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So he gave me a lift home. That’s where it all started…. Or perhaps it started before then? Let’s go back to the beginning and see what we can see.

I met him at the one Acts plays this summer. I am an actress and I was filling in for a woman who had to leave for another job and I had about 2 weeks to learn my lines. I didn’t pay too much attention to the other actors that I wasn’t directly involved with. I didn’t have the time! But HE seemed nice enough. Reminded me a bit of an ex of mine, same demeanour of intellectual conceit mixed with social ineptitude.

After that summer, we worked together on a full length show. His acting was good, but he seemed to get typecast regularly. Always playing the nice guy. I suspect he could do better than that, but he’s like the rest of us, he plays what he’s cast.

He’s chunky. He’s tall. His eyes are dark but I can never tell what colour they are. Blue? Grey? Who cares. He dressed the way we all did in the early 1990’s, grungy plaid shirts over t-shirts and jeans, except that his jeans are too low on his frame and his boxers were always hanging out. I wouldn’t say hygiene was his top priority, but he wasn’t disgusting either, so that’s a plus. That’s as much as I noticed in the summer show.

Then we started working on a show over Christmas. He had a big role. I had a big role. We were riding high from rehearsals and he started to give me lifts home. I flirted, like I always do. And then one night, I mentioned my pastime of writing dirty stories. He looked intrigued, but I suspected he was just toying with me, or a virgin. Maybe both?

After that night, he cooled towards me. No more bawdy talk and no more sitting next to me at rehearsals. It piqued my interest sufficiently as I don’t like to be denied something so obviously ripe for the plucking.

Then the show broke up for Christmas. I have to be honest here. I didn’t give him a single thought in those weeks. I played happy families with my husband and children; then went back to rehearsals without a care in the world.

The whole cast went for drinks after rehearsals most nights; a social thing which I enjoyed greatly. He usually gave me a lift home. And I always gave him a peck on the cheek before leaving the car.

More and more on these journeys home, I found myself wanting to do more than just peck his cheek. I wanted to feel his body. The heat of it. The weight of it. Crushing me.

Then the performances began. And our highs got higher as the adrenaline kicked in for each show. He was always a gentleman backstage. He chatted about life and the show. And then one night he gave me a lift home and I accidentally raked my nails over his chin. I had grown the very long for my character. He visibly trembled. It didn’t go unnoticed by me istanbul escort and I stored it for later use.

That night, I went into the house and sat at my computer, fully intending to relieve myself of the ache that had shivered between my legs when I scraped him. But lo and behold, who was sending me a message on instant messaging? Yes, there he was. We chatted in a seedy and dirty way through the ether, until it was well passed my bedtime. I hadn’t gotten off, but I think he may have. And I certainly couldn’t wait to see him again the next evening.

We had an amazing show that night. An amazing audience that made the whole cast feel particularly good, and we all went for a drink. He managed to save me a seat near him in the crush. And I was really hating the crowd. All I wanted was to be alone with him. I looked at his fingers as they were wrapped around the cool glass of his pint. I could almost feel them on my skin. Fleshy and digging in.

I said, “I need to get out of here. Now, please”. We made our excuses and left. When we got into his car we talked inanity and he drove. We were about to turn down my road. I said “Drive on I don’t want to go home right now. ” He drove. We didn’t know where we were headed, and so ended up in a layby down a country lane. That was the first… mistake(?). The second was talking too freely about my past, which had a… shall we say, engorging effect on him.

I had found out the previous evening that he wasn’t as innocent as I supposed, but still his number of partners was rather low. He sensed my disappointment in his lack of virginity, and we discussed that for a while. Then we got onto the subject of my past and in great detail I told him a few of my yarns. Which he seemed to enjoy. I was feeling no pain at that point and, emboldened by our discussion, reached a long-nailed hand up to gently scratch the side of his face. He shivered and I had to refrain from groaning out loud. What a gorgeous boy! The fact that a tiny touch could make him react turned me on even more. I resisted jumping on him then and there… after all; I still had a family to think about. “So, what are we doing here, exactly,” he said, a little bit breathlessly. I quivered. Dare I do this? Fifteen years younger than me, and with considerably less experience. I wasn’t sure I could go through with it. For goodness sake, I had a husband, two children! My body wobbled now; it wasn’t like in my youth with my flat stomach and perky breasts, which is probably what this lad was used to. Everything sags now. Ok, maybe not my breasts. They’re still amazing at least.

