Homeless Shelter

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Homeless Shelter”Who was that on the phone James?””It was Rev. Jones at the shelter. The guy that was supposed to show tonight didn’t, so Rev. Jones asked me to fill in. They have a capacity crowd tonight because of the cold weather and he’s afraid that if all the homeless men don’t get their cocks sucked before they go to bed tonight, there might be some trouble because they’ll be restless and won’t sleep well. The weather is terrible, but I feel I must go in.””Yes, the snow storm is bad, but dear I have to agree with you, doing your duty at the shelter is very important and necessary. Anyway, it’s only 3 blocks away, you shouldn’t have any problems walking over there. Plus the snow is only a inch now and the heavier stuff won’t be coming down for a few more hours.””You’re right, I won’t have any problems making it there, and Rev. Jones said that I can sleep with him tonight after I service the homeless men.””Oh I see. When a handsome man like Rev. Jones invites you to share his bed, you had best take your douche kit, and I’ll pack you one of your pretty baby doll jamies with a change of underwear. Hee! Hee!””Yes, that would be a good idea. You’re right, just as you told me, I should always be prepared for an unexpected hard-on coming my way.””It’s always best to be prepared.””You’re right mother. Anyway, Rev. Jones seems to be a nice guy and he has seemed interested in all the work I’ve done to help at the home shelters around town. He praised me for being the only cock and cunt suckers on call 24/7 for the Shelter Staff members. And he raved about the way I blew him last week too.””Maybe sweetie, he wants more than that tonight. Hee! Hee!””I hope so mother. I would love to be held in his strong arms and penetrated by him in his nice warm bed on a night like tonight.””Yes, son, it does sound romantic. Well anyway, you better be off before the storm picks up. I’ll pack your clothes and you can get your toiletries. Don’t forget to pack some perfume too. It’s good you had a shower already and ate a light dinner and was saving your slice of pie as a bedtime snack. How many dicks do you expect to suck off?””Rev. Jones said he was thinking about 20 to 25, but if it’s been like other times in the past, I may have to swallow up to 40 hot gooey loads. Often many of the homeless men don’t have sex on a regular basis, so they are often quite horny and have bloated balls.””Well dear, I know it’s very important you swallow every man’s cum, because to not do so shows disrespect to that man… However, I hope you don’t get over stuffed with all their copious ejaculations. Maybe your metabolism will burn up enough so that you won’t feel stuffed.””Don’t worry mother, it’s been a while since dinner, and I’ve done up to 60 men before after eating a regular meal and haven’t gotten stuffed.””That’s right, you did tell me about that time. I’m proud of you baby for the excellent cocksucker you’ve become. And as you know, I’ve always encouraged you to swallow every load you suck out. It’s just my personal belief that a sissy boy owes that to a man that lets you take his dick in your mouth.””Not to worry, mother, I haven’t failed you yet, or have had to turn a man away because I was too full, or to let it run out of my mouth after giving him head.””You’re a good boy James. There, I’ve packed all your clothes. With tomorrow being Saturday, I won’t expect you back until late. You may get snowed in. But, I won’t worry since you’ll have a lot of dicks to suck cum out of and Rev. Jones to cuddle up to.””That does sound very appealing.”Mother made sure I had everything I needed including my portable enema packages.I bundled up warmly and proceeded to walk the few güvenilir bahis siteleri blocks to the shelter. The snow accumulation was less than an inch and the walking was rather easy. I’m always excited when I’m on my way to suck cocks. So I didn’t feel the least bit put upon being called out on a night like tonight.There of course was also the added bonus of getting fucked tonight by the handsome Rev. Jones. I secretly hoped that’s why he offered me a place in his bed.I’ve only been a cocksucker for 3 years and I just turned 23. I started servicing the homeless men at the various homeless shelters our church operates, 6 months ago at the insistence of Pastor Jacobs. Since then, I’ve given head over 1,257 times. That includes the staff too.I only go down on the staff’s women. I like eating pussy too, especially used and soggy and dripping with semen, so it’s not a problem, but my forte is sucking on hard cocks and getting my tongue and tonsils coated with plenty of fresh thick creamy hot jism.I ARRIVE AT THE SHELTERRev. Jones greeted me warmly when I arrived, and his demeanour gave me new hope that indeed he had plans for me after my duty was done with the homeless men.Rev. Jones took me to his room so I could store my bag and made