Home Alone

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The ritual began as an act of purification, a self-induced purging. It crescendoed into a morning of raunchy sexual exploration.

The morning began just like any ordinary day. Two cups of coffee, interaction with family members, a quick glance at the newspaper, farewells to those leaving for their day’s commitments and then the house was still and quiet. I found myself alone with the dog.

The first decision was to “not be home” to telephone rings nor knocks on the door. After securing the locks and turning off the ringer, I began the task of gathering the necessities, a towel, a pillow, a jar of Vaseline, the enema bag, and an extra container for additional water. Music seemed to be a missing element. Thumbing through the compact discs my hand found Seals & Crofts.

Somewhere between the first and second track, my mind recalled a recent evening with you. You read to me excepts from one of your findings from the Internet pertaining to enema play and pleasures. An instant replay of our evening’s play flashed through my mind. My body surged with sexual alertness. I felt horny!. Really horny! The imprint of our adventure made me craves to feel that pivotal moment when pain and pleasure cross thresholds making one indistinguishable from the other.

What provisions would be necessary to insure the fulfillment of one’s whims and provide the ultimate gratification? Fantasy! That was the essential ingredient!

I went to our “toy box” and opened it with the key. After sinking to my knees, I began to filter through the treasures we have collected through our years together. My first find was a movie that did not look familiar. It was an Andrew Blake film, one I could not remember having seen before. Wonderful! This would be my focal point. How wicked I felt at the idea of viewing an erotic movie in private.

Other toys seemed to gravitate to the surface as though signaling “Take me! Take me!” I took nipple clips and the battery operated pink vibrator called “the rabbit”.

I prepared a pallet on the floor at the foot of our bed. within fingertip reach I lay the toys meant to distract me from any discomfort. The movie was already in the VCR.

What next? Oh, yes, the final puzzle piece, the instrument to test my tolerance! I filled the bag with very warm water. I was too anxious, too stimulated, to wait for the time it took to prepare catnip, still I did want something added to the water that would entice my body to relax and enjoy. Damiana seemed a natural choice. Hopefully it might also escalate my sexual appetite to one of unabashed submission to pleasure. I hung the bag from one of the brass hooks on the side of the full sized oval mirror. An unexpected laugh escaped my throat! This positioning would not allow me to escape the images of my own situation. There would be one erotic movie before my eyes on the television and another to my right reflecting the live action of my body responding the stimulus that would surround it and penetrate it.

The final step of preparation was to fill a second container of water so that as the first quart entered my bowels, the second would follow immediately behind it.

I pressed start on the VCR and curled into a comfortable position on the pallet. Immediately, startlingly beautiful images filled the room in a style only Andrew Blake seems able to produce. A young beautiful heroine is sent by her lover to explore her sexual desires by exposing her to an environment of other beautiful people on a similar quest. There were guides or teachers to lead the way. A postulate, and I use the word in lieu of novice (for no one here was a novice!) was not ever threatened or placed in a position where one would experience fear. On the contrary, one was free to watch, self-satisfy or participate with others. Total liberty to do as one pleased.

The first scenario that caught my almanbahis şikayet attention was in an opening scene when the young woman first arrived at the mansion. A man and a woman stood in front of an ornate fireplace staring seductively at each other; another “leggy” dark brunette dressed in a short red leather skirt and a scanty black off the shoulder blouse sat to their right a few feet away. As the heroine watched, the dark woman slipped from the chair and to a crawling position. The couple turned to watch her. She crawled with the grace of a large cat; she made her way alluringly towards them. It became obvious that the object of her desire was the man. Like a jungle cat she purred and slid her body for his approval. With her eyes cast upward she dropped her head and licked the tops of his shoe. The heroine questioned how one could allow herself to submit to such a place where one relinquished self-control. As the scene progressed she realized that the submissive was in actuality the one who had the control.

Interesting concept. Yes, I could accept that to be truth in fact.

By this time my breathing was definitely increased. I reached over for the hose extension and lubricated it generously before slipping the nozzle through my sphincter-ring. The warm flow of water began to gently fill me. What a wanton witch I was to be naked on the floor with water filling my gut while the bedroom was alive with the images of a man bathing a woman’s shaved vagina with his tongue.