I decided to be bold and brave. I put my hand on his thigh and dug my nails in. He was appreciative of the gesture. All I could think avcılar escort about was how much I wanted those lips of his on mine. I hadn’t kissed anyone in so long; I was dying to just lean right in and do it. Nothing would have held me back in the past, what was holding back now? The family? The anticipation? The drama? The fact that a fantasy is nearly always better than reality? All these things and more. But sometimes the pull to do something wicked is just too strong. I leaned in. I swear he looked like a deer caught in headlights. I doubted it was his chivalrous nature and concern for my conscience that scared him. It was probably the look of naked hunger in my eyes, but by now I was past trying to hide my lust. He was just so…. damn… wow. My lips took his captive. It wasn’t a gentle kiss; my lips were mauling him at this point, flexing and muscling around his. Possessing them in a very fierce way. I couldn’t get enough of the taste of him. His breath tasted of beer and near innocence. An intoxicating mix. I had to stop. Catch my breath. I pulled back and panted in the car next to him. I was gulping and gasping for air as I felt myself so close to the edge. It was only a kiss for goodness sake! One would have thought me the innocent from the way I tingled all over.

And that was when it happened. It was like a switch had been flicked. He lunged at me and captured my mouth with his. I don’t know how I could have had an impression of him as boyish and innocent. This kiss was so powerful; all male and hungry. He plundered my mouth with his tongue, tasting and nibbling as he went. It felt like his mouth had a direct connection from mine down to my nipples as they puckered and became hard under his torrent of lust. I was drowning in ecstasy and we hadn’t even gotten passed the kissing!

His hand was on my thigh, just above the black band of my stockings. He slid it under one of my suspender ribbons and dug his fingers into my smooth, white flesh. I heard a gasp and realised it was my own as my breath hitched in my chest. A part of me wanted to beg his hand to travel further up to my sopping pussy, but I didn’t want him to know how close I was to cumming. How close he made me. So I kept pushing his hand down a bit.

Oh what to do! His lips moved on from mine and he was nibbling on my neck. I couldn’t hold off the torrent any longer. My trembling had reached a fever pitch and I was at the point of no return. My nipples went hard as pebbles and my cunt clenched and unclenched as a tsunami of an orgasm swept over me. I was gasping like a fish out of water and I couldn’t hide the moans escaping from me.

He held me then, and let me ride the wave. Panting a little in my ear. He used his hands to smooth my hair over my head and şirinevler escort reclaimed my lips for his own as the last of my sighs died away. His kiss was tender and kind. I think he thought I was finished. Hahaha, I was just getting started!

I leaned into his kiss and put my hand on his knee. He responded with his tongue. It surged into my mouth and started to fuck me. I matched his rhythm with my hand tracing up his thigh to his zip. He had a bulge there and I knew I’d have to work hard to extract what I wanted. But I’m nothing, if not persistent.

He leaned away a little to make it easier for me to gain access to his flies. I made short work of that and was soon at his boxers. I could actually feel the heat coming from his cock. It felt like an inferno.

I brushed my hand against the hot bulge and he groaned into my mouth. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to have his flesh in my hand. I pushed his boxers out of the way and held my fingers against the skin of his cock. Even just resting them against him, I could feel his veins pulsating. The feeling was like silk and heat with a heartbeat. I was drunk with it.

I needed to taste it. His car was small, but I’m flexible. I pushed him back in his seat so that his head was against the window and his legs were open to me. His cock was now hanging out of his jeans completely. It was a decent size. Not too big, not too small. Just right for what I was about to do.

I firmly grabbed his pole with my hand and bent myself nearly double as if I was going to start sucking. But instead I flipped his balls out of his trousers with my other hand and breathed on them. They tightened a bit, so I gave them a lick to see what other reaction I could get. He nearly leapt out of his seat. I had to pause to grin a little. And then I tongued my way up his shaft. His head was large and round and just perfect for going into my mouth. So I sucked just that for a moment. Something salty formed at his slit and I licked it away. Savouring the taste of him.

And then in one swift move, I engulfed his entire shaft in my mouth. All the way down to the balls. He gasped and clenched his fists in my hair, getting his fingers tangled in it. I began to slowly extract him. Licking the sides of his cock on his way out. And then I slowly sucked him back in again. In and out. Up and down. Enjoying the taste and texture that was before me. He was so beautiful in that moment. I could feel his heart beating through his cock as his pulse raced faster towards the finish line. I picked up speed and just used my mouth like I would use my pussy. Fucking him. Bringing him spiralling closer to the edge.

And then it happened. He started panting like a cat in heat and his hands were actually hurting my hair. He was tugging at my curls. And then a loud grunt and his sperm flooded into my mouth. It was salty and sweet at the same time. There was a huge amount, but I managed to keep it all in. He was lying there looking at me. So I did what any red-blooded American girl would do. I rose up onto my elbows. Looked him straight in the eye. And swallowed.