His First Taste of a Man

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Ana Armas

Though some strange positions have undoubtedly been seen when two naked bodies occupy a bed for the purpose of giving and receiving pleasure, this one had to be stranger than most.

He was bent nearly double, head on a pillow about two feet away from the headboard, with his legs thrown up over his head. Toes hooked under the edge of the headboard, and legs spread as wide as he could manage.

She was reclining by his side. Her hand reached into the “C” shape his body was contorted into, slowly stroking his hard cock.

“Yeah Tom – you’re cock is nice and hard, you like the way it feels when I stroke your hard cock, don’t you lover?” she whispered in his ear as her hand slowly stroked him.

“Mmmmm yes Kate – feels good – feels so good. I love your hand on my cock. You’re bringing me close Kate.” He answered as well as he could, all crunched-up like that.

“Getting close lover, good…. are you ready to taste your cum Tom?”

He nodded as well as he could, “Yes Kate, I’m gonna cum soon….”

“That’s good lover, now open your mouth so I can make you cum in your mouth – yes – that’s right Tom, open your mouth to take all your hot cum in that ready mouth.”

Kate stroked a little faster as she felt his cock beginning to swell in her hand.

Tom moaned – open-mouthed.

“Here is cums Tom, you’re about to fill your own mouth with that hot cum you pump out so well….”

He moaned again as a thick stream of semen issued from the head of his throbbing cock. It shot mostly into his mouth, though a little splashed on his chin.

Kate adjusted her aim so that the next spurt of cum landed right on his waiting tongue.

“Yes Lover, cum in your mouth, fill that mouth with your own cum Tom.”

Tom moaned as the next several spurts peppered the inside of his mouth. Kate stroked and jacked him into his mouth until he had blown his whole load in his mouth.

He started to unhook his feet and unroll himself onto the bed.

“Don’t swallow yet lover!” Kate reminded him.

Kate rolled onto her back, spreading her legs to reveal the thick base of the flesh-colored dildo she had been stroking in and out of her shaved pussy before putting Tom in his awkward position.

She grasped it and slowly withdrew it, thrusting it in and out slowly.

“Just making sure this ‘cock’ is hot and juicy for your mouth Lover.”

With that, she slid it fully out of her glistening pussy and brought it to Tom’s mouth. His cum was on his lips and running down his throat as she held the dildo at his lips.

“Lick my cock Lover, yes, that’s right, lick my juices off my cock. Now open wide so I can fuck your sexy mouth with my hard, juicy cock.”

She slid the dildo slowly into his waiting mouth, the bulbous head stretching his mouth open until his lips closed around it’s head.

“Oh yeah – take that cock lover, mmmmm – yes, now take it all Tom.”

Kate started to slowly stroke the thick dildo in and out of Tom’s mouth, slow and shallow at first, then deeper and faster until she was pushing 4 or 5 inches of the fake cock into his mouth.

“Yes Lover, fucking your mouth now with my hard cock, it has my juices on it, and it’s stirring your cum around in your mouth. Mmmmmm – that’s what it tastes like when you fuck me good and hard, then shove your throbbing, dripping cock in my mouth.”

Kate changed her grip on the dildo from the gentle ‘cradling it like a pencil’ hold to one more suited to a ski pole.

She began to thrust the dildo faster and with more force now.

“yeah, that’s right Tom, take this hard cock as I *fuck* your mouth with it now Lover – yeah… you love a hard cock shoved in your mouth don’t you lover? Yeah, you’d like to be fucking your own mouth like you fuck mine, wouldn’t you lover?”

With a mouthful of cum and a hard dildo being shoved in his mouth, Tom was unable to articulate his exact feelings, but his moaning and doing his best to take every inch of the dildo that Kate was thrusting into his mouth indicated he was generally accepting of the concept.

Kate pulled the fake cock from Tom’s mouth, and before he could move or close it, she pressed her lips against his hot swollen lips.

“MMmmmmm” they kissed long and deeply.

When they finally broke the kiss, Kate spoke.

“I can see why you enjoy kissing me after I’ve had your cock in my mouth Lover. Your lips are so slick and swollen and soft – and our mixed tastes are wonderful.”

Tom panted a bit, partly from the excitement, but mostly from the contortions, his orgasm, and not being able to breathe easily with 6 inches of thick dildo shoved in his mouth.

“You know I love that Kate – love your lips after you’ve pleased me with your mouth – soft and sexy, tasty.”

“Do you like that taste Lover? Like the taste of your cum?”

Tom thought a moment, “I guess it’s an ‘acquired taste’, one I’d have to learn to love. It’s not terrible though. A little salty, a little bitter I guess. I think the biggest thing to accept is where it’s coming from.”

