Headmaster’s Secretary Chapter IV

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The first guest walked in, gave Liz his coat and locked eyes on her, well anything below her neck. Before she could take the coat off to the coat room, another couple of guests walked in. They both were short, round older men and both looked on the verge of a heart attack upon seeing her. Liz once again took their coats and was able to put the coats away. On returning, the final guest arrived. This one was a little leaner and looked a little like Disraeli. “Would you gentlemen Like some drinks? Whisky?” Mr Harper said, breaking the silence. “Oh yes,” came mumbled replies. Liz quickly left and returned with five whiskies. They each took one as she stood to one side. “Your service is rather fine isn’t it?” said the Disraeli look alike, as the rest of the gentlemen looked over towards Liz.“Yes she is rather. Feel free do what you like to her, she’s mine and currently being punished for poor behaviour,” Mr Harper replied flippantly. Liz gave Mr Harper a look then quickly averted her eyes.“Isn’t that right Miss almanbahis Cummington?” And with that he turned the vibrator up to maximum and Liz gave a little gasp.“Yes sir,” Liz gasped, short of breath.A couple of the guests looked over and Mr Harper motioned them over to Liz. The two small fat ones walked up to her. One went straight in and took her by the bum and pressed her up against his crotch as he buried his face in her chest. She could feel his bulge against her. Liz then started to wiggle from her chest down to her bum and gave the little man some fun. The other circled Liz, stopping behind her.“Stop, bend over please legs apart,” he ordered. Liz stopped at once. The man who was attached to her breasts took his head out and moved back to allow her to bend over.The small gentlemen then knelt down behind Liz and took a great sniff. She could feel him linger there, smelling and gazing up at the soaked panties and the vibrator buzzing away within her. Suddenly the strain on her legs from bending over almanbahis yeni giriş for such a length of time was too much, her legs gave way and she fell forward steadying herself on whatever came first. Unfortunately for her, this was the crotch of the fellow who had previously made a home in her bosom. Her breasts rocked forward, almost breaking free of the dress, and her rear was now fully on show for all to see. Her knees stung with pain from the impact on the floor. “Well my dear, if you insist,” said bosom lover as he opened up his trousers and held his shirt up so that his penis was unobstructed. Liz ignored the pain and went to work, stroking his shaft and sucking his sack. This appeared to be too much for Mr. Bosom Lover and he shot with a whimper, the spray hitting her face. She stopped stroking, licked his cock clean and waited for the command to stand once more. The order never came, but she did feel a hand forcing her head down and a command to raise her rear, then her panties being almanbahis giriş moved aside. A cock was then thrust into her hole. Tight, unexpected, her muscles contracted, she fought the desire the cry out. He pounded her for quite some time, building his thrusts and speed then suddenly stopping. He gave her a great spank on her arse, causing Liz to cry out in pain and excitement. Once again he spanked her, then he spoke. “Would you join us?” the voice invited and the group approached her. “Please stand Miss, and open your legs and bend over,” one of the men said. Liz did so and as she bent down, her breasts fell free of the dress. The men approached, one taking a position beneath her, removing the vibrator and placing it between her breasts and began to nibble her pussy. Another presented his cock to Liz’s face and fed it into her mouth. Two of the others took a hand each and she began wanking their hardening cocks. The final gentleman returned to her arse and started fucking her. The motion of his thrusts translated into her fucking the cock in her mouth. Her aching legs buckled but held as she wallowed in the pleasure of the man eating her pussy. She had just enough control to maintain a good stroking action on the two cocks in her hands.