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Subject: Holidaying with my mates Part 1 Holidaying with my mates. My Diary Part 1 Saturday 12th September I’d packed my new swimming trunks; they were yellow and quite small. I hoped they didn’t look too gay. They showed off what I’d got just enough I hoped, but not too much. I smiled to myself and thought of what one of my friends had said. “It pays to advertise”! I wouldn’t need to take much: it was always hot where we were going to in Turkey, so a couple of pairs of shorts, my trunks, a toothbrush and a few T-shirts would do. “Make sure you pack enough clean pants”, my mother shouted from downstairs. Why did mothers always say that? I’m twenty three and quite capable of working out what I’ll need; anyway, I never wear anything under shorts and hearing her saying that, made up my mind not to take any with me. The following day I was off on my first holiday with just my mates. We’d planned it for a while and I couldn’t wait. True, I’d have to join in with their banter about girls they’d “had” and comments about the girls in the resort, but it was worth it. They were a great bunch and we always had a laugh and anyway, I could enjoy myself ogling the male tourists on the beach and maybe the local men would be a bit tasty. I’d heard that they were olive-skinned and mostly hairy so what was not to like! The six of us got seats together on the flight from Gatwick. I sat in the aisle seat next to two brothers, friends of my buddy Roger. (He was always called Rodge.) My two oldest mates, Rodge and Matty were across the aisle with a guy called Rich who I didn’t know so well. He was a friend of the brothers Adam and Simon who I was sitting next to. The brothers were the most good looking-guys I’d ever seen. They made a real impression when they walked into a room. People stopped what they were doing to look at them and places went quiet. I was so envious: why couldn’t I have been born that striking? As I’d expected, the stewardesses were forever asking them if they wanted anything and flirted with them endlessly. One of the stewards paid them a lot of attention too and gave all of us extra drinks. We got to our small apartment a little worse for wear after knocking back a fair bit of booze on the flight. We behaved pretty well considering; we weren’t yobbos but did get a bit raucous. It looked like we were going to have a really good time. That night, we decided to look around the town and see what the local bars and night-life had to offer. We had a drink in a karaoke bar which was fun, then a bigger place that had live music; a cover band who were very good. We tried a few other small bars and agreed that the best was the one with the band, so we found our way back there. We got a table between the bar and the dance floor and watched the dancers gyrating to the rhythm. There were mostly girls dancing together, a few couples, a few lads dancing together, obviously waiting for their chance to break up a group of girls I thought, and two or three smashed looking guys dancing on their own. I liked this place; nobody seemed to care what you did; anything seemed to go. The guys I was with were laughing as they commented on the size of some of the girls’ tits and which ones they fancied and which they thought would be likely to “give it up”. I added a few comments for affect, but was busy studying all the bulges in the shorts of the guys on the floor as they showed off drunkenly to the girls or rubbed against their girlfriends. Yes, I really liked this place. It was about two in the morning when we eventually staggered home. My best mates bagged the two beds in the one bedroom and Rich volunteered to take the folding bed in with them, which left me and the brothers Adam and Simon to sleep in the living room. The brothers agreed to sleep on the settee which made into a double bed leaving the chair that made escort ankara into a single, for me. I was beginning to regret not bringing any underwear. I got under the duvet and wriggled out of my shorts, dropping them on the floor next to me. I watched Adam and Simon strip to their pants and spend the next little while working out how to open up the settee so they could sleep. This was just the best, I thought. The boys had great bodies. Adam in his briefs and Simon in his boxer-briefs were a glorious sight, revealing pretty clearly the contours of their impressive contents. I was going to enjoy this holiday, I could tell. The brothers climbed into their bed and pulled the duvet over them. “‘Night “, Adam said softly. “Sleep well”, I responded and we were quickly asleep. Sunday 13th September We all woke late the next day, and after a leisurely stroll to the local shop for some bread, cereal and milk for breakfast, ate hungrily. Matt, Rodge and Rich went off to see if they could hire a car and Adam and Simon fancied wandering round the shops. I decided I would check out the beach and was pleased to have the opportunity to be on my own. I put on my trunks and pulling on a pair of shorts over the top, grabbed a towel and headed off. The beach was just across the road from the apartment block and stretched