I continued to do the deep breathing routine to allow the water access to deepest points of me when the bag gurgled the signaling sounds that it had emptied. Thus far I had experienced no pain, only bliss. After pouring the next quart and started the new flow, I saw myself in the mirror for the first time. Surprisingly, I smiled at my own image in acceptance of my escape from normality.

Halfway through the second flow, I began to experience the first pangs of cramping. Not to worry, sweetheart, I’ve planned for this! The time was ripe to re-focus on things that would direct my attention away from cramping and towards relaxation so that my body would accept more of the fluid. The first toy within my grasp was the clips. I fastened on the left nipple adjusting the tension level until it stung. Moving on to the right nipple, I repeated the procedure. My nipples hardened immediately. As my senses adjusted to the pressure on my nipple, the last of the water emptied into the dark crevice of my bowel. I laid there in a state of repose the hose still tucked deep within while I viewed the next vinet.

Two people stood on the plateau of a marble staircase. Both were blond, one wore a tuxedo with a short ponytail secured at the nape of the neck. The other wore a black strapless dress with ruffles that cascaded below her knees. Her own blond hair hung in curls to her waist. They were in an embrace sharing an intimate wet tongue kiss. Once again the heroine watched and narrated her feelings and responses to the encounter being performed before her eyes. “In this house, things are not always what they seem. Here everyone is free to do as they please.”

The seduction continued with the exposure of her breasts. The poneytailed head dropped to suckle them and ply them with relentless fingers. The hem of the dress was raised exposing her nakedness beneath.

The camera then panned to them sprawled out on the steps. Here I was privy to the most sensual tonguing I have ever witnessed. Wet, wet licks, with long deliberate strokes, nibbles that caressed the clitoris alone, and a sucking motion where the clitoris and lips that sheathed it were taken firmly in her lips and pulled while the bud grew and elongated from the attention it received. The camera pulled back to show both participants. Only then did I see that the tuxedo jacket and shirt had been removed almanbahis canlı casino and in so doing another beautiful set of bare breasts touched the others. Both participants were equally beautiful women!

Involuntary urgings issued a “storm warning” for the very near future. Removing the hose, I rolled over to my right side. As I stood my own reflection was somewhat startling. My abdomen was destended, beginning just beneath the stomach it rounded outward resulting in the appearance of a woman beginning her third trimester of pregnancy. Almost with a loving caress, my hand stroked the outer skin as though soothing a fetus within, our fetus. I took time pretending that I was pregnant with our child and preparing for its delivery.

Contiuing with the imaginary birthing process I made my way to the “delivery room” and experienced the labor pains. Spasm after spasm and the contents emptied steadily. Once empty, I returned to the bedroom where one again I took my place on the pallet.

The movie continued to play its hypnotic spell. I watched with less awareness of Blake’s visual offerings and more drawn within the drama unfolding in my own fantasy. I projected forward no longer playing the role of mother-to-be; now, I moved on to the role as your “toy”. I imagined myself with my hands bound at the wrists with a pink satin sash, a blindfold covering my eyes so that I would be intent on listening to your voice and anticipating whatever events you planned for your pleasure, my mouth was also bound by the red ball lodged between my teeth to prevent any unacceptable protests on my part. You tell me that I can moan with pleasure or pain and that you my master will watch over me. I must trust you to care for his most favorite “toy”

The foreplay had once again built my passion to a level where I was ready to begin the filling process again. I positioned myself in front of the mirror on my knees, my ass riding high in the air. This time I drove the hose deeper within the awaiting vessel. My head was on the floor resting in the crook of my bound wrists. I envisioned the water traveling down the channels of my body. With this angle of penetration the water seemed to fill me at a much greater speed. I rocked my body rhythmically as though accepting the thrust of your penis up my ass rather than a water hose. Moaning my excitement, I again filled the bag. I rode the wave of water, your imaginary penis, until this bag too emptied. It was time to try a new level, so I added a third quart just to see what I was capable of. Never did I touch my genitals, my only sexual stimulation being the fantasy I created to make this “fucking” real. In my mind this third flow was me opening up to you with total relaxation that allowed you to thrust and penetrate me at will. I rocked and fucked you until this bag too consumed me.