a point of telling me “I hope you don’t mine sleeping with me in such tight quarters.” He spoke with a smile.”Oh no, not in the least, I’m just thankful you’re willing to share your bed with me.” I replied with a smile.He then led me back to a room outside the showers that I knew all too well. It was what I loving referred to as the sucking room.After eating dinner, the men were processed through for showers and then to their sleeping areas. The sucking room was between the showers and the sleeping area. My area was inside a closet with only a shower curtain for a door. Inside were a chair and a thick foam mat I knelt on.The men either sat in the chair or stood – their choice – as I administered to their genitals orally.When I arrived at my working station, several men were waiting and had already formed a line.I quickly surmised it was going to be a long night, as I counted 18 men in line to use my mouth and I’d been told upon arriving that there were 25 still eating dinner. That didn’t count some 10 other men that were already in the sleeping area and 10 others still in the showers.If all 63 of the homeless men took advantage of my services tonight, I had my work cut out for me and I was anxious to get started. Many of the men in line knew me and greeted me warmly as I approached the curtained closet.”Hey bitch boy hurry up, my dick’s aching.” Similar themes were echoed throughout the room. It was so heart warming to know and hear you’re needed. I thought to myself as I smiled and asked the man to be patient. I assured him I would take care of his needs.LATER IN THE EARLY HOURS OF MORNING:I ended up blowing 60 dicks before I took a shower and got ready to retire for the night. It was 3AM when I was about to slip the pretty baby doll over my head. It was just then that Rev. Jones walked in from the shower with a towel around his waist.I had never seen his upper torso, but he was quite muscular. As I eyes met, he let out a low whistle as he came over to me.”You look sexy dressed like that. You must be trying to temp me.””Oh Reverend, I would never do that. But if there is anything I can help you with, please tell me. I’d love to be of service to you.”It was then that I felt his hand rubbing and groping my naked ass cheeks.”OOOH, that feels so good” I moaned softly and closed my eyes.”I’ve wanted to rub your cute ass like this for so long. You’re so soft and smooth and you’re such a delight to work with. You’ve got me so hard. I’ve got to have a piece of you. You blew me last time. And you really suck good. The best suck job I ever had. Nobody has ever licked and licked and sucked my nuts like that before. But James tonight I’ve just got to fuck that sweet looking ass of yours.””OOOOH Yess! Please do Rev. Jones. I-I’d love to have you in me. Please use me as your pussy. I-I’d love it so much.” I moaned softly as we embraced and he kissed and deep tongued me.I had one arm around his neck; my other was holding his nice size thick member savouring its hard rigidity in my soft hands. I also now felt both his hands cupping and squeezing my naked ass cheeks so delightfully.This scene was what dreams were made of.After we broke our embrace, we moved to the bed and he let me know he wanted to do me face to face. I let him know that I hot and juicy for him, so he wouldn’t have to wonder if I was lubed up and ready to be penetrated by him.In response, he smiled so wonderfully and proceeded to bend my legs gently, but firmly all the way back to towards my reclining head. As I looked down, his 7″ or so dick was jutting out so beautifully and his dick head looked like a shiny jewel in the dim light.I always find that a wonderful sight just before a man is about to mount me.I felt so wonderfully aroused and eagerly anticipated Rev. Jones’ insertion of his straining member.AFTERWARDS”That was so wonderful James. That was worth waiting for. All the other ministers and deacons have told me you were a very good lay.””Oh thank you Reverend. I try to be of the best service I can to those that need me.””Well you sure did so to night, not only for me but for all the 60 homeless souls too who are sleeping better tonight because of you. I hear you’re quite popular in church circles here in town?””Yes, I am well known. I volunteer myself to take the sperm of church officials who feel that it detracts them from doing their religious duties. Many ministers will call me when they are trying to work on their sermons or similar things and feel lust rising up in their loins. They call me and I try to rush over and resolve the problem as soon as I can.”Many ministers get aroused by female members of their congregations. Again, a call to me helps rid them of the temptation and their hot sperm. It’s a very rewarding feeling for me when I carry their troubles away in me when I depart.One reverend who needs my services a lot – he’s so virile and always seems horny, he always gets off twice in me – he calls