Heather – Part 6

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Good morning! Heather texted, captioning a pic.CJ caught me being silly this morning. HahaGood morning, sweetie! Very cute pic! I sent, in reply.Are you working from home today? Heather asked.Yeah. You work today? I replied.No. Working out, then heading home, Heather texted.It’s reasonable to say that I lived in an affluent neighborhood. However, I don’t have a full-size gym in my house. CJ’s parents are beyond wealthy. Their estate has a main house and several other quarters on the property. It really is an impressive place, the gym, indoor pool, you name it, they’ve got it. I don’t consider myself to be a jealous person, but I am definitely envious. Heather has intimated that she would eventually move there, but CJ’s family hasn’t officially offered. That has been a source of tension between her and CJ. OK. Have fun. I’ll just be “working out” here. LOL, I texted Heather.You’re a machine! Hahaha. Don’t work too hard!I took a shower and thought about last night’s activities. I felt a little embarrassed about my daughter seeing me get myself off while watching a video of her and CJ. So I was relieved by Heather’s teasing. I guess she isn’t weirded out over it, I thought.The shower refreshed my body and mind. I fixed myself a cup of coffee and logged into work. Thankfully, I was able to catch up on most of my work assignments in only a few hours. My little home office is set up with two monitors. So there wasn’t anything stopping me from multi-tasking. All work and no play, the saying goes, I thought, as I clicked on my latest Heather video. I was just about to edge my cock a little bit when the text kaçak iddaa notification chimed on my phone.Lunch? Heather texted.Sure. Where from? I replied, suddenly feeling hungry.Someplace I can drive through. I’m sweaty! LOLOK sweaty girl. Just get me whatever you’re getting. I’m starving. I’ll watch Tara so you can shower.So eager to get me undressed! HahahaWell I wasn’t thinking like that. But I am now! Maybe I should move the webcam to the bathroom, I teased.You would! LOLJust kidding. See you in a bit.Heather arrived a few minutes later with some lettuce wraps. I had told her to get me whatever she was getting, forgetting that my daughter eats much healthier than I do. She looked so sexy in a tight tank top, very short lycra shorts and running shoes without socks. If she dressed that way at a public gym, nobody would be able to concentrate on their workout, I thought. I ate my healthy lunch and brought up the webcam in Heather’s room. Since she had already seen me undressing her with my eyes, I was sure Heather knew I would want to watch her take those tight clothes off. Heather lay sleeping Tara in her crib, then walked over to the changing table where the webcam was placed. A second later, the screen went black.I guess she doesn’t want me to watch her this time, I sighed, thinking.I finished my rabbit food lunch and turned my attention back to work. A few minutes later, the webcam came back on. Heather had unplugged it and moved it to the bathroom. Oh my God! She is really going to let me watch her take a shower! I thought, as my cock begged for mercy in my pants.Heather had the camera pointed kaçak bahis at herself, as she stood in front of the sink, kicked off her shoes and casually slipped her shorts off. No panties. Then, as if no one were watching, Heather pulled her tank top and bra off, paying no attention to the camera at all. She was giving me a real voyeuristic thrill. My cock could not be denied any longer, so I unsnapped my shorts and began slowly masturbating.It was so arousing, watching my daughter look at herself in the mirror, while she took her hair out of the ponytail. Heather studied her body in the reflection, slowly caressing her tits, then smirked as she turned the webcam to face the glass shower.Heather left the shower door open, so the steam wouldn’t prevent me from seeing everything. Watching the water cascading down my gorgeous teenage daughter’s body was the most erotic visual my eyes had ever observed. Heather stood, facing the camera, as she provocatively moved her soapy hands across her breasts, ass and legs.My sexy little girl tilted her head back and let the water spray her face and wet her hair. I sat moaning and edging as the shampoo bubbles shined on Heather’s body and down her smooth, tan legs. Heather unclipped the showerhead and directed the warm water over her body, in a slow, sexy display…just for my pleasure. One hand was spraying her breasts, while the other hand squeezed and massaged them. Then Heather’s hands traveled down her body and concentrated on her pussy.Heather spread her legs a bit and began masturbating while the water sprayed directly on her clit. Her eyes closed, mouth opened illegal bahis wide, Heather’s head lay back against the shower wall. She masturbated her clit furiously for a minute or so. I heard a loud “Ah” from the bathroom, then the echo of it on the video player as my daughter finished her climax.My satisfied baby girl wrapped herself up in a towel and turned the webcam off. I quickly stuffed my cock back into my shorts and sat staring at my computer screen, when Heather went back to her room. The webcam came back on. Heather was already in panties and a tank, looking directly into the lens. “Get back to work,” she giggled.I left the webcam viewer up while I finished my workday. I checked in on it several times, watching Heather dry and straighten her hair, put on makeup, and mess with her phone. After a while of silence, I checked it again, noticing the camera was just recording my daughter taking a nap.Watching my daughter sleep was beautiful, but I was ready to log off from work and get dinner ready. I made a pan of spaghetti and sauce, then woke Heather. She was all smiles and chipper after her nap. She got Tara settled in her high chair. Then we fixed our plates and made light conversation, leaving the taboo subject in the bedroom or on the phone. I had been nervous about it, but our dialog was normal and pleasant. “What are you doing tonight?” Heather asked.”I was just gonna see what’s on TV. You wanting to go out?””No. CJ is studying, and I don’t feel like sitting over there and watching him.””You did your makeup, though. I figured you were going somewhere.””I put on mascara, Daddy,” Heather laughed. “That’s hardly makeup.””Well, you look like a million bucks, Honey,” I replied, embarrassed.”I’ll need to give Tara a bath. So I’ll probably just come hang out with you after she goes to bed.”