Horsing Around

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I was leading our newest mare out of the main barn and over to the stud barn, when the boss’s daughter, fell into step with me. “Where’re you heading Jack?” She asked with a bored expression on her face. She had been here about two weeks now and according to her, there was absolutely nothing to do. Her mother had sent her to visit her dad for the first time in nearly ten years and she wasn’t happy about it. She had bitched several times about being exiled and shipped off to the middle of nowhere. For some reason, she seemed to think I cared and hung around, getting in my way mostly and asking stupid questions.

“Over to the stud barn to breed this mare.” I answered, hoping she’d go away and leave me alone. She didn’t though; all she did was giggle like a little girl. Hell, she was a little girl. I can remember when she ran around in diapers. She had always had a cute face but now she wore dark makeup and too much of it to boot. Her clothes were always baggy and I think the only color she owned was black. “What’s so funny about that?” I asked as I stopped to open the gate at the barn.

“You’re going to need a tall box, if you’re going to breed that horse.” She said and giggled again.

I looked at her sharply and frowned. “Not me, silly. I’m not going to breed her; Big Jack’s going to breed her.” I said. “Now get out of here and go find something to do.”

She stood there a moment and then asked, “Can I help you, I’ve never seen two horse’s…. Uh, mate, yeah, that’s it.”

I looked at her, still frowning. “I don’t think that would be a good idea and your daddy probably wouldn’t like it. I know your mama wouldn’t approve. She never approved of anything that had to do with the breeding program.” Here in the stud barn, or in the boss’s bedroom, for that matter, I added mentally.

“In that case, I definitely want to help you.” She said getting a stubborn look on her face that I recognized from her mom’s days here on the ranch.

I took a deep breath and asked, “Gail, are you on your period?”

“What?” She asked with a surprised look on her face. “What’s that got to do with anything?” She shot back.

“A woman on her period makes a stallion crazier than normal and makes him harder to handle.” I said, in reply.

“How the hell would he know if I’m on my period or not?” She asked with a frown.

“His sense of smell is pretty damn good.” I said with a grin.

She blinked about twice and said, “Oh! Oh, ok. In that case, no I’m not on my period.”

“You’re sure?” I asked. “Big Jack’s hard enough to handle as it is. Me and your daddy are probably the only two people who can get close to him when he’s doing his job.”

“Sure, I’m sure, it’s not for another two weeks. I’ve been as regular as clock work since I was fifteen.” She said, a hint of anger creeping into her voice.

“Ok.” I said, “I believe you. No need to get your shorts in a wad.” She giggled and said something under her breath. “What was that?” I asked.

She grinned and leaned close to whisper, “I’m not wearing any.”

“Any what?” I asked, not understand what she was talking about.

“Any shorts.” She said and giggled. “You know, drawers, underwear, panties.”

“Oh!” I said and look at her sharply, and asked, “Why not?”

She looked at me for a second like she didn’t understand the question and then she grinned and said, “I’m rebelling.”

“Against what, the summer heat?” I asked jokingly.

She laughed and shook her head, “No, my mom for one and society as a whole for another. Anyway, it makes me feel naughty and sexy at the same time, not having any on under this dress. My mom would have a cat and three kittens, if she ever found out. Even more kittens, if she knew I had told you about it or anyone else for that matter.” She paused to look at me for a moment and then asked, out of the blue, “Why does my mom hate you so much?”

I shrugged and led the mare into the barn. Gail followed and then shut the gate and latched it. I heard Big Jack whinny softly from farther back in the barn and the mare nickered back and tossed her head. I caught her lead up short and petted her nose, talking softly to reassure her.

Gail moved up close by my side and watched me intently. “You talk to her like you would a little kid.” She said. I chuckled and nodded. The mare settled down and I led her on into the breeding pen. “Does she know what’s going to happen?” Gail asked softly, almost in a whisper.

“Not really, it’s her first time but don’t worry, Jack’s an old hand at this and knows what to do and how to handle her.” I said as I tied the lead rope, came back out, and shut the gate. “She’ll be skittish and nervous so he’ll take his time, if I know him. She ain’t his first virgin, believe me.” I turned to see Gail blushing, a bright red. “Oh, hey, sorry! I forgot who I was talking to.”

She turned around as though nothing was wrong and asked, “Where’s this Big Jack and why is he called Big Jack, by the way? He must be a huge horse to carry a name like that.”

