High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 34

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I opened my eyes to a familiar sensation; looking down over my body I found Kay with her lips wrapped around my hard cock. “Now that’s a perfect picture for the first thing in the morning,” I said so she would know that I was awake.

Kay turned her head toward me and continued with her wake up blowjob. She concentrated on just the head; massaging my glans with her soft lips and circling the corona with her moist tongue.

I clasped my hands behind my head and just lay there enjoying the pleasure of having my cock in her mouth and watching her as she worked her oral magic.

She lifted her mouth from my cock and replaced it with a soft hand as she spoke. “I couldn’t resist; when I woke up the covers were tented up and this is what I found under them.” Her hand continued slowly stroking my rock hard cock.

I smiled, “I can’t think of a better way to wake up.”

Kay’s hand moved down the shaft making room for her mouth to again cover the head. Her oral technique this morning was playful in nature; instead of continually sucking on the head she would let my cock slip from her warm mouth then rub it against pursed lips.

“You’re just playing,” I said.

Her hand continued slowly stroking my shaft but she moved the head away from her soft lips. “I’m trying a little experiment,” She admitted.

“You’re experimenting with my cock?” I asked.

She grinned from behind my bulbous cock head and explained. “Ginger told me about edging Friday night,” Kay explained.

“Really,” I replied. I’d heard of this technique but never experienced it.

“So, you’re planning on bringing me to the edge of orgasm and then backing off?” I asked.

With a grin on her lips Kay answered. “That’s the plan.”

Her mouth moved forward and my cock head slipped between her soft warm lips; then quickly she removed it again.

As she used her delicate hand to stroke the shaft and corona, Kay flicked her tongue at the very tip of my cock then said. “I’ve sucked you off often enough to recognize when you’re about to cum.”

I thought for a moment before saying, “I know how much you love having me cum in your mouth; tasting the thick sticky load. Are you sure you’ll be able to stop just before that happens?”

“I’m sure I can,” Kay replied.

One of the things I love most about having Kay suck my cock is watching her eyes; watching her expression change as my cock pulses in her mouth, seeing the excitement when it swells to orgasmic size.

Her hand gripped my cock shaft a little tighter; her lips pressed a little firmer against the head and when she flicked her tongue at that sensitive spot when my corona blends into the shaft she did it a little quicker. In short order, I began feeling the awesome tingling in my loins signaling that I was about to climax.

Kay was on a mission and when she realized I was right there she backed off. Her hand still circled my shaft but she no longer used her lips and tongue. Slowly I slid back from the edge of orgasm.

With a smile on her lips she looked up into my eyes. “That’s one,” she said.

Over the next ten minutes or so Kay had me on the brink several times. “Enough Kay; please take me over the top,” I pleaded.

Kay smiled and released her delicate grip on my cock shaft flattening her hand against the top side; she dropped her mouth nearly to my balls then slowly ran her moist tongue up along my urethra until she reached the head. Her mouth opened and she took half my cock inside dropping down until my head bumped into the opening to her throat.

“Yes,” I exclaimed hoping she would press on and swallow my throbbing cock.

But Kay wanted this orgasm to be spectacular; rather than pressing down she lifted her mouth off my cock and began rubbing the head against her slippery warm lips.

My loins went instantly numb and my cock exploded sending a thick wad of sticky cum flying above her head. It splashed against her forehead and dribbled down across one eye.

Kay instantly began stroking my cock but pointed it away from her face. Over and over my cock spit out wads of cum some flying up toward my belly and others coating her fingers. When she was satisfied that my balls were empty Kay squeezed my cock in her hand and moved it up toward the head collecting as much of my load as she could.

“Sweet Jesus,” I exclaimed.

She held my cock head in her hand the pulsing glans pressed into her palm as she began licking her fingers clean. “I do love the sweet taste of your thick cum,” Kay said.

“Yes, you do,” I replied then added. “But if you don’t let me up you’re gonna taste something else,”

Kay looked just a little confused.

“I’ve had to pee since the moment I woke up,” I said.

She giggled and replied, “Well I don’t wanna mix the taste of your sweet cum with a golden shower.”

She rolled off my thighs and I instantly got out of bed quick stepping to the bathroom.

My bladder was nearly bursting and it took almost three minutes for me to pendik escort empty it. I grabbed a washcloth and wiped the spots of cum from my belly then returned to her bedroom.