for about half a mile to the left and even further the other way where it ended in dunes. I headed towards the dunes and spread my towel on the soft, golden sand close to, but a “respectable” distance from a group of hunky looking lads. I pulled off my shorts and t-shirt and lay on my front, my head on my arms so I could surreptitiously do a bit of serious ogling; my favourite pastime! All the boys were worth watching, but three of them in particular were very hunky. One had a stunning triangle of jet black hair on his muscular stomach that disappeared so temptingly under the waistband of his speedos. He had the biggest bulge that had my mouth watering. The guys then started fooling around a bit and I realised that a couple of them at least, were English; Geordies I thought, after which they went off for a swim. When they got back, I heard them decide they were hungry and fancied a drink. I stayed on the beach, soaking up my first Turkish sun and watching the bathers and sun-bathers; some really nice scenery, especially a group of five or six obviously local lads and as I’d heard, beautifully dark-skinned and most of them with hairy chests and even hairier legs. When these boys left the beach, I thought it was time to find somewhere to eat some lunch. I found myself walking past the large bar we’d been in the previous night. A young lad was outside, “You want eat? Nice food; nice beer, nice dance.” Why not, I thought and went inside. At the bar, I sat on a stool and studied the menu. I was surprised to see that there were quite a few dancers on the floor and some of them looking like they’d been drinking all morning. It was about two in the afternoon. As I looked from dancer to dancer, (when I say that, what I really mean is from crotch to crotch!) I spotted the black-haired Geordie from the beach. He really did have the most impressive package. As I furtively admired his body, he seemed to exaggerate his movements, almost as if he was putting on a show for me. It was hard not to stare; he was such a hunk. I blushed as his eyes caught mine; he must have seen me ogling him. He walked towards the bar, so I turned round and tried to catch the barman’s attention. I sensed and then felt the heat of someone standing very close behind me. A muscular arm passed over my shoulder the hand on the edge of the wooden bar-top. The Geordie leant in closer and, called to the barman and was served a beer. He leant in even closer, and I felt the unmistakable pressure of the hard lump of meat in the front of sincan escort his shorts against my lower back. “That’s nice”, he said as he took a swallow of his beer. I turned slightly so I was side on to him. He leaned in again and pressed himself against my thigh. When I didn’t move away, he pushed harder and rubbed his dick along my leg. “Very nice”, he said so close to my ear I felt his breath hot on my face. “You want a drink”, he asked. “Oh er yes, thanks” I stammered. “George; another beer here please”. He moved away so he could get some cash from his pocket and I put my hand on my thigh. I wanted to know what that lump in his shorts really felt like. He pressed back against me; this time against the back of my hand. I could feel the thick, soft, warmth of his dick. “I’m John by the way”, he said in his Newcastle sing-song accent. “Michael”, I managed. “Very nice to feel you, I mean meet you”. What was I saying! I blushed scarlet. “Listen, I live upstairs here. Do you want to come and see?” “OK”. I was shaking, I was so nervous. What was I doing? I knew nothing about this hunk of a man. I’d never thought myself capable of being this brazen. It must be the sun and the beer and maybe the fact that I was on holiday. I slipped off the bar-stool and followed John to the end of the bar through a door that led into a small hallway. “Hi”, John said to the two guys as we passed the kitchen and started up some stairs. At the top, John unlocked a door that opened onto a small-ish room, most of which was taken up with a bed that seemed like a large single or maybe a very small double. In the corner was a sink and small cooker and behind a plastic curtain, I could just see a shower with a sink next to it. John pushed the door closed and walked up to me. Putting his hands on my shoulders, he pulled me against him. The heat of his body made me gasp. He was taller than me and as he pushed his groin forwards I could again feel his hardening cock pressing demandingly against me, this time against my stomach. I had never been so close to a man’s body before; my heart was racing as I pressed my chest against his and my cock, now fully hard, against his thigh. “You really want it don’t you”. He didn’t really want an answer, just moved me backwards the short distance to the bed and sat me down. His bulging shorts were now close in front of my face. I could feel the heat of the man and smell his sweat. He rubbed himself against my face so I got my mouth round the girth of his shaft through the stout cotton. Oh fuck I wanted him; I wanted to get his dick out and taste the lovely cock smell I could only faintly get through the clothing. He undid the button and sliding down