Hardcore Holiday Ch. 06

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Abella Danger

I walked back across the living room area and sat in one of the leather armchairs opposite Ant, unsure about the whole situation. Knowing what Franco was capable of wasn’t helping and I couldn’t help but wonder if he had made some sort of veiled threat to Ant, like he had to me, yet looking at him he didn’t look as though he was in my room under duress.

“So Ant apart from Franco asking you why did you come here?” I asked trying to get some sort of conversation going.

“It’s true Dan without Franco saying something I wouldn’t have come,” he replied. “But that is only because I saw how close you and those others were getting.”

“Have you seen them lately?” I asked trying to find out if he knew anything.

“No Franco told me they had finished their holiday and gone home,” Ant said. “That’s when he told me to try to get to know you.”

“If I told you the real truth why you hadn’t seen them what do you think you would say or do?”

“Why was Franco lying?” He asked, a look of concern crossing his face.

“Either lying to you or me yes,” I said. “He kidnapped the three of us but then for some reason let me go and gave me this room.”

“Maybe he really likes you and didn’t want any competition,” Ant said trying to make us both happier.

“Maybe but to kidnap two people and make threats is a bit of a harsh way to go about things,” I said.

“Ever since his family acquired this complex he has had issues with power,” Ant said.

“What do you mean acquired?”

“Let’s just say that they didn’t get this complex a hundred percent above board,” he said. “Anyway have you got any more beer?”

“Yes let me go get some.” I told him and rose from my chair.

As I walked past him towards the kitchen I couldn’t help but glance down at is shorts, even though my mind was now racing, and could clearly see the outline of his semi-hard cock. Trying to ignore it, which I found harder than I imagined I would, I continued to the kitchen and opened the fridge.

As I bent to get the beer from the bottom of the fridge I felt Ant’s presence right behind me and, instead of straightening up and turning to face him, I took a small step back, just enough for my ass to brush against his cock. As soon as I came into contact with him my cock started torbalı escort to harden rapidly and, forgetting the beers, I did now straighten and turn to him.

Ant was an inch or two taller than me and I instinctively reached my hand around the back of his neck and pulled his lips down to mine, my tongue eagerly pushing its way into his mouth. Ant responded and as our mouths stayed locked together our hands started running all over each other’s bodies, until he finally reached in between us and placed his hand on my, by now, rock hard cock, causing me to moan softly.

His hands, although soft, felt so good against me and he began to massage me through my trousers. As he did we continued to kiss and before long he had deftly undone my trousers and let them fall to the floor. With only my thin boxer shorts between my cock and his hand I threw my head back and whispered for him to pull them down as well, which he did, releasing my hard cock to his touch.

In one quick move Ant scooped me up, turned us around and sat me on the cold work surface, causing goose bumps to rise over my body. As I sat there Ant wrapped his strong fingers around my shaft and slowly began to wank me, using his free hand to drop his shorts as he did, and releasing his cock for me.

Looking down as I reached for him I saw the swollen head o his cock glistening with a small drop off pre-cum and ran my finger over it softly, before raising it to my mouth and tasting his slightly salty fluid. Ant seemed to get even more turned on seeing me do that and stopped stroking me, long enough to lower his head towards my cock.

Closing my eyes I gasped as I felt his tongue flick across the end of my cock, before he opened his mouth and slowly took every inch of me into his warm, damp mouth and closing his lips around my hard, eager shaft. Reaching down I placed my hands softly against his head as he began to move his mouth back and forth along my shaft.

Expertly he worked my cock with his mouth and I rapidly felt myself reaching the point of no return, my balls tightening, and I gripped his head harder tighter in my hands as I felt my cock twitch and the first stream of cum erupted from the end into Ant’s mouth.

Ant never even slowed down he just continued urla escort to suck, and swallow, until I was completely drained and only then did he lift his head, look at me and smile.

“Fuck me Ant,” I whispered breathlessly to him. “Let me feel your hard cock inside my ass.”

