Helpful Neighbors

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It was ten o’ clock on a Saturday night and Grace’s partner Tom was away on a course. Grace rummaged through the collection of dildos, vibrators and buttplugs she kept in a drawer in her makeup table. She chose the largest buttplug, a monster whose widest section was at least four inches across, picked up the bottle of lube she used when Tom wanted to fuck her in the ass and padded naked into the bathroom to run a bath.

There was a large candle on the tiled surround which Grace liked to light when she settled into the water. She used it to measure how long she could hold on before allowing herself to climax. She lit it now, poured a generous quantity of bath salts into her hand and then turned on the tap, upending the handful of fragrant crystals into the hot water.

Grace caught sight of her reflection in the mirror and liked what she saw: a beautiful black woman with a cascade of black hair, full breasts, dark nipples, a down of soft black hair covering her mons. She thought of herself as beautiful and desirable, able to arouse the sexual interest of both men and women to satisfy her intense need for sex.

Reaching over to the full bath, Grace turned off the taps and sat on the toilet. The bathroom was filled with the sound of her pee hitting the water below, strong at first then ebbing slowly. The scent filled the bathroom, competing with the bath salts, and Grace savored the smell before she pressed the flush.

Pausing to tie her hair up with a ribbon, Grace slipped off the robe and reached for the buttplug, smeared a thick blob of the lube over the tip and then made a ring of her thumb and forefinger to spread the greasy substance over every part of the plug. Standing with one leg on the toilet seat, she held her buttocks wide with one hand, placed the tip of the buttplug against her anus with the other and pushed, gently but firmly.

The first inch entered her bottom easily but her anus resisted being stretched so wide. She relaxed the pressure, working the lube round the opening to her rectal canal. Then she pushed again, more insistent this time, forcing her anus to open and accept the buttplug’s width. More and more went in, widening the sphincter until suddenly it enveloped the full length of the buttplug, her anus gripping the base like a greedy mouth. Her asshole felt stuffed blissfully full of the slippery silicone and Grace climbed in the bath.

Grace lay back in the water, enjoying the heat on her body. It had been a difficult week at school with one girl announcing she was pregnant and another, a beautiful young Muslim girl, saying she would have to leave at the end of the school year because her parents had arranged for her to return to Pakistan to be married. Grace had high hopes for this girl, expecting her to go on from school to university and graduate with honors, but as far as her parents were concerned an education was less important than marrying well. Grace sighed: she saw no easy resolution to her desire for the girl’s career prospects to triumph over family tradition.

Putting her concerns out of her mind and feeling extremely horny, desperate to be anally fucked by a long, hard cock able to spurt a massive load of cum into her bowels, Grace had to make do with masturbating and she reached for the shampoo bottle she’d seen in a supermarket and bought just for the packaging. The plastic base was circular, almost as wide as the buttplug filling her ass. But what Grace loved was the cap, tapering to a blunt point, so obviously an imitation of a man’s cock she was surprised and delighted when she saw it on the shelf, her mind immediately seeing the possibilities. And now here she was, ready to explore those possibilities by pushing as much of the shampoo bottle into her pussy as she could, delighting in the tightness from the pressure of the buttplug in the adjoining hole.

Fucking herself with the bottle felt wonderful. Grace spread her legs, gripped the base with one hand and fucked herself slowly and deeply, frigging her clit to heighten her pleasure. Time and again she pushed the bottle into herself, her cunt swallowing the bottle so readily she had to hold firmly onto the base. Each thrust was more erotic than the last, the bottle rubbing deliciously against the buttplug through the thin membrane separating her pussy walls and her asshole.

The exquisitely pleasurable sensation eventually brought Grace to a shuddering climax and she cried out in pleasure before sinking, exhausted, into the water, breathing so hard from the force of her orgasm she blew out the candle standing on the rim of the bath. And it was at that moment the lights in the bathroom, and the whole house, also went out.

* * * * *

The bathroom was pitch black. Grace climbed out of the bath and reached for where she thought the towel was. “Shit!” she cried, as she banged her shin on the edge of the toilet, knowing she would have an ugly bruise in the morning.

She dried herself as best she could and then felt slowly along the nevşehir escort landing to the bedroom. The immediate priority was to get dressed and find out if the power cut affected all the houses in the cul-de-sac where she lived or just hers and Tom’s.