“Where’s canlı bahis it’s *Cumming* from L?” she laughed.

As they lay together softly stroking each other, Kate’s head on Tom’s chest, Kate gave Tom the bad news.

“I hate to say it lover,” she stated in a forlorn voice, “but you’re never going to get your own cock in your mouth – you’ll break in half first.”

They both burst out laughing.

“I know Kate, just – just that what you do for me is so special, the way you please me with your mouth, the way you take my hard cock in my mouth. You *know* that when you do that, when you tell me you want me to cum in your mouth – how it drives me wild. I guess, I guess I’d just like to experience what that feels like.”

“You’d really like to feel what it’s like to have a cock in your mouth Tom? What it feels like to have a hard cock stroking in and out of your mouth? Cumming in your mouth?”

He softly brushed her hair out of her eyes.

“Yes, Kate – I would…..”

Tom had admitted this to her several times before – just as she had admitted that she was curious about exploring another woman’s body, pleasing a woman with her tongue and lips the way Tom did for her. She gave him a deep, thoughtful look.

“I think I’m a little jealous of you.” he said.

“Hey, speaking of jealous,” he changed the subject, “how’s that boyfriend of yours?”

Tom reached over to glide a finger between Kate’s slick labia. “Does he give this needy little pussy all the attention it needs?”

Kate rolled on top of him with a hungry look in her eyes. “Are you jealous of Mike Tom?”

“Of course! Very envious of him. I hate that I’m so far away that we can only meet once in a great while – but I’m glad you have someone close.”

Kate ground her pussy against Tom’s soft (at the moment) cock and said:

“He’s good Lover,” she kissed him, “he’s not you though,” kissing him again, “not as experienced, not as intent on pleasing me, not anywhere near as adventurous as you are.”

She thought for a moment – perhaps thinking of things to report, or perhaps mentally editing what was on her mind.

Kate fondled Tom’s reviving cock.

“He doesn’t enjoy when I take him in my mouth near as much as you do.”

“Oh?” Tom asked – finding the concept hard to believe.

“Oh – he likes it alright – just doesn’t go crazy over it like you do. He doesn’t like to cum in my mouth either.”


Kate giggled.

“Well, with Mike, it’s one time at bat – and that’s all she wrote – not like you and me going at it all night and half the morning. So when he has his *one* orgasm, he likes to have it deep inside me.”

Tom looked thoughtful – hiding his joy at being able to make love longer (and better…) than Kate’s boyfriend.

“Hmmm,” Tom composed his next questions carefully, “So as much as you enjoy me cumming in your mouth, you haven’t had Mike cum in your mouth?”

Kate smiled, “Well, yes – but just once – I told him I really wanted to please him that way, accept his essence like I do yours – but he just didn’t think it was important as you do. He did what I asked though. Boy – was I surprised! When Mike has his orgasm, it’s like a flood! I couldn’t even contain it all, filled my mouth up – and then some.”

“Wow….” Tom was a little sorry he had asked, sorry to have been “bettered” in this department, and a little more jealous of Mike and being with Kate.

Kate seemed to know at least part of what he was thinking.

“Don’t worry L – he may cum more – but you’re bigger.”

“I am?” He brightened.

She smiled. “Yes – I love when you open my mouth or stretch my pussy open with this big cock.” Her fondling was definitely having a positive effect.

She got a positively wicked look on her face.

“I Wonder if *you* could take that much cum in your mouth Lover?! I know you’ve thought about trying that Tom – do you think you really want to try it?”

“Yes – I think it’s something I should try at least once I guess…..”

He reached down to angle his now-hard cock to enter Kate.

“Mmmmmm” came the simultaneous moans.

“……. especially,” he continued, “since you say I’ll never be able to reach *my own* cock with my mouth.”

Kate stored away this little conversation for future reference as she raised herself to straddle Tom and begin to ride him slowly and deliberately.


Kate broke the tense silence:

“It’s time for the special treat that I’ve arranged for you both.”

She stood them both up, guiding their hands to her body.

She smiled as she made the invitation, “Undress me now my Lover,” she said looking at Tom, “my Boyfriend.” as she looking to Mike.

Casting a curious – if not suspicious glance at each other, Tom and Mike peeled Kate’s clothing off slowly – as slowly as their shaking hands would allow.

Her nipples were hard in the cool room.

She put her arms around Mike’s neck and kissed him deeply.

“Are you ready Mike?”

“Yes,” he replied bahis siteleri nervously.

