Happy Birthday, My Darling

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Daniel tipped the valet and leant against the gunmetal grey bodywork of the Aston. Even here, in the home of all things beautiful, the car received appreciative glances and comments. He knew better than to try and compete with the locals when it came to sartorial matters but in the automotive stakes Daniel felt he could more than hold his own.

A sharp echo of heels on marble reported across the open lobby as a glamorous blonde made her way towards the doors. Instinctively Daniel straightened his back and smoothed the linen of his suit jacket as she approached. Dressed in a short, electric blue dress, towering heels accentuating her long, shapely legs, the woman received even more admiring looks than the car. She probably wasn’t Italian, the blonde bobbed hair and sparkling blue eyes suggested she hailed from a different part of Europe but as she neared Daniel, her beaming smile filling him with joy, her English accent answered the question for the interested onlookers.

“You scrub up pretty well, don’t you?” she said.

“Marie, you look incredible,” he said and took both her hands to draw her close to kiss.

“Mmm, you smell good enough to eat,” she purred. “But I’m starving. Where are you taking me?”

Daniel grinned and opened the car door, holding it while Marie slid elegantly into the passenger seat, managing to remain utterly demure despite the shortness of her dress. “A little place I know,” he said, closing his own door and starting the engine.

“Dominic’s?” Marie asked.

“Where else?” Daniel laughed, and eased the car away from the hotel with only the slightest squeak of rubber on polished ground.

It was only a five minute drive and on such a warm evening Daniel had toyed with the idea of them walking but the lakeside promenade was simply made for slowly cruising along in a beautiful drop top with an even more beautiful companion. The Aston’s baritone growl bounced off the steep cliff wall and drew yet more attention to them but here, by the glistening lake on a summer’s night, that was absolutely fine. Daniel pulled into the square and parked between an immaculate white Maserati and a scruffy Fiat Panda. Opening the door he took Marie’s hand to help her from the car, secretly thrilled even after years of familiarity by the daring plunge at the front of Marie’s dress and the expanse of toned thigh made greater by the low-slung seat.

“Signor Smith,” said the trattoria owner with a smile, shaking Daniel’s hand and kissing his cheek, “and Doctor Smith. Que bella!”

“It’s wonderful to be back, Dominic,” said Daniel.

“And it is wonderful to see you both, especially you of course on your birthday, Doctor Smith,” Dominic looked Marie up and down with a mixture of proud uncle and red-blooded male, and kissed her cheeks, holding her far longer than would have been acceptable in England. Daniel didn’t mind one iota. For an English couple to be so warmly embraced in a traditional restaurant was a huge compliment and tonight, especially, he was more than happy for people to admire Marie’s beauty.

Marie affected a certain degree of embarrassed English rose, just enough to play her part. “Dominic, you’re too kind,” she said. “You look younger every year.”

“Per favore, come, come,” Dominic said, and led them to a table covered, as was every table, with a red and white checked tablecloth. He pulled Marie’s chair out for her then lit the candle on the table. “Now, my friends. A drink?”

“I’ll have a Bellini,” said Marie.

“And a Negroni,” added Daniel.

“Prego,” said Dominic.

Daniel and Marie looked around the packed restaurant. It was hot, noisy, and full of customers from every walk of life. The owners of both the Panda and the Maserati were almost certainly here, such was the reputation of the place. The décor could probably be best described as rustic. It was just how it should be.

“Everything looks in order,” said Marie, satisfied with what she’d seen so far. The little table wobbled slightly. “I’m pretty sure this table rocked last time too.”

“Only the very best for my darling wife,” grinned Daniel. He felt in his jacket pocket and produced a small box. “Just a little something.”

Marie’s eyes gleamed as she slipped the sapphire ring onto her finger, holding it this way and that to admire the cut. “It’s gorgeous,” she said. “Thank you, darling.”

“I’m glad you like it,” said Daniel.

“I love it.” Marie leant across the table to kiss her husband, her tongue skating across his own, and held his hand as she looked into his eyes. “And I look forward to thanking you properly later,” she said, with the slightest hint of a pout and the merest suggestion of a wink.

Daniel raised an eyebrow. He was rather looking forward to that too.

Their drinks arrived, Daniel nursing his cocktail as Marie’s Bellini rapidly disappeared and another was ordered. That was an excellent sign. They may have been married for years and together for much longer but when kartal escort bayan Marie knocked back a couple of drinks in double-quick time it was guaranteed to be a fun evening. Daniel gazed lovingly at his wife, allowing his mind to wander off to a potential scenario or two that the evening might lead to. Brains, beauty and utterly filthy when the moment was right, Marie was truly a remarkable woman.