She located tracksuit pants and a t-shirt on a chair and pulled them on, then made her way across to the window and opened the curtains. The rest of the houses except for next door on the left were lit up and Grace cried, “Shit!” again. What she knew about electricity and fuse boxes could be written on the back of a postage stamp and the last thing she wanted to do was mess around in a junction box with a screwdriver in one hand and a candle in the other for fear of electrocuting herself.

Making her way downstairs in the dark, Grace grabbed her keys and opened the door. The reason the house on the left was dark was the couple who owned the house were away on holiday, which meant she had to go and ask for help from Bryan Armstrong and his daughter Eloise who had moved into the house on the right a month previously.

Grace knew Eloise because she taught the 18-year-old French in her class at school and the teenager, in common with several of the other girls, had a strong crush on her. In Eloise’s case Grace would have liked nothing better than to reciprocate but knew she dare not: the consequences on her career from having sex with a student, even one over the age of consent, would be devastating. Grace hadn’t met Eloise’s father but she knew he worked from home and liked to go jogging at the weekend which gave Grace the chance to admire his tanned, muscular body packed into a sports vest and Speedos.

Grace knocked on the door and Eloise answered. The girl was a classic combination: radiantly beautiful with fine blonde hair so long it reached down her back to her bottom, high cheekbones, full lips, extremely large breasts, a tiny waist, curvaceous buttocks and long, slender legs, a delectable mixture when she was only just over five feet tall. Because Grace supervised girls’ sports and showered with them at the end of their matches, she knew Eloise kept her mons smoothly shaven, a complete contrast to the rest of the girls who let their pubic hair grow naturally.

Normally Grace found a shaven pussy less appealing, but the sheer voluptuousness of Eloise’s body made Grace’s mouth water and she would have given a king’s ransom to be able to satisfy her attraction to the teenager by sending the other girls out of the shower while she knelt between Eloise’s legs and sucked and licked her to a several blissful orgasms.

“Hello, Ms. Boswell,” Eloise said in a shy voice when she saw it was Grace.

“Who is it, darling?” a man called out.

“It’s Ms. Boswell, Dad. From next door.”

A moment later Bryan Armitage was standing behind his daughter. Grace took in his handsome, tanned face and his lean, muscular body and found it difficult to swallow. The man was gorgeous.

“Come in, please, come in,” he said, his hand extended. “What can I do for you, Ms. Boswell?”

“Grace, please,” she said.

She guessed he was about forty-five from the attractive flecks of grey at his temples and felt a thrill of desire deep in her pussy as he shook her hand.

“It’s just that the lights in our house have gone out,” Grace said. “And Tom is away on business. I’m afraid I don’t have a clue how to get them back on.”

“Hang on, I’ll just get my toolbox,” Bryan said and he disappeared toward the kitchen.

Grace smiled at Eloise as she waited for him to return, her eyes drawn to the teenager’s very brief tube-top, stretched to bursting by her enormous breasts, not to mention the hipster jeans which exposed her belly down to the swell of her mons. Grace enjoyed Eloise’s blush as she glanced downward to see if the jeans were so tight they outlined the cleft between Eloise’s legs and was delighted to find they did. Grace noticed there was a sheen of sweat on the slopes of Eloise’s breasts and her nose caught the unmistakable odor of a girl in heat; she wondered if Eloise had been masturbating before she answered the door.

“Here we are,” said Bryan as he reappeared holding a canvas bag. “Lead the way.”

Grace did so, opening the front door of her house and she waited for Bryan to turn on a flashlight before showing him the junction box high on the wall of the hallway.

“I’ll need stepladders,” Bryan said.

“In the utility room,” Grace said and went to fetch them. When she returned, Bryan climbed the ladders, handed down the flashlight for Grace to hold so he could see, and quickly and expertly opened the junction box and began to check the fuses. The only problem was Grace was standing level with Bryan’s groin and she could distinctly see his tautly muscled ass was complemented by the bulge of a substantial cock and balls outlined by the tight denim of his jeans.

Horny beyond belief in the proximity of such a good-looking man, lusting escort nevşehir after his extremely desirable daughter, desperate to be assfucked because of the thick buttplug still stuffed into her bottom, Grace had to stifle a groan of frustration when Bryan located the fault and the lights suddenly came back on. And it was only then she realized she wasn’t wearing tracksuit bottoms as she’d thought but the lower half of a pair of very see-thru pajamas. Bryan’s eyes were naturally drawn downwards to rest on the curls of her pubic hair, clearly visible through the thin material.

