Homelands Pt 2 Ch 10

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Afterwards, I came back inside and went looking for Iva. Time to end this. As it turned out, my aunt was coming down the stairs into the living room just as I walked in from the kitchen. She wore six inch black stilettos, red fishnet thigh-highs attached to a black satin garter, and a black and red corset that did wonderful things with her big breasts. Yup. It had been unfair of me to think Mel’s outfit was over the top last night. This getup my aunt wore now was no less absurd. But even so, my blood thumped in my veins like the bass track of a techno song. “That’s quite the look for you, Aunt Iva,” I said, trying to sound detached. “Thank you,” she said, flicking a loose lock of hair out of her eyes. Her nails had been painted black. That was ordinarily too Goth a look for me, but Iva was pulling it off quite well. “So what are you up to at the moment?” she asked. “Same as you, I suspect.” She pursed her brick red lips. “Pretty sure Pat went looking for your mother just a little while ago. After Mel left. I think he’d tried talking her into joining him, but she apparently declined. Couldn’t hear them too well, but sounded like she tried to talk him out of something. So. I’d say it’s time, don’t you think?” “Yeah.” I offered her my arm as if heading out onto a dance floor. She took it and we headed down the hall to my parents’ bedroom. To our mutual surprise, it was empty. Iva assured me that the only people upstairs were Rob, who was passed out, and Dad and Cindy, who were still going at it. Iva’s voice was tight when she said that. She should go to talk to my sister. Then she’d know what heartache was. But that was just my guilt talking. Iva hadn’t even said anything. I had no right to begrudge her the tiniest little accidental display of emotion. There were more important things to worry about just then anyway. Like what Mel had tried to talk Pat out of doing to my mother. So we decided to check downstairs. Sure enough, we heard the sounds of their fucking as soon as we opened the door. They were faint at first, but grew markedly louder with each step. The acoustics of the room couldn’t account for that. Apparently our boy had thought to mask their presence. That didn’t bode well for Mom. I was pretty sure that she was powerful enough that the odds were in her favor. But all he needed was the smallest opening. “Whoa, there,” Iva said, slapping a hand on my shoulder. I hadn’t even realized I was rushing down the stairs. “Wait for me. You see the heels I’m wearing?” “Sorry,” I said. We finished our descent more slowly. Fortunately, Mom didn’t seem to be in any danger. She had Pat pinned beneath her on the pullout bed, hands pressed against his lean chest, driving her hips into him like she was drilling for oil. His hands lay limp at his side, his jaw agape. “Hey guys,” Mom said, looking up. The words almost didn’t register. I was nearly hypnotized, just watching her. She wasn’t wearing anything at all. A silk something or other lay in a heap on the floor. “Just let me finish up,” Mom continued. “He’s got a little left in him.” Iva gave me a good bump with her hip. “And you were ready to make me twist an ankle.” Then, lowering her voice to a whisper, she added, “Actually, you were right to worry. I had the same thought when I noticed the sound distortion.” I nodded to her before climbing into the recliner to watch Mom work. Aunt Iva dropped down on her haunches in front of me. “Let her worry about him,” she said to me. “Keep your eyes on Auntie Iva.” She ran her tongue over my sac, up the length of my dick, and over my head. My breath caught. I quivered with anticipation. She looked up at me and smiled, then stood up. I swore under my breath. “That’s just vicious,” I said to istanbul travesti her. Iva smiled then turned around and wiggled her ass at me. If there was one thing I’d change about Iva, it was her ass. It was small, and not as round and well-shaped as that of some of the women in my family. She had Holly beat, but that was about it. Not that it was unappealing. Just not as impressive as that of other women, even considering its size. If Natalie’s was bigger, it wasn’t by much, but my sister’s ass was so perfectly shaped that it didn’t need to be in order to make Iva’s look bad. And my niece’s ass was every bit as shapely as Natalie’s, maybe even more so, and a great deal bigger to boot. Even men who didn’t couldn’t appreciate the divine beauty of my mother’s huge, soft, white orbs would be sure to prefer one of the other women to Iva in that respect. Still, no reason to let that show. I reached out and squeezed one modest, soft cheek. Iva giggled. Then she climbed up into the chair, slowly, facing away from me. She folded her legs up beside us, the sharp heels of her stilettos inches away from my hips. I held a hip with one hand to keep her stable and unzipped the back of her corset with the other. She took the hint and tossed the garment to the floor. I