“He was named after me.” I said pendik escort with a grin and started to walk toward the back of the barn.

“Huh?” Gail said. “I don’t understand?” After a second or two, she asked, “Ok, then that makes you little Jack, right?”

“No it doesn’t.” I said with a laugh. “It has to do with your daddy’s sick sense of humor, among other things. That and an old joke that we used to bounce back and forth.”

“What joke was that?” She asked.

I looked at her sharply and grinned. “It’s not one for little girls and it’s definitely not my place to tell it to you, of all people.” I said as I stopped in front of Jack’s stall.

“Hey, I’m not a little girl anymore; I’ll be nineteen in a couple of months.” She shot back at me.

I just stood there looking at her as my mind wondered at the fact that it had been that long. It couldn’t have been that long, one part of me said, it was only a few years ago. Another part said, yeah dummy it’s been that long. I sighed and turned my attention to Jack but Gail wasn’t letting go.

“You never did answer me about why mama hates you so?” She said as she moved over to stand next to me, again.

I looked at her for a second and then said, “The reasons are personal and if your mama wants you know, she’ll tell you. Knowing her, I doubt if that’ll ever happen, not in this lifetime, anyway.”

“You don’t like me very much do you?” She asked in a soft, almost trembling voice.

I thought about how I should answer that question and decided on the truth. “I love you, little one. I always have, ever since I first saw you in the hospital when you were born. It broke my heart when your mama left and took you with her.”

She looked at me sharply, with a slightly confused look on her face. After a second, she whispered, “You sure don’t act like it. You act like you don’t want me around.”

I sighed and replied, “It’s complicated and all past history and there’s nothing I can do to change it. So, I figure that it’s best, all the way around, to just stay out of it. I got hurt bad enough the last time.”

“Ok, that enough. I want to know the whole story and I ain’t leaving until I get it.” She said with a hard edge to her voice. An edge that I had heard her mother use many times.

“Look it’s not my place to tell you anything. I gave that up a long time ago.” I said with an edge in my voice that equaled hers. “I’m in here to breed that mare to Big Jack and it’s time to get started. So, I think it’s time for you to either leave or go back down to the other end of the barn, while I get him out of his stall. He doesn’t take to strangers to well and to females even less. That is, unless they’re another horse.”

Gail frowned and then turned on her heels and ran off toward the front of the barn. I watched her until she made the turn by the front gate and then I felt myself sag and I leaned on the gate. Damn, I hated to come down so hard on the girl but what else could I do.

I opened Jack’s gate and picked up his lead rope. He’s not a big horse but he’s all legs, ass, chest, and dick. I’ve never rode another horse that came close to him. He carried my hundred and fifty pounds like I wasn’t even there and was as smooth as silk in nearly every gate. He wasn’t any rocking chair but if you could ride, even half well, he was a real pleasure.

He was in fact, my horse. I had bought him at a dog food auction, shortly before I had come to work here permanently, instead of just during the roundup. That was twelve years ago. This was my second time working here full time. The first time was when the boss had first started this place and had ended shortly after he married Gail’s mama. Gail was right; her mama did hate me and hated me with a passion at that. I grinned as my mind chipped in; yeah passion is a good word. There was a better one but I’ll let that one slide.

Jack was frisky and moved around the stall in quick starts and stops. He knew there was a mare in the barn and he knew why. I grinned as I saw the red head of his dick moving in and out of its sheath. “Yeah, old boy, you know she’s here don’t you.” He whinnied and shook his head. “Yeah you do. She’s a little virgin to, so you need to take it easy on her.” He stopped dead in front of me and pawed the soft dirt and straw of the stall floor. I chuckled as I clip the lead rope to his halter. “That got your attention, I see.” He tossed his head up and down as though he was saying, “Hell yes, that got my attention, wouldn’t it yours?” I laughed and lead him out of the stall.

I held the lead up short because I knew he would bolt to the breeding pen gate if I let him. Hell, I had seen him damn near take that gate down a time or two trying to get to a mare in heat. As it was, he pranced along next to me, bumping my shoulder from time to time, trying to speed me up. I laughed and said, “She ain’t going anywhere, so take it easy.”

