Helping her relax….

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Helping her relax….Some days are longer than others…..especially when you’re horny.She had gotten home before I did. Probably by an hour or two. When I walked into the house I noticed she had left her clothes on the ground by the couch and on the coffee table sat two vibrators next to an empty glass, she had probably already downed a drink. On the TV was an adult channel, she obviously was worked up. I walked into towards the bedroom I could hear her moaning and the sound of the shower running. In the bedroom I found another drink sitting next to the bed and one of her dildos were laying in a puddle on the bed. She had left a mess for me to find. I walked into our bathroom towards the shower taking off my shirt. I opened the shower to find her leaned back against the wall, her eyes closed and head thrown back in ecstasy. She was cupping her breast with one hand while the other was sliding a dildo into her pussy. She was taller than me at 5’9, nice C cup tits, thick/chubby build, her ass is large and full. Her legs were great with thick thighs, perfect illegal bahis for burring my head in between and suffocating me. She was whore in bed and always horny, I had always wondered if I would be able to keep up with her in bed. Her eyes opened and saw me jerking my cock off and she motioned me to come over. She slowly slid the dildo out from between her legs, it was one of her larger dildos. She had a thing for bigger cocks. This dildo was new, I had never seen this one before. She must’ve bought this on her own. The dildo is longer than the ones that we had previously bought, it had to of been at least 10 inches in length and just about equal in girth. It was a natural color not black or brown as I thought it might be, possibly showing another side to her fantasies that she never told me about. The dildo also had rather obvious veins all over it, It was a “ribbed for her pleasure” kind of dildo. I took my pants off and sat down in front of her. Without saying a word she lifted her leg and put it over my shoulder, I began to eat her pussy out. illegal bahis siteleri Her pussy was loose and juicy. She must have been horny all day from the feel of things. I let my tongue do most of the work, occasionally my fingers would slide in and out but this time it wasn’t just one finger. I slid in three fingers just the start but it soon worked its way up to four and then the whole fist. As I played with her pussy I also played with her ass, she had always been into getting her ass fucked. I had started with a finger but I soon worked my way up to three fingers while my tongue was working her pussy over. Her moans had gotten louder and her hands were firmly on the back of my head not letting me go for a second. She then did something that she had never done before, she turned around putting her ass right in my face and began to slide her large friend inside of her. The head began to slide in, just as the head disappeared inside of her a moment of hesitation occurred, and then with an almost pop it slid it all the way in. She pulled canlı bahis siteleri her ass cheek up exposing her asshole to me, and I begin to eat her ass out. Her moans were louder she was calling out another man’s name while it fucked her. Probably one of the guys she had heard through the g****vine were hung like a horse. My tongue was in her ass feeling that cock stretch her out. She kept my hands on her hips she didn’t want my hands anywhere else. She asked me if I liked eating her ass out while another man fucked her pussy. All I could do is moan I didn’t wanna take my tongue out of her ass for a second. She then began to pump the dildo furiously in and out of her pussy. Her moaning was louder and the slapping noise louder faster. My moans muffled into her ass. She then began to violently shake and scream, a massive orgasm hit her body like a tidal wave. I could feel her squirting, her juices running down my chin and her legs. I couldn’t take it anymore and stood up and shot my cum all over her ass, rubbing my cock up and down her crack afterwards. She then pushed my head back down to her ass and I licked my cum up, she then turned around and I ate her pussy out. Licking up all of her sweet juices. Feeling how loose her pussy was. She then leaned down and gave me a kiss and told me I was a good boy.