Baby suck your Daddy’s cock, while your other Daddy’s going to fuck you from behind.” William told her. Hannah bends over and take Charles’s long, hard cock into her mouth. She sucks him hard taking him deep into her throat. “Oh Baby, I like that, keep doing it, yes, oh god yes, suck me baby, suck your daddy’s big cock.” Charles grunted. She can feel William’s hard cock pushing into her pussy. “MMMMMM” she moans. “Your pussy so fucking tight Baby.” William said. Plunging his cock in her hard.”OH GOD BABY SUCK ME DEEPER.” Charles cries out. As he fucks her face hard. “AAAAAAAAAH, MMMMMM, OOOOOOO” she groans.”YES THAT’S IT BABY GIVE YOUR DADDY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE, FUCK YOUR DADDY’S COCK, OH GOD BABY DADDY’S GOING TO CUM, DADDY’S GOING TO PLANT HIS SEED DEEP INSIDE YOU. I’M CUMMING!!” Williams screams. “AAAAAAAGGGGGHHH, I’M CUMMMMMMINGGGG!!” Charles screams. With a cock buried deeply up her pussy, and one deep inside her mouth Hannah orgasm was so intense that she didn’t stop cumming for a long time.