“Are we still going to visit Cousin Louisa tomorrow?” Marie asked.

“Yes, she’s expecting us for lunch at the yacht club on the island. We’ll take a boat from the hotel,” said Daniel.

“Good. I love the gardens there. Do you remember us getting caught in the act by that American?” Marie’s eyes had a dreamy look as she reminisced.

“You were so shameless,” laughed Daniel. “You just looked him in the eye and told me to keep going.”

Marie giggled. “God, that was fun. I don’t think he could believe his eyes.”

“It didn’t stop him staring though, did it? Dirty old sod,” said Daniel.

Marie squirmed in her chair. “Let’s just hope we have another chance tomorrow, eh?”

Daniel grinned and Marie took another drink.

There was no menu at Dominic’s; every diner had the same, whatever the chef was cooking that night. Their antipasti arrived, a few slices of nutty, savoury Prosciutto, followed by a sublime sage and pumpkin ravioli. A bottle of Bardolino was already half empty, and two tiny candles danced and glinted in the blue of Marie’s eyes.

“Is everything okay for you both?” asked Dominic as he arrived to clear their plates.

“Absolutely,” said Marie. “It couldn’t be better. The pasta was buonissimo!”

“Prego,” said Dominic, topping up Marie’s glass and shooting Daniel a knowing glance. “And for your birthday. Did you get a nice gift?” Marie showed off her ring and received an appreciative response.

“But what I want is my real present,” said Marie in a low voice, once Dominic had gone, her stiletto-clad foot rubbing up Daniel’s leg and onto his groin, the sharp heel pressing against him. The Bellinis and Bardolino were clearly having an effect already. “Why don’t you take me to the toilet and fuck me?”

Daniel grinned. His wife was tipsy and horny and he knew just how to exploit it. He held her ankle under the table, running his thumb over the silver chain Marie always wore on holiday. “Because, you little randy little minx, good things come to those who wait.”

Marie poked out her bottom lip. “But I don’t want to wait. I want this,” she said, digging the heel into Daniel’s hardening cock. “It’s my birthday, remember?”

Daniel blew out his cheeks. It was very hot in the restaurant and getting hotter by the second. In years gone by he wouldn’t have hesitated for a second but tonight, relatively sober, he was in charge and was going to enjoy Marie’s frustration. “Trust me, darling. You’ll get it soon enough,” he said.

“Spoilsport,” she said, taking her foot away and assuming a haughty air. “Maybe I won’t want to later.”

“Somehow I doubt that,” said Daniel, making Marie smile despite herself.

Their Florentine steak was as rare as it was tender and they saw to the rest of the wine. Pudding was the house speciality, something Daniel had requested when he’d arranged this meal a week before. It was Marie’s absolute favourite, a baked chocolate fondant so gooey and exquisitely bitter it was almost obscene. Dominic flitted to and fro, ensuring his best customers were well looked after and when Daniel and Marie’s espressos arrived they were accompanied by another of her favourites, the restaurant’s home-made limoncello. It was almost as if Dominic knew just how playful a slightly drunk Marie could be. Daniel paid the bill, Dominic fawned over Marie some more, and the well-dressed English couple that were almost part of the family walked hand-in-hand into the balmy evening to join the other promenaders, families eating gelati, and lovers strolling along the lake’s shore.

“It’s such a beautiful evening,” sighed Marie. “Bring the camera and let’s walk along the jetty,” Marie said. She led Daniel by the hand onto the wooden boardwalk that protruded a few hundred metres into the lake. They paused every few steps to look at the lights on the far side of the lake, or just to stop and kiss as the water lapped against the jetty’s stilts. As they made their way along the jetty the families became fewer with more of the benches occupied by couples of all ages. Stopping at a free bench Marie sat, pulling Daniel down with her to kiss him. Their tongues slipped against each other, exploring one another’s mouths with just as much passion and excitement as the twenty-somethings on the next bench. “You’re making me very horny,” Marie whispered in Daniel’s ear. She rubbed his hardening cock through his thin trousers. “And I know you are too, you tease.”

“That’s because I’m with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known,” Daniel said, a touch breathlessly. Even if he was supposed escort maltepe to be in control tonight he was only human. He rubbed Marie’s thigh and she opened her legs, inviting him to explore further but Daniel stopped himself and turned away, leaving Marie open-mouthed, her thighs apart, looking for her lover’s touch. Daniel picked up the camera and snapped a couple of shots.