Kay had already gotten out of bed and was happily putzing around the kitchen when I walked in.

I moved behind her as she prepared the coffee maker, I reached around and untied the belt of her robe, exposing her big breasts. She leaned back against me and as my hands moved up to cup her succulent tits I said. “That was, as always, absolutely incredible.”

She turned around to face, me a huge smile on her lips, and said. “I had fun.”

I laughed and replied, pointing to her forehead. “Are you saving this for later?” The first shot of my load that had landed there and was still clinging to her skin.

Smiling, she said, “Think of it as a badge of honor for making you cum so hard.”

“How long were you planning on wearing your badge?” I asked.

“As long as it takes for you to collect it and feed it to me,” she replied.

I moved one hand up and used my index finger to remove the sticky wad from her forehead then offered my finger to her; Kay parted her lips and sucked my digit clean.

“What about this?” Kay asked as she circled her eye where a strand of thick cum was stuck to both eyelashes.

I leaned forward and kissed her eye sucking my seed into my mouth. It was only a small amount but enough for us to share as I kissed her deeply.

“Hmmm,” Kay moaned before saying, “I love sharing.”

I love looking at Kay; as I stepped back I reached for her robe and slipped it off her shoulders. Her red locks; somewhat disheveled from a night of sleep framed her lightly freckled face perfectly. Her blue-gray eyes sparkled and fluttered slightly as I stared at her. As my eyes moved down I noticed how her firm full breasts rose and fell as she breathed. I’m constantly amazed at how beautiful her areolas are; perfectly round and pink framing equally gorgeous taut nipples. I resisted the urge to reach out and touch her fabulous tits.

“Maybe you’d like to take a picture,” Kay remarked as I continued studying her form.

Below her luscious tits her belly was flat and smooth accentuated by a cute little innie belly button. I attribute her flat stomach to the fact that she and her deceased husband had never had children.

My eyes moved further down toward her pubic mound covered with curly red hair. I knew that Kay trimmed it and wondered if she would consider making it a sexy thin landing strip.

“What are you thinking?” Kay asked.

I looked back up into her passionate eyes, “I was just wondering if you’d consider shaving it into a little landing strip for me?”

She smiled and replied, “It gets so itchy when it starts to grow out and I like the way the triangle of hair points to my clit.”

“But doesn’t it itch where you’ve trimmed it now?” I asked.

“Yes, but I can live with that,” Kay said then added, “I’ll tell you what Allen, I’ll shave it completely if you’ll shave yours too.

The idea of shaving my pubic mound every couple of weeks didn’t interest me so I replied, “I think I like the triangle too.”

Kay shifted her weight from one foot to the other causing her hips to move seductively; drawing my attention back to her loins.

Standing with her feet fairly close together Kay’s vulva looked tightly sealed; only the slightest of a bump showed where her clit and the hood of flesh protecting it marked the top of her pussy. But I knew that as her legs parted so did the lips of her pussy, opening like a spring blossom to reveal the soft silky flesh inside.

Kay seemed to be somewhat perturbed at me wasting so much time studying her body. “Am I supposed to stand here all day?” She asked.

“Give me ten seconds to once again appreciate these sleek shapely legs then you can turn around,” I replied.

“What so you can study my ass?” Kay asked.

I smiled at her. “Something along those lines,” I answered.

Kay turned around and began filling the basket with fresh coffee grounds as I moved closer to her.

I gently placed my hands on her ass cheeks and lifted, spreading them apart.

I fully expected Kay to scold me for slowing her progress with the coffee; but instead she pressed her ass firmer against my hands arching her back as she did.

My cock had already begun to harden again as I studied her naked body and with this small victory it grew even harder.

I reached below and lifted my cock placing it between her soft ass cheeks.

Her reaction was to begin grinding her ass against my growing cock, sliding her ass up and down. “Is that a hard cock I feel?” Kay asked the obvious question.

“It is and it wants to be inside your sweet wet pussy,” I replied.

Kay slid the coffee maker aside and bent over the counter; reached around with both hands and spread her ass wide open. “So much for a morning cup of java,” She said.

“Later,” I said as I grasped my cock and maltepe escort positioned the head just outside her, the tip resting between those juicy lips.

