Her and Mr Jones Part 1

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Her and Mr Jones Part 1It was another dull day of teaching for Simon Jones at Newtown catholic school. Simon, Mr Jones, was a 27 yr old physics teacher. A subject that most of his students were determined to find incredibly dull. Which in turn made Simon’s job very dull. He’d fallen into the job by mistake after being thrown out of the Royal Institute for an experiment that didn’t quite go as planned. The only up point to this job was being able to check out the cute girls in their (non regulation ) short skirts and high stockings. So on this particular drab Wednesday, Simon was stood talking to his 3rd lesson of the day, his a level students. He had set them a series of experiments to do and wandered off to the department office to grab a few pieces of marking. When he came back into the classroom most of the students had got on with their work except for Tom Stone, an arrogant know it all who was sat at the back playing on his phone. ‘Stone! What are you doing?’ Simon shouted across the room. ‘Nothing Sir’ he replied trying to stuff his phone back into his jacket. ‘Bring it here Stone. You know the rules on phones’ The student started to protest but Simon interjected ‘Do you want a detention as well? Thought not. Put it down on my desk. You can collect it at the end of the day.’ the student trudged to the edge of the desk and put his phone down then shuffled back to his experiment bench. Simon picked up the phone and put it in his locked desk draw. The rest of the lesson went uneventfully. A couple of questions from a few students which Simon answered. He lingered as long as possible helping out the beauty of the class – Natalie. Not only was she beautiful, she was bright too. She had been accepted to one of the top universities in the country and Simon would be sad to see her go. He enjoyed sitting at his desk and watching her sexy bottom bob up and down as she carried out various pieces of work. He enjoyed trying to look down her top when he came over to help her and particularly enjoyed catching glimpses of the brand she was where. He breasts he felt were her best feature. Just right for her slight frame. Simon often fantasised about her at night whilst he lay on his couch wanking. In his fantasy she was the same shy but beautiful girl in his class who came to him in need and offered him her virginity. Simon assumed she was still a virgin. She rarely talked to any boys, in his class anyway, and seemed oblivious as to how gorgeous she was. The lesson came to an end and it was the students break time. He watched the students file out of the classroom and his eyes lingered on Natalie bottom swaying with her movement as she left. He leaned back in his chair, feeling very horny all of a sudden and in need of a wank. He realised he couldn’t then and there but thought he’d send a text to an old flame and see if he could arrange a one night stand for later in the week. As he opened his draw he remembered that Stone’s confis**ted phone was in the draw along with his. He decided he’d try to have a quick flcik through it to see what arrogant things this nob of a teenager was up to. Nothing looked too interesting until he opened up the gallery. Along with the usual pics of drunk lads half naked and fooling around amasya escort there was an album entitled simply N. Simon wondered what it was and opened it. Inside he saw several pictures of his favourite student Natalie. Most were face pics taken at school and the odd pic of her in sexy dresses on a night out. Then as he scrolled down he found another folder. Again he opened it and immediately felt his cock swell in his trousers. Here were tens of pictures of Natalie naked and semi naked. Pictures with her legs spread fingering her bald pussy, pictures of her gorgeous tits, then pics of her sucking several cocks (in one picture 2 at once) and then some pics of her being fucked. These last few pictures had clearly been taken by someone else as you could see all of Natalie’s gorgeous naked body and the body of Tom Stone shagging her brains out. Simon sat there stunned for what felt like hours. He flicked through the photos 4 or 5 times and subconsciously rubbed his rock hard cock through his trousers. He couldn’t believe that girl he thought was so innocent could be such a… well the only word he could think of was slut. All of a sudden the bell for the start of lessons went off and he was brought to his senses. He quickly put the phone back in his draw but as the remaining lessons of the morning went on he could focus. His mind was in over drive going over and over the images. He did all the lessons sat behind his desk due to his cock not subsiding in the slightest. When the lunch break arrived he stayed sat in his classroom rather than heading down to the staff room. A plan had formulated in his mind and he set to work. Simon’s satchel was a little heavier when he got to work the next morning as was his cock. He had wanked 6 times over the photos of Natalie the previous night but his cock still kept getting hard. And this is how it was come the third last lesson of the day when his sixth for class arrived. Everything went as per normal. Simon somehow managed to just about Get away with having a raging hard on the whole way through the lesson mainly through wearing his fairly tight cricket jock strap. At the end of the lesson, he called Natalie to one side as she was leaving and asked her to pop back in once school had finished. Like the good student she was she was waiting outside the classroom pretty much as the last lesson was leaving. Simon invited her in before addressing her. ‘You’re probably wondering why I’ve asked you to stay behind tonight.’ Natalie nodded in agreement. Simon then proceeded to make some bollocks up about her a level coursework and how he was a little worried as to how it was proceeding. He gave her a few helpful tips on how to improve it, then as she was putting her paper and pens back in her bags he started making some light conversation.’Did I hear correctly that you are going to Oxford at the end of the year Natalie?”Yes sir, I got a place to do medicine.’ ‘oh wow, that’s great news, congratulations’ Simon then knew this was the moment to put his plan into action. ‘let me just show you this before you go.. It might help a little with your project’. With that Simon turned his laptop round to show Natalie the screen. On it was a slide show of the images that he had escort amasya got off Tom Stones phone. Natalie’s face turned white. She sat motionless, mouth wide staring at the screen. ‘I don’t understand…. What? Where did you get these? Why do you have them?’Simon stood up and walked to the door and locked it. He turned round and looked back at Natalie. No one would know how much of a slut she was. She looked like your typical A* student. Very prim and proper, regulation length skirt, hair straightened, no make up out of place. Her parents were both governors at the school and Simon had met several times. If they ever found out about these photos Simon was pretty confident that Natalie’s life wouldn’t be worth living and that formed the back bone of Simon’s plan. ‘Natalie, I came across these photos recently and I have throughly enjoyed looking at them.”What the hell do you want with them though you bastard!!’SLAP! Simon’s hand made contact with Natalie’s very surprised face. She was left speechless. ‘listen to me you slut. I’m in charge of you now. You don’t swear at me. That’s what the slap was for. Understand me?’Natalie very timidly nodded. ‘I can’t hear you Natalie…’ She looked up at him and said very quietly ‘Yes I do understand’ SLAP! Another slap across Natalie’s face. Simon looked down and could see a red hand mark appearing on her confused face. Tears had begun to run down her face. Simon began to feel a little sorry for the girl. ‘Natalie, from now on you address me as master when we are alone together and Sir when we are in class. Ok?”Yes’ Natalie replied. Simon drew his hand back to slap her again when she quickly added ‘Master. Yes master. Please don’t slap me again!!’ Simon withdrew his hand and continued talking to his student. ‘you told me earlier that you are due to go to Oxford in September… What do you think they would do if they happened to see these pictures? And the general medical council? You’ve not even started training as a doctor and you’d be banned from every hospital in the country… And don’t get me started on your parents.’ Simon let that hang in the air and looked at the helpless teenager. If possible, her face was now even paler. ‘Natalie, let me put it simply. If never want anyone to see these pictures you will obey me fully ok. I own you now and you will do everything I say. Do you understand me?’ Afraid of being slapped again Natalie replied ‘Yes master.’ ‘Well done. You are learning quickly. Now firstly I want you to take your clothes off’ Natalie just looked at him for a minute waying up her options then began to take off her blazer. Simon smiled, she was giving in quicker then he thought. After her blazer she removed her blouse and then slowly stepped out of her skirt. She stood in from of Simon in just her knee length socks, a lacy thong that was see through enough to show her bald pussy and a matching lacy see through bra. Simon sat back and took in the heavenly site. Natalie just looked at the floor. Simon reached into his satchel and pulled out his camera. Before Natalie knew what was happening he started snapping pictures. She tried to cover herself up to which Simon said ‘Natalie, do you want another slap? Don’t bother covering up now. Are you amasya escort bayan forgetting all the pictures on the computer? Do you want them released?’ without waiting for an answer Simon continued ‘Now look down the camera and pout like you do in those other pictures. You are a slut at heart and you will do well to remember that if you know what’s good for you. Now take the remainder of your clothes off please but leave on your socks…’Natalue by now knew she had little choice and took off her underwear and stood pouting down the lense to Simon. He then got her to sit up on his desk and spread her legs as wide as she could. He got up real close and snapped pics of her pussy.’ Look at your cunt slut… You are loving this. Only whores shave their pussy bald. And what a pussy you have. It’s so wet. You’re enjoying this aren’t you? You are enjoying being naked in front of me aren’t you?”Yes master I am.’ a smile was beginning to spread across her face. ‘Well to reward you for how well you have done I want you to cum for me. From now on you only cum when I say you can ok?’ Natalie nodded. ‘Then what are you waiting for? Get started!!’ Natalie didn’t have to be asked twice. Her pussy was on fire and her hand quickly found her clit and started rubbed whilst her other fingers were quickly buried inside her cunt. Simon took this opportunity to snap more pictures then undo his own trousers and realise his cock. It shot out of his trousers. Simon had never felt it so thick. Natalie was throughly enjoying herself on the desk. She was now moaning quite loudly and had even slipped a finger into her ass. At this point Simon knew he had won. He could tell that this girl got off on being used. And with that Natalie started cumming. Her moan turned into a scream and her body started thrashing about on the desk as her orgasm rocked her body. When she had finally recovered Simon congratulated her on being such a good slut. ‘Now you’ve had your reward its time to do some more work. I saw in the photos that you liked to suck cock so come show me how much you enjoy it.’ Natalie jumped off the table and dropped to her knees. Simon was delighted how eager she was. He hadn’t expected her to put up so little resistance. He looked down and took a few pictures of her head bobbing up and down on his cock. He then put his hands behind her head and rammed his cock down her throat. He felt her throat tightened around her cock as she gagged on his cock. She began fighting to get off but Simon held her in place. After a moment or so he let her go so she could catch her breath. Then he rammed his cock down her throat again. Slowly she got used to having his thickness in her throat and began fucking back. Very quickly Simon felt his balls tighten as he got ready to cum. He pulled His cock out of her throat and emptied an enormous load onto Natalie’s face. Stream after stream of thick cum landed on her face, going up her nose, sticking her eyes together and landing in her hair. Simon got weak legged and leaned back onto the desk behind him. As he looked up at Natalie he saw her instinctively bring her hands up to her face and start to feed herself his cum. ‘Wow. You are a whore Natalie’ She could just nod in agreement. Simon looked down at his watch. It was 5.30pm. 2 hours had passed since school had finished. If they weren’t careful the cleaners would soon be in the building. Simon knew it was time to call their day to a halt but he knew their adventure had only just begun.