“You sod,” Marie squealed, lunging at the bulge in Daniel’s trousers. “I want my real present.”

“Not yet,” laughed Daniel. “Pose for me.”

Marie shot him a look then turned on her best supermodel poses, tossing her hair around and pouting for the camera. She stood and leant against the railings, arms wide apart, a foot on the bottom rail as Daniel’s camera clicked away.

“Yeah baby,” he laughed, encouraging his wife. “Make love to the camera, that’s it!”

Marie sat back down on the bench and gave her best sultry look then slid herself forward, her dress riding higher. “How’s this?” she asked.

“Amazing,” said Daniel, truthfully. “You’re beautiful.”

“And now?” Marie asked, opening her legs wide.

“Dear God,” groaned Daniel. He should have guessed; Marie was often inclined to go knicker-free. Her neatly trimmed pussy glistened with moisture in the pale electric light as Daniel’s respectable wife displayed herself as obviously as a porn star slut.

“Do you like what you see?” Marie asked, one leg upon the bench, her labia clearly parted.

“Stand up,” Daniel growled, hauling her to her feet. He kissed her roughly, making her gasp, and slid his hand up her thighs, under her dress. He cupped Marie’s pussy, feeling her heat, and pressed against her. Marie squirmed, trying to rub against his hand but Daniel just squeezed gently, then ran a finger between her lips and against the throbbing nub of her clitoris.

“Ohhh,” groaned Marie, biting his bottom lip. “More,” she whispered.

“No,” Daniel said firmly, and snatched his hand away, leaving her wanting once more. He smiled and licked the sticky fluids from his hand as Marie stamped her foot impatiently.

“For fuck’s sake,” Marie groaned.

“Let’s go,” Daniel laughed.

The Aston’s exhaust note climbed as Daniel accelerated up the winding mountain pass, rising to a tenor as the roar became a howl. Marie smouldered beside him, wriggling in her seat, clutching her breasts through the material of her dress, her thighs open to the breeze, her teeth catching her bottom lip.

“Faster,” she shouted as the warm air buffeted them, her hair wildly dishevelled as the car rocketed up the road. Daniel shifted down a couple of gears for the hairpin bend and the engine bellowed once more. “Yes!” she yelled, her senses hyper-stimulated by her arousal, the alcohol, the noise, the wind, the speed. The car rushed onwards and Daniel’s face wore a permanent grin as he stole glances at his wife’s parted legs and exposed vulva. He flung the car around another bend and they were at the top of the cliff, at a spot overlooking the lake. He killed the engine and suddenly there was silence.

“What a view,” Marie said quietly.

“I agree,” said Daniel, looking at his wife.

Marie looked at him, her eyes full of lust and hunger. “Now will you fuck me? Please?”

Daniel laughed again. “We’re here to look at the view, nothing more, my darling. Besides, there are people around,” he said, gesturing at the two other cars a hundred or so metres away.

“That never used to stop us,” pleaded Marie.

“We’re grown ups now,” Daniel said gleefully.

“You’re so mean,” Marie sulked. “Well, if you won’t do me, I’ll do myself.” Her hand slid between her legs and she slid a finger into her dripping pussy.

“Uh uh,” Daniel said sternly, slapping her wrist. “If you want your present you have to behave yourself.”

Marie frowned with frustration. “I’m going to explode,” she whined. “You can’t get me all worked up like this and leave me hanging.”

“The night is young, my love,” Daniel said, loving every second of his wife’s sexual chagrin.

“Well if I can’t get off, can I at least get you off?” she whimpered.

“That would be perfectly fine,” said Daniel.

“I can’t believe this,” she muttered. “My birthday and you get the fun.”

Daniel searched for a clever response but as Marie pounced on his groin and undid his trousers, freeing his cock, all wit sailed out of the open roof and into the night. Marie buried her head in his lap and gobbled at his throbbing hard-on.

It wasn’t going to take long. Daniel might have been the one doing the teasing but he was incredibly turned on. Marie’s lips made a perfect seal and her tongue slithered this way and that as she bobbed up and down his erection. She sucked hard, slurping noisily, greedily engulfing him in the wet softness of her mouth. Daniel felt the tingles in his groin intensify and grow and build and suddenly he was coming, filling his wife’s mouth with his sperm. Marie pendik escort kept sucking and swallowing, her head bobbing as he thrust his hips upwards until his orgasm faded and Marie finally released his softening cock, a look of wanton triumph on her face. She licked her lips and kissed him, allowing him a taste of himself as her tongue ran around his mouth. They parted and Daniel let his head fall back against the headrest.