As I stopped to open the breeding pen gate, I heard Gail whisper, “Oh, shit.” I turned to see her sitting on a hay bale near the main gate, her eyes were big, escort pendik and her mouth was open as she stared at Big Jack.

“I thought you left.” I said as I led Jack through the gate a step or two and let him get a sniff of the mare. “Close that gate.” I said in her direction as the mare danced sideways and whinnied loudly. Jack moved sideways with her and then laid his head along side her rump and pushed her back. She shifted her weight as though she was going to kick, but Jack didn’t give her time as he reared up and mounted her.

I heard her breath go out of her sharply and then she made a sharp coughing squeal as Jack’s big dick found its mark and rammed into her. I checked quickly to see if everything was all right and then stepped back out of the way. Jack had everything under control.

I heard a gasping noise behind me and turned to see Gail leaning against the fence, her face almost pushed between the boards. Her eyes were big and she had the look of awe on her face as she watched Jack’s big dick slid in and out of the mare. I heard Jack grunt loudly and the mare squealed again. That’s it folks, it’s all over but the shouting. Jack shuffled back and came down off the mare; the head of his red dick brushing the deep straw for a moment before it slowly retreated.

I grinned as I heard Gail whisper, “Holy Shit.”

The mare was standing there stock still, with just a quiver or two running along her body. I checked to see if she was bleeding or anything. She seemed fine, so I led Jack toward the gate. He wasn’t in much of a hurry for anything now. “Open the gate.” I said to Gail. She seemed not to hear me, so I said, “Hey, snap out of it.” Her eyes came up and over to mine and then her body gave a jerk and she blushed, a beet red. “Open the gate.” I said again. This time she moved.

I tried to hide my grin as I led Jack away to his stall. I freshened his water, and gave him a measure of grain, before I left the stall, and headed back to see about the mare.

Gail was nowhere in sight as I got back to the breeding pen. I figured, she had seen more than enough and had left before I got back to save herself the embarrassment. As I reached for the gate latch, I heard a noise from behind me. I turned to see what it was and didn’t see anything. I listened a second, and realized that it was coming from behind the stack of hay bales across the way. My mind recognized what the sounds, sounded like and I had a strange feeling that I had been here before. The smart thing would have been to go on in the pen and forget about the sounds but no one had ever accused me of being smart.

I shook my head as I moved to the end of the stack of hay bales and looked around it. I felt a lump in my throat and a catch in my breathing as I saw Gail half sprawled on a hay bale, the top of her dress was unbuttoned down to her waist, and the hem was up around her waist. She had one hand on her right breast and the other was very busy between her legs. My first thought was that, she hadn’t been lying about not being a little girl anymore. She was a fully-grown woman and a mighty fine one at that. As I watched, her body gave several fast hard jerks and she moaned softly. Her fingers on and in her sex, slowed a second, and then returned to what they had been doing. I licked my lips and grinned, that girl had staying power. That grin faded as I felt the throb and swelling along my left jeans leg. I pulled my head back quickly and turned toward the mare again.

Gail moaned a little louder than she had a moment before, which caused me to stop dead in my tracks. I licked my lips again and suddenly knew exactly how Big Jack felt when a mare came to this barn. I felt myself turning around and then I was walking around the end of the hay bales. The bulge down my left leg was larger and straining to get out of the confining pants leg. If or when it did, there’d be all hell to pay, just like last time. With a mental shrug and a physical shake, I moved toward the now prone girl.

I tossed my hat over onto another hay bale and knelt down at Gail’s knees. She jumped when my hands touched her knees and gently pushed them farther apart. Her eyes had flown open and there was a mixture of expressions on her face, surprise, embarrassment, and pure lust. I smiled reassuringly and bent to lick the inside of first one pale thigh and then the other. She moaned loudly and lifted her legs, planting her heels widely on the edge of the hay bale. I moved forward and licked the sensitive skin around the edge of her hand and fingers. She shivered and slowly moved the hand. Her sex was open and the light pink inner lips were spread out on each side of her slit. The brighter pink of her clit was swollen and sticking up out of its hood. I licked my lips again and grinned. What a beautiful little snack that would be, flashed across my brain.