It was only as I straddled the toilet to relieve the bowels of the thorough cleansing it had just received that I touched my vagina. I stroked gently, only enough to stimulate the erogenous areas of my brain so that the flushing expulsion would be representative of a gigantic orgasm.

I am empty again and feeling so mellow. Stress was not something I felt nor something I could even begin to spell at that time

After dressing in the long purple night gown that I had bought for a New Year’s Eve celebration in Percy Quinn, I sat on the love seat and picked up the book, The Devil’s Sperm is Cold; I truly do not know from what part of the universe my next fantasy took form. Surfice it to say that I just let things happen as they happened. I went into the kitchen and took a measuring cup from the cabinet and filled it with one cup of red wine. This liquid of Bacchus was intended to fill me in the same manner as the water that had preceded it. However, this time it was not for expulsion. From the toy chest almanbahis casino I remove the “tail” that signifies submission and brought it to the mirror. My fingertips held the hem of the gown and delicately traced the edges of my body while gathering the garment around my waist. I knelt on the floor in the same fashion that I had assumed before. The wine coated this passage in much the same manner that it would have bathed my throat had I chosen to ingest the liquid orally. It was so warm! I loved the feel of it! I imagined a direct circuitry between this orifice and the centers of pleasure in my brain. Taking the plug in hand, I took the thoroughly lubricated instrument and placed it at the nether ring of my anus. I took a deep breath and gently pushed with my rectal muscles to force the ring to open to its offering. The tip slid in with ease. The bulk followed just as easily. The ring snapped a tight grasp around the base securing it tightly within those walls.

Standing I allowed the gown to fall gently down and cover my naked body. The tail was invisible to everything but to me and the knowledge that it so penetrated me. I walked around the room so that I could experience without any embarrassment what this tool was capable of producing. I made the bed, picked up the articles that had been left around and put them away.

Once the area was tidied, I spent time brushing my hair. I sat in front of my dressing table and stroked the hair and massaged my scalp until it tingled. The act of sitting on that hard stool forced the tool to spread the cannel wider and to accept it deeper within. It was breathtaking. I prolong this pleasure by cleansing my face and moisturized it too. I piled my hair on top of my head and tied it up with a purple matching bow,

Fifteen minutes had passed and the wine had found its way to my sensory zones. Unlike drinking alcohol, my body felt fluid, light, and drunk! But, my brain was clear. No evidence there of intoxication, only heightened awareness of stimulation to the skin

Accompanied by the vibrator you gave me two Christmas’ s ago, I climbed into our bed to share on orgasm with you. As I raised the skirt of the gown the vision of the blond tail against the deep royal purple along with the knowledge that I was participating in such a solo game of sexual gratification set a tremor off in my body. The intestinal walls throbbed around the tail. After fluffing a grouping of pillows I reclined on them in much the same manner that Cleopatra might of done while ruling Egypt. I closed my eyes and willed you to be there with me. I put the vibrator between my legs and turned it on. This electronic gadget was the symphony of sound that filled my mind’s ear. I imagined you with your mouth cupped on my vagina, hungry to taste it. I felt you spread the lips wide and your tongue taking possession of my cunt. I wanted more! With the tip of the vibrator taking residence in my vagina and the wide-mouth base covering entirely the rest of my femaleness, I bumped and ground against the pulsation. In my mind your hand was thrusting the vagina wall filling me to capacity while your lips and teeth took control of my engorged clitoris. You fuck me relentlessly until I surrender my orgasms for your consumption. The walls of my vagina pulsate simultaneously with the walls of my anus still full with the girth of the tail. Juices spurt from deep within just as the clitoral orgasm washes down your throat.

Satiated, I fell back in pleasant exhaustion. After shocks continued to roll through me for over ten minutes I rode them curled in fetal position with my hand between my legs. I lay their “in your arms” in total surrender to my lover, my master, my mate.

I waited impatiently for you to arrive home. I was ready to beg you to take me. I wanted you to silently spank me so that my ass was hot and red; I was prepared to be filled over and over again for your pleasure. My ass cleansed for you and eager to have you possess it and fill it with your hard penis, to have you thrust and thrust and ride me until I could revel in your juices spilling deep within as the last liquid offering of the day.