“Now can we go and fuck?” Marie asked.

“If you insist,” Daniel grinned and started the car.

The valet was fairly unsubtle in his gawping at Marie as she climbed from the Aston, something that gave Daniel yet another thrill. You can look, my friend, he thought, but I’m on my way to fuck her. Marie led the way to the lift, once again attracting many a look from those in the lobby, especially now her dress seemed even shorter than before. Daniel walked behind, admiring the rear view of his wife’s round bottom and athletic form. They stood in silence waiting for the lift, Daniel’s hand squeezing Marie’s buttocks.

The doors opened and an older couple stepped out, then Daniel and Marie were in the lift. As soon as the doors closed Daniel pushed Marie against the wall and sank to his knees, pushing her dress up. He clamped his mouth over her scalding cunt and sucked at the thick, strands of clear liquid, easily as gooey as the chocolate fondant but much, much more exotic. Marie squealed then gasped, lifting her leg onto Daniel’s shoulder to give him better access. He lapped at her hole, forcing his tongue between the slippery lips then sucked hard at her clitoris. Marie’s nails grabbed at her husband’s hair, digging into his scalp as he attacked her with his lips, tongue and teeth.

“Oh, fuck that’s amazing baby,” she gasped. “God, I could come.”

“Mmph,” said Daniel beneath her, encouraging his wife.

The lift bell struck and the doors slid open. From the corner of his eye Daniel saw a couple make to enter the lift then stop as they saw what was happening.

“Get the next one,” panted Marie, who slammed her hand against the control panel, seeking out the close door button. Daniel’s licking continued unabated. Ever since he’d seen his wife’s bare pussy on the jetty he’d had this in mind and he wasn’t stopping until Marie had come on his face. He held her back against the lift wall, his thumb probing her sopping hole, his knuckles against her arsehole and Marie’s heel dug deliciously into his shoulder.

It took only a few more seconds of frantic, aggressive attention. A rhythmic mewling sound filled the lift and Marie’s grip on his hair became tighter. “That’s it Daniel, that’s it, baby. Oh God, I’m gonna come,” she squealed and then her climax took hold, making her buck against the lift as Daniel fastened his mouth over her and drank her juices down.

The lift arrived at their floor and the doors opened. Marie walked ahead, a little unsteadily on her vertiginous heels. To an onlooker she might have looked only a little drunk perhaps as she tottered along the corridor, if it wasn’t for the fact her blue dress was rucked up around her waist leaving her naked for anyone to see. Marie reached the double doors of their suite and waited for Daniel to open the door. As it swung open he held his wife by the waist and kissed her deeply.

“Now can I have my present?” Marie asked.

Daniel smiled. “Since you’ve been such a good girl I think you can,” he said.

Marie pouted, high on a heady cocktail of wine and sex. She walked towards the vast bed and slipped the dress off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor, then unhooked her bra leaving her only in her shoes.

“God, you’re fucking sexy,” Daniel said as he watched Marie climb up the bed on all fours, wiggling her rump this way and that before she turned onto her back and lay with her legs spread wide.

Marie lay there, holding her breasts, feeling her erect nipples, a hand rubbing one thigh then the other, then finally her red, throbbing pussy. “Fuck me, you horny bastard,” she breathed as she fingered herself.

Daniel shed his jacket, shirt and shoes then slipped off his trousers. His cock stood out, pointing at his wife. He stroked it as he watched her touch herself then he joined her on the bed. He kissed Marie passionately, delighting in the mix of intimate tastes on each other’s mouths and held her big, soft breasts, rubbing his palms over her nipples. His cock slipped naturally between Marie’s folds and he slid forward, filling her at once.

“Ohhhh, fuck, yes,” she groaned. “That’s what I need.” Marie held Daniel to her as he began to thrust hard and slow, his cock filling her hot, wet cunt.

Daniel lifted himself on his arms to look into his wife’s blue eyes as he fucked her. “I love you, darling,” he said tenderly.

“I love you too,” she told him.

His pace quickened. Their bodies smacked together as Daniel pistoned in and out of Marie and her big breasts bounced with every thrust. Daniel lowered his mouth to suck hard on one nipple and his tempo increased. The bed banged against the wall as the couple moved together, each lost in a world of pleasure and unity and Daniel’s orgasm began to well inside him just as Marie’s body began to judder with pleasure.