reached around her front and took hold of her huge breasts. Here, no one could compare to her, except my mother. Mom’s were bigger, but if you asked anyone except me, they were also too big. Even I found myself agreeing some of the time. Iva’s were getting towards too big, but weren’t quite there. They hadn’t given much ground to gravity, but they didn’t have that unnatural stiffness you found with implants. And her prominent nipples were all kinds of fun to play with. They were really sensitive too, and the way her breath caught and her pulse accelerated after the lightest touch was incredibly arousing. She lowered her hips, let my cock press against her moist opening, jerked away, then made another slow approach. My helmet disappeared ever so slowly. When she had about a quarter of my dick in her, I decided I could take no more teasing, and thrust up into her. Iva gasped at first, but the sound quickly turned to a laugh. “Couldn’t wait?” “You’re evil,” I said. “But I had your rapt attention. I bet you didn’t even glance at your mother.” Without replying, I grew mouths in the palms of my hands and sucked on her nipples. I gave her a moment to get used to that before I started ramming my fat cock into her, fast and hard. Her nipples were so thick, her breasts so soft, her pussy so wet and tight, that I knew my first orgasm wasn’t far away. Iva relaxed, leaned her back against my chest, and fingered her clit languidly with one hand while raking her fingers across the back of my head with the other. She cooed softly. “That’s it, baby. Give your Aunt Iva that monster cock.” I closed my eyes and simply reveled in the moment. The next thing I knew, my balls were being licked. I glanced over at Patrick and found his catatonic form alone on the pullout bed. Mom had come to join us. After she played with my balls a bit more, Mom stood up and kissed her sister-in-law. As she did, she held up one hand where I could see, wiggled her fingers, then replaced them with tongues. The tongue-fingers then slid inside Iva’s tight snatch alongside my cock. They writhed and curled, attacking my aunt’s G-spot. While the effort was mostly for Iva’s benefit, the feel of two soft tongues against the base of my cock, while I was already inside a warm pussy, was exhilarating. When I shot a huge load inside Iva not long after that, she raised her hips up enough to let my cock slide out, and asked my mother to clean us up. She smiled, dropped istanbul travestileri to her haunches, and first polished my member, then sucked my cum out of Iva’s snatch. “That’s it, Ellen, just like that,” my aunt said. Hearing my aunt purr as she said my mother’s name was itself almost enough to get me off again. I’d dreamed about having the two of them at once so many times. I couldn’t believe this was happening. My aunt then split herself in two. While still riding me reverse-cowgirl, she went around behind my mother, knelt down, and slowly worked her fist inside the brunette’s pussy. All the while, Mom kept licking the blonde’s swollen lips and stiff clitoris. At least, that’s what I thought was happening. In the many fantasies I’d had of this moment, I’d never had the problem of not being able to see what was happening. In my fantasies, I could watch the action from any and every angle. I wasn’t pinned beneath my aunt, unable to see much more than the top of her head, my mother’s back, and the other body Iva wore from the waist up. Still, it was plain enough to my ears if not my eyes that they were enjoying themselves nearly as much as I was. And that was definitely exactly as it was in my fantasies. I felt it in their Libidos as well. It might just have been my imagination, but I thought I could even pick out exactly what was turning them on. Iva had once told me that was possible, and I had no doubt that it came naturally to her. But this was probably the first time I’d noticed it myself. Iva was enjoying almost everything about it. The feel of me inside her, my mother’s oral ministrations, the excitement of seeing my mother respond so enthusiastically to the fist she was pushing in and out of her, and the simple knowledge that she was giving me the gift of being with my two favorite women. And, yes, Iva knew that she was one of my favorites. Mom was enjoying the fisting in spite of herself, but was mostly excited on my behalf. Though, unlike Iva, I don’t think she realized that this meant more to me than sharing her with some other woman would have. Or, if she did, she didn’t appreciate the extent to which that was true. That realization almost killed the mood for me. It wasn’t exactly like I hadn’t ever noticed before that I was really starting to develop powerful feelings for Iva, but I’d tried very hard to avoid admitting to myself that I was keeping that from Mom. Perhaps then, it was no surprise that when Mom and Iva reached climax more or less at the same time, I was unable to join them. For a while there, I thought I might finish before them. Now I was just glad that I hadn’t