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Subject: high school swim team 5 High School Swim Team 5 cajuncock If you’ve gotten this far you know the drill. This is a story of gay fiction involving an adult male and a high school boy. It is the sole property of the author and may not be reused without his written permission. If you enjoy the stories on this site please contribute fty/donate high school swim team characters John-54, high school teacher, white 6′, trim body,175 lbs., salt and pepper hair Stephen, 17 year old, mixed race, black hair, brown eyes, inner city high school junior, 6’3″. 150 lbs Kim, 28, 6′.180 lbs., auburn hair, blue eyes, PE staff, swim team coach ted, 26, 6’5″, Hispanic, dark curly hair, blue eyes, fit body, 150 lbs., assistant coach of the university water polo team kevin,20, 6′, blond, blue eyes, college junior, member of the university water polo team Part 5 High School Swim Team The second stop on our tour took us to the Orlando area. I’d booked us into another chain motel. The university there had a good reputation for its swim team and academic program. We spent the morning touring the campus. Lunch was at the Student Union. Then Stephen went off with our campus guide, Kevin, while I talked to the assistant coach of the swim and water polo teams, Ted, a dutch guy from his accent. We reviewed Stephens academic records and discussed a possible program if he decided to attend. Afterwards we talked of my own plans for retirement. Ted knew of a good property agent and made a quick call. The agent agreed to meet me the next morning at the motel and show me some of the typical properties in the area. He asked if I planned to take in any of the amusement parks. I told him that I’d gotten passes for one of the largest. He asked if we’d like to see another one since the school had free passes to a few. I agreed and we arranged to meet at the motel at 6PM for dinner and the park visit. When Stephen returned he was excited. He’d had a chance to practice with some of the members ankara türbanlı escort of the water polo team. He commented on their fit bodies, blushing. I told him about the invitation Ted had extended. He was excited at the prospect of seeing the park. We had a swim in the motel pool. Then at Stephen’s insistance we made love. Not that I objected. I needed a nap after our intense love making. Stephen woke me at 5PM, telling me that I had a call on my cell. I grabbed it and saw Ted’s number pop up. I called him back and we confirmed the 6PM meeting. I insisted on taking both of them to a local steak house before we went to the park. At the park Stephen turned into a child again. He wanted to try all the rides. On one of the more extreme rides, Ted and I sent him on his way alone as we sat and watched. I looked over at Ted and saw a sad expression on his face. I asked if he was ok? He turned to me and said “You have got to know how lucky you are. That boy loves you. I can see that you feel the same for him. One day I hope to find that kind of love.” I didn’t know how to respond. I just nodded. We stayed until the fireworks display at the end of the night. Ted drove us back to the motel. Exhausted,Stephen went off to our room while Ted and I talked. He told me that he’d plan on coming to my area,Washingto DC, in October to scout out some potential athletes for the univesity. I invited him to stay with me on that visit. We exchanged contact information. I noticed that look of sadness as we parted. The next day was devoted to property exploration. The agent that Ted had put us in contact with was very good and also very handsome. My gaydar told me that he was most likely gay. That afteroon was spent at another large park where we exhausted ourselves. We spent an hour later napping and cuddeling. I told Stephen that since he was old enough, I’d take him to a gay bar complex after dinner. He was curious about the life style. The bar, tuzla escort as I expected, had a majority of older men and the young boys who were escorting them. I did not comment since I was with a barely legal 18 year old boy myself. We only spent a little over an hour at the bar before wandering to the adjoining motel complex. That scene was a rolling orgy. Curtains to the rooms were open revealing various sexual orgies in the rooms. Stephen was both curious and horrified at some of the things he saw. We were back at our own motel by midnight. I noticed that Stephen’s mood was changed. He was quiet and withdrawn. I let him be as we climbed into bed to sleep. The next morning we packed up the car to head out after breakfast. Our next stop was in Broward county and another surprise for my boy. I’d made reservations at one of the gay resorts. Like most in the area ours was clothing optional. Stephen was shocked to see all of the naked men by the pool. Once in the room and settled, he told me that he wanted to talk. Sitting on the bed he began ” I saw the way Ted looked at you. He’s very handsome and well educated. I’m not any of those things. I can’t understand why you want me. ” I pulled him to me hugging him to my chest as he began to sob. I pulled him up tp face me. I brushed away a tear from his face before speaking “You don’t know what you’ve brought into my life. Before you came along I was depressed. I’d given up on ever finding anyone to love. You changed all of that. I don’t want anyone else. I’m honest about our age difference and our different experiences. I know that at some point you’re going to want to explore gay life. But I want to walk that road with you, next to you. I want you to know that my love for you is singular, only for you.” I knew that I didn’t want to love anyone else. I kissed his forehead before he grabbed me and we tumbled into bed. Our love making was strong and vigorous. His 8″ dark teen avrupa yakası ucuz escort cock glistened with a drop of his fluid as I reached down to caress it. Before Stephen I’d been a total bottom for my dead lover. Now I became versatile. The boy wanted me to fill him with my love juices as a sign of that love. I was more than willing to do that. I promised him that on his journey to awarness of his gay life I’d aways be there. The next day we toured the local community college and the larger international university. During the tours I began to fell more comfortable. The area had a very large, diverse gay population. We spent another day looking at property. I found two or three to my liking. Stephen was attracted to the international university. Their program seemed more geared to a more global view. By the pool we discussed his options and the possibity for a scholarship. The university did have one requirement that was a problem. All freshmen were required to live on campus. That would mean that for his first year we’d be apart. But I’d be close by to help him if he needed me. We returned to look at one particular condo complex. The facilities were newer and the residents were a good mix of older gay and straight couples. I talked to the resident manager about possible openings in the next year. He assured me that there would be plenty by the following summer. Being older, the residents were also quieter, fewer party people. My mind was made up. I filled out an applcation, leaving the moving date blank. Later I could send them a deposit check. Having solved that problem we focused on Stephen’s college choice. I’d brought his school records with us. He had an interview with an admissions person and the athletic director. While he was interviewing I discussed my position with the high school. It was certainly unique. It was hinted that the university was looking to start a similar program for its student body. Their problem was finding a staff. I volunteered to help in any way that I could. After spending 4 days in Broward, I surprised Stephen again. We packed up the car and headed south, passing Miami to Key West, the farthest southern point of the US. ___________________________________________________________________________ Ok, the next part- Key West- is in the works. Comments ail