he/Her writing

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he/Her writingheLove the pics with the blue polka dot girl cock. I would make out, on your back feeling it between our stomachs. You’d feel me grow. I would kiss your breasts, and lift your blue nighty and kiss your sides. Then slide my mouth down over your girlcock and look up at you. I would bob a few times, then move back up and slide into you. I would whisper into your ear, “Having her girlcock sucked makes my babygirl wet, doesn’t it?” Fucking you slowly, and deeply. Feeling my spit on your girlcock and it slides up and down my stomach as i fuck you. “I wish it could cum, baby. If your girlcock could cum, where would you cum when I suck it?” I would ask and then grip your hair, holding your face so i could slowly fuck you and watch your face as you think about where you’d finish — if only you could cum.I would keep fucking you slowly, and deeply, and tell you your cunt belongs to me. Even your slippery little blue girlcock belongs to me. And I’d stroke it as i fuck you — knowing how it rubs your clit when i do.Slowly I batman escort would say, holding you by the hair, looking down at your gorgeous face, “But I have a present for you — if you’ll be a good girl. Will you be a good girl?” And I would keep fucking you slowly and deeply. My body against yours. Letting go of your girl cock, but it rubbing between our stomachs and teasing your clit as I fuck you.You know me, you know my cock, you know my expressions. And you know I’m close. I move my hand from your hair and put it right between your breasts, and push your body into the bed, holding you still. Then you’d look down, you’d feel my pull out, and you’d see my hand on my shaft. I’d milk my cock slowly — I don’t want my cum to shoot out, for once I want it to ooze out. I would milk it so my cum rained down all over your blue girlcock.Then I would look down at your pretty face and tell you “Show me babygirl. Show me — if you could cum — show me where you would cum. This is a command — use me however the bayburt escort fuck you want. And cum wherever you like.” And then I would smack you across the breast and await your next move.****************************************************************************************HerI don’t take any time to consider your command. My hand is on your chest, pushing you off of me in a slow but controlled fashion. You still wear that sexy smirk on your face as I straddle you, trapping your arms between my thighs. I trail a finger over your sensual lips. ”Open for me…this is where my cock is going.”Leaning forward on an arm, I use the other to guide my cock between your parted lips, chocking off the snappy comment you were about to get out. I close my eyes and imagine what it would feel like to be enclosed in your warm, wet heat. I push in deep, not giving any consideration to your mouth. I grind my hips in a circular motion, revelling in the pressure it creates against my clit. I set up a nice steady pace, bilecik escort focusing on the mounting pleasure between my legs. I’m vaguely aware of the gurgling noises you are making as I pump my “little girlcock” into my new fuckhole.Fucking your face sparks a dominant need in me. I know you have no choice but to keep a tight seal on my cock least the ceramic base knock against your teeth. All I really care about is cumming…and cumming where I want. When I feel your arms try to wrestle free, no doubt to control my movements, I lock my knees tighter and say, “Don’t you dare…open up and take it for me.”I’m on the edge and almost flying but I hold off, waiting for that tell-tale sensation. I focus on your stretched lips and flared nose…I see your glassy eyes and know I am pushing your gag reflex to the limit. Fuck yes…’use you’ indeed! I pound harder and then pull back as the sensation coalesces into a wet spray that shoots from my cunt, covering your surprised face.”Fuck, yes, yes, yesssss!” I scream, riding each wave of wet pleasure as it washes over me. It takes me a second to catch my breath and bring my hips to a stop. With a lazy smile I look down at you and pull free from your mouth. I lean forward and lick some of my girl cum off of your face and whisper, “Not ‘if I can cum’…when I cum.”