the zip, pushed his shorts and underpants to the floor. His dick hung, I guessed half hard, fat and jutting forwards over the profile of his remarkably large gonads. That was what accounted for the large, hard lump in his shorts, I thought. His prick was uncut; so unlike my circumcised one, the foreskin a sleeve over the head. It looked sort of streamlined. I had never seen another guy’s cock close up and I’d never had the chance to study an uncut one. It smelt so much stronger than mine. That heady, sweaty cock smell, so much more pronounced and concentrated than my own. I put my tongue out and gently licked the side of his scrotum.”Mmm”, he moaned appreciatively. His cock twitched and stiffened. I took the tip into my mouth and sucked it in. It tasted strongly of salty sweat, almost overpowering. I guessed it was harder to keep it clean when it was sheathed most of the time. John started thrusting slowly into my mouth, his length swelling and growing slightly. “God I’m so horny. I wanna cum so bad”, he breathed. He pulled out of my mouth, pulled his shorts off over his feet and walked to the other side of the room. “Get your demetevler escort kit off, you’re gonna get well fucked”, he commanded. Shaking, I stripped off. I was worried about what was going to happen next; how it would feel and if I could perform OK for this hunky, handsome man. I really didn’t know what to expect. I got the feeling he’d done this many times before. It was all new to me. I just felt hornier than I had ever felt; was throwing caution to the wind and letting this man do whatever the hell he wanted to me, hoping it would feel good. John walked back towards me, a condom and a tube of something in his hands, his dick sticking out stiff and hard. Looking at it now, his cock wasn’t actually that big, in fact it seemed to have grown only a little from when it was soft. Still, he was very good looking, muscular and fit. He unrolled the condom down the length of stiff dick and squeezed lube from the tube over it. He handed me the tube. “You’d better lube yourself and get yourself opened up ready for me”, he grunted. I sqeezed some of the sticky slime onto a couple of my fingers and pushed them inside, trying to stretch the muscle as best as I could. Roughly, he pushed me onto my back and lifted my legs so my knees were way up near my head. He put his fist round his cock and used it to rub up and down my crack, wiping my hole with the slippery lube. “God, is this even going to be possible? Maybe my hole is unusually small, smaller than is normal”, I thought. John pushed the tip of his hot cock against my hole. “Come on baby, open up for me. You know you want it”. He pushed harder and I felt my bum-hole being prised open a little. John pushed harder and it began to hurt. I couldn’t help it, the muscle round my anus was desperately trying to keep him out. It failed and I felt my tight, oh-so-small pucker being forced open. It hurt like hell and I let go an involuntary “Ouch.! Oh fuck that hurts. OW”. My yells only seemed to encourage him. “Of course it `urts. You got ma fookin great knob up yer chute”. Don’t flatter yourself, I thought and felt his hot dick penetrate me fully. Pretty much straight away, he began to pound into me. I looked at his face, now red and sweaty with his exertions. He really didn’t seem that attractive any more as he grunted and huffed. I realised I’d lost my erection a while ago. “Ahh, I’m coming”, it wasn’t very long before John rammed his cock as far into me as it would go and it began to spasm against the wall of my bowel. It felt nice, but I was left thinking, “so is this what having sex is like?” It didn’t feel anything like as good as I’d hoped. I felt disappointed; kind of let down; used and a bit sad, and of course, still needing to cum. “Aw that were grand”, John eventually said. “Thanks man”. He smiled at me. “Yeah er thanks”, I managed.” “John, can I ask you something?” I said after a bit of an awkward silence, “Do you do this often? I really wouldn’t have had you down as being gay”. “Fook off, I’m not gay,” he almost shouted. He sounded angry. “Oh. I just thought…..” I stumbled. “Look”, he continued, “I’m going home tomorrow and I just needed to get me rocks off. Any number of the girls here would come across eventually, but it’d take a nice meal, they’d want two or three days of pampering and I’d have to promise to keep in touch when we got home, blah de blah, ya noz. With a guy, you can have just sex. It’s simple. A good fuck and that’s the end of it. Loads of blokes do the same. Look, I’m off out wi’ me mates; me last night an that”. John pulled on a T-shirt and took a fresh pair of shorts from a drawer. He went into the small shower alcove. I could see him washing his cock; he’d draped it over the rim of the sink. As I stood up and found my clothes, he pulled on his shorts and stepped into his flip-flops. “Look. I gotta go”, he said. “Just shut the door when you leave”, and with that he left. I stood, alone in the empty flat, my mind reeling with what I’d just done and what John had said. Enjoy Nifty? Please donate whatever you can to keep the site going. fty/donate.html