Grace blushed and said, “Bryan, I don’t know how to thank you. I’d never have been able to sort out what was wrong.”

“Just a simple overload,” he said, and smiled. Then he went on, “Look, I thought I’d cook Boeuf Bourguignon for lunch tomorrow. If you’re not busy, and Tom’s not back, would you like to join Eloise and me? Of course I’d quite understand if you’re busy…”

“No, I’m not and that would be delightful,” Grace said, returning his smile. “I’ll bring a bottle of wine as a thank you for your kindness this evening.”

“Around 12.30?”

“See you then,” Grace said and closed the door after him, a flutter of excitement making her hands tremble as she locked the door and went upstairs to bed, exhausted by what had turned out to be a surprisingly eventful evening.

* * * * *

Grace loved to cook, and Tom had often complimented her on her ability to create classic French dishes, but even she had to admit her Boeuf Bourguignon wasn’t as delicious as Bryan’s. The beef simply melted in the mouth, the crème brûlée dessert was sweet and crunchy, and Grace felt replete as Bryan handed her a cognac to go with the coffee Eloise was making in the kitchen.

Grace was standing by the bookshelves looking through Bryan’s collection. It was wide in interest, and she was delighted to see there were a number of volumes of classic erotica. She picked up ‘The Story of O’ and thumbed through to near the end of the book where Natalie, ‘like Dinarzade at the foot of Scheherazade’s bed’ watches each time O writhes and squirms beneath the riding crop, sees O on her knees humbly receiving Sir Stephen’s massive, upright sex in her mouth, and watches fascinated as O spreads her own buttocks with both hands to offer Sir Stephen her back passage. Grace loved the way the teenager wants to emulate O’s submission and, reading the familiar passage, she felt her cunt fill with warm cream. She shivered slightly with desire; a gesture Bryan noticed.

“It’s a wonderful book, don’t you think?” he said, taking a seat on the sofa opposite where Grace was standing.

“Wonderful but also frightening,” Grace said. “That any woman could so willingly submit to a man her personality disappears as she allows herself to be totally dominated.”

Bryan’s eyes met hers. “You mean being so submissive to Sir Stephen that she readily accepts he only ever wants to sodomize her?”

At that moment Eloise walked in with a tray holding a pot of coffee and three demitasse cups which she placed on the low table in front of her father.

Grace turned to put the book back on the shelf. There was no way the teenager could not have heard her father’s remark and Grace found it particularly erotic to be discussing sodomy in front of a girl the same age as the Natalie in the book while Bryan was similar in age to O’s aristocratic lover Sir Stephen.

“No,” Grace said, making herself comfortable in an armchair and sipping her cognac. “I think the reason O allows herself to be sodomized by Sir Stephen is because she enjoys it so much. When her lover, René, first delivers her to the chateau at Roissy, he spends time with her in her room before saying goodbye. He alternates between fucking and sodomizing her before he finally comes in her mouth. So she’s used to being fucked in that way. And no woman agrees to something like that unless she wants to offer her asshole to a man as freely as she does her cunt. At least that’s how it is between Tom and I – “

For a moment Grace wondered if the two bottles of red wine she, Bryan and Eloise had drunk with lunch, together with the cognac, had made her express her opinions too freely. But there was a fascinated look on Bryan’s face that made her think he was not offended by her openness but enjoyed discussing sexuality with a woman who saw herself as a spontaneously erotic being.

“Yes, that’s the way it is with Eloise and me, too,” Bryan said, smiling at his daughter who picked up the coffeepot, filled a cup and handed it to Grace. Glancing at the teenager, Grace thought how beautiful she was, and how desirable.

Eloise was wearing a very small black t-shirt, cut away at the sides to reveal her breasts to the nipple, and tiny blue denim shorts that left the dimples of each buttock bare. Her body had a sensual beauty as she walked, the big globes bouncing with each step. As Eloise leaned forward the perfume from her fine nevşehir escort bayan blonde hair filled Grace’s senses, making her feel breathless with desire.

“Does that shock you?” Bryan asked, patting the seat next to him on the sofa for Eloise to sit down, his eyes meeting Grace’s who loved watching the teenager’s bottom jiggle as she walked across the room.