Sliding me off the counter he spun me around and bent me over, before moving between my legs, his hard cock slapping against my ass as he did.

Gripping me cheeks he began to push his cock against my tight ass, desperately trying to get the thick, swollen head of his gorgeous black cock into me, but struggling to.

“Have you got any lube?” he asked stopping with his thrusts.

“Not here no,” I said. “But I have in the bedroom.”

“Fuck that I can’t wait that long,” he said. “Hang on.”

I turned my head as he opened the fridge and saw him take the butter from off the shelf.

“This will do,” he said surprising me.

I watched as he pushed two fingers into the butter before pulling them back out and, pushing my head back down, he began to smother my hole until I was completely covered. This time when the bulbous head of Ant’s cock came into contact with my tight hole it slid easily into me, causing me to moan out loudly as it did so.

Gripping me tightly Ant began to thrust in and out of my ass, his pace building up slowly, until his balls were slapping against my ass with each forward thrust. I held the counter top tightly as he continued to pound into my ass, my gasps of pleasure getting louder and louder, when all of a sudden he gripped me tighter than ever and rammed his cock as hard as he could into me.

“FUCK YES!!!” He screamed out. “I’M CUMMING.”

I pushed my ass back against his cock as he said the words I wanted to hear and felt his cock begin to violently twitch inside me as. Five or six twitches later Ant stopped with his thrusting, reached around my front, and wrapped his hand around my hard cock.

“Now I want to feel this inside me,” he said breathlessly squeezing and stroking me gently, before slowly easing his cock out of my cum-filled ass.

“Yes Ant but not here,” I said. “In the bedroom.”

I took his hand and, after we both fully stripped off, led him to the bedroom. As soon as we entered buca escort the room Ant gasped as he saw the size of the bed.

“Fuck I’ve never seen a bed that fucking big,” he said.

“Plenty of room to thrash about on,” I replied as I pulled him towards it.

Pushing him down onto the bed I climbed on, between his legs, and lowered my head towards his semi-hard cock. Wrapping my lips around it Ant quickly became hard again and I bobbed my head up and down as fast as I could, occasionally stopping to run my tongue along the whole length of his shaft and over his swollen shiny cock head.

After a few minutes I stopped and reached under the bed to retrieve some lube, from the box Franco had left, before covering my cock and his hole with it. Ant eased himself up the bed and rested his head on the pillows and I lifted his legs onto my shoulders, I wanted to see his face as I was fucking him, before guiding my cock slowly and easily into his lube covered ass.

Unlike Ant I thrust my cock hard into him right away, my desperation to fuck him overtaking any thoughts of passion, my balls slapping his ass violently.

“FUCK…FUCK…FUCK!!!” I called out with each thrust.

“Oh yes Dan fuck me hard,” Ant gasped as he reached forward and began to wank his own cock in time with my thrusting.

After only a few minutes I felt my balls tighten, or the second time, and drove my cock deeper and harder into him as I felt the first explosion of cum erupt from the end of my cock into him.

“YES…YES…YESSSSSSS.” I screamed out as jet after jet of cum exploded from my cock into Ant’s ass.

Ant was wanking more furiously than I had ever seen anyone wank before when he suddenly bucked his hips and came, thick white milky fluid erupting from the end of his cock before splashing down on his chest. Greedily I lowered my head and began to eagerly lap at his cum until he was completely clean, before collapsing on his chest through sheer exhaustion.

“Can I ask you something?” I said lifting my head to look into his eyes.

“Anything,” he replied.

“Will you help me find out the truth about Mikey and Jackson?”

Ant paused for a few seconds, looking straight into my eyes.

“What about Franco?” he asked.

“Don’t worry about him,” I said. “I’ll somehow keep him sweet.”

“What do I get out of helping you?”

“How about the holiday of your life,” I replied. “As long as we do find them.”

“Count me in then,” Ant said and pulled me back down onto him. “My turn to fuck you now.”