Hippie Neighbor

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Hippie NeighborMe and my friends always rode our bikes around the neighborhood. There was this one lady, don’t know her age but she was not half bad looking. She always wore these sun dresses and tank tops, no bra. She had a really nice rack and we figured out you could see her tits when ever she bent over. Plus her husband worked out of the country so he was gone alot. We decided one summer, we were in our mid teens and had started to like women with tits, that we would each go over and help this woman with her gardening, hell her whole yard was a giant garden, and maybe just maybe, we would get an eyeful of those big luscious beautiful tits. And this worked! Each day one of us would go alone over to her house and offer to help out. End of the day we would all meet up and hear the story, and then we would jack off. Alice was her name and I loved this. I mean I would be doing something and look up and see Alice’s tits jiggle and I could see the whole tit including her huge nipples. Then one day Alice and I were working in this area, kind of early in the morning. There was a sprinkler head between, we were facing each other so I was getting an eyeful. All of a sudden the sprinkler came on and completely soaked us! Alice screamed as the water cold. “I did not think to turn those off, the water is so cold!” Alice laughed. We were soaked to the bone. And her white tank top became see thru and clung to her wonderful tits, the cold made her nipples large and hard and that in turn made my cock so hard it hurt. We jumped up and went inside dripping wet. We no sooner walked thru the door and Alice pulled her tank top over her head and threw it in the floor. She turned to look at me, “You are soaked, get those clothes off so I can throw then in the dryer.” She then bursa escort took off her shorts, revealing a neat little muffin. Trying to act cool just pulled my clothes off also, my cock sticking straight out in front of me. Alice acted like she did not see my boner, picked up all the wet clothes and went and put them in the dryer. She came back with a towel and started to dry me off. “Do you want some other clothes to put on? I think these will be dry in about thirty minutes. I am just going to walk around naked, I like being naked and free.” She said with a twirl. “I will just wait for my clothes.” I said. “Good, I like having a naked man around.” Alice said. We went to the kitchen and she made a little snack. I could not believe her tits, I could not stop staring at them. And the way they swayed and jiggled as she moved. “I feel bad” She said looking at my cock. “I have got you all revved up, that is not right.” “That is okay.” I said in reply. Alice walked around doing a couple more things, her pert little ass, cute snatch, and again those tits. I started to think I was going to have to her bathroom and rub one out real quick. “Well it is not right, if you can keep secret I can help you out, it will help us both out.” she said with a coy smile. that sent shivers thru my body. I was not sure where she she was going with all this secret stuff. “Here, lay down on this towel, on your back.” Alice said as she spread the towel out. I did as told, hoping that she would jack my cock off and relieve my pressure. Or maybe a blow job, my first blow job, that would be great. Alice straddled me and lowered herself down onto my cock, it slid easily into her warm wet cunt. “there you go, how does that feel? Is this your first time?” Alice said with her warm bursa escort bayan eyes and a beautiful smile. She slowly worked her cunt around my cock, again those tits swaying as she moved. “Umm, yes it does feel good, very good. And it is my first time.” I mummered. “Oh good, I am glad that I can be your first lady.” Alice said with a huge smile. My cock was swelling and my balls were tightening, I knew I did not have much longer. Alice placed her hands on my chest and this pushed her tits together making them look even bigger, then she looked me right in the eyes and smiled. My cock was now so swelled up and both my cock and balls hurt so bad I could not hold back any longer. I exploded! Rope after rope of my cum shot up from my balls and thru my cock and into Alice’s womb. Alice moaned “I am cumming too.” It seemed to go on forever, it had to be the biggest load I ever shot off in my life. And it all went deep into Alice. I came so hard I may have even blacked out for a second or two. Both Alice and I were out of breath. “On my goodness I love how that feels. I sure like first timers.” Alice said as she lifted off my limp cock, my cum dripping from her gaping pussy. “You overflowed me” Alice said as she smeared the cum around. Then she laid down next to me. “Well, how was it? ” Alice said playfully. I am not sure what she was thinking. I mean I just blew a huge load deep inside a woman, a beautiful woman with big tits, my first woman, my first pussy. Of course It was great! “Wonderful Alice, I liked it alot.” I replied. We did not fuck again that day, but we showered and dressed. Worked some more in the garden and then I went back to report to my friends. I told them about seeing down her top. But left everything else out. I did not tell them escort bursa anything about Alice being naked or about getting to fuck her. I truly wanted to. I wanted then to know I had fucked her, I wanted then to know that I had cum inside her and that she came also. I so wanted to tell them how tight and wet she was, how good she smelled. But I kept that to myself. I had to keep the secret like I told Alice I would. The next week when I showed up to Alice’s house she had me come into the house again. “Let’s do that again.” she said as she undressed. And we fucked right there on the floor by the front door. This time I got to be on top. And she let me cum inside her again. This became the norm, when I showed up we would go in and fuck. Sometimes it might be a quickie, she just lifts her dress and lets me get off inside her or we might get into a heavy fuck where we are both naked and we spend some time enjoying each other. One time I went there. “My husband been here. We can’t. He went to the store and will be back soon.” Alice said. “Come on please.” I pleaded. “Well, he just did me, I am all gooey. You will not like it.” She said. I pulled my cock out thinking Alice would suck me off but she lifted her dress and spread her legs. I pushed my cock into her slimy hole. The thought of fucking her minutes after another man had just cum inside her really got me going. I could even see his cum on my cock as I fucked her. I drained my balls deep inside her, my cum mixing with her husbands inside her womb. “Oh my that made me cum so hard. I have never had two men cum in me like this.” Alice said. I quickly left before her husband showed up. I fucked Alice the rest of the summer. I wondered if my friends were fucking Alice also. If they were they never said anything and neither did she. The thought that she might be fucking my two friends along with me and her husband and whomever else made me super horny. I don’t why. But to this day I have a thing for sloppy seconds and I owe it to Alice.