She turned to Tom, but instead of a deep kiss, she allowed her hand to slide down her breasts, past her tummy – until her middle finger dipped into her wet slit. She offered her glistening finger to Tom – who greedily sucked her savory juices from it.

“Are you ready Tom?”

He nodded.

Kate undressed them both – slowly – taking special pleasure in their apparent modesty at being naked in front of another man. She laughed to herself – she’d had them both naked with her, and neither of them batted an eye. She made sure to go slow – not just because she was enjoying the blushing and tension in the air – but also because she had a special interest in making sure that they were both as aroused and built-up as possible – especially Mike.

She made a point of alternating from Tom to Mike as she undressed them, first their jeans, then their T-shirts, their socks – finally relieving them each of their briefs. She was pleased to find that both of them had very wet spots in the front of their shorts, and that erect cocks sprang forth when she freed them from the tight fabric.

She licked her lips – she was used to exposing these mens bodies – then having them all to herself – that would not be the case today – but she felt the rewards would be delightful anyway.

When she had them both quite naked and facing each other – she spoke:

“Do you see what I see boys? You should – you should be thinking about a body you’re about to enjoy, a very special treat.”

She noticed that their cocks bounced and throbbed slightly as their arousal grew with her words.

“That’s right Tom – you’re going to taste a man’s cock today. You’re going to see it – up close, then you’re going to open your mouth and invite it in – just like I enjoy doing with your big, hard cock.”

Tom blushed a deeper shade of red.

“Mike, you’re going to be feeling a different set of lips on your cock in a few moments. Not these lips,” she said – pointing to her mouth, “and not these lips.” pointing to her pussy (she grinned). “You’re going to feel these lips,” she said – running her finger around Tom’s lips, pushing her finger into his mouth a bit.

“These are wonderful lips, pleasing lips Mike. Today, these lips will be pleasing you, pleasing a man, and you’re going to feel them right here.” she stroked his cock gently.

She turned to Tom again.

“Are you ready Tom?”

“Yes Lover.”

“What are you ready for Tom?” she asked, not letting him off with an easy answer.

He looked puzzled at the question.

“Are you ready to please a man with your mouth Tom?”

“Yes Lover.”

“Are you ready to open your mouth and feel a hard cock being pushed into it? Ready to let Mike take your mouth for the first time Tom? Ready for you mouth to lose it’s ‘virginity’ to Mike’s hard cock?”

“Yes Lover.”

Kate was having too much fun, but this was all fitting into her plan so well. She wanted Mike to be incredibly turned on, incredibly ready, fully built-up so that Tom have an unforgettable first experience taking a man’s cock in his mouth.

She gave a wicked glance at Mike that made his cock twitch as she asked Tom another question.

“Are you ready to taste Mike’s cum as he has his orgasm Tom? I mentioned that when Mike cums, he pumps out cum like no tomorrow, didn’t I?”

“Yes Kate.” Tom answered nervously – but his arousal was also plain to see.

“Are you ready to take every thick spurt that Mike’s throbbing cock pumps into your mouth Tom? Ready to swallow every drop of his tasty cum?”

“Yes Kate.” he answered – voice quavering.

“Good Tom – it’s time to get on your knees in front of Mike now like I do for you lover – but this time, it will be your mouth getting filled with Mike’s hard cock.”

He hesitated a moment, then slowly knelt in front of Mike. She put her hand on his shoulder to let him know that she still had more to say.

Tom stared ahead at the new perspective of Mike that his position had revealed. Straight ahead, at eye-level, or more importantly, mouth-level, was what he had fantasized about – a cock that was about to be in his mouth. This view of a man’s cock was different, intimidating – but exciting. He could see Mike’s lean stomach and trim thighs, the thick patch of curly pubic hair above his erect cock and balls. Mike’s cock looked to be about the same size as his, maybe a bit smaller – but still daunting. Tom wanted this though, to experience exactly what Kate does when she pleases him with her mouth. Tom gulped and tried not to tremble too much.

“Don’t worry Tom,” Kate reassured him, “I’m going to guide you. I’m going to teach you how to please Mike by taking his hard, throbbing cock in your mouth.”

“But I’m not done getting Mike ready yet Tom,” she looked back to Mike – looked deeply into his eyes, “I’m not ready making sure that he has a big load of hot thick cum to fill your mouth with.”

She turned to Mike – but was careful not bahis şirketleri to block Tom’s view of his hard cock.

She put her arm around Mike’s back and hugged him close against her, kissing him on the neck.

“Thank you Mike, thank you for helping me out with this, for helping me get a hard cock into Tom’s mouth. Tom’s been wanting a hard cock in his mouth, wanting to feel a man’s cock swell and pump a big load of hot cum into his mouth.”

