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Subject: Hiding in Plain Sight 2 Thanks so much for picking my stories! It’s flattering and rewarding. I truly hope you enjoy it. Please consider a donation to fty. It keeps this place open for all! Hiding in Plain Sight 2 The boy I knew was Ian and the Red Converse kid was a stranger. I circled back and spoke to Ian. He introduced the other guy as his cousin from Ohio , Andy. They asked me what I was up too? I said mostly goofing off I replied. Andy asked if I had been to the park ? Sure I replied and that was that. We went along talking about baseball and Ohio and nothing much else. We got to Ian’s house and there was a station wagon and a camper out front. Andy said that’s how they travel . That he and Ian were sleeping in the camper and the rest of the family in the house. Ian said he had to give up his room for Andy’s parents. The girls bunked in Ian’s sisters room and the boys got the camper. Andy says come by later if you wanna and punches my arm sorta. I told them I had to get some sleep because of the paper route. I rode off smiling and pleased . I’d sucked off two guys that night and gotten sucked off. I rode the several blocks and laid on my bed with the fan humming. My alarm woke me and I delivered my papers. I rode by Ian’s delivering his paper and peeked into the camper but the guys were sound asleep. They were leaving for the ocean someplace in South Carolina. I went home ate some cereal. My Gramps asked me to cut the lawn. So I got the Toro out and cut the grass. Gramps brought out ice water and said I’d done a good job. He took me to a burger place and we ate lunch. He was a quiet man. Ian and Andy came by and after I got home telling me that Andy was headed out tomorrow. We tossed a football for a while. I had to do my afternoon paper route. Andy asks if I’m gonna be around later ? Yea I say I’m always around here. He said let’s hang out tuzla escort later then. Ian stood there grinning . I got my papers folded them up and started tossing them on sidewalks . 54 papers didn’t take long. One house had a long driveway and I had to put the paper on the side porch stoop. They paid on time and in cash with a tip for me. I seldom saw them but that was ok. The lady was ok the man was always smiling with a easy relaxed way. The garage was open and he was messing with a old sports car he called it a Jag. It was black with red seats and low and long. I was fascinated by it! It rumbled throaty like . He says finish up delivering papers come back and we can go for a spin. I rushed to finish up my routes last few papers . I rode back up to the house and he was drinking a beer in a bottle. He said let’s go for a spin. We got into the Jag and it’s leather seats were sexy and smelled good. I had on cutoffs and beat up Keds. He was wearing tennis shorts and a polo shirt and loafers. We flew down River Road it was exhilarating! At one point he was running 110 mph. He’d touch my chest or leg to accentuate a comment. I had a boner sitting there in that red leather seat. He ran his fingers across it smiling at me . I got one too ! He pressed his fingers around the fabric of his shorts and smiled at me. You can touch it if you want. So here I am screaming down a country road with me rubbing his Dick. He squeeze mine between shifts of the gears. We rolled up his driveway and he backed the into the garage. Let’s go inside and I pulled back a bit. He smiled and said she’s out of town at her mothers . I followed him inside and he got himself a beer and offered me one. I hesitated and he said a soda? I nodded and he got a cup and ice turn the tv on he said and pointed to the remote. I walked into the den and turned on the tv and a ball game was on. He hands tuzla escort bayan me a tumbler of cola. I tasted it and he’d put something in it. He smiled and said Rum go ahead it’s good . He sat on the sofa and patted a spot next to him. I sat and he pulled some magazines from under the sofa . These weren’t the playboys I’d seen these were glossy nudie mags with both guys and girls having sex. You like these he asked? I nodded grinning my boner digging at my jeans shorts. He said quietly pointing at a photo of a girl sucking a guys Dick . Guys can help guys like that too. I nodded and smiled taking a gulp of the cola. Come with me said and I stood with him and he said sternly if you come upstairs this can never be discussed agreed? I nodded and he said say it to me. I said this can never be discussed. We went upstairs to this huge bedroom. He said as he slipped of his his clothes get naked and let’s jump in the shower. He had two toilets in the bathroom and he had me sit on one and warm water blasted my butt hole. He says relax and let it go inside. I tried hard but it just didn’t happen. We got into the big marble walled shower and washed each other and it was all I could do not to cum then. We dried off and he guided me to the bed and laid me down and swallowed me . That did it I erupted thrashing and grunting as I shot off. He rolled me over spread my butt cheeks and said relax and he dove his tongue up inside my butt. Waves of things ran through me as he tongued my backside. He pulled away and I was rock hard again . Wanna try sucking me? I spun and went after his dick. He let me suck it for a bit then pulled me away laid me back and licked my nuts. Then swallowed my dick again. He pulled away and smiled and said ; I wanna fuck you. I laid there naked swirling in lust and smiling . He got up went into a closet came out with handful of things he escort tuzla plopped them on the bed. He pulled me toward the edge of the bed and pushed my knees back and said hold them. I grasped my knees and pulled them . He put some leather snap thing around his Dick and balls. He squeezed some cream onto my butt and slipped a finger up in me. He kept saying relax and breathe. He took a thing and pushed it up against my butt hole till it went in and my hole grabbed the narrow part. He pulled and pushed on it telling me to relax. Then he opened a small bottle and put it up under my nose . My head swam and my heard pounded . He pulled the thing from my butt and then pressed his Dick at my hole and it gave way . Man it frigging hurt so bad! He pressed that bottle to my nose and let it sit there as I gasped for air from the intense pain and well it sorta passed away and he slid all the way in. To say I liked it would be a huge over reach! But after all that playing with my butt now I knew what it was supposed to feel like. After a bit I moaned and pushed back! That’s when he went after it , pounding away the harder he pumped the more I moaned and groaned. I was dribbling clear out and my orgasm was rolling up over me. He had a hand on my shoulder and one on my throat. He squeezed my throat and I shot off! I mean I exploded with an amazing cum. I came down out of my cum hi and he was just in me smiling. Man that was amazing he said ! I just stared at him sorta lost in it all. He slipped out of me and I could feel him stuff leaking out of me. Let’s get in the shower and clean up. He and I washed up and he kissed me deeply in the shower. Then he had me sit in the weird toilet and wash up my butt. He walked me downstairs gave me a ten dollar bill and said ; remember this is between us ok? I nodded and said between us. I rode off sorta lost in the , what did I just do , moment. It was exhilarating and my mind was spinning. I got home and showered again and went to bed. I’m gonna end this chapter here . I hope you are enjoying this . Cheers