me the ‘sperm collector’.””That’s a very appropriate name. And it’s good you don’t seem offended by it.””Oh no sir, if anything I’m very proud of what I do. Someone needs to do this job and I’m tickled pink that I’m able to help people out with my sucking talents and being able to deal with cocks and used cunts, and of course a lot of cum – whether it’s fresh or spent.”I must tell you about this minister who can’t seem to avoid yielding into temptation with this beautiful lady. He calls me over all the time to suck her cunt clean of his abundant spend. The lady by the way is sort of a church groupie and runs in the same circle of ministers I do. I suck her pussy so often; she teases me we ought to get married.””That’s interesting. But it is so uplifting to hear of your relentless unselfish service to others.””Thank you Reverend Jones. That means a lot coming from you.””You’re welcome James. I hear you’ll be attending the retreat the church is having next month.””Yes, they have me come every year.””You were there last year? I just didn’t remember seeing you.””Oh, they keep me in a special room, and I almost bahis firmaları never leave until the retreat is over. They tend to use me up until the time on my room is up. The many church leaders keep me pretty busy. Reverend, I feel good being an eager receptacle for men’s cocks and a willing vessel for their cum. So if I’m needed to be on call full time for that purpose, I don’t mind in the least.”However, for the 3 days of the retreat, I’m kept pretty busy. Someone always seems to have a hard-on for me. I don’t mind it a bit. I love being able to be there and to be of service. I do manage to get a cat nap here and there. However, it’s nothing for me to service over a 100 or so leaders while there. In fact at last year’s retreat, I sucked dick about 120 times and had 30 or so leaders who had intercourse with me and used me with total abandon. I was in a sandwich a lot and delighted at every minute of having my front and back stuffed, and I often was caressing cocks with both hands simultaneously. All in all, I was used by 115 different church men who brought their throbbing dicks to my ass or mouth – or both my holes – at least once or more over the 72 hours of the retreat.”Rev. Jones and I carried on much small talk as we laid in his bed that Saturday morn. He repeatedly applauded me for spending all the free time from my day job being a sperm collector for the various religious organization in town. It was so wonderful to be cuddled up so close to him and have his manly hands roaming all over me. I really loved the way he kept rubbing my naked ass, especially when my head was in his crotch and his dick was in my mouth. I just adored the way he tweaked my nipples too.When I arrived home later that morning, mother was waiting with a hot breakfast and wanted to hear every juicy detail. She was so happy for me that what I wanted to happen did happen with Rev. Jones.”And he told me that he’d like for me to spend more time in his bed too.””That’s so nice dear.””RRRRING!”Mother answered the phone while I was consuming the last of my coffee.”James, it’s for you.” She yelled from the other room.”Hello, this is James… Yes Reverend, good to hear from you… Oh, I see… Interesting… How many are there?… Okay… Should be no problem… Even with the snow, I think I can be there in 45 minutes… Yes, Rev. Kingston, I remember you well… I would love to take a tour of your bedroom after the deacons leave… Yes, I know how to get there… See you then sir.””What was that all about dear?””That was Rev. Kingston over at New Haven Chapel. They were having their weekly church business meeting and someone brought up my name. Well as they all related their different experiences of being with me, everyone got horny and they all are now in need of relief.””Oh my. I’m glad you had a chance to at least get a bit of breakfast before having to rush out on an emergency service call so soon. How many deacons will you have to suck?” Mother said with alarm in her voice.”There are only 16 of them, so it shouldn’t take over three hours to extract all their jism. However, as you heard, Rev. Kingston wants to see me privately afterwards in his bedroom. So he may keep me a while.””That’s wonderful dear. You spend so much time servicing and helping groups of men, I’m so delighted when you have time to spend some private time alone with one of the ministers or church leaders. I thinks it’s good for you mentally too, that is to occasionally get the full attention and affection that one man can give you in the privacy of his bedroom – like Rev. Jones did for you last night.””Yes mother, I agree with you fully. It is good for me. Now page me if any more emergency calls come in.” I said as I kissed mother on the cheek and departed out into the cold Saturday morning air.As I turned out of the driveway, it crossed my mind that there is no rest for a “sperm collector” on call.END