I thrust forward impaling her warm flesh and pressing her thighs against the cabinet.

“Wow,” Kay squealed as I gave her my solid cock.

I withdrew and slammed my cock even deeper into her, the head crashing against her cervix.

Kay released her ass and stretched her arms across the countertop placing them against the backsplash, as she lifted one leg and placed her knee on the edge. “Fuck me like you mean it,” She demanded.

I moved a little to the side and placed one hand on the back of her thigh; the other pressed her ass cheek causing her steamy wet cunt to open completely.

“God damn it Allen, fuck me hard and fast,” Kay begged.

I started sweating profusely as my assault on her body continued. Every time I impaled her; my cock head bounced off her cervix and my balls hit the cabinet.

“That’s it, make me your morning slut,” Kay squealed.

I slid my hand off her ass cheek and up her back running my hand into her red locks, grabbing a fistful of hair. I pulled back hard on her head stretching the front of her neck taut.

Every time I thrust forward I pulled back on her hair drawing her body back against my rock hard cock.

Kay’s knee slipped off the counter; her foot dropped to the floor, but I continued pounding my cock into her from behind. With both hands now free I released my death grip on her hair and slid my hands over her shoulders so I could continue pulling her back as I impaled her tight wet cunt.

“It’s so fuckin’ hot,” I said as I continued pounding her.

Kay’s arms remained stretched across the countertop; her hands pressed against the backsplash pushing her loins back to meet every thrust.

She exclaimed! “I’m gonna cum.”

I slowed my assault on her knowing it would extend her climb to the peak of orgasmic pleasure.

“I’m on fire Allen,” Kay said as she rode my cock onward.

She dropped her head forward then threw it back; her red hair swinging up above her head as she exclaimed. “I’m cumming!”

I felt her cunt grasp my cock tighter as her body began to convulse, the first waves of climax crashing into her. Her breathing came in short gasps.

“Cum on my cock,” I said.

She instantly flooded with orgasmic juices bathing my rock hard cock in a sea of fluid. Her loins quivered and her body shook as Kay rode me through an inspired climax.

As her climax started to subside Kay slid her hands back toward the edge of the countertop then pushed up raising her body above it.

“God Allen; that was so good.” Kay remarked as she basked in the glow of her orgasm.

Unlike her edging experiment earlier; which left me pleading for release I’d shown her that going to the pinnacle and beyond could be even better. In fact, I was about to show her that multiple orgasms are much better.

I withdrew my cum drenched cock; placed my hands on her hips and turned Kay to face me. Her brow was coated with beads of moisture and her eyes looked like steamy pools of passion.

“Phew,” Kay said as she wiped her forehead with one hand.

I placed my hands on her hips; lifted, and placed her ass on the edge of the counter. My cock stood at perfect attention; hard, throbbing and coated with her juices as I gripped it with one hand and began moving toward her Kay said. “Again?”

I smiled and said, “Turnaround is fair play; you took me to the edge how many times this morning?”

My cock head slipped between her moist lips; I released my grip on it and slowly filled her now swollen cunt with rock hard cock. I reached up and gently squeezed her big soft tits as my pubic mound pressed against her erect clit and pubic mound.

She tilted her head back; closed her eyes and began enjoying my soft caresses of her chest. Her hands moved to the edge of the countertop so she would be able to pull her loins toward me when I started fucking her faster.

I left my cock buried inside her sopping wet cunt as my hands explored every part of her chest; lifting the precious orbs higher, pressing them tightly together and occasionally sliding my fingers in to tweak and gently pinch the hard nipples at the center.

“I love when you play with my tits,” Kay said without opening her eyes.

I pulled back until only my cock head remained inside her; letting it soak in the soft wet flesh just beyond her glistening lips.

“Gimme the whole thing again,” Kay pleaded.

I slowly moved my hips forward enjoying the sensation of having her tight wet cunt expand to accept my hard cock.

She softly moaned as I buried my cock inside her again, pressing the head against her cervix.

I moved one hand up from her soft tits and lightly caressed the tendons on either side of her neck; then slid my hand up toward her lips. Kay kept her head titled back until I parted her lips and hooked one finger over kartal escort her lower teeth pulling her head forward. Her eyes opened as she began sucking my finger.

