Harry and His Wife’s Panties

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Harry’s marriage had reached a terrible lull. His wife, whom he loved, was still very attractive to him and he was still turned on by the thought of having sex with her. Unfortunately, she had recently entered menopause and while her mood changes, hot and cold flashes and odd behavior was not intolerable, Harry’s wife had simply lost all desire for sex.

Now she wasn’t completely unsympathetic to her husband and would often help him out giving him hand jobs or, on occasion letting him fuck her. In the past Harry never considered what he did together with his wife fucking, but now as he tried so hard to elicit a response from her and in the end simply came in her pussy as she quietly waited for him to finish, he realized he was simply fucking her.

While Harry considered having an affair he realized that he simply didn’t want to get involved with another woman just to have sex with her, it just didn’t seem fair. He could have played a bit on the internet but the newer technology had passed him by and he simply wasn’t able to keep up with the cams tuzla escort and voice connections. Instead of any live interaction, he simply looked at pictures or ran videos and jacked off.

There were plenty of times that jacking off to the porn satisfied him and with the use of different lubes, fabrics, gloves, etc. he varied the stimulation to keep it interesting. One of his favorite devices was his wife’s panties, preferably some she had already worn. Just last week he snuck two of them from the pantry and had a party.

Slipping one pair over his head, he positioned the crotch in front of his nose and mouth, while he took the second pair in his hand and gently wrapped his fingers around his cock. He slowly worked the satiny fabric up and down his erection while running his tongue over the crusty deposit on the crotch of the panties. Breathing deep he could smell his wife while his tongue tasted the tart flavor he remembered from each time he went down on his wife.

Picturing himself sliding his tongue in and out of her wet pussy he pendik escort stroked himself. He peeked out of the leg holes as he could see the precum leave a wet spot in the panties. Speeding up his rhythm he sucked the, now damp, material of the panties into his mouth and slurped his wife’s flavor ask he lifted his hips and fucked his panty covered fist.

Harry let his wife’s scent and taste fill him as the sensation of his hand on his cock slowly drew the pleasure from his balls up the length of him until finally, breathing hard, he arched his back, pushed his hips forward and came, spurting his sticky white jism into the satin panties until it dripped through onto his hands and thighs. The scent of his cum would permeate the room so he had to suck hard on the panties to keep his wife’s flavor firm in his mind.

His cock then shrank as he was left sucking the last bit of flavor from the panties and feeling his cum ooze down his legs. Only as the taste of his wife faded from the crotch of her panties did Harry begin to clean up. The panties aydınlı escort on his head were relatively dry, so he dabbed up his cum the best he could and then rushed into the bathroom where he tossed to two pairs of panties into the sink.

He finished cleaning the cum off his cock, thighs, balls and hands with toilet paper and then began rinsing out the panties. Harry’s wife knew he jacked off, actually encouraged it, especially if he took care of it away from her and yet he still felt a bit embarrassed, especially the liberty he took with her panties, so he tried his best to keep it all a secret.

Carefully rinsing out her panties he wrung them out as best he could and then, pushing a finger up through the elastic, kind of spun then in circles to try and dry them the best he could. You might say the sight of himself in the mirror, completely naked while twirling two pairs of panties on his fingers was a odd sight, simply consider how he looked just a few minutes ago with a pair of panties on his head, his hips arched forward and his cock pumping his white cum through the soft fabric of another pair of panties. Yeah, Harry figured he was one sick fuck, but damn, it did feel good to come like that while tasting his wife. He couldn’t wait until he figured out his next escapade.