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Subject: Headline Hayden Chapter 23: A Saviour I will leave Hayden’s age up to my readers and note that this is a complete work of fantasy. This story is set in a completely fictional world and I certainly would not encourage anyone to try and replicate this fantasy in the real world. It is just a flight of my fancy. Please feel free to email me at ail with feedback, comments and suggestions! Headline Hayden Chapter 23: A Saviour When we left off, I was trapped in a state of deep despondency as Hayden’s father had come to take him home, leaving me discarded and alone. The irony is that without Hayden’s father taking him away, we may never have had a future together. The police did eventually question me, but I got the distinct feeling that pressure had been applied to stop Hayden being mentioned or our relationship being called into question. I was relieved although it meant that Hayden’s father was not likely to permit our contact. As I’d find out, there were other means that might be applied to cause that to happen. I was soon discharged from the hospital, given a course of painkillers and set free. However, I hardly felt any liberation as I was without the person for whom I had so much love. Slowly I made my way to my apartment, hauling my damaged body out of the Uber I’d called and hobbling into the elevator. Back at home, my whole body felt utterly deprived of energy. My brain was a dull fog of emptiness and forlorn emotion. I paced round the apartment and texted Hayden several times, but never got any reply. I lay down in bed and let balıkesir escort a wave of despair wash over me. At the back of my mind, I had always feared the world taking Hayden away from me, as if I was hardly worthy of such a beautiful human being. Now I was faced with the prospect of it happening and the thought filled me with unreasoning terror. Shutting my eyes, I let the somnolent weight of depression enfold me and drag me down with it. he only thing that broke my slumber was my phone ringing. Scrambling to grab it, I picked it up and Hayden’s voice came through in a whisper. My heart was seized by a paroxysm of agony at the tone it held. “I can’t talk long, Matt. I love you so much but my dad’s decided I need to live back at home. He’s gonna take me out of school and hire tutors. The bastard says he wants to ‘keep an eye on me.’ Fuck. It’s so unfair.” My tongue was tied as I stammered. “Did he say…I mean…can we keep talking? All I care about is staying in touch!” There were tears in Hayden’s voice as he spoke. “He hasn’t mentioned you but it’s too dangerous for you to talk to me. I’m so fucking sad right now. Please…shit Matt…I hope some day we…look, I just love you. I hope this isn’t goodbye forever.” I felt the hot immediacy of tears spring to my eyes and my stomach felt like it was full of lead weights. “I love you too Hayden. I’m sure that we…that we’ll…oh god…” The sobs wracked me, shaking my whole body as I sucked in great, shuddering gulps of air. Hayden was in tears too. I could hear him sobbing. bartın escort Eventually I pulled it together and managed to speak. “Don’t give up on us please. Not yet.” When Hayden’s voice came back, it was calmer. “I won’t, Matt. I swear. Shit I better go. My dad’s coming.” That was it. He hung up and I sat staring numbly at the phone in my hand. I don’t know how long I stayed still, unable to shift from my spot. Eventually I stood mechanically and went to stare out of the window at the fading light. There was quite literally a blank space inside of me that was sucking me into its void. After that phone call, I pushed myself to work punishing hours and I took every assignment offered to me. I barely slept, ate without any enjoyment and slept fitfully. Luckily I have never been a real drinker or drug user, so I didn’t spiral out of control in that way. I just didn’t give a shit any more. The only person who mattered a whit in my life was gone and my chances of seeing him again were not at all good. My work colleagues noticed it and tried to invite me out. I appreciated what they were trying to do, but I was in no mood for human contact. There were no complaints on my work, although my boss did try and tell me to slow down. I politely thanked him and kept on working like a dog. I really don’t know what would have happened if it hadn’t been for Hayden’s old friend Emmy. One night after having microwaved myself a TV dinner, I was plunking myself down in front of the screen when my phone rang. My eyebrows rose as I noticed it batıkent escort was Emmy calling. Some part of me wanted to ignore it, but I picked it up. “Emmy! Its been a long, long time. What’s up?” Her voice was tentative and worried. “Hey Matt…I…I had to call you. Hayden told me what happened, he’s not doing good at all. He misses you so much…” My stomach twisted into a tight knot. “I know. I miss him…oh shit…” I started to feel hot tears well up and pour down my cheeks but Emmy took a deep breath and spoke again. “He wants to see you, Matt. I have a way for you guys to meet without his parents knowing what’s happening. Are you willing to do it?” I didn’t even have to hesitate in answering as a flash of coruscating hope leapt up in my heart. “Yes! How? When?” Emily laid it all out for me, her voice quavering. I knew that she was as intimidated by his father as I felt, but I was happy beyond words for her bravery. She had managed to convince her parents to let her “have a party” while they were out of town. She further managed to talk Hayden’s father into letting him go, provided he checked in with him. She’d go sleep over at a friends’s house so he and I could be together. I knew I’d have to take time off work, but given how worried my boss was about my well-being I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. All that I could think of was getting to hold Hayden, to feel his reassuring warmth nearby and the gentle strength of his hands touching me. Emmy and I hashed out the details and she let me go. The elation that filled me can scarcely be described. I went from Stygian depths to soaring heights in the space of ten minutes. I will let all of you digest this development. Next time, you’ll see what happens when deep love and pent-up passion are released. I am quite sure that you won’t want to miss it.