She bit down on my finger as I started fucking her faster; her hands pulling on the edge of the countertop to drive her loins harder against my pulsing cock.

I pulled my finger from her mouth and gave her a playful slap on one tit in repayment for the teeth marks she left on my finger.

“Use me Allen, make me your whore,” Kay said.

Her use of that word startled me somewhat; not twelve hours earlier she was crying her eyes out because she felt like a one, and now she was asking me to make her my whore.

I continued pounding my rock hard cock into her and slid one hand up to lightly grab her neck.

“Choke me,” Kay pleaded.

I moved my hand around to her throat and closed my fingers; not hard enough to cut off the supply of air but firm enough to cause her to gasp.

Kay and I have had sex many times since we first met months ago; but this was the first time she showed any inclination that she would enjoy pain during sex. I wondered where this idea came from.

“Squeeze my throat harder,” Kay exclaimed.

I tightened my grip around her neck and was certain my fingers would leave marks when I released it. She continued pulling her loins forward as my rock hard cock continued its assault on her tight cunt.

With my hand tightly surrounding her throat Kay still found a way to demand, “Slap my big tits.”

Once again, I was totally surprised at her demand; unlike the playful slap I’d given her moments earlier, this time I cracked my open hand against one soft tit then without pausing backhanded the other.

“Yes, that’s it; tattoo my tits with your hand print,” Kay exclaimed.

I knew that my grip on her neck wasn’t firm enough to make it impossible for Kay to speak; and to be quite honest I couldn’t force myself to clamp down tight enough to seal her airway.

I slapped her tits several more times; cracking my palm against one and backhanding the other. Red welts began to appear on both soft mounds of flesh.

“FUCK ME,” Kay screamed as my hard cock lifted her once again to the edge of climax.

Her hands clenched the edge of the countertop and pulled her cunt toward me as I slammed my cock into her, hastening the orgasm she wanted so badly.

I released my grip on her throat and moved my hands to cover hers as she came; her loins quivering, cunt flooding with climatic juices and guttural moans of ecstasy escaped her throat.

I continued fucking her sopping wet cunt until I was sure her orgasm had ended; then withdrew and grasped my hard, throbbing cock in one hand.

Her tits were a crimson red where my slaps had landed and the milky white flesh of her neck was blemished where my fingertips had bruised it.

I stroked my erect cock feverishly as my loins tightened and my balls began pumping hot cum toward the tip.

“Coat me with it; paint my body with your cum,” Kay begged.

It shot from me like a cannon; a thick sticky wad that splashed into her soft cleavage. Kay moved one hand up and began smearing my seed evenly across her big tits.

A second volley landed on her sweaty belly; which she quickly spread uniformly on the smooth flesh of her abdomen.

“Fuckin’ A,” I exclaimed as the remainder of my load just oozed from my cock. I used the head to finish her body painting; smearing it into her red pubic hair.

I took one step back and as she fell off the counter caught her in my arms, her legs unable to support her.

Her arms circled my neck and I covered her mouth with mine kissing her softly but passionately as we both continued basking in yet another mind blowing sexual experience.

I ran my hands up and down her back as our kiss continued. Kay pressed her chest against mine moving her shoulders side to side rubbing her sticky tits on my sweaty flesh.

She broke our passionate kiss and moved her lips to my ear, “Now that’s the way to start a Sunday off right,” she said.

I couldn’t agree more; being sexually spent before 10:00 AM on a Sunday gave the phrase, relaxing day, a whole new meaning.

The feeling in her legs had returned and she was able to stand on her own, “Can I finish making coffee?” Kay asked as she turned back toward the counter.

I snuggled into her back, kissed her gently on the neck and said. “I’m gonna take a quick shower.”

“I’m next,” Kay replied.

The warm water felt almost as nice as her warm body and I quickly lathered my body paying special attention to my loins. As I rinsed the soap off I heard Kay enter the bathroom.

“Be done in a flash,” I said letting her know I heard her enter.

When I pulled the shower curtain back Kay was standing facing the vanity mirror studying the bruises on her neck.

“I’m sorry about those,” I offered.

She turned and leaned back against the vanity replied, “They’re not too bad,”

I knew she was lying, the imprints on her neck were very noticeable; and I suspected it would be days before they began to fade.

As I started patting myself dry I asked, “What brought that on? You have never been into pain before.”