gone soft. Okay, that was an exaggeration. I probably should have felt guilty enough for that to be a concern though. One of these days, either Mom was going to figure it out, or, if I was a halfway decent person, I’d tell her myself. And that would not be a good day. But I was having a threesome slash foursome with my mother, the supremely voluptuous raven-haired fertility goddess, and my favorite aunt, the seemingly all knowing, wise-cracking, busty blonde beauty. There was some shame about being less than straightforward with Mom, yes. But there was absolutely no chance that I was going to lose my erection. Iva collapsed into one body once more and offered Mom her place in my lap. Mom gladly accepted. “Hey there,” she said as she slid into the recliner. “Hey yourself,” I said, nibbling at her lower lip and running my hands over her breasts. Iva’s might be perfect. But damned if I didn’t love Mom’s oversized melons. Aunt Iva produced four sets of handcuffs from nowhere. She held them up in the air and gave them a good shake so the metal chains chimed softly. Before travesti we could respond, she cuffed my left hand to Mom’s right and vice versa, then used the two remaining pairs to attach us to hooks that she made grow from the ceiling. There was something delightfully tortuous about having Mom bouncing in my lap, her generous curves rippling uncontrollably, and not being able to touch her. While Mom and I did our best to fuck each other’s brains out, break the recliner, or perhaps both, Iva slipped out of her stilettos and padded softly over to Patrick. Pretending not to know what was about to happen, I kept on shoving my dick into my mother as hard as I could while the two of us sucked face. But the moment I felt Iva’s Libido expand rapidly, surging with energy, I pulled away from Mom’s soft lips. “What the fuck!” Yet another secret I was keeping from Mom. But even Natalie had told me that no one should know that I’d known, or that I’d told her. Mom looked over at Iva, brow furrowed. When she saw the blonde woman writhing in ecstasy atop a bed that should not have been otherwise empty, she whispered, “Oh, dear.” “It had to be done,” Iva said, a brief pause between each word. “You have to admit\ldots Iva does sort of have a point,” Mom said to me, voice heavy with sad resignation. “I’m pretty sure he was going to try to do the same to me.” “Really?” Mom nodded. “Poor thing. I felt too sorry for him to say anything to you two. But I was going to tell you later. After I had the chance to work up the courage to volunteer to do precisely what Iva just did.” Before I could reply, my mother buried me under a series of rapid-fire kisses. “I’m so sorry, sweetie. But if you’re going to be king, and that looks to be certain now, you’re going to have to accept that sometimes hard decisions have to be made.” “You’re right,” I whispered. “Of course I am. Mother knows best,” she said. “But Natalie isn’t going to take it well,” I said. Sort of true. She hadn’t. “No, she isn’t,” Mom said. “She’ll probably withdraw from the court all over again.” “Maybe, yeah.” All but certain, actually. “But you couldn’t leave a loose cannon like him around just because you didn’t want to upset his mother,” Iva said. “No, we couldn’t,” Mom added. “And I’m glad it was you who did it.” “Hence the cuffs,” Iva said. She walked over to us and undid them. For a moment, we all studied each other, uneasy looks on our faces. It was over. No one was going to stand in my way at this point. I should just go ahead and burst the bubble, bringing the ritual to an end. I knew that. And they did as well. But the lust rolling off each of the three of us was intoxicating, and I was sure Iva was eager to test out her new found power. It would’ve been cruel to deny her the opportunity. At one point, there were three Iva’s, three Franks, and two Ellen’s. We experimented with every possible combination, from MFM to MFF to Iva sixty-nining with herself. Eventually, though, we did decide to let the ritual end. # My coronation ceremony was a tedious affair. After all the time I’d spent lately with women who not only had a ton of power but knew how to use it, fucking one lesser noblewoman after another felt like a chore. Nonetheless, I pretended to enjoy their efforts. And, more importantly, doing my best to ensure they enjoyed mine. As strong as I might be, no one could manage to hold the throne without support. And an army of vassals. I could command every single member of the court to offer themselves up as vassals, of course. Rule with an iron fist. Silas had done much the same. But I wanted to try a different approach. If I was going to expect my subjects to make great sacrifices for me, I thought it would help if I did something for them as well. That started with treating my subjects like lovers rather than cattle, the way Brianna had. At least a good number of them. I took mental note of which ones I might be able to afford alienating, and which I’d better do my best to keep satisfied.