She half-whispered in his ear, “You cum so much Mike, that’s what Tom needs,” she gently stroked his cock, “is this hard cock ready to pump a huge load of cum into Tom’s mouth?”

He grinned, “Yes Kate.”

Her hand slid down to gently fondle his hairy scrotum, “Tom likes to pump his hot cum into my mouth Mike,”

She looked over at Tom, “Tom likes to fill my mouth with hot cum and have me swallow it Mike.”

She looked back into Mike’s eyes. “Tom likes to push his big, hard cock into your girlfriend’s mouth, and spurt hot cum into her mouth Mike. I think it’s time a man pushed his hard cock into Tom’s mouth and stroked his hard shaft in and out of Tom’s lips until he cums Mike, until he pumps hot, salty cum into Tom’s mouth, don’t you?”

Mike nodded, the grin on his face getting wider.

“I want you to take Tom’s mouth Mike, I want you to stroke this hard cock in and out of his mouth until you cum hard Mike, fill his mouth with hot cum.”

Mike’s cock twitched at her words.

“Please – will you pump Tom’s mouth full of your hot, thick cum for *me* Mike?”

“Yes Kate,” he kissed her passionately, “I will.” he looked at Tom kneeling before him.

From his eye-level vantage point, Tom could see Mike’s cock close up, he could see it swell as Kate stroked it softly, see it twitch as her hand played with the dark curls at it’s base. He could see a clear drop seeping from the tip as Kate gently fondled Mike’s balls.

Tom gulped. He looked down to see his own cock rock-hard and throbbing in time to his pounding heart. He wanted to feel Mike’s cock in his mouth, taste the seeping, feel the throbbing and twitching against his lips as Mike slid his cock in and out of his lips. He wanted to feel that cock swell in his mouth, then feel and taste the explosive spurts of cum flooding his mouth as Mike groaned with pleasure – yet he was a bit afraid.

What would his cum taste like – his own? he wondered. If Mike *really* came as copiously as Kate had told him, would he be able to swallow it all? Would be able to resist the urge to pull his mouth away or spit it out?

What if he liked it?!

Kate was gently gliding her hand around Mike’s bottom as she looked to Tom and knelt beside him. She reached behind her and grabbed a pillow off the bed.

“Kneel on this Lover, I don’t want anything distracting you from the hard cock Mike is about to push into your mouth. I want you to be concentrating on pleasing him with your lips – and want you to be looking forward to when Mike cums for you. He says that he will fill your mouth for me Lover – are you ready for that?”

“Yes Kate” he whispered.

She could see he was nervous.

“You don’t have to Tom – I only arranged this because you said you wanted it – do you still want it Tom?”

“Yes Kate – I want it – I want it for myself – and I want to feel what you feel, what you feel when you please me with your mouth, when I cum in your mouth.”

She kissed him hard, lips enjoying, tongues darting.

“I want you to experience that lover, want you to enjoy this Lover. I’ll guide you Tom, I’ll help you. You’re gonna make me so hot from seeing you do this – my pussy is gonna need some serious attention when you’re done.”

She kissed him again.

Kate whispered in his ear, “The next time I kiss you lover, it will be with Mike’s cum on your lips, in your mouth…..”

She reached over to cup Mike’s bottom in her hand, pulling him a bit closer. The head of his cock was only inches away from Tom’s face now.

“See that drop of clear fluid seeping from Mike’s hard cock Tom? You should lick it off – go ahead – I’ll guide you.”

She moved Mike a bit closer – one hand cupping his bottom cheek, her other hand guiding his throbbing cock to Tom’s opening mouth.

“Just lick that drop from the tip Tom, I’d like to guide this hard cock all the way into your mouth, but I promised Mike he could do that.”

Slowly, carefully – Tom leaned forward – he could smell the musky manly scent of Mike’s cock and balls, the same scent Kate had said she enjoyed on him.

He touched his tongue gingerly to the clear drop about to drip from Mike’s hard cock. The drop transferred to his tongue, and he could taste the mild saltiness of the clear, slippery fluid.

Kate pointed Mike’s cock upward, “Lick along the bottom Tom, gently – just lick.”

Tom complied, tasting the sexy saltiness of Mike’s cock, his tongue sliding up the full length, milking another clear drop from the tip – and onto his tongue.

Kate lowered Mike’s cock again, “Kiss the head of it Tom – don’t take it in yet, just kiss it gently.”

Feeling silly – but obeying, Tom planted a gentle kiss on the head of Mike’s cock, then without prompting, another, and another, covering the darker head with wet kisses.