“No, not at all,” said Grace with a little smile. “I expected a girl as gorgeous as Eloise would also be highly sexed. Who better to have her first sexual encounters with than her own father? Have you sodomized her yet?”

“Oh yes,” said Bryan, leaning over to kiss his daughter’s cheek, resting his hand lightly on Eloise’s upper thigh. “That and much more.”

“That sounds intriguing,” Grace said, her voice hoarse with lust as she looked from father to daughter and back again.

“Look,” Bryan said, stroking his hand between Eloise’s legs which made the teenager squirm as she rubbed her plump denim-covered mons against her father’s stroking fingers. “Eloise and I usually spend Sunday afternoons making love. Would you like to join us? I know Eloise would love you to, she has the most awful crush on you.”

“Yes, I know, it was a bit obvious,” Grace said with a big grin, enjoying the sight of Eloise blushing prettily.

Bryan laughed with delight at his daughter’s embarrassment. “She loves it when I lick her cunt,” he said. “Because then she can pretend it’s you and call out your name when she comes. That’s why she looked so sheepish on Friday night. She’d just climaxed and I was all set to fuck her bottom when you knocked.”

Grace laughed with delight. “Shall we make your dream come true, then, Eloise?” she asked.

“Yes, please, Ms. Boswell,” said the teenager softly, and Grace felt her heart thud in her chest, her nipples harden, and the creamy wetness between her legs turn into a flood.

* * * * *

There was something delightfully depraved about Bryan’s choice of Eloise’s bedroom for their lovemaking. A teddy bear sat on the pillow, rock concert posters on the walls, bright make-up on the dressing table all added to the sense that Eloise, not the crème brûlée, was the perfect dessert to finish their meal.

The teenager laid down on her bed, her t-shirt drawn together into her cleavage baring her breasts, her denim shorts unzipped and pushed down round her ankles. Her legs were wide open, the pink puffy lips of her shaven pussy glistening with the evidence of her arousal. As Grace watched, she cupped her breasts in one hand and began to knead the stiff tips, squeezing them hard between thumb and forefinger, sliding the other between her legs where she frigged herself vigorously.

Grace was standing naked at the foot of the bed, with Bryan nude behind her, the fingers of one hand buried in the folds of her cunt, his other hand caressing her breasts. She watched the lascivious display the teenager was putting on especially for her and felt so intensely aroused she was already close to orgasm.

Bryan’s circumcised penis pressing between the cheeks of her bottom was every bit as long, thick and hard as Grace had imagined and she envied Eloise for having it available to fuck her whenever she wanted. His arms round her body were tanned and muscular, his hand fondling her breasts was big and strong, and Grace writhed her bottom sinuously, sensing there would be few preliminaries before Bryan’s beautiful cock was buried in her cunt or ass to the balls. That suited her perfectly as long as he was doing it at the same time as she was licking the succulent cunt of the wanton teenager wantonly masturbating in front of her.

The split peach of Eloise’s pussy was too enticing for Grace to resist.

“Bryan, I have to – ” Grace said, turning her head so her lips met his in a passionate kiss before she tore herself away and lowered her body between the teenager’s legs.

Like a ravenous beast, Grace inhaled the delectable scent of warm girl-cunt and closed her mouth over the whole of Eloise’s slit, her tongue sinking as far as it would go into the wet hole. Immediately, Eloise bucked and shuddered in orgasm, a flood of her delicious cream filling Grace’s mouth which she swallowed greedily, hungry for more.

Lapping her tongue between the lips of the teenager’s pussy, Grace lingered longest over the stiff bud of Eloise’s clit, closing her lips over it and sucking gently. Eloise responded by grinding her hips up against Grace’s mouth, pushing the swollen little organ like a miniature penis between Grace’ lips, soft whimpering sounds coming from the girl’s throat every time Grace licked her tongue over the super-sensitive tip.

Her nose and mouth filled with the delicious smell and taste of the teenager’s cunt and ass, Grace found it hard to concentrate on the pleasure Bryan was giving her, lying between her spread legs, his face buried deep between the split peach of her buttocks. His tongue was amazingly agile, one second probing deep into her dripping cunthole, the next pushed so far up her rectum she felt as if she was being fucked by its wet thickness. Grace adored being rimmed at the same time as she was licking Eloise’s pussy but she knew for Bryan it was only a prelude to fucking her and as much as she wanted that, she wanted something else much more.