My tongue traced a line up the center of her slit and lightly flicked the pink bud at the top. Gail arched her hips up and moaned loudly. My tongue took a quick dive into her liquid center and wormed its way deeper. Her pendik escort bayan hips quivered and jerked against my mouth as her hands found my head and her fingers tangled in my hair. It was only seconds before she gave out with a yell as her an orgasm hit her with full force. Her hips were bucking and jerking against my face as I held onto her hips and worked my tongue as deep as it would go. When her hips slowed, I eased my tongue out of her and used short flicking licks to advance on her clit. When I paused to suck on and then gently chew the thin pink inner lips, she whined deep in her chest and pulled at my hair, urging me on to her clit.

When my tongue did finally trace the outline and flick at her clit, it was like pulling the trigger on a gun as she went off with a loud yell and a bang. I held on tight again and tried to suck on the little bud as I ran my tongue over and around it. She was yelling loudly and humping her sex up against my face hard enough to hurt my nose, a small price to pay, I might add.

Suddenly, I released her clit and dropped my mouth and tongue back down to her flowing opening. The yell lessened but her hips moved even harder and faster. It was like drinking from a sweet spring. As the flow subsided and her hips slowed and finally settled to the hay, I sat back on my heels and look up along her body. She had that slack faced look of pure bliss and was chewing on her lower lip. Her hands were milking and squeezing her breasts slowly.

I gave a soft groan as I stood up and undid my belt. I knew better but like Jack, there was no helping myself. I lowered my levies and leaned over to rub the head and shaft of my manhood along her slit. Her eyes flew open and then got big as she saw my dick. She quickly shook her head and as quickly moaned softly and shut her eyes as the head of my dick teased her clit back and forth.

I leaned more weight against her and rubbed the whole length of her slit. This brought an even louder moan and a lifting of her hips as she pressed herself even tighter to me. “Roll over and I’ll show you what Jack gave that mare.” I whispered softly in a hoarse voice. Her eyes popped open and she shook her head quickly. “Ok.” I said and slowly stood up, reaching for my pants.

She watched me or rather my dick as I did and then whispered, “Wait.” I waited but when nothing happened, I started to pull my levies up. Her body gave a shivering quiver and she moaned softly as she slowly rolled over. She brought her knees up onto the edge of the hay bale and lowered her head to rest on her folded hands and arms. God, what a beautiful sight she was. Her pale thighs and tight firm ass cheeks framed her slowly pulsing sex and the darker pink of her asshole.

I swallowed hard as I stepped up behind her and pulled her hips back and down until her sex was in line with my hard shaft. I used my hand to rub the head around her hot wet opening until it was slick and shiny with her juices. When I pressed the head against the entrance to her sex, she pulled forward as far as she could, and whispered, “It’s not going to fit.”

I gave a sharp hard thrust of my hips and the head squeezed inside. She yelled sharply but it faded to a long drawn out groan as I held pressure against her and pulled back gently on her hips. My dick was slowly sliding into her tightness as she wiggled and squirmed. When I was about half way in, I paused and then slowly pulled out until just the head was inside. She had gotten very quiet and didn’t move at all, but when I started back forward, she yelled and pushed back against me, moving me into her faster than I had intended.

As I fucked her slowly and gently, she slowly relaxed around my shaft and I could move a little more freely. I had been going a little deeper with each stroke and it wasn’t long before I felt the head of my dick touch bottom. She gave out with a loud gasp when I did and a shaking started in her hips and her sex clamped down around me hard. I held still and reveled in the feeling of her heat and satiny grip. Then there was an even hotter flood along the length of my shaft as she came and came with a vengeance, bucking her hips and yelling loudly.

As she calmed down and slowly relaxed again, I looked down between us. There was still about three inches of my dick still outside her. I grinned as I took a long stroke, almost pulling out at the top and ending up pressed against the bottom of her incredibly hot and tight sex. Shivers and quivers chased each other up and down her body as I did. I leaned slightly forward and said softly, “It fits. Well, most of it anyway.”

She shifted her upper body and then I felt her hand exploring the part of me outside her. She groaned softly as she realized how much was inside her. I made another slow stroke like the last one and she groaned even louder. “Are you ready?” I asked.

“For what?” She asked back with a whimper.

My answer was to start fucking her with long sure strokes as I watched the point we were connected. As my shaft pulled out, the skin around the opening of her tight little pussy came up with it, clinging to it. When I pushed back in, the skin around the opening went in around my dick. She was grunting and groaning loudly and bucking her